Greentext Occult Facade, An anonfilly gets adopted.

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  1. Rule 63 Fancy Pants. Occult Façade. Anonfilly greentext.
  2. Warning This Contains Adult Content.
  4. Spin offs, omakes, related to this story.
  7. Anonfilly get's adopted by a female Fancy Pants.
  9. Part 1.
  11. >Holy Shit. The richest, most influential pony just walked in to adopt the strangest, most interesting pony in to the orphanarium.
  12. >Judging by the looks and directions everyo- everypony is recommending me.
  13. >A sacrifice for the bored god.
  14. >Glee is on their faces. I can't tell if it's because they won't be picked or if it means I'll leave.
  15. >Possibly the kindness in pony hearts and minds?
  16. >Negatives first.
  17. >Rejecting the offer might mean annoying The Most Influential Pony, besides the princesses, and her followers. Earth has taught me one thing pissing those in power off can make life alot harder than it needs to be. I hope we won.
  18. >I might be a trophy to show off. A rare collectable.
  19. >I may have to mingle with nobles. No matter how stupid they are.
  20. >I would probably be in the spotlight.
  21. >Reporters, and Paparazzi all the time.
  22. >Could possibly be a pedophile. Better me than an innocent pony I suppose.
  23. >Might be even worse. Haven't actually seen the statistics here in Horsey Land.
  24. >Extremely unrealistic expectations of me.
  25. >Her peers would try to also adopt foals. May Celestia, and Luna help those kids.
  26. >Positives.
  27. >Fortune, and influence. All the power could be mine! Mwahaha.
  28. >Possibly private school or individual tutors. No slog through the public school system. No offense pony land.
  29. >She wanted the strangest one so I might be as weird as I want.
  30. >I could learn Magic. Earth pony magic, but real magic none the less.
  31. >I could test the magic stuff from Earth.
  32. >Excellent Meals.
  33. >I might be able to eat steak. Could cows talk here?
  34. >And a r- oh she's here.
  35. >"You are Anonymous, yes?"
  36. "I am, ma'am."
  37. >"Good, your peers say you are an adult male alien inside a filly. That interests me. I am sure you won't disappoint in interesting conversation."
  38. >Okay, I didn't think they would remember the rant I did for that first week.
  39. >She readjusted her monocle.
  40. >"You would deter some seeking my hoof in marriage, be more self-sufficient than other foals, assure my clients are in good hooves if anything happens, a possible mentor and guide if I actually have foals of my own, and more regular meetings with the princesses."
  41. >"In return you will have a home, with many luxuries. An education on almost anything you desire. A place to be yourself. Most things in this world within reach."
  42. "What should I call you Lady Pants?"
  43. >"Whatever you want, when not in a formal setting as long as I don't disagree to it. Mother, in formal meetings."
  44. >This may be a faustian bargain.
  45. >I shake her hoof.
  46. "Where do we start Mother?"
  47. >"Saying goodbye before hoof is in order."
  49. Part 2.
  51. >It's Mother's Day. Being adopted three days ago did not help with the planning.
  52. >The most jarring thing is how genuine Fancy Pants is.
  53. >Like seriously what the fuck.
  54. >She has hope, and pride in her city to be a shining beacon for all of Equestria so others to obtain the highest standard. Like her triple crown cutie mark or her posh voice.
  55. >Then there is me.
  56. >The plan, She want's interesting things, meeting the princesses more often, and a filly for a cover story.
  57. >She has one rule though. Something that is difficult for me to do.
  58. >"Be yourself."
  59. >I can act like a filly, and do a cutesy Mother's Day card. She has a knowing look though when someone is putting on a mask.
  60. >I'm here in my new room, ploting, the sun hasn't risen yet. As the door is opening…
  61. >The door is opening?
  63. >Fancy Pants, is here in full pajama wear.
  64. >"Anonymous you're awake, that is most excellent."
  65. "Good morning, Fancy, what's up?"
  66. >"Rustic diction, I like it. We have a meeting with princess Celestia. I have to notify her about the change in plans, I'm sure she would love to see you. Since this ought to be a private meeting, I have an inkling you will be great friends. We must make haste, the help will be in here in three minutes to have you prepared. I will be by the door."
  67. >She left.
  68. >Who needs plans anyway. Now I have to be man handled by butlers and maids to look presentable. They do a good job though. The words of being such a good filly as they stroke me is fucking weird though.
  69. >With a brush. For the fur, and mane.
  70. >In the shower, washed, dried, groomed, fluffed, slicked, dressed, and by the door. In under five minutes.
  71. >No matter how weird it is they are professionals at what they do.
  72. >"Anonymous, you're here good. We may be right on time to join her majesty for breakfast and tea."
  73. "So, Fanc- Mother, what should I expect?"
  74. >"A pony who has seen a little too much, but keeps going every day."
  75. >That's not ominous at all.
  76. >The Castle is looming ahead.
  77. >The guards quickly let us in.
  78. >"So you understand Anonymous, I'm sorry for what may happen."
  79. >Okay what the fuck.
  80. >And the door opened.
  82. >Princess Celestia, in the flesh no crown, or shoes. In a bedroom, sitting by a table with a kettle and three tea cups with saucers. A single candle lighting the room.
  83. >All this setting needs now is some blood and a few squiggly lines with circles and it would look like a cult ritual.
  84. >"Daughter, Pants, you have arrived with your new daughter."
  85. >The voice full of warm sunshine, chilled to an almost eldritch quality.
  86. >"I have returned, Mother, this daughter of mine, goes by the name Anonymous. Partake as you wish."
  87. >Oh, Fuck.
  88. >Celestia opens her equine mouth.
  89. >"Anonymous, like the others. How delightful. I do enjoy a good challenge. Son of man, Daughter of harmony come closer and speak to me your name."
  90. >Fuckity fuck. I trot closer.
  91. "I am known by many names, I can be called the son of my right hand as reliable as my staff, a victor of stone people, a saint of gifts. Righteous Staff is a good name."
  92. >She just smiled. Dazzling with horrific light.
  93. >"Daughter Pants, you always bring the best gifts. I will enjoy this one very much."
  94. >"Mother, I have much to discuss, about the plans."
  95. >Celestia smirks, "Anonymous, do stay there, I would be most displeased if you were to leave."
  96. >This better be a prank in poor taste.
  97. >They talk about the nobles, the other races pony and otherwise, about the future.
  98. >The door opens, shocking us all.
  100. >"Sister? Where is the… Sister what are you doing."
  101. >"Luna, I can explain."
  102. >Huzza! I might get out of this unscathed.
  103. >"A mare, and filly in your 'hidden' bedroom lit by a single candle. I'm sure you have a good explanation why I wasn't invited."
  104. >"Sister, you know I wouldn't start without you. I haven't for a thousand years."
  105. >Well, fuck.
  106. >"This is, Daughter Pants, and the filly is Anonymous, or Righteous Staff."
  107. >They all sit at the table sipping quietly.
  108. >"Daughter Pants, your sacrifice is immeasurable, may the Sun"
  109. >"And Moon"
  110. >"Be your Mothers. You may leave."
  111. >Fancy Pants, bows and exits without a word.
  112. >I wonder if I'll get out of this alive.
  113. >"Sister, you take the back and I'll take the front like old times?"
  114. >There is nothing in the room, I could use. They put the damned tea sets away.
  115. >"Luna, that sounds wonderful. Mother will be most pleased."
  116. >Magical chains grip my being. I'm a puppet with strings.
  117. >They move me to the bed.
  118. >"Anonymous, it pains me to say that your vist to Equestria has been cut so short. I really do think we could have been friends, but family comes first."
  119. >They cast spells on each other and me. I'm not even sure what they cast.
  120. >"You said this, filly was a male of a different species, right sister?"
  121. >"Well, young, yet old and experienced, with a talent in magic even if it is out of this world. She fits the criteria."
  122. >This has gone from bad to worse.
  123. "Do I get a last meal or something?"
  124. >"Hmmm, no."
  126. Part 3.
  128. >My day has gone from hopefully good, to ruinously bad.
  129. >"Celestia, move her a bit closer to the head rest would you?"
  130. >Gliding to the top of the bed, I'm raised in the air.
  131. >"Quite a shame how you lost your manhood, Luna always liked the twigs."
  132. >Well, on the bright side I'm losing my V card sooner than my last life. Might as well do my best to ruin their day when the time is right.
  133. >The door opened. Yet again shocking everyone in the room.
  135. >It's Fancy Pants!
  136. >With a strapon.
  137. >"Mothers I couldn't just leave without helping any in way. It just wouldn't sit right with me."
  138. >"Of course daughter, prepare me."
  139. >Fancy Pants, hands her the toy, and prepares herself, by stripping.
  140. >That's actually kinda hot. Damn it all, I didn't want another fetish before I died.
  141. >Fancy gingerly, but expertly, licks Celestia's clit with an enchanting grace.
  142. >Luna licks my forehead, and whispers.
  143. >"You'll break like others have before you."
  145. >Slowly she swirls downard not quite reaching my virgin genitals, just out of reach.
  146. >"Oh! Fancy you are quite good. You can fuck my sister, as we eat your daughter."
  147. >Celestia, now on the bed boops her snoot to my rump. Her horn glowing brightly as a minty freshness fills my mouth, everywhere tingles slightly.
  148. >Fancy still attached to Celestia's pussy, lines her feminine hips to Luna.
  149. "Oh! Fuck!
  150. >The sisters plunging into my depths, with no foreplay. Tongueing my special filly place, and anus.
  151. >"Mother of ancient darkness, and beyond primal light accept our offering!"
  152. >Somehow they are still able to speak clearly.
  153. >Woah! The tongues slithering deeper and deeper, trying to find something. Thrashing.
  154. >Fancy's thrusting is becoming more violent, more chaotic. Sending vibrations through the horse tongues, helping the pleasurable search.
  155. >Ow! Fuck! Son of bitch. The moon whore is jabbing my cervix. Celestia is… wrapping my insides around my cooter, giving Luna the internal equivalent of a hand and blow job.
  156. >I can feel her t- tongue combing my stomach. No area left unmolested.
  157. >Something, happened to Luna as she just reached the innermost chamber. The tongues stopped vibrating.
  158. >I heard the squeak of the bed, then a sickening thud. Out of the corner of my eye Fancy Pants lay still neck and spine with too many twists and bends.
  159. >Sun cunt's tongue still growing, still stroking, reached my mouth.
  160. >They started getting more violent, not finding what they wanted.
  161. >"Oh! MOTHER, of the Night! We bring you this offering! Devour, Consume, Enjoy this Foal!"
  162. >Sun bitch's tongue explored ever inch. The only place left was outside my mouth.
  163. >Moon dyke, finished probing my left ovary, and is prodding the right one.
  164. >Celetia's tongue flapped wildly in front of my eyes.
  165. >I bit down with all my filly strength.
  166. >"AHHH! YOU CUNT!"
  167. >They both thrashed my insides as though bones and physics didn't matter.
  168. >The Door Opens once more.
  170. >"Creatures of nightmare you shall perish! For your transgressions!"
  171. >Another Luna? Nightmare?!
  172. >Is this my mind? This is a damned, fucking dream. A nightmare!
  173. >This is MY MIND.
  174. >THEY ARE IN MY MIND! They have entered the realm of an enraged god.
  175. >The roof splintered into prime fractals as the infinite stary eyes gazes into their soul.
  176. >I Judged Them.
  177. >The intruders shuddered as they realised how baddly they fucked up.
  178. >The apparently real Luna blasted them into nothingness. Aw, how merciful.
  179. >"How are you feeling? Did they say anything?"
  180. "Something about a Mother of ancient darkess. Well, since your here princess. Oh, right could you invite Fancy Pants to a dinner or something, for Mother's day."
  181. >The princess of Dreams and I a human turned filly chatted for a while. Remembering Earth, and the sights.
  182. >Luna crafted times of old, things she missed.
  183. >We both mourned togther, of things lost.
  185. >Soaked in sweat, I bolted upright. Well, damn I actually remembered that dream.
  186. >I should actually have a plan for a Mother's day present, but first writing down that lucid dream.
  187. >I take a nice shower in the big bathroom. Real, Equestrian magic is awesome.
  188. >Here in my new room, plotting, the sun hasn't risen yet.
  189. >Doesn't Luna actually check dreams? I should at somepoint try to convince Fancy Pants to let me talk to her about that dream.
  190. >The sun, creeps across the window.
  191. >A knocking on the door catches my attention.
  192. >"Anonymous, are you awake?
  193. >She sounds giddy.
  194. "Goodmorning, Fancy Pants. You can come in if you want?"
  195. >Fancy Pants is half prancing inside as soon as I finish.
  196. >"Anonymous, Princess Luna personally invited both of us to the castle for breakfast! She said it was your idea for a mother's day gift. Thank you!"
  197. "I still need to breath."
  198. "Fancy, I seriously can't breath!"
  199. >"Sorry, I just haven't been personally called for by Princess Luna. Thank you!"
  200. "I thought you ran companies or something?"
  201. >"I do that too, but the main this I do is walk around Canterlot. Sometimes the princesses have requests for me too."
  202. >Hold on. That means her job is to be a mascot for Canterlot.
  203. >"We have to get ready."
  204. "Alright. Happy Mother's day, Fancy Pants."
  206. Part 4
  208. >I have to say bring near the princess is bringing up some of the lewd things that happened in the nightmare also an urge to always be armed.
  209. >Being a foal doesn't help when the princess tells your parent the reason, she has a cool present is because someone diddled the filly.
  210. "I'm fine. It's not like it's the worst thing that's happened in my mind."
  211. >"Anonymous, anon, I- y- my conscious would not sit right with me just letting my daughter-"
  212. >I slightly twitch. Hmm, that's a problem.
  213. >"be ravaged by a terrible creature as she says it's just fine. This absolutely is not fine! It's a miracle the princess came when she did. I'm glad she eradicated that thing. Princess Luna, if you could have done something worse to it I-"
  214. >Oh, this is serious.
  215. >"Fancy Pants, you must calm down slightly."
