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  1. Project description:
  2. I actually participated in a competition , called HULT PRIZE, where I worked with a project for removing unemployment problem within decades. Here is a short description:
  4. Our youth, our wealth. Here , we are creating a platform where people can make their micro community to connect the remote people in a stich which is very easy to access and implement. This system will allow people to make well-thought choices that support their local community, and potentially change consumer behavior and in turn reduce the amount of physical transport for selling and production (possibly reduce the environmental impact).
  5. Services: Our online platform will provide these service:
  6. 1.  My Doctor Can Speak:  A community working as an interpreter (local to formal language and vice-versa) to solve the communication gap between doctors and patient also giving primary aid.
  7. 2.  Pro-women: Selling regular remaining products like handicrafts, tailoring etc. which are their hobby.
  8. 3.  Sell Brain: Have you ever heard of intellectual business? Yes, here one can offer his professional skills in exchange of money.
  10. 4.  Eat Green: People who love gardening and farming, their remaining harvests are generally not often sold or distributed and could end up in the ground or organic bins. This system will make the update of available and fresh products in the closest distance.
  11. 5.  Virtual Bazar: Platform for selling, buying and exchanging unused accessories.
  12.                         6.  Tech Guy is Here:  Any type of technical services for the smart devices.
  13. 7. Mr. Helper: The answer zone where they can find the answer of any question.
  14. Targeted People: Our targeted group is the passionate but socio-economically unprivileged youth from rural or Sub-urban area especially young women and disabled people.
  15. Financial Plan: The plan we are working on needs zero funding.
  16. Region/Geographic Area:  We want to involve the rural/Sub Urban people in our system from developing and undeveloped country.
  17. Milestone: Our core plan is to increase decent work and economic growth fulfilling SDG (Sustainable Development Goal)
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