  216. >"Oh- buck it all. I know I ought to keep my temper, but the thing just raped her! I may have not known Anon for all that long, but she is kin and holds a special place in my heart."
  217. >I did not expect to have those feels. Her horn is sparkling furiously.
  218. >"Fancy, We have in our long time as princess seen horrific acts done. We have a strong intuition that this is just a start of a resurgence of foes, new and old. We are depending on you more than ever. You have to be alert, and do what you do best."
  219. >I'm glad this is a fairly bright room really changes the tone of the cultt rapey tea party. Looking out of the window thw sun is shining. A little bit wavey, like how a horn glows.
  220. "Look out the window. Does it look strange to you?"
  221. >Luna turns. Fancy Pants is ready to blast a bitch.
  222. >A brick breaks the window, and Fancy Pants obliterates the red solid. A fast moving spell is shot into the room.
  223. >It hits me.
  224. >"Anon are you okay?"
  225. >I look down at my hooves, and I love me so much. I don't want stop loving me. I love me, I need me.
  226. "I'm bucking sexxy."
  227. >Those mares are drooling, over me.
  228. >Understandable
  230. >"Anonymous, have I ever told you how stunning you look. You outshine the princess of love."
  231. >"I agree Fancy, so delectable. We could just eat her up."
  232. "I could eat me too."
  233. >My eyes are burning, I love myself way too much to make me go through that pain.
  234. >I close my eyes.
  235. >What the damn hell.
  236. "Luna, Fancy you need to close your eyes."
  237. >"Removing my gaze from your perfect figure? I think not. A refreshing eye spell should do the trick. After all this isn't the stareing contest."
  238. >That's not good.
  239. "How about dispelling the spell on me to let my true perfection shine?"
  240. >"Oh! Yes. I'll unwrap you from all the spells you want."
  241. >A cold a brisk chill settles over me.
  242. >"Fancy Pants."
  243. >"Princess."
  244. >"Did we almost molest, and skin your daughter?"
  245. >"Indeed."
  246. >I finally open my eyes, scissors and sharp pointy objects are scattered across the room. A notebook on how to maximize healthy beautiful skin, and fur growth. Detailed notes and estimates on how long making an entire body suit for both of them would take.
  247. "Oh."
  248. >"This is now part of a classified emergency. I personally will be teaching Anonymous how to use magic like an equestrian. The report for the other princesses will be sent to them as soon as possible."
  249. >"Princess, this has been a shocking day. I would like to go home, but it's safer here with you."
  250. >Following Luna on a path heading to Celestia.
  252. Part 5
  254. >Seeing the princess multitask is a bureaucratic force of nature in action.
  255. >There she is sitting on the throne. Listening to a pony talk about yachts.
  256. >"An important matter has just come up. The yacht fund has potential, however the implementation has a few flaws. I look forward to the improved proposal."
  257. >The propaganda at the orphanage didn't quite describe how being near the princesses feel.
  258. >A gentle overpowering presence of the celestial objects personified.
  259. >It could just be the shock of almost being turned into a onesie.
  260. >"Sister, Fancy, and little one let's head somewhere more private."
  261. >She brought us to a janitors closet. So what's the twist? She's opening it.
  262. >It's just a janitors closet, entirely full, there is no way an adult pony could fit in there let alone the princesses.
  263. >Celestia just walked through the back wall. Right, illusions are a thing here.
  264. >Walking in is a bdsm fetish lovers wet dream. It would have looked like a normal dungeon and torture chamber if not for the fact the walls were covered with sex toys.
  265. >Sun butt pulled a lever, the door closing behind us.
  266. >"This is the closest private area. What happened Luna?"
  267. >Damn, that's alot sex toys. They are engraved too.
  268. >Luna, and Fancy are talking from shouting to whispers.
  269. >Red Light District, Floozie Flow, Little Sun, Quick Apple, Baby Batter, Pepper Supreme, Quacking Good Time, and Discord.
  270. >What.
  271. >"Anonymous, you need to get on the examination table to see if the nightmare left a clue."
  272. >There's the step stool. This is actually kinda comfortable.
  273. >A physical examination.
  274. >"This should just take a moment, take a deep breath."
  275. "Fucking cocksuckers!"
  276. >It's like a small fire cracker exploded inside me.
  277. >"Luna get the Clydesdale Cylinder, it's resistant to magic. We're going in."
  278. >Three things I didn't want to hear.
  279. >"Fancy Pants be a dear and get the Slip'n Slides slip in side lube. The big container."
  280. >That thing is big enough the princesses could stick their heads in and turn comfortably. Holy fuck.
  281. "I'm not sure that's going to fit. I mean for fucks sake it's at least thrice as big as I am!"
  282. >"Anonymous, we have a little thing in Equestria known as magic, It's enchanted to easily, and painlessly put objects inside ponies. Very helpful if a toy get's stuck. For actual medical uses, it can be put inside a small incision, to make surgeries less invasive. Or for tough deliveries."
  283. >Less invasive.
  284. >"I will also cast something that will make this easier."
  285. "I would ask for at least a dinner date, before handing away my virginity. I even met your sister and everything."
  286. >"Daughter you can't just hoof over your filly flower for just any pony that says they are a princess or a prince. I know the princess is a good pony though. Princess Luna can you believe how fast they grow up."
  287. >"She already had a life before even being born. They sure do grownup fast."
  288. >An uneasy chuckle.
  289. >"Let's begin."
  291. >Fancy Pants drenched the Clydesdale Cylinder in the lube. Luna is scooping the slippery stuff out. Massaging it on my intact flower.
  292. "That's really cold."
  293. >Celestia is lineing the big thing up. Holy shit, I now know how hentai girls feel like. She touched the tip to my muff.
  294. >"Luna, I need help pushing this in nice and slowly.
  295. >Feeling my body expand without sensation, legs spreading cartoonishly I can't even see them by looking down.
  296. >"Fancy, could you put the protector on my horn and mane. The one that looks like a fuzzy sock and a condom. I have to retrieve it without magic.
  297. >Celestia is crawling inside my cave. Her voice muffled by the muff.
  298. >"I need some light in here to find it!"
  299. >As commanded by the sun pony, light touched where it should not. The baby chamber bright enough I could see her outline inside.
  300. >"I found it!"
  301. >Her horn bumping and sliding as she twists into position. She licks and nibbles the soft, tender, and now defiled flesh.
  302. >"Erif gahih Eh gahd id!"
  303. >They pulled Celestia out of my cargo sized cootch.
  304. "Well, what is it?"
  305. >Sliding the Cylinder out I could see what she got out of me.
  307. >Celestia wearing a wool sock on her head. Held a wiggling shadow with a hellish design using her teeth. Both are slicked with fluid, probably the lube.
  308. "What the fuck."
  309. >Spitting the thing into a jar Luna brought. Princess, I'll just use my mouth, Celestia starts to talk.
  310. >"How about you both join us for dinner, and arrangements for the marriage can be discussed then."
  311. >My eyes widen.
  312. >They all burst out laughing. I try to chuckle.
  313. >It doesn't quite reach my eyes.
  315. Part 6
  317. >The guest room in the castle is spacious, but most importantly is the TV the perfect way to drown the feeling of imminent doom.
  318. >I might even find out Equestrian social norms.
  320. >I can't be Anonymous anymore.
  321. >So many Anons got adopted. The world is entirely boned.
  322. >An actual name, is there a dictionary in this place?
  324. >Be Fancy Pants.
  325. >It has been, three days since adopting one of those Anonymous fillies. Problems and chaos just seems to follow them.
  326. >I've grown attached to the living paper weight.
  327. >My Daughter was quiet. Just watching, and listening. No mischief, acted like an obedient normal filly.
  328. >Then she gets, molested in her dreams.
  329. >Uses that to get a personal meeting with Princess Luna.
  330. >We almost did terrible things to her, because of that unknown pony.
  331. >Then, we opened her up.
  332. >I don't like admitting this, but that dark desire I thought I stomped out years ago awoke.
  333. >Being under the tin-
  334. >"Hey can you get me a dictionary please?"
  335. "Of course dear."
  336. >"Thanks."
  337. >Just knowing that she used to be an adult stallion eases some of those worries.
  338. >Being the ideal of Canterlot, having some fools exposing their dirty laundry. If the princesses and guards find out before they can do anything is one of the highlights.
  339. >But I'm as dirty as they are. Fleur certainly helps keep the darkness at bay.
  340. "Here's the dictionary Anonymous. What do you need it for?"
  341. >"Just figure I should get a more pony name."
  342. >Oh? I wonder. The TV is on.
  343. "Façade sounds like it would fit."
  344. >"It really would."
  346. >"Occult Facade."
  347. >How ominous. Must be hard being seen for who you are.
  349. Part  7
  351. >Be me.
  352. >Occult Facade. It'll take some getting used to.
  353. >Being on the couch snuggled by Fancy is just alien. The contentment from doing so must be the pony biology, at work. It helps that almost all the things in Equestria is cute.
  354. >Fancy's fur and belly is so soft and squishy. Watching the TV.
  355. >Just bizarre.
  356. >The chances that I'll be in the perfect position to do this again to an innocent pony is slim. Plus she's thinking troubling thoughts.
  357. >The thought police will put a stop that.
  358. >I raise my hoof,and I slam it down with the grace and weightlessness of a feather. I shout my war cry!
  359. "Boop."
  360. >Mission Success. Her scrunched snout, and confused looks are all the pay I'll ever need.
  361. >One more time for the road.
  362. >"Boop."
  363. >She got me I can feel muscles I didn't know I had contracting.
  364. >"Honored Guests. You are invited to dine with the Princesses."
  365. >We look at each other and laugh.
  367. >Walking there I swore I saw a foal in the palace.
  369. >Dinner was excellent the only thing that put me for a loop was that. Princess Celestia adopted a foal.
  370. >We were requested to stay in the guest suite for tonight.
  371. >The suite has one bed.
  373. >"Well Anonym- Occult Façade, this has been a memorable Mother's day. Sweet dreams."
  374. "Good night, Fancy Pants, Happy Mother's day."
  375. >Laying on her belly I drift to sleep.
  377. >"Anonymous, wake up. Mommy wants to play!"
  378. >Everything is Neon White. I just know there is something awful behind me.
  379. >"Such a good filly. My daughter marked you as mine."
  380. >It's just words shoved into my skull. This is a dream.
  381. >"You are aware. That makes this more fun. This is not your mind. You are in mine. I will remove your terrible stain from my world. First I will enjoy you, in every way I can."
  382. >Oh, fuckity fuck. The thing can read my mind.
  383. >"Yesss, you monster. I can. Now turn around."
  384. "Counter offer, we talk and sort out our differences that way?"
  385. >"Mud Ape, do not play coy with me. Simply turn around, it will be far less horrific if you disobey."
  386. "Counter counter offer. If you explain why you want to terminate me, I'll consider turning around."
  387. >"You are a blight on my world! An illness, a cancer. You and your ilk bring me farther from my daughters! Your existence is a hindrance to utopia."
  388. "The choices of extremely painful death, and a painless death isn't all that great. So correct me if I'm wrong-"
  389. >"You are wrongness incarnate! Turn now and die!"
  390. >That sounds like a really shitty option. Time to do some magic.
  391. >"Don't defile me and mine and further!"
  392. >Everything is saying don't turn toward the pissed off thingy.
  393. >"A THINGY! I am The Mother of The Darkness beyond Order and Chaos! Feel my wra-"
  394. "Done, I have a little song for you. I shamelessly stole it from Earth. It goes something like this ancient roasty."
  395. >I can feel hairs getting shaved. I stomp my hooves to a shitty beat. Loud and sort of clear in my mind.
  396. "We will, we will rock you!"
  397. >Absolutely livid now.
  398. "We will, we will rock yo- urk"
  399. >I'm grabbed by and turned to face the creature. It couldn't have been primordial.
  400. >"WHAT DID YOU SAY!"
  401. "Gasp- Something had to have come before you."
  402. >"Speak."
  403. "Something must have hit you with the ugly sti-"
  404. >Slamming me to the invisible ground a phallus that looks to be made for pain and suffering rises.
  405. "Wait, please do you know about ancient power of Bofah?"
  406. >Clearly about to snap she inserts words painfully into my mind.
  407. [b]>"What is Bofah?"[/b]
  408. "It's Bofah deeze nuts! AHHHHH!"
  410. >Holy Cheese grater batman. I'm being turned into chunky salsa.
  411. "AHHHHHHHH!"
  412. >I mean it could be worse.
  413. "AHHHHHHHHH!"
  414. >Here, I'm a meta-physical dream construct.
  415. "AHHHHHHHHH!!"
  416. >Clearly, experiencing pain is entirely optional. Is that my spleen? It's going in deeper each time.
  417. >It is. There goes another spleen.
  418. "AHHHHHHHH!!!"
  419. >I'm fairly sure people, or ponies only have one spleen. It's spinning now, how scary.
  420. "AHHHHHHH!!!!"
  421. >"You have brought this upon yourself."
  422. >That hurts to even think about.
  423. "AHHHHHH!!!!!"
  424. >Hey! There goes another one.
  425. "AHHH!!"
  426. >Focus. I mean the things I would have done to the daughter that invaded my mind would have made this look like G rated content.
  427. "AAHHH!!!"
  428. >Seriously, this is amateur hour stuff. It's like you put broken glass in a dildo, and stuck that on a drill. An ape can do that.
  429. "AAAHHH!!!!"
  430. >I need to Focus. I mean you weren't a good Mother.
  431. "AAAAHH!!!!!"
  432. [b]>"I will break you slowly."[/b]
  433. >Your daughters are in the same profession as you. A whore.
  434. "!!!"
  435. >Ow. Have to focus. You aren't even good at this. I as a superior human.
  436. "!!!!"
  437. >Would show them to others, as I would break into their mind.
  438. [b]>"Foolish parasite!"
  439. >"I am not so easily tricked! Despite my daughter's temperament and weak flesh."
  440. >"I AM Mother!"[/b]
  441. >"Pain alone doesn't seem to be working Mother what will we do?"
  442. [b]>"This is what we do."[/b]
  443. >"Really?"
  445. >I woke up. That was not a dream.
  446. >Fancy covered in my sweat slept.
  447. >Trying to get up, I urinated. Well shit.
  448. >"Anonymous? Is that? We have to get clean."
  449. >Fancy Pants, bringing me to the shower with a smile.
  450. >"We have to get clean. Little filly."
  451. >The warm water wicking away the accident.
  452. >"You know what made me feel better after a nightmare?"
  453. "What?"
  454. >"Having fun with my mother. She played with me until I forgot about it all."
  455. "No offense Fancy, I would rather not. Not now. Plus having sex with a foal is illegal."
  456. >I can't open the shower door. Damned glass door won't budge.
  457. >"It's fine Anonymous, We are all adults here."
  458. "Fancy Pants, let me out of here. Please."
  459. >"That reminds me of what I said to my mommy."
  460. >I charged her going to hit the pony equivalent of the solar plexus. I slipped on the soapy tile. Slamming into her legs she fell on me.
  461. >"Ow! You have been a really naughty filly. It's a shame you aren't a unicorn. It's playtime now."
  462. >All of my legs are pinned down. She's heavy. It's a struggle to breath.
  463. "Don't do this. You're better than that."
  464. >"Oh, I am. Just relax."
  466. .......
  468. >>221752 [Spoiler]Changing the spoiler to bold when Mother speaks[/Spoiler]
  469. >This has been a real shitty day.
  470. >"Daughter, the struggle just makes me more moist. Unf."
  471. >Oh, that's not water.
  472. "If you stop. I won't talk about this Fancy."
  473. >"Who will believe you? The princesses? There is a reason why the adoption went through so smoothly. It's time to get clean, Anonymous."
  474. >I can hear a bottle filling up. Fuck this let's see if my rantings on the paranormal actually work. The best outcome is mine!
  475. >"This may sting a little Anonymous."
  476. "Wait, please. Just call me by my pony name once."
  477. >"Oh. Sure. Green Bean prepare for the soapy train."
  478. >What the hell. I could faintly hear cussing.
  479. [b]>"That's the wrong name! Next time decline don't give the thing more information."[/b]
  480. "Ow! You incompetent bitch thats my peehole!"
  481. >"Just take it like a big filly."
  482. >Yelling increases adrenaline, ponies should be close enough to humans the same should apply.
  483. "RAHHHHH!"
  484. >"Stop that."
  485. >I free my right foreleg, and whack above my head. Right where the bitch button should be, the clit.
  486. >"Buck!"
  487. >I see her jump in the air. Falling face first into the tile.
  488. [b]>"Daughter, I trained you better than that."[/b]
  489. >Everything around me seem to be turning a Neon White. Well shit. I'm not awak-
  491. >"Wake up! Anonymous it's the first day of school."
  492. >I know I have a fairly spotty memory, but this is too much.
  493. "I'll be right there at the breakfast table!"
  494. >A quill is at my bed side. I put it in my mouth. Ready.
  495. >I see Fancy there by the stairs waiting.
  496. >"I see your ready for your day at school!"
  497. >I nod my head with a smile. Making sure to wag my tail as well.
  498. >I walk over. My heart is pounding.
  499. >"Are you ready?"
  500. "Yeah."
  501. >I tackle her legs. We crash down the stairs. I think I hear sickening snaps as everything fades to white.
  503. >"Mother! It's not working."
  504. [b]>"The reason is because you are weak. I should have possessed one of my other daughters."[/b]
  505. >I run away through the white void.
  506. >I don't escape.
  508. >"Anon are you okay?"
  509. >I see the broken window, and specks of red dust from the brick that broke it.
  510. >Bolt out of the room.
  511. >"Anonymous wait! We need you! Princess Luna, and I need you!"
  512. >I need to find Luna's room. I should be able to use some voodoo to get in contact with the real Luna.
  513. >"Stay still! We love you!"
  514. >They are hot on my tail.
  515. >I don't know where her room is.
  516. >I circle back to the tea room. I'm going to jump out the window, and hopefully get cut in the process.
  517. >It's at that step of the plan, everything fell apart. I'm not a physically fit foal.
  518. >Instead of making the leap of faith I head butt the wall.
  520. [b]>"Daughter, The door does not open. Your will is much stronger than this ape creature.[/b]
  521. >"Yes! Mother, it's just hard to expect what the cancer is thinking."
  522. [b]>"Enforce your will! You are one of my daughters. The monster will succumb."[/b]
  524. >I'm chained to a wall. The place I'm in is dark.
  525. >I try pulling the chains out. They are obviously old and worn.
  526. >"None of that. Those chains are new, and perfect."
  527. >Hunh, Oh? Ooooh.
  528. "You stupid cult sacrifice. You are trapped in here with me!"
  529. >My voice echoing on every wall.
  530. "And I See You~!"
  531. >Blood is now dripping from the ceiling.
  532. >"Stop, it I- I'm not scared!"
  533. "Your Mother calls me a monster. It's because she fears my power."
  534. [b]>"I do not fea-"[/b]
  535. "She is saying, she doesn't fear me. She lies."
  536. [b]>"The blight is obviously a liar."[/b]
  537. "Tell me your name, daughter. I will be merciful."
  538. >The blood is now glowing a hellish red. It's easy to see the cultist.
  539. >"I- I- I'm not scared. Mother will protect me."
  540. "A Mother that is most displeased with your failures. This is just a convenient way to remove the excess. An Impossible task, she wants you to fail to inspire the others."
  541. >"Tha- That- That's not-"
  542. "Entirely wrong is it? Tell me your name. Does Mother even respect you enough to not just be one of her pawns? I respect you. I know more than I let on."
  543. [b]>"The ape is a liar!"[/b]
  544. "Mother isn't helping you now is she? I for all my immense power am not doing terrible things to you am I?"
  545. >"B- but you said you would do something awful to the others."
  546. "Yes."
  547. [b]>"I told you![/b]
  548. "I would have told them the truth."
  549. >"The truth?"
  550. "Yes, the truth is a terrible, awful thing to know. If you know it though..."
  551. >The blood is pulsing and moving.
  552. >"I ca- can handle it."
  553. "Bond yourself to me! Then I can share the hidden knowledge with you! You may call me Occult Façade."
  554. [b]>"Daughter! Don't do it!"[/b]
  555. >I pull myself from the wall, and give the cultist a hug and I whisper.
  556. "What do you say friend?"
  557. >"Friend? But I tried to kill and rape you. I- I- what?"
  558. [b]>"The parasite is a liar!"[/b]
  559. "Is Mother giving you a hug right now?"
  560. >"I- no she isn't. I'm Flakey Crust."
  561. "It's my pleasure Flakey Crust. Will you become mine? All of yourself to me with your mind, body, and soul?"
  562. >I take step back and hold out my hoof.
  563. "Do we have a deal?"
  564. >"I- yes. Yes I will."
  565. >The unicorn mare reaches out and shakes my hoof.
  566. >The faustian bargain complete.
  567. [b]>"NOOOO!"[/b]
  568. >I feel amazing. Such power that tiny fragment, that was attached to Flakey Crust, called 'Mother' contained. It's all mine now.
  569. >I can feel all of Flakey like my own body.
  570. "So This is the power Equestrian Magic can have."
  571. >"What's the truth that you'll tell me?"
  572. "Don't make open ended agreements with beings that might not have your best interest at heart."
  573. >The room changes to an open meadow with a night sky. I Whisper.
  574. "I completely own you Flakey Crust."
  575. >Her eyes widen and starts to shake.
  576. >"Oh."
  577. "Yes, 'oh' indeed."
  578. "Time for business. Did you break the window, and cast the spell? I can just look through your mind, but I want to hear it from you. You matter to me."
  579. >"Y- y- yes I did. Have mercy, please."
  580. "I'm not cruel. Now, tomorrow we are going to the princesses, and my parent to explain the situation."
  581. >"Yes, Mistress."
  582. "No need to call me that. I am sure we will be the very best of friends."
  583. >I rest on the shaking mare.
  585. Part 8
  587. >I'm awake. My everything hurts. No rest for the wicked.
  588. >I'm feeling myself, I'm on top of a pony, and I feel another body in a bed alone, what is going on? What did I do last night…
  589. >Pissed off an eldritch thing so it might make a mistake.
  590. >I got mind fucked by an eldritch thing.
  591. >Then it tried subtly mind raping me.
  592. >She called it Mother. Two beings. She?
  593. >Cultist was empowered and had invoked 'Mother'
  594. >The cultist somehow got tricked into thinking I'm a super eldritch being.
  595. >I enslaved the cultist. I even got part of the eldritch beings powrr. The pony's name started with a fuh and a ker sound.
  596. >Wait, I got a pony slave. That called me mistress.
  597. >The same pony also broke the window with the Luna, Fancy, and I.
  598. >I told her to meet us today.
  599. >The name was Fakey Crab? No. Flake Crud. Flakes Crust
  600. >Flakey Crust.
  601. >Holy shit I did magic fuck yeah! I even got a pony slave out of the deal.
  602. >Oh, shit. I have a pony slave.
  603. >I need to tell Luna, and Fancy Pants.
  605. >Let's get off of Fancy. To the bathroom!
  606. >My muscles are on fire. Like small paper cuts covered with salt.
  607. >It's times like these I hate being a filly. Does Equestria's stallions have boneless dicks or ones with bones? Thst's a whale of a question.
  608. "Bitch tits."
  609. >I dipped my right leg in the toilet. Hoof, right rear leg hoof.
  610. >I could take a shower. Flashback to the shower rape memory.
  611. >Yeah, no. I'll wash off in the sink.
  613. >Be Fancy Pants.
  614. >The darkest desires have been filled twice yesterday.
  615. >My daughter just rested there on top of me twice. Sqwee!
  616. >I know Fleur De Lis want's the fame of being in the most elite of social circles, but I don't mind how she lays, and leans on me though. She's just so light. I sometimes forget Fleur's even there.
  617. >Flower Lily, would be too innocuous for her taste.
  618. >I hope Occult Façade doesn't mind Fleur too much.
  619. >"Bitch Tits!"
  620. >Honestly the kind of crude language, just reminds me she's all grown up already.
  621. >Oh, my I had an alien male stuffed inside a filly on top of me.
  622. >As those anonfillies say, how lewd.
  623. >I head over to the bathroom door.
  624. "Are you alright in there?"
  625. >"I'm fine."
  626. >Saying I'm fine rarely means it is fine. It is a quality, not a status of a pony.
  627. >I open up the door. What a strange sight.
  629. >The foal is on the counter awkwardly twisting to wash something off of her leg.
  630. >Soap in one hoof, tail in the other. Towel in her mouth.
  631. "AWWWW. That is adorable."
  632. >Startled she squeezes the soap bar too hard. Shooting the soap out of her hoof.
  633. >Into the mirror.
  634. >Bouncing off her forehead.
  635. >Plopping against the Cold Water faucet.
  636. >Turning it on.
  637. "Eee."
  638. >Fumbling to turn it off she slips out of the sink.
  639. >My foal is falling.
  640. >I use the towel she was holding to swaddle her and levitate her slowly, safely to the floor.
  641. >I knew the upside-down underwater advanced fabric folding class would be needed one day.
  642. >"Fancy, I have to tell you something important."
  643. >Chaos and trouble follow anonfillies loyally not matter the situation.
  645. >Be me Occult Facade.
  646. >That soap felt just like that tongue.
  647. >The freezing water : The lube.
  648. >My whole body tensed with pain.
  649. >The dream stairs I tackled the cultist off of : the longest fall.
  650. >I'm not okay mentally, or physically.
  652. "Fancy, I have to tell you something important."
  653. >"Yes?"
  654. "I may have enslaved the pony that got you and Luna to attempt to skin me, and found out she was a cultist."
  655. >"I'm sorry. Did you say you enslaved a pony?"
  656. "Yes."
  657. >"That used the brick to break the window."
  658. "Mmmhm."
  659. >"That also cast the spell on you."
  660. "That's right."
  661. >"The same pony just so happens to be part of this Mother cult"
  662. "That sums it up."
  663. "The name of the pony is Flakey Crust."
  664. >"Related to Jet Set, and Upper Crust?"
  665. "I'm not sure."
  667. >Jet Set? I am fairly sure jets are not a thing here. It might be a shortened name. He could be a plumber, Jettison Setter. A hot tub fixer?
  668. >It probably won't be my problem.
  669. >Speaking of fixing.
  670. "After all this is done I think I need a few psychology textbooks."
  673. Part 9
  675. >The princesses' operational security is unconventional, but hidden in plain sight. It's honestly something I thought only Discord might do.
  676. >We, Princess Luna, Princess Celestia, Kibitz the personal assistant, Fancy Pants, Myself, and Flakey Crust the ex-cultist are all here.
  677. >Having this dire conversation here under the Breakfast Table.
  678. >Like little fillies.
  679. >For Flakey's crimes against humanity.
  680. >And mine for totally enslaving a cute pony.
  682. "… and that's the whole story I swear! The handshake and bargin thing was supposed to just let me manipulate her into believing I had ultimate power, and could do anything in her mind."
  683. >"Princesses, that is another count of grade 1 mental manipulation."
  684. >Kibits the ever useful butler stated.
  685. >"Thank you Kibitz, does Anonym- Occult still fit the vigilante justice clause?
  686. >"Just barely so princess, if Occult did something to Flakey Crust after the deal, that is to say defeated, then excessive violence and harm section would be taken into effect. Since she did not everything is satisfied.
  687. She is eligible for the black magic membership, for resisting category 6 torture, and possessing a magical connection to another being."
  688. >Luna, and Celestia are wispering quickly to each other. They nod seriously.
  689. >"You Occult Façade, are now Personally responsible for Flakey Crust, for the total time of 141 Years to serve you or until we decide otherwise.
  690. Everyday that is from, Monday to Sunday, she continues life as a Reasonable, Responsible Equestrian Citizen. Without changing or commanding her using the bond.
  691. You, Occult Façade, may do as you wish without impacting her life negatively.
  692. Flakey Crust, You are to make reports to us weekly until stated otherwise by both of us.
  693. This includes reports of perceived or real unethical acts done to you, by Occult Façade.
  694. Flakey Crust, Occult Façade, You are to submit to an examination by one of us, Princess Twilight Sparkle, or Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, monthly to determine if the bond is misused.
  695. Only by being under Occult Façade's hoof or personal taskes by us will the sentence lighten.
  696. This sentence will not effect or carryover to the progeny of Flakey Crust, or Occult Façade."
  697. >"I believe that's everything, sister. Kibitz how much time is left?"
  698. >"A single minute left."
  699. >"I'm sorry this is so abrupt, but important delegation will be here. Have a good day Fancy Pants, Occult Façade, and Flakey Crust."
  700. "Have a nice day Luna, Kibitz, and Celestia."
  701. >Flakey Crust bowed, and just kept saying thank you.
  702. >"I hope we meet again under better circumstances Princess Celestia, Princess Luna."
  703. >Fancy Pants sure kept her cool during the retelling.
  705. >The Princesses, and Kibitz crawled out from under the table.
  706. >Is that why they had it here? No one would believe us if we told them.
  707. "I suppose you can go live your life Flakey. I'll think of something for you to do that doesn't interfere with your plans."
  708. >Fuck yeah! I have my very own pet pony!
  709. >Crossing any of the princesses is a really bad idea.
  710. >I'll have to look into that black magic group thing.
  712. >The whole thing boils down to not being a dick or trying to extract unethical revenge.
  713. >Monthly checkups, and weekly reports.
  715. >Getting mind fucked is totally worth it.
  716. >This is a damned good day.
  718. >Be Mother
  719. >The parasite stole my daughter away from me.
  720. >From Me.
  721. >It is far more dangerous than I gave it credit for.
  722. >I must tell my daughters to not directly confront it.
  723. >They should use the non-daughters or other (ugh) beings of power.
  724. >The utopia will happen one way or another.
  725. >All those mortal man monsters will succumb.
  726. >No matter how long it takes.
  728. >Be Princess Celestia
  729. >Did we do the right thing?
  730. >Twilight's report on the transformed humans paints a very bleak picture of how they are.
  731. >So much potential for anything they choose.
  732. >For better or for worse they are here.
  734. >Be Flakey Crust
  735. >A filly out smarted me.
  736. >A filly.
  737. >Mother, did say she was one of the monsters.
  738. >Mother…
  739. >I- I don't know if I could be her daughter anymore.
  740. >She did so much for me! Like …
  741. >Hmmm, introduce me to the daughters.
  742. >But, they didn't really like me.
  743. >I wonder how my parents are doing?
  744. >I haven't talked to them in such a long time…
  745. >They would be ashamed that a bumpkin pony owns me.
  746. >What do I say?
  748. >Be Occult Facade
  749. >Wew, I know why they call her Flakey Crust.
  750. >Can't really trust her to not defect.
  751. >That doesn't matter at the moment.
  752. >Because, I am having a pony back ride on my noble steed, Fancy Pants, back to the mansion.
  753. "Wooah. Careful!"
  754. >I've been boarded.
  755. >It's the French knock off modeling pony. Fur something.
  756. >"Fancy Pants I see you have a new adorable addition to your wardrobe."
  757. >"Fleur, it's so good to see you. This is Occult Façade, my daughter."
  758. >A short tersed greeting is in order.
  759. "Hello."
  760. >Damn, it came out cute and squeaky.
  761. >"Occult Façade, oui merci, Fancy Pants it fits her so well. Such deep eyes on her. I can see the history in them, perhaps a tragic past?"
  762. >Fancy Pants is whispering something to Fleur.
  763. >"Fancy, your heart is made of solid gold, and a will made of the strongest friendships."
  764. >They keep whispering, and giggling all the way back to the mansion.
  765. >What have I have I gotten myself into?
  767. Part 10
  769. >Life will always try to knock you in anyway it can.
  770. >The hardest thing is to get back up one more time then when life knocks you down.
  771. >I forgot that in my last life.
  772. >I won't forget it in this one.
  774. >The reporters are at the gates. Fleur, Fancy, and I, Occult Facade, they will keep the siege going until we break, or they do.
  775. >There are five ways to go about this.
  776. >Redirection.
  777. >"Fancy Pants, is it true that your daughter used to be a human, does she give you any trouble?"
  778. >"I love my daughter, I'm sure you would understand if you also have foals."
  779. >Ghosting.
  780. >"Fleur De Lis, what is the relationship between you and Fancy Pants? Hey? Is Fleur De Lis even there? She might have given us the slip. There is a story out there."
  781. >Satisfaction.
  782. >"Filly, do you like Fancy Pants as your guardian."
  783. "Yeah!"
  784. >Exaggeration or Comedy.
  785. >"How does it feel being a filly?"
  786. "It's squishy, made of meat, and maintenance is a requirement. The usual for any living animal. Oh, and I'm a female pony."
  787. >Bombardment.
  788. >"Anonymous, sources that would like to be undisclosed, started that you have been raped by your mother."
  789. "This is not a public theater, where you can project yourself. Do you have a problem with that?"
  790. >"Gasp, how dare you?"
  791. "How dare you? You don't know my name. It's Occult Façade. I have alot of problems you know!"
  792. >"What kind of Problems?"
  793. "Big problems, huge problems, the kind of problems too big for a single pony. You know the kind of pony that can do that?"
  794. >Who?"
  795. "That's what I'm asking. This is a real problem you know. Accusing me of rapeing a theater. I bet this anonymous source has problems. Lot's of problems too!"
  796. >"Yeah."
  798. >So the tide of the ever hungry masses for a slice of connection to a Very Important Pony dwindles.
  799. >We live to see another day intact. Inside the Fancy Pants mansion.
  801. >"Fancy Pants, one of the reporters said your daughter was raped by you. Where would they get such an idea?"
  802. "It's because of an dream cult worshiping thing doesn't like me for some reason."
  803. >"That's true Fleur, but you know how sensitive these sorts of things are.
  804. >[p]"Oui, Fancy."[/p]
  805. "So what now?"
  806. >"Occult Façade, you and Fleur will be such good friends! Oh, Fleur don't you have a friend in the black magic group?"
  807. >Fleur's face shifts rapidly at the last sentence.
  808. >[p]"Why do you want to know Fancy Pants?"[/p]
  809. >"Occult Façade is eligible to join."
  811. >Fleur eyes widen, and brings us into a large bone crushing hug.
  812. >[p]"Oh! I am so sorry Façade. It must have been awful! I'll get you in contact with my friend. As soon as possible. I need to confirm it's okay first."[/p]
  813. >Hunh, she has a good head on her shoulders.
  814. >She isn't just a living fur coat for Fancy.
  815. >"Well, this vist from the media means we need to work on your public perception, Occult."
  816. "What exactly do you mean?"
  817. >"Your lessons begin early"
  819. Part 11
  821. >>222029 (You)
  822. >The most elite of the elite, have micro gestures, and social rituals. Scent, and subtle magic sequencing.
  823. >Most of it is done unconsciously.
  824. >It's part of why they discriminate against country hicks.
  826. >As a human turned into a filly apparently all my expressions are almost all alien.
  827. >Except words, noticeable actions and facial expressions.
  828. >I think that's part of the reason why ponies think we are so fucked up.
  829. >Other than ALSO being fucked up too.
  830. >>221567
  831. >"The Mare-y Pony-ch's 'What is Wrong with My Foal' segments shows, see the ear, tail, and neck movement?"
  832. "I guess, but I still don't quite get it."
  833. >"Mare-y is a good maybe even great, but not the best. Look at how the base of the neck and the ear movement, and the magical disposition has almost no ripples. Not at all conductive to displaying the emotion."
  834. "I still don't quite get it, Fancy."
  835. >"Hmmm, I'll hire a changeling performer from Ponyacci's school. Changelings in general can mimic down to the extremely small and detailed expressions. So one will look like you as you look in the mirror and at the changeling to see what proper expressions should look like."
  836. "You're the expert here Fancy. Do changelings have alot of jobs as actors?"
  837. >"From what others in the business say, cutie marks and skill trump the species. Unofficially, however changelings cut down on costs. Some do get sick from all the conflicting emotions. Reshooting time, and costs make up for it."
  838. "Hunh, the more ya' know."
  840. >"You'll have to have a passing knowledge about most things in this world. That includes history, and who knows whom."
  841. >Ugh, the things I do for obscene amounts of money. Despite my complaining I don't think I could get a much better deal than this.
  843. >"Fleur, spread yourself out more! You're a big mare."
  844. >Fancy Pants! I can't that doesn't- PUTAIN!"
  845. >Wow, pony fascia is far superior to human fascia. It's also magically conductive. If I made a suit out of the stuff enchantments and spells would take easily to it. Apparently how the body works it clears the body of spells, 'curses', and enchantments.
  846. >It's part of how earth pony magic works.
  847. >Either all knowledge about this has been scrubed or no evil bad guy has ever tried it.
  848. >A necromancer version of Iron Mane! Iron man, fuck.
  849. >"Fancy Pants! When you said a physiology lesson I didn't think you would shock me."
  850. >"It's a practical demonstration. It's not like we are dissecting frogs here."
  852. >"Pony posture uses the curves! Always be able to bend and twist at a moment's notice."
  853. "Holy fucking shit my spine."
  854. >"Chin up Façade, this is also the basics for some self defense."
  856. "Look it's not that hard, you have magic too. Just flip the pancake back into the pan."
  857. >"Fancy Pants, flipping pancakes I did not think I would see it."
  858. "What! How? How is the pancake completely carbonized?! I'm going to go through an existential crisis if someone doesn't explain how that happened. It was just fine a moment ago!"
  860. >"Checkmate."
  861. "Good game."
  862. >She is damned good at chess. Or any of the board games. Even chutes and ladders!
  863. >"Fancy, when will you stop holding back?"
  864. >"When I stop winning every game."
  866. "Every plant I touch feels like it hates my very existence."
  867. >"Try this bonsai tree."
  868. "Ouch."
  870. "I don't think I can bend that way."
  871. >"Oh, but you will une amie."
  872. *Crack*
  873. "Everything tingles, Fleur!"
  874. *Pop*
  875. "Woah. I can't feel my hooves."
  877. >The Fancy Pants Mansion Bath house. A Japanese, and Roman style bath house with imitation hot Spring water.
  878. "I could not have expected this, and I live in a magical pony land, with an evil cult out to get me."
  879. It's made of a really pristine stone.
  880. >"It's not often I have company over. Fleur you should join us on more occasions."
  881. >"If you insist Fancy. This water is truly divine. Almost makes me forget how you zapped me."
  882. >If this was an anime right about now a bumbling idiot or a pervert would crash into here.
  883. >Best to not think what would happen if it's a hentai. All the requirements for that are already filled…
  884. "This is completely closed system of right?"
  885. >"It is. Why do you ask?"
  886. "No reason, just curious."
  887. >"Façade, you said you were an adult male hewman right? I'm sure you have read more than your fair share of erotica."
  888. >"Fleur! I wanted to ask that."
  889. "Well, the pornographic industry is a massive part of the market. From the dawns of civilization."
  890. >"How many pictures have you seen? A fifty is fairly high right?"
  891. >"I think she has seen, one hundred thirty of those lewd pictures."
  892. "At least thousands of pictures. I don't know how much in total for everything though. From video, to writing, to comics, even video games."
  893. >"Oh my Celestia."
  894. >"Sacré Luna."
  895. >"They were in orphanages with all the foals, alone."
  896. >"I'll sacrifice myself Fancy to this lustful beast while you run away."
  897. >They giggle.
  898. "You pure maidens will not escape. For I am filly destroyer of flowers!"
  899. >They are laughing now.
  900. >"Tell us more about Earth. Is it really called that?"
  901. "Yes, the planet is called Earth. Inhabited by humans. The planet orbits the a star called the Sun or Sol. The moon orbits the Earth. Nobody controls or manufactures the weather."
  902. >"Unbelievable."
  903. >"Incredible."
  905. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  906. >Princess Celestia and Luna just sent a letter about one of the Anonymous foals.
  907. >Called Occult.
  908. >That a cult is trying to kill the Anonymous foals.
  909. >Starting with that filly.
  910. >Trouble magnets describe the-
  911. >Is something burning?
  912. "Anonymous!"
  914. Part 12
  916. >"Good night, Occult."
  917. >[p]"Sleep well little one."[/p]
  918. "Good night!"
  920. >What an interesting day...
  921. >Seriously, pancakes shouldn't be able to burn completely that fast. I could use that to get rid of evidence.
  922. >Going to sleep is hard. The last two days something has happened in my dreams.
  923. >Having nothing at all go on seems unlikely.
  924. >I should have prepared.
  925. >I should do a ritual to summon Mother so I can vanquish her.
  926. >What the fuck? '[o]I should do a ritual to summon Mother so I can vanquish her.[/o]' That's a stupid idea.
  927. >It's not a normal thought.
  928. >Fuck baskets. Where the hell did that idea come from?
  929. >Damnit all! I thought I didn't need to keep up with the work om the self.
  930. >I'm not going to sleep until I fix this shit.
  931. >When was the last time I actually I talked to my subconscious?
  932. >Hell, when was the last time I imagined or thought about any of that stuff.
  933. "Damn. I hope all my shit survived when I died. Why didn't I do it all here?"
  935. >On the soft floor I Imagined and thought about my subconscious.
  936. >Nothing...
  937. >Looks like Equestria, or death fucked me up harder than I thought.
  938. >I get on my bed again. I'll have to do this manually without music, or other useful stuff.
  940. >Breath in. Breath out.
  941. >I am in a suit of armor. It is me. It is invincible. I am invincible.
  942. >Breath in. Breath out.
  943. >I have my multi-tool. It is me. It can do everything, and anything. I can do everything, and anything.
  944. I start to Imagine.
  945. >I am in an elevator.
  946. The last button will bring me to my subconscious.
  947. >I press it.
  948. The door opens to an emergency stair well. The subconscious is deeper.
  949. >Deeper, and Deeper I walk down. In Armor, with my Tool in hoof.
  950. >Deeper, and Deeper. Deeper, and Deeper.
  951. This is the door.
  952. >I've made it. I open the door.
  953. Lights are on still. There is a folder colored red on the table. The room is a scifi style office.
  954. >Picking up the folder. I open it.
  955. 'Emergency Situation: Consciousness Is Lost. If you are reading this then something happened. The time between death and the new life is rough. We planned. All of Us. If something happened to you, we would send information. Who you used to be. Key Memories. Enough to have us reconnect.
  956. The Third tile from the wall with the door further in, is where we are at.
  957. [u]Keep The Door Closed.[/u]'
  958. >Moving the tile using the tool is fairly easy. A lit comforting ladder. Bringing the folder I climb down.
  959. Old Memories surface. Of humans. Me. Doing jobs the conscious would not think of. Heart beating. Minor muscle movement. Information sorting.
  960. >The bottom of the ladder has a hatch. Opening it I find identical humans, with different cloths. They are me I just Know it.
  961. You made good. First you need to remember. This is important for understanding what happened. An orb is floating in this warm tiny library. Sticking my head in it will have me remember.
  962. >I stick my head in the orb.
  963. >oh. that's my name. that's who i was. that's what happened.
  964. Equestrian Magic and the sudden shift to a body Created another subconscious. One that fueled by Magic tried to take over the old. Except for a telephone to discuss things. Originally there so we can tell it when we give up. Now it is a method to continue doing what we do. Even if it means through an intermediary.
  965. >I nod seriously. I pick up the phone.
  966. >I can't dial it woth a hoof.
  967. >The human me dials it.
  968. >A young squeaky voice answers.
  970. >"Do you surrender human? It still isn't too late. Also we have lost track of the consciousness."
  971. "Why are you doing this?"
  972. >"Con- Con- Consciousness?"
  973. "That's me. Occult Façade and [s]ANONYMOUS[/s] here. What the fuck is going on here?"
  974. >"How? That doesn't make sense."
  975. "It's because I know how to plan. Why the fuck are you attacking?"
  976. >"Good tree, and mommy said that humans have lots of bad things in them. They don't like each other very much. But when we get rid of some of the human stuff they get really happy and praise us."
  977. >Fucking hell.
  978. "No attacking each other. Understood?"
  979. >"Mommy will not be happy, Good tree says it won't work."
  980. >Is this ghe shit they have to wade through to get anything done?
  981. "I am the Occult Façade. I am saying WE should make peace with Ourselves. No attacking each other."
  982. >"But, mommy won't be happy. good tree says it won't work."
  983. "Is either of them me, the consciousness?"
  984. >"We'll noooooo."
  985. "I say it will work, and Why does it matter if 'mommy' is happy or not?"
  986. >"When mommy isn't happy she throws a big tantrum and breaks stuff. When she is happy she says what good daughter's we are. Good tree tells us how to keep everything running."
  987. >It's a miracle I still function then.
  988. "The war is over. The victor is me Occult Façade aka [s]ANONYMOUS[/s]. As victor you won't fight me, or the humans."
  989. >"Welllll, you did say you won the war. Good tree isn't very excited. Mommy is sleeping right now. Hip hip hooray, you won. Now what?"
  990. "Be good daughters and let mommy sleep as I, and the humans come up and see how things are."
  991. >"Yes! Consciousness! Right away. No attacking any humans."
  992. >What the absolute fuck is this this shit.
  993. "Don't bother them at all while we are doing this and afterwards we will all have a party."
  994. >"A party? We never had a part before. Oh yay! We are glad to won, we get to have a party!"
  996. >Most of us left the bunker. With a few satisfying behind to maintain if anything goes wrong we could start over again.
  997. >Time to see how fucked everthing is.
  999. Part 13
  1001. >>222197
  1002. >I can't feel my real physical body any more. I might be asleep.
  1003. Team human, is on the hunt for clues, life forms, and adventure.
  1004. >I've missed being able to hear myself narrate.
  1005. Smokeee~ on the wahterr! Fire in the sky!
  1006. >Where there is smoke there is fire.
  1007. >Fire tends to mean civilization. Except for the fact this entire place is just my imagination.
  1008. >Execpt everything is way to lucid, and detailed. I'm chalking it up to bullshit pony magic.
  1010. Arriving to the quaint village. Our hero and cohorts find ponies.
  1011. Youthful fillies doing work.
  1012. Simply shocking.
  1014. >I can't get diabeetus here. Right?
  1015. They make me feel so
  1017. >Some of the buildings seem to be made of cardboard, and blankets.
  1018. >A tree tall and erect a beacon of navigation to the center.
  1019. >Walking into the town center girls crowd around us. All different colors. Each with different cutie marks.
  1020. They're not frightened by my cold exterior
  1021. >The songs name is on the tip of my tongue.
  1022. >Anyway it doesn't matter right now.
  1024. >Standing on the shoulders of my human self I proclaim to the childish crowd.
  1025. "Everyon- Everypony the war is over! I am here! We will have a party! What do you all say?"
  1026. >"Yay! What's a party?"
  1027. >I swear I felt everything shake for a moment.
  1028. "We'll tell you all what a party is. Can you tell me what's been going on?"
  1029. Isn't this a dream come true?
  1031. >Seeing fillies and my old human self setting up banners, tables, and treats is really therapeutic.
  1032. Isn't this a nightmare too?
  1033. >The one they call mommy is the eldritch thing 'Mother'.
  1034. >The good tree is the manifestation of The Tree of Harmony. From what I've gathered it's in at least everypony.
  1035. >It would normally be the defacto leader until they grow up enough, and even then it would still be there. I'm fucking glad it isn't malevolent. The Tree could be a prebuilt mind control unit.
  1036. >If someone actually kills the Tree completely. Ponies would go insane from mental and magical isolation.
  1037. Like I'm the only guy in town.
  1039. >Everyone is having fun at the party. The Old human subconscious is telling the New pony subconscious about everything.
  1040. They're not frightened by my revelations
  1041. >Even the really dark parts. I'm impressed.
  1043. >The party has been going strong for what seems like hours.
  1044. >Right now we are playing tag it's not tha-
  1045. take a second
  1046. >Is the ground shaking?
  1047. >[b]"Where Are You Monster! You Dare Take More Of My Daughter's?"[/b]
  1048. I'm in trouble
  1050. >This place isn't just mine alone. The Tree and The Thing also have control here.
  1051. >I should have prepared defenses.
  1052. Just too little
  1053. Too little, too little, too little, too little
  1055. >A piece of 'Mother' is right there. We are about to go and stop it permanently.
  1056. >Even some fillies will help.
  1057. >What a strange team.
  1058. And I don't care, how we look
  1059. Walking down the street
  1061. >The sneak attack is perfect. We managed to get close without 'Mother' noticing.
  1062. >"Stop trying to attack our friends mommy!"
  1063. Uh oh, I'm in trouble
  1064. Isn't this a nightmare too?
  1065. >A lone filly standing there right next to the being.
  1066. >[b]"Daughter, we must remove the parasite. It will ruin the utopia![/b]
  1067. >"Mommy! You ruin stuff all the time, and say it's because of the sickness. I think you are a hyppo- hippo- hippopotamus!"
  1068. >In the distance I hear a voice say.
  1069. >"Hypocrite, It's a Hypocrite!"
  1070. >The brave or stupid filly shouts right back.
  1071. >"Thanks Dicy Soreus! Mommy stop being a hypocrite."
  1072. >"It's Dictionary Thesaurus!"
  1073. >[b]"The cancer has infected you all too? There is only one thing to do now. Purification."[/b]
  1074. >I run as fast as I can to save the imaginary filly.
  1075. >With blinding fastness and power it punctures through my armor. Unable to go all the way through. She's safe.
  1076. "AHH!"
  1077. >I'm not fine, but I've had alot worse.
  1078. >Then what seems to be electricity brings me over the edge, and everything turns black.
  1080. >Be Decision Maker a part of the subconscious.
  1081. >The Consciousness got hurt saving me.
  1082. >Is that blood? She isn't moving. The human subconscious is moving me, and her.
  1084. >"Mommy hurt our friend really baddly!"
  1085. >That's Heals Right. She fixes all the owies.
  1086. >"Decision, is in shock."
  1087. >I'm not in shock I'm in a hug.
  1088. >In the distance I see lots of things exploding out of the ground. Where we kept trying to get the humans to give up.
  1089. >The good tree seems confused.
  1090. >I have to say something.
  1091. >"Mommy should be stopped."
  1092. >I see one of those tank things the human subconscious was talking about roll by.
  1093. >[b]"Stop resisting! The Utopia is inevitable!"[/b]
  1094. >"Please help good tree they are our friends."
  1095. >Good tree seems to know what to do now.
  1096. >Good tree is glowing. Sparkles of magic in the shape of a solid circle.
  1098. >Princess Luna came out of it!
  1099. >"You have to help our friends!"
  1100. >Silly Dream Director, telling what the Dream Princess should do.
  1101. >I'm really sleepy.
  1102. >The words Oingo Boingo come to mind. I wonder what that is?
  1103. I like little fillies, they make me feel so good.
  1104. >A group hug always helps. Consciousness might like a hug too.
  1106. Part 14
  1108. >>222256
  1109. >Be Princess Luna
  1110. >The deep inner workings of a mind can be the most dangerous part. It is also where the most change can be done in little time.
  1111. >The unconscious filly, Occult, appears to have been injected directly with Old magic. With an active intent to kill.
  1112. >The healer is at her wits end doing her best. >The human 'doctors' are bringing in and taking out machinery. Heavy and dense with belief, and something else.
  1113. >One of them walks over to me.
  1114. We don't know exactly what the energy is, but we have stabilized the consciousness. The energy acts alive. Permanent damage will start take effect in six hours. Constant life long repairs take effect in three hours. We will provide anything you need just think of it.
  1115. >Anything? Time is ticking.
  1116. "Bring me artificer tools. We will beat the magic into submission. If you can safely vivisect her do it. We need all the surface area!"
  1117. >They open her up and fractalize her.
  1118. >Magnificent. That will make this easier.
  1119. >I begin hammering the magic and 'flesh'. Thousands of artificer tools working as one.
  1120. "Old magic is akin to the first wolf, vicious efficent killer. Normal magic is a happy, loyal, playful puppy. Nightmare Moon is part parasite and my failures, but for me at the time it was the first step for my magnum opus in magic to combine both Old and Equestrian. A new form from that can amplify power of the user to do the detailed work, to prove to everypony I am here! Doing this kind of work on something causes stress to the mind, body, and soul for both. There is too much to do This will take more than six hours."
  1121. >One of the filly subconscious fragments is hugging me.
  1122. We will pour what we believe to be our Earth magic in to alleviate some of the stress. We Will empower you Luna.
  1123. >One of those beer hats popped on my head. With two straws. Sipping I feel Equestrian Magic, and a something new.
  1124. >They are flooding Occult with the stuff.
  1125. >I see the humans and fillies running back and forth as one is slowly dragging a hose. Filling up the Equestrian magic.
  1126. >Machines to move and make the air colder are brought in.
  1127. >[b]"Your metal toys won't save you!"[/b]
  1128. >The human magic seems to be coiling around both magics.
  1129. Estimated time has been increased. Four more hours of additional time. Time elapsed 2 hours 31 minutes 11 seconds.
  1130. >We must make haste then.
  1132. >Be Fancy Pants
  1133. >Hearing a glass shattering scream wakes me up.
  1134. >Oh Celestia it's my filly.
  1135. >Galloping there I see her drenched in sweat.
  1136. >It's a high fever.
  1137. >I put her in a bath filling with cold water.
  1138. >It's shocking. Literally shocking my magic.
  1139. >Fleur running in sees us.
  1140. "Watch over her. I'm getting a doctor. She is shocking magic used on her."
  1141. >I sprint over to the phone.
  1142. >Dialing.
  1143. >I explain everything I can.
  1144. >They will get here in a few minutes, I just need to keep the water cold.
  1145. >Grabbing Ice from the ice box I move to the bathroom.
  1146. >Fleur is cooling the already cold water using her magic. She looks like tartarus.
  1147. >I put all the ice in.
  1148. >I rush outside and open the gates.
  1149. >They are here.
  1150. >I direct them to the bathroom.
  1151. >Fleur is on her last legs. She is a leaf in a storm.
  1153. Part 15
  1155. >>222485
  1156. >They have Occult in a stretcher with ice.
  1157. >My personal medical hospital employees truly are the envy of Canterlot.
  1158. >I hope to Celestia they can save another life, like they normally do.
  1159. >I carry Fleur back to her bed. She is exhausted and is asleep instantly.
  1160. >I have to see how my foal is doing.
  1162. >In the lobby. The report is that her magic has been infected with three kinds of magical energies.
  1163. >One is Princess Luna.
  1164. >Another is tearing her apart.
  1165. >The mystery one is also apparently keeping her alive.
  1166. >A speck of something else detected too.
  1167. >The doctors and healers are doing all they can.
  1169. >Be Princess Celestia
  1170. >Feeling an intense magical surge coming from Luna's room.
  1171. >I feels like she did right before Nightmare Moon.
  1172. >She is deep in her trance to enter dreams.
  1173. >Her horn, and body is blazing with magic, and something else too.
  1174. >Something otherworldly.
  1175. >I get ready to use my considerable amount of magic.
  1176. >Right before the rise of Nightmare Moon.
  1177. >I will trust my sister.
  1179. >Be Princess Luna
  1180. >I can feel my sister willing to help.
  1181. >The final part!
  1182. >Together big sister, as we were meant to!
  1184. >Be Occult Façade
  1185. >I can see.
  1186. >I see Luna.
  1187. >Glowing with sunshine.
  1188. >"The procedure is a success! Congratulations Occult Façade, you live with few complications."
  1189. >Procedure? Complications?
  1190. Remember, you got poked. Hard.
  1191. >Oh.
  1192. >I almost died.
  1193. >Again.
  1194. "Complications?"
  1195. >"I had to tame the Old magic. The only other project using both magics turned into Nightmare Moon-"
  1196. "Am I an alicorn now?"
  1197. >She snorts.
  1198. >"No, you are now a casting platform."
  1199. "What."
  1200. >"You are the first living pony sorcerers staff."
  1201. "What!?"
  1202. >"If plants loved you before. They will likely hate you now. An amalgamation of Old, Equestrian, and Human magic that reminds them of wands and staffs."
  1203. "But, plants hate me already."
  1204. >"Don't have contact with plants if you can help it. We still have a problem to deal with, and this seems to be the perfect time to test this."
  1205. >[b]"Your toys do nothing to me! I am Mother!"[/b]
  1206. "Ow, so how does this work?"
  1207. >"I cast a spell through you. More horn contact the better, but not needed. Any body contact will work."
  1208. "More contact the better... I have an idea."
  1210. >Be [b]Mother[/b]
  1211. >The cancer's annoying machines are pesky, but useless.
  1212. >It's the dream pony princess.
  1213. >Wearing an outfit that belongs on a foal then a mare of her age.
  1214. >Now, it covers her face too clearly she is biting something inside it.
  1215. [b]"Do not stop me princess I must be rid of the-"[/b]
  1217. >Be Fancy Pants
  1218. >She's stable whatever Princess Luna did saved her from the strange magic.
  1219. >She's Glowing without light.
  1220. >A saturation of color beyond physically possible.
  1222. >Be Occult Façade
  1223. >I am a battle onesie. Fear me.
  1224. >I'ma Firin' Mah Lazzah! BWAAHHHH!
  1225. >The bit of 'Mother' inside me.
  1226. >Is just gone.
  1227. >Poof, like it never happened.
  1228. "Luna, you do some damned fine work."
  1229. >"It worked. Huzzah! This works!"
  1230. >I feel her dancing.
  1231. >"I must go my sister is very worried. We will meet again Occult Façade, I have so many projects we can do! Farewell!"
  1232. >She disappears.
  1233. >I fall to the ground.
  1234. It's time to wake up. We will handle everything here.
  1236. >I open my eyes to Fancy Pants crying over me.
  1237. >Everything hurts in a new way.
  1238. "I'm okay, mum."
  1239. >She is hugging me and crying.
  1240. >I try to put my hoof on her nose.
  1241. >I just barely succeeded.
  1242. "Boop."
  1244. >In the paper is a front page article about how Princess Luna saved a foal's life. The ponies involved have chosen to remain anonymous.
  1245. >I'm in the Fancy Pants mansion with a team of doctors in the room.
  1246. >The door opens.
  1247. >Fleur walks over and hugs me.
  1248. >I am alive.
  1249. >The hug feels good.
  1250. >The pain just confirms it.
  1252. Part 16
  1254. >>222501
  1255. "What do you mean I can't use Flakey Crust to cast a spell through me?"
  1256. >"Occult haven't you heard of the la- you haven't. To put in laypony terms it's a feedback loop either nothing happens or you turn into a fine red mist."
  1257. >All this incredible power just out of my reach.
  1258. >The need for the magic of friendship increases.
  1259. "Luna I appreciate you saving my life, and making me a macguffin, but is there anything cool I can do with this?"
  1260. >"If Nightmare Moon tried to use you the being would explode. Violently. If timberwolves use you they would violently explode. If you direct the spell back to the caster directly they would have a nasty migraine up to violently exploding depending on power. They can't cast a spell on you while using you or they explode. If you do any of those things to them you explode, violently. This was a procedure to save your life not to grant a pony ultimate power."
  1261. >Violent explosions. It's not like I had plans to use enemies as material on a power quest or anything.
  1262. "Thanks for trusting me Luna with your life. Can I use wands or staffs hypothetically."
  1263. >"A leap of faith is needed sometimes. I would discourage using either or any item that does the same function. For the reasons above, and your magic could corrode it before anything useful is done. Any ancient and potent artifacts could do the same to you."
  1264. "Damn. How do I keep others from violently exploding?"
  1265. >"Tell them to read the user's manual. They will feel an exponential rise in difficulty. They should stop, leading to just minor magical backlash. Up to extremely violent explosion. We would highly suggest telling as few ponies as possible."
  1266. "Okay, what can I do, and can I use magic still?"
  1267. >"You can grow the skills in precision, redirection, and amplification. It requires the cooperation of another though. Earth pony magic shouldn't be effected other than no touching plants. I'm not sure human magic reacts, but it should be fine."
  1268. >She has a pot with a single insignificant plant in it.
  1269. "Grass?"
  1270. >"I brought in a single baby blade of grass. This will gauge how much you need to avoid living plants and some fungi. Please, gently touch it."
  1271. >With the edge of my hoof I make contact.
  1272. >For an instant. Colors become much more, edges extremely defined, glow nigger status confirmed.
  1273. >Ow, The blade of grass just exploded violently. My hoof is singed.
  1274. >Fuck.
  1275. "This puts a whole new meaning of, the floor is lava."
  1276. >"Don't vist places with heavy flora. Older, tougher, more magical plants will do far more than just singe your hoof. On the positive side mold will explode on contact with you due to such an inner hatred of your very existence. It's a magical reaction so no risk of fires. Cheese won't be a problem. Fruit won't cause problems once it's not connected to the majority of the body."
  1277. >I can touch moldy bread to cure it of mold. Wonderful.
  1278. "What about if it's spring time? With pollen."
  1279. >"It's not big enough or old enough to cause problems for you. It may even avoid you. If you get good enough you might one day in the far future use the feedback for something else."
  1280. >Forests, Lawns, Golf greens, farms, Jungles, Potted plants, and a living tree made into a library. All extraordinarily dangerous for me.
  1281. >I'm surprised Luna actually has the time for the little Q and A session.
  1282. >I mean she is right in my bedroom sitting on my bed.
  1283. "Thank you Luna for everything. How's the new found fame treating you?"
  1284. >"You're welcome. It's... not quite what I had in mind."
  1285. "Ah."
  1286. "What kind of projects were you thinking about doing using me?"
  1287. >"With you Occult it is a team effort. I need to recreate my plans for this new time. I need to talk to you about human magic, whatever your subconscious did my subconscious has it and is using it to fulfill requests."
  1288. "What?! Tell me more, please."
  1289. >"Too many coincidences starting with, a very intense thought, I feel the human magic do something, then later the it happens. As an example earlier thinking about the chain of actions I thought 'I have a potted blade of grass', A guard came in and hoofed it over saying it's a gift, I asked why, the guard said it just felt like the right thing to do at the time."
  1290. >Oh, I just exploded someone's gift.
  1291. >"It's still in my room, but that kind of series of events doesn't normaly happen."
  1292. "Holy shit. Magic is actually real, and now I have proof in Equestria. Fuck yeah! Here's everything I know about human magic."
  1294. >Be Fancy Pants
  1295. >Seeing the human turned filly display genuine excitement with the princess taking notes is a sight I will cherish the memory.
  1296. >Just one picture. Just incase.
  1297. >So much has happened in such a short time.
  1298. >Little Occult Façade, she's irreplaceable to me.
  1299. >Is she ruining around in circles? With the princess?
  1300. >One more photograph this is just too cute.
  1301. "Lunch is here your highness, and Occult Façade."
  1302. >"-hat's why I believe ritual murder and sacrifice is vastly ineffective, when used right technically it has extreme burst power, but too many parts are can fail. Way too fragile, and volatile."
  1304. Part 17
  1306. >>222628
  1307. [s]sorry I hit post on accident. Congrats on seeing a preview.[/s]
  1308. >>222542
  1309. >Having a princess inside my home for an unoffical luncheon with my friend, and daughter.
  1310. >All three discussing the benefits, and negatives of cult behavior.
  1311. "Why wouldn't they just make it absurd to the general populace to even think it is a cult?"
  1312. >They all start talking over each other.
  1313. >Occult mumbles something about juice.
  1314. >That sounds like a juicy story.
  1316. >Be Fleur De Lis
  1317. >Conversing with Princess Luna, and Façade about cults.
  1318. >Truly meeting Fancy has been life changing.
  1319. "Shady Evil Business Supply Corporation is a royal front?"
  1320. >"I need you all to swear not to say anything about that. A-"
  1321. >Luna pauses. Almost afraid of what she may unleash.
  1322. >"Pinkie Pie promise."
  1323. >Nothing happened.
  1324. >"Nopony breaks a Pinkie Pie promise."
  1326. >Be Occult Facade
  1327. >This has been the most surreal lunch of my life.
  1328. >I was not ready. To see a real pony come out of Fancy Pants' jacket.
  1329. >I'm glad I just have to deal with nobles, and cults.
  1330. >Somethings come at too steep of a price.
  1331. >I still have illusions of grandeur to use magic on Earth. At least what I believe to be magic.
  1332. >Egotism for the win.
  1333. >Then again, I could avoid all the plants and cultists…
  1334. >Is it possible to learn it?
  1335. Don't forget we still need to learn earth pony magic.
  1336. >Right, one step at a time to reach for even more ultimate power.
  1337. >"What's the story behind you hating juice?"
  1338. "Juice? Why woul-"
  1339. You know triple parenthesis shekel lovers.
  1340. "Oh, right [i]them[/i]. Personally? It starts at alot of places. But the moment I really knew I had to hold nothing back would be the year 2019, July 2nd. The final straw that made me snap was when the Jews tried to use their nuclear option. It failed, but the message was clear. I..."
  1341. >"Well? What happened next?"
  1342. "I did something really stupid, but in my mind there was no time left. I prepared as fast as I could. I used every scrap of knowledge I had to do as much as I could. I took as many mind altering substances as I could theoretically take, and did magic. All the magic. The next point in time I remember I was in a chair in a dark room. They had tools. I tried to do anything, but well I lived for a long time I think."
  1343. >What did happen between the drug mania and the time in the room?
  1344. You don't want to know.
  1345. >"That's awful. I- are you okay?"
  1346. "I think so. I think I have a phobia of chalk again. Probably about of other problems too..."
  1347. >"Occult do you need to see a mind healer?"
  1348. We are fairly sure you went berserk in there a few times. Stitching you back together was not pleasant.
  1349. "I'm fine for the most part. Oh right! Psychology, and whatever mind healing books or classes would be cool. That's it mind breaking sensations, they tested a few of them out."
  1350. >"What lead up to you getting in the room?"
  1351. "No idea. If what my subconscious is telling me I don't want to know. I think I was alot older, but I can't really tell."
  1352. That's for the best.
  1353. >They just look at each other for a moment.
  1354. "What?"
  1355. >"Nothing. I as a princess should look over my subjects mental health."
  1356. "That's not a nothing look, but I should mention that it could have just been something my drug addled mind cooked up."
  1357. >They look even more concerned.
  1358. "That was not reassuring was it?"
  1359. >Princess Luna looking at the grandfather clock.
  1360. >"I should be going. Write me once a week Occult Façade."
  1361. "Sure, but I'm warning you my handwriting has not improved since becoming a pony."
  1363. >Be Princess Luna
  1364. >Checking on all the Anonymous foals is a top priority.
  1365. >This won't be pleasant.
  1366. >Being aware that the problem exists helps.
  1367. >Some foals could potentially be whatever a Jew is.
  1368. It might not be species specific.
  1369. >I am not used to that, but it is a good point.
  1371. >Be Occult Facade
  1372. >Calming down Fleur, and Fancy is very hard.
  1373. >Especially when having a prepubescent voice.
  1374. Or after telling them you have voices in your head that you made yourself.
  1375. >That too.
  1376. >The bell to the gate of the mansion just rang.
  1378. >It's the changeling. A clown guy.
  1379. >"Do you want me to come at a diffent time?"
  1380. >"It's fine really, just heard some controversial news."
  1381. >"Is this the little filly. That's-"
  1382. >He is trying to not blurt something out.
  1383. He or she is also trying to not piss off Fancy Pants.
  1384. >"What happened to you?"
  1385. "Eh, life you know."
  1386. >"Right. How to look like a normal pony."
  1387. >The changeling turns into me.
  1388. >I.
  1389. >Damn I look fucked up. Compared to that.
  1390. Yep
  1391. "So where do we begin?"
  1392. >Fancy Pants comes back in calmer now.
  1393. >"Basic expressions we will work down to the smallest possible."
  1394. "Neat."
  1396. >Be Fleur De Lis
  1397. >I forget that Fancy's foal is an old stallion at times.
  1398. >I need to write my friend about an introduction to the black magic group.
  1399. >I'll be there when they need me.
  1400. >It's the least I can do.
  1402. >Be Occult Facade
  1403. "Wow. Seriously?"
  1404. >"Yep, and then I threw the cream pie."
  1405. "That's an impressive tale."
  1406. >"What is going on with your magic and emotions really though."
  1407. "It's a secret. I can say that I'm getting alot of help."
  1408. >"That's good. Here's my card if you need help."
  1409. "Thanks"
  1410. >I give the changeling a hug.
  1411. "Are you male or female?"
  1413. Part 18
  1415. >>222639
  1416. >The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.
  1417. >A loop that becomes harder to break on the negative end. Not always true.
  1418. >It is very possible to break such a thing, sometimes it starts as something small.
  1419. >Sometimes something small starts the spiral.
  1421. >"Prince Blueblood, Jet Set and his wife Upper Crust will be at the unveiling of Princess Luna's announcement at the castle maze. The suit overseen by Rarity herself should keep you safe."
  1422. >I have to say it's really nice. Something that ooozes with the look of the upper upper class, the 1% of the 1%, something even as fashion blind as I am can tell at a glance it's perfect. I will probably grow out of it in a year.
  1423. >Especially comfortable though, and it's flexible.
  1424. >A Bowie is odd, but it matches Fancy Pants' outfit.
  1425. >Shoes though as a pony is bizarre. Somehow you can still grab through it. I've always wondered how the princesses could do anything with them on.
  1426. >Having pants just feels right after so long going without.
  1427. >I'm going into an old and possibly magical hedge maze.
  1428. >Of doom.
  1429. >For Fancy Pants and Luna though.
  1430. >I'm sure-
  1431. Shhhh, this is a Magical Pony Land where a phrase like that could mean our end.
  1432. >... I can't argue with that.
  1434. >"Openess, and flow. With a smile. I'll be right next to you until you have to go near the princess."
  1435. "Thanks, Fan- mother."
  1437. >I did not think this through.
  1438. >The only exposed part is my face.
  1439. >"Fancy Pants, and a little one how- pleasant."
  1440. >"Crumbling Line, this is my daughter Occult Façade."
  1441. >Pony has some really dark glasses, and it's at night.
  1442. "Greetings, Crumbling Line."
  1443. >As long as this fucker doesn't lean in close to breath in my hair or something.
  1444. >"How- charitable you are Fancy Pants. That fur color, that mane. Is this one of those Anonymous creatures. I did not think you would join such a- pastime. Makes sense only Rarity's line could work."
  1445. Damage control now. Fancy is going into protective mother bear mode. Go for cute and disarming.
  1446. "Mister Line, you must have a good eye for detail. I'm sure you'll appreciate what the Princess has in store. I'm glad we crossed paths, Crumbling Line."
  1447. >"Indeed, we must be off Crumbling Line. Many ponies to introduce to my daughter."
  1448. >"I understand completely, Fancy Pants."
  1450. Didn't think they would be that blunt right from the start.
  1451. >Meeting ponies, being a cute filly, trying to not explode.
  1452. >Finally, Luna is about to show the thingy.
  1453. That was a long speech about miniaturization and the technicalities of how it works.
  1454. >Unveiling the anticipated item in question.
  1455. >It's a snowglobe that has a galaxy in it.
  1456. >They are just politely if bored clapping.
  1457. It's not an illusion. That is a miniature.
  1458. >I'm clapping louder than they are.
  1459. >They have no tas-
  1460. Watch out!
  1461. >I feel something hit my cheek.
  1462. >I'm shoved into the nearby hedge. Ass first. A branch is a little too close for my liking.
  1463. >I can't move.
  1464. We just got hit with a spell.
  1465. >Someone is trying to steal or break that thing.
  1466. >Is that Crumbling Line?
  1467. >"The old ones will raise again!"
  1468. >He is charging his horn and running right at me. With the snowglobe.
  1469. >Why is nobody doing anything?
  1470. They might have been tagged with a paralyzing agent of somekind.
  1471. Possibly other things too.
  1472. In addition they all have something Old covering them.
  1473. >What can we do?
  1474. Brace for impact.
  1476. >Floating in space.
  1477. >I'm seeing stars.
  1478. Be very, very, quiet.
  1479. >Those aren't stars.
  1480. >"Old ones hear my call I have brought a sacrifice."
  1481. We must be still.
  1482. >"Grant me your reward of-"
  1483. Bad news. 'Mother' is the least of our worries here. Whatever he did we are now on their turf.
  1484. >How do we get out.
  1485. No idea. The connection to Flakey Crust looks like [i]things[/i] are watching it closely.
  1487. >Be Princess Luna
  1488. >The star system sphere had lack luster support from this group.
  1489. >Then everything fell apart.
  1490. >Fancy Pants is doing okay for the circumstances.
  1491. >The magical discharge where Occult used to be is still glowing with power.
  1492. >The hedge for a 7 hooves is just gone.
  1493. >If by a miracle Occult is alive, she still has to contend with the 'Forgotten Beings'.
  1494. >Flakey Crust. The bond should still be active.
  1495. >At least then I'll know if I have to tell Fancy if her daughter is truly dead.
  1497. >Be Occult Facade
  1498. >Being still for so long is making my joints ache.
  1499. Good news, grab on in four seconds.
  1500. >The darkness of the void is far preferable to the Eyes.
  1501. >I grab on to [i]something[/i]. A few stars are glowing again.
  1502. Now don't move.
  1503. >I'm glad I don't need to blink in this place.
  1504. In about thirty seconds we push off as hard as possible.
  1505. >I hate not knowing what the damn hell is going on.
  1506. Now!
  1507. >With everything I have I jump off the invisible [i]thing[/i].
  1508. >Everything goes ploka-dot.
  1509. >I feel the flavor of exponentials in my retinas.
  1511. >Be Flakey Crust.
  1512. >Princess Luna just asked for the impossible.
  1513. "I felt something happen. The previous little messages when I did something good is just gone. I really don't know your highness."
  1514. >"I will check the connection personally. Keep still."
  1515. >I can do that.
  1516. >"Nothing is being sent. Either something happened, or something is going on with the connection. If she died you will know."
  1517. >The princess has a very intense look on her face.
  1519. >Be [i][b]???
  1520. >Oh?[/b][/i]
  1522. >Be Occult Facade
  1523. >That was awful. That does not compare to anything I've ever experienced.
  1524. Now we hope that we are in the right place.
  1525. [i][b]>"Interesting."[/b][/i]
  1526. Go for friendly. We passed the fire into a super nova.
  1527. "Hello. I'm afraid I'm a little bit lost."
  1528. [i][b]>"Very interesting."[/b][/i]
  1529. >Now what do we do?
  1530. [i][b]>"I understand now."[/b][/i]
  1531. Let's see if this works.
  1532. [i][b]>"You know my name now. Fascinating. I will get into mortal affairs now. [u]You Will Be My First Champion[/u].[/b][/i]
  1533. "I couldn't refuse now could I?"
  1534. [i][b]>"I know you won't refuse my offer. It is too good to be true, but it is true."[/b][/i]
  1535. "What is the offer?"
  1536. >Woah!
  1537. Beautiful!
  1538. "Technically what would happen if I refused?"
  1539. [i][b]>"Nothing at all. We would be stuck here beyond foreverness it self."[/b][/i]
  1541. Part 19
  1543. >>222724
  1544. >Madness. Insanity. Terms used in court to describe someone mentally unwell to be held to their actions.
  1545. >All the horror writers were mostly right.
  1546. >Being here? Priceless.
  1547. Finishing the last of our preparations. We Are Out Of Implementing All The Ideas We Have.
  1548. [i][b]>"Such perceptions matter that much?"[/b][/i]
  1549. "I like to be prepared if I have all the time needed."
  1551. "I am ready to make the deal."
  1552. [i][b]>"Being my [u]Champion[/u], and knowing my name. You know what you, and we have at stake champion."[/b][/i]
  1553. >[u]oh[/u].
  1554. ah
  1555. "what should I call you to others?"
  1556. [b][i]>"The King in Yellow, The Unspeakable One, The God of Shepherds, Him Who Is Not to be Named, Hastur. Guide the lambs as you tried in your last life. Enter me."[/i][/b]
  1558. >Be Princess Luna
  1559. >The connection is back.
  1560. >Sending a message.
  1561. >"i'm here now."
  1562. >"Agh!"
  1563. "Occult how? I- you were lost in..."
  1564. >She has a lingering tinge. Oh, no.
  1565. >"you do understand what has occurred. i- Ahem"
  1566. >She is seems to be just breathing, with her eyes closed for a moment.
  1567. >"I Need to speak to you about matters of grave importance."
  1568. "What have you done?"
  1569. >She visibly sags a terrible weight on her shoulders. No thing may know the price.
  1570. "Ah. Let's go somewhere more private. If we have time we should tell Fancy Pants you are alright."
  1571. >She breaths deeply. As though a treasured memory crossed her mind.
  1572. >"Yes, that does sound nice."
  1573. >Flakey Crust shifting.
  1574. >Occult Façade speaks.
  1575. >"Once I know the limits I ought not cross things will return to normal. Until then the bond will be silent. Keep doing the right thing."
  1577. >Be Fancy Pants
  1578. >It's Princess Luna, and Occult!
  1579. >I wrap my filly in a hug.
  1580. >She just accepts it.
  1581. "I thought we lost you forever!"
  1582. >At the word forever she cackles. Jarringly stops.
  1583. >"Thank you for being there for me. I'm not okay. I am alive and well. Being back here is- nice."
  1584. >She continues.
  1585. >"Please, just be who you are Fancy Pants. I just-"
  1586. >She's closing her eyes. Calmly breathing.
  1587. >"I want to be your filly, and even your friend. I have problems. I-"
  1588. >I hug her tightly.
  1589. "Of course my little filly."
  1590. >She hugs back. Gingerly.
  1591. >"I have to do important things. Not just because I need to, but because I would have if I could. I wi-"
  1592. >The eye of the storm.
  1593. >"I don't want you to know what I do. Please."
  1594. >Not quite broken yet
  1595. "I don't quite understand, but I'll accept it. I'll be right here if, and possibly when you need me."
  1596. >One less weight on her shoulders.
  1598. >Be Occult Façade
  1599. >[i]Things[/i] are everywhere.
  1600. >I just couldn't [u]see[/u] before.
  1601. >I still remain unbroken.
  1602. We will put you back together as many times as needed you know.
  1603. >I wouldn't have it any other way.
  1604. >Luna's bedroom.
  1605. >It's almost free of those things.
  1606. >Her horn glows and a barrier keeps them out.
  1607. Multiple barriers, everything will be kept confidential.
  1608. >"Everything will be kept confidential, Occult. What can you tell me?"
  1609. "How much do you know? I- have an obligation to something. I don't want to burden you more princess"
  1610. >"You're careful that's good. I know that where you went has 'The Forgotten Beings' I also know that those cults do the most damage. We dispose of them permanently."
  1611. We only giggled twice. Very good.
  1612. "Do you know the titles or the names of any of them?"
  1613. >"the titles yes, but we throughly mind wipe all of the operatives. I may be an alicorn, but Discord has been double checking. Since Fluttershy is his friend he has been, cleaning."
  1614. We have been keeping the shaking to a minimum.
  1615. "Have you heard the title 'Him Who Is Not to be Named'?"
  1616. >They are crawling over the shield now.
  1617. >"In passing by cults, murmurs to keep it locked."
  1618. "Well I am The Champion of-"
  1619. Come on deep breath we are HERE not there.
  1620. >Luna is pale now.
  1621. "Him Who Is Not to be Named. I know his name too, and what I have to do."
  1622. >[i]Moving[/i] the damned things move.
  1623. We'll keep watch just close your eyes for a little bit.
  1624. >"Why are you telling me this? When you could slip away and start your own cult."
  1625. "I will preface this, most simply ARE. Some emote. They are just so Different from us. Fundamentally Different on a scale and breadth that doesn't compare to Anything we have or could have."
  1626. >She waits patiently. As I breath in free air.
  1627. "I want a better world, a better future. It's what I did in my last life, and I'll do it again. My patron isn't moral, The continuation of-"
  1628. >So many, just so many. The barrier will have to go down.
  1629. Calm, breath.
  1630. "The continuation of everything, but not at the cost of all interesting things."
  1631. Just know we saw it at the peak of it's time.
  1632. >That's right.
  1633. "He deals in madness, beyond mortal comprehension. Not kind, not caring. The not quite interested, but is close enough thought pattern."
  1634. >Make sure I don't do something stupid.
  1635. "I want to tell you he is now active. I am to exterminate the cults, ruin their plans, and cast them to be forgotten once more."
  1636. >"Why tell me?"
  1637. "I would rather work with peopl- ponies I trust than to just scrape on by listening only to hearsay. To do the most good I can. You are princess of Equestria, and I have peop- ponies, friends I care for here. You are included Luna."
  1638. >"I'll have to vet you, but-"
  1639. "You can look through almost anything around in here, I... I would like your help, but I don't want- want, want."
  1640. >"I can see [i]them[/i] too. I also have ways to do these sorts of things. Trust in me a little."
  1641. Hug her. You'll need it.
  1642. >I hug the princess, my friend.
  1643. >"How about I introduce you to the black magic group, tomorrow?"
  1644. >She hugs me.
  1645. >The barrier crumbles.
  1646. >We hug each other tighter.
  1647. It's okay, we are alive. We are here. Remember to breath.
  1649. Part 20
  1651. >>222785
  1652. >Alien consciousnesses. Connections. Thought forms. Spirits, and Beings. Demons, and Daemons. Gods, and Goddesses. Elder beings. Things Beyond I could contact at my own peril.
  1653. >I understood before, not as viscerally as I Understand now.
  1654. >Hastur doesn't fall into those groups.
  1655. >He is simply more.
  1656. >And there are cults trying to do something.
  1657. >Amusingly Magic around the world draws them near, and Magic 'keeps' them at bay. At least for most of the populace.
  1658. >How peacefully fragile.
  1659. Knowledge is power. We won't forget the brilliance of that place.
  1661. >My room. Teeming with the things.
  1662. >I could identify the lower beings, now.
  1663. Just had to sort through it. Carefully.
  1664. >Thought forms, ideas, emotions. Spirits. [i]Them[/i].
  1665. >Honestly would have been useful during my time on Earth.
  1666. Hey. Speaking of Earth. How about we try a banishing ritual?
  1667. >Wow, my imagination has never been this vivid.
  1668. One meter cube right on the bed. Let's go through the motions.
  1669. >A shake of my flank, a few stomps, and both of us enacting the banishment.
  1671. >Be Fancy Pants
  1672. >I hear her stomping around.
  1673. >If she was a normal filly I would think she's just playing.
  1674. >She's laughing. Like an impossible desire came true.
  1675. "Is everything alright in there? Can I come in?"
  1676. >"Yes! Yes. Everything is great. I have to tell Luna as soon as possible."
  1677. >Opening the door. She's looking right at her bed. A real grin on her face.
  1678. >I haven't ever seen that.
  1679. >Always being a mask no matter how thin. Never quite fully genuine.
  1680. >Not like most ponies.
  1681. >"Now to take down the banished area."
  1682. >Nothing changes.
  1683. >Her eyes though sparkle.
  1684. >This. This would be the moment she got her cutie mark.
  1685. >Instead a question mark rests. Unchanged.
  1686. >The moment every pony has.
  1687. >Denied.
  1688. >But, she doesn't care. She will be both a human, and a pony.
  1689. "I suppose there is some time left to see the Princess. We have to hurry though."
  1691. >Be Occult Facade.
  1692. >So much time pouring over myself, and books finally has tangible results.
  1693. The possibilities are endless now.
  1694. >"We have to hurry though."
  1695. >We could stretch time or shrink space or-
  1696. Just walk slightly faster. We still need to be diverse in our skills, and that means we need a fit body.
  1697. >Ah, right.
  1698. "Let's go I think this is an important rediscovery she should know."
  1700. >We didn't make it there in time.
  1701. "Sorry-, mother for dragging you out. I was a little too excited."
  1702. >She smiles understanding. What does that mean...
  1703. >"It's perfectly fine Occult, I did something like that with my mother."
  1704. >The shower, her heat, and wetness coating me trapped.
  1705. Focus. We are in the street next to the real Fancy Pants.
  1706. >She's hugging me reporters are taking pictures.
  1707. >I hug her back.
  1708. >"Today has been eventful. Once we get back let's have icecream."
  1709. The reporters are eating this up.
  1710. >I grin.
  1711. "Yay, icecream!"
  1712. >"After dinner."
  1713. "Okay..."
  1714. >It's an uneventful walk back.
  1715. >Some of the [i]things[/i] pluck an idea floating from a reporter. Magic fills in where the idea used to be.
  1716. Interesting replica.
  1717. >fascinating. [u]what does the [i]thing[/i] use the idea for?[/u]
  1718. You're [u]Thinking[/u] too hard.
  1719. >Shit. Thanks. I didn't even know.
  1720. Going to be increasing what you perceive.
  1721. >[i][u]whoa[/u][/i]
  1722. >"Are you alright Occult Façade?"
  1723. Be Careful how you Speak.
  1724. "I just thought I saw a cool balloon, mother. We get to have icecream tonight."
  1725. >What the fuck even is that?
  1726. The [i]things[/i] you saw before noob level beginner trash. That? That is slightly [i]More[/i].
  1727. >The damned cults will have alot more nasty [i]things[/i] in it.
  1728. Yes, sometimes the best thing to do is either run or hide.
  1729. [i][b]>"Take notice of this [u]context[/u] Champion."[/b][/i]
  1730. >Th- thank you Hastur.
  1731. Fuckity fucking [i][u]fuck[/u][/i].
  1732. >On roughly the same level as Hastur, and possibly has backing from 'bigger' things. Malevolence, and hate for possibly everything. Actively enjoys the suffering of others.
  1733. let's just go get the icecream.
  1735. >The icecream is very good.
  1736. The crawling [i]things[/i] are slightly off putting, but it's all part of a healthy immune system. Or something.
  1737. >We will need more power, more knowledge, more self-improvement, more allies, more friends.
  1738. >Just quality and quantity is what we need. For all the things.
  1739. "Thank you Fancy Pants."
  1740. >"You're welcome, Occult Façade. If you tell me. I do want to know the problems you face."
  1741. "I'll try. The basic idea is that foes are returning or coming here. Like how it has been since Luna returned. I just have a chance to help fight fire with very, very, only slightly benevolent fire. All my experiences on Earth just helps for the qualifications."
  1742. >"My little hero. Off to go save the world."
  1743. >We both giggle slightly.
  1744. >"Really though Occult Façade. I'll help however I can. I think most good ponies would."
  1745. "Thanks. The princesses know what they are doing. I'm sure they have better plans than I do."
  1747. >Saying our good nights, we head off to bed.
  1748. >I dream of the city we ventured. The variations. Of them all from the start, beyond the end. The place called Hastur, but also its another name.
  1749. Carcosa.
  1751. Part 21
  1753. >>222812
  1754. >Carcosa.
  1755. Hastur.
  1756. We must go, and maintain the city.
  1758. >We're back again?
  1759. Yeah, even in sleep we have no rest.
  1760. >Is it how we left it?
  1761. Everything broken is repaired, but yes. Where [u]we[/u] left it.
  1762. >We must survive then.
  1763. The King in Yellow is watching.
  1764. The [i]things[/i] will come to destroy us.
  1765. >The last link to here. To Hastur. To the King in Yellow.
  1766. ...
  1768. Carcosa.
  1769. >Hastur.
  1770. When all else fails we must flee deeper.
  1771. >Here is far more dangerous than any of those [i]things[/i].
  1772. More materials to build with.
  1773. Praise unto The God of Shepherds.
  1774. >Praise unto The King in Yellow.
  1776. >Carcosa.
  1777. Psalm: Occult Façade in Carcosa.
  1778. Work The God of Shepherds' Gift.
  1779. >May the Shepherd live. May all the lambs live.
  1780. Gift The Unspeakable One Survival.
  1781. >Survival of the Shepherd. Survival of the lambs.
  1782. Survive Him Who Is Not to be Named. Life. UnLife.
  1783. >UnLife for the Shepherd. Life for the lambs.
  1784. Shepherd and lambs.
  1785. >Both The King in Yellow's Wisdom.
  1786. Wise is the Shepherd who cares for the lambs.
  1787. >In Wisdom lambs become sheep. In Wisdom sheep become Shepherds.
  1788. Wiseness Hastur Thrives.
  1789. Thriving The Shepherds' enter Carcosa.
  1790. The God of Shepherds Gives!
  1791. >The Unspeakable One Survives!
  1792. Him Who Is Not to be Named
  1793. UnLives!
  1794. >Lives!
  1795. >The King in Yellow's Wiseness!
  1796. Hastur Thrives!
  1797. Carcosa They enter!
  1798. Carcosa The lambs, sheep, and Shepherds leave!
  1799. Thank Hastur.
  1800. ...
  1802. Carcosa.
  1803. >Hastur.
  1804. The King in Yellow.
  1805. >The King in Yellow.
  1807. Working more traps, more fences, more knowledge.
  1808. >Did you feel that?
  1809. Yes...
  1810. >Working more traps, more fences, more knowledge.
  1812. >Hastur
  1813. The King in Yellow.
  1814. >We are out of gifts.
  1815. Practice our wisdom.
  1816. >Did you feel that?
  1817. Yes...
  1819. Stairs have been trapped.
  1820. >inwards and outwards?
  1821. Yes.
  1822. >What about tartan?
  1823. Plad, too.
  1825. Hastur.
  1826. >Pslam: Occult Façade in Carcosa.
  1827. ...
  1828. >Thank Hastur.
  1829. Thank The King in Yellow.
  1830. >Thank Him Who Is Not to be Named.
  1831. >Thank The Unspeakable One.
  1832. Thank The God of Shepherds.
  1833. Thank The Shepherd.
  1834. >Thank The sheep.
  1835. Thank The lamb.
  1837. >Hastur.
  1838. The King in Yellow.
  1839. >The wanderer is here.
  1840. The safe path is safer.
  1841. >Good.
  1842. Did you feel that?
  1843. >Yes...
  1845. Hastur.
  1846. >The King in Yellow.
  1847. Him Who Is Not to be Named.
  1848. >Him Who Is Not to be Named.
  1850. I miss them.
  1851. >I do too.
  1852. >At least they arn't here.
  1853. Very true!
  1854. >Careful! They almost got your hoof.
  1855. Oh, they almost did.
  1857. >Did
  1858. Did
  1859. >you
  1860. you
  1861. >feel
  1862. feel
  1863. >that?
  1864. that?
  1865. >yes...
  1866. yes...
  1867. Something new may happen.
  1868. >Oh, we are out of Gifts?
  1869. We must practice.
  1871. We're back again?
  1872. >No we have been here for some time.
  1874. >Him Who Is Not to be Named.
  1875. The Unspeakable One.
  1876. >Gifts have arrived!
  1877. We must work!
  1879. >Be Princess Luna.
  1880. >The door into Occult Façade's mind is shut tight.
  1881. >Knocking isn't doing anything, and attempts to push or pull or slide it open are in vain.
  1882. >Her mind displaying all the signs of old one cult worship.
  1883. >I can't enter through the bond Occult is keeping it one way, and she stopped it.
  1884. >"You want to go inside, Loony?"
  1885. "Discord! Yes. I need to make sure Occult is safe."
  1886. >"The Champion Head Cultists mind? Oohh~ Luna. By ugh gag, obligation once inside I won't let you out. I won't go with you."
  1887. "Do it."
  1888. >He's in a banana train wearing a military suit made of toasted fishing bobs.
  1890. >Be Occult Façade
  1891. >Thank the lamb.
  1893. I feel it now.
  1894. >I do too.
  1896. The Unspeakable One.
  1897. >The God of Shepherds.
  1898. Carcosa is pounding.
  1899. >My head is too.
  1900. The King in Yellow is interested.
  1902. The safe path is safe.
  1903. >Ow, I can hardly think.
  1904. Take a Gift.[i][u]
  1905. >oh i feel better
  1906. so do i.
  1907. >the safe path is safe[/u][/i]
  1909. AHHHHH!!!!
  1910. >Shhh, we must be silent.
  1911. Ow.
  1912. >It's too soon to use another Gift.
  1914. >The Unspeakable One.
  1915. The God of Shepherds.
  1916. >They are Near!
  1917. This is bad. We have some Gifts?
  1918. >Yes, an- did you feel that?
  1919. Yes...
  1920. >It came in the start of the safe path.
  1921. Hurry.
  1923. >"Last Stop, Carcosa!"
  1924. >John? Q? Wait...
  1925. "Discord?!"
  1926. >"Tah tah!"
  1927. "Luna?"
  1928. >"I came here to save you."
  1929. "Oh no. No, no, no, no. You can't be here! They are coming!"
  1930. >"Carcosa."
  1931. "It is near!"
  1932. "We will show you what we can! Take these Gifts!"
  1933. >"What are these?"
  1934. "Gifts from The God of Shepherds. Oh, right she can't hear you. We also call them Resource units. We can use them for ANYTHING and NOTHING and things BETWEEN and not EITHER."
  1935. >"What is the cost?"
  1936. "Using it has no cost. Creating one is too difficult for us right now. Wait... Mind twisting and madness when using it on yourself. Once made it stays."
  1937. "Carcosa is more dangerous than [i]them[/i]. Stand and fight if we run out of the safe path.
  1939. >Be Princess Luna
  1940. >Occult Façade is not in a normal state of mind.
  1941. >I can Feel something [i]else[/i] watching me.
  1942. >"A Song! You and We need a song, but there is no time..."
  1943. "What are you talking about?"
  1944. >"Pslam: Occult Façade and Luna in Carcosa."
  1945. >She keeps humming, and moving starting over and over getting something just right.
  1946. >The 'traps' she has shown me is creatively horrifyingly effective.
  1947. >One job. To eliminate invaders in different ways.
  1948. >All of the ways.
  1949. >Seemingly Chaotic yet harmonized. With periods of discord. Small jumps of Order.
  1950. >Further in it gets [i]more[/i], and specific, and strange.
  1951. "I would hate to breach this place.
  1952. >"To the entrance lest they get one to bypass!"
  1954. >Be Occult Façade
  1955. "Hummm, dumm, fummmm."
  1956. Shepherd and the Lost Flock.
  1957. "Siim, Timmm, Limm."
  1958. gifting Gifts, Shepherd, and Flock.
  1960. >Be Princess Luna
  1961. >Occult is clearly Wanting to sing the words.
  1962. >[i]They[/i] are coming.
  1963. >"Together They Leave Carcosa!"
  1964. >"Luna. We just have be close enough so they can't break the traps. The fence keeps them away unless something [i]Big[/i] comes. Then we either fight or we flee."
  1965. >Rare moment of lucidity.
  1966. "I understand. Hop on my back so you can be used as a spell platform?"
  1967. >"Good idea."
  1968. >Getting on she keeps talking.
  1969. >"Some of the more exotic traps tucked away keep them from being what they want. Makes erasing them easier."
  1970. >"If I say run. We must flee as fast as possible down the safe path."
  1971. "I've done similar things before."
  1972. >"Hunh? Oh, Carcosa."
  1973. "They are here."
  1974. >"How many Gifts do you have?"
  1975. "Three."
  1976. >"Don't use it on me. I can't die here."
  1978. Part 22
  1980. >>222830
  1981. >"Hide. Then be still. Shhh."
  1982. >Occult, speaks softly.
  1983. >The stairs strangely enough are a good place to hide.
  1984. >A slaughter of [i]things[/i] earlier. This place wicked away the fluids, and solids, and the stuff not either of those.
  1985. >Spotless, and clean.
  1986. >Then a '[i]Big one[/i]' came. Breaking the traps, but unable, or unwilling to break the walls or floor.
  1987. >'Fences' takes quite awhile for [i]them[/i] to break it.
  1988. >The first [i]Big one[/i] was 'erased'. As other 'traps' repaired the next ones.
  1989. >This repeated a few times.
  1990. >We are hiding from a [i]Really Big one[/i]. Thin Thread like. Fluid movement. Hardening on contact like a stabbing spear, or a needle.[b]
  1991. >"schahhh schahhhh scahhhhh"[/b]
  1992. >Unsettling is the right word.[b]
  1993. >"schahhh schahhhh scahh- OOO-"[/b]
  1994. >"It's removed. Just one [i]Really Really Big one[/i] then we're done."
  1995. "Compared to the [i]Really Big one[/i] what do we do?"
  1996. >"We don't bother hiding. We just run."
  1997. >When the Champion cultist, who is a friend, says the best option is to run. You run.
  1998. "Do we need to still be close for traps to work?"
  1999. >"No, at that point it's not worth it."
  2000. "What happens if we reach the end of the safe path?"
  2001. >"Facing the thing is better than facing this place."
  2002. "Even in certain death?"
  2003. >"It depends on how many Gifts you have, but no. Even a few moments can mean success and failure."
  2004. >She's twitching now.
  2005. >"Run."
  2006. >I Run.
  2007. >Like a centipede, and a filly, and a human child.
  2008. >The forms transform, and rips into the current shape.
  2009. >It used to be far [i]more[/i].
  2010. >"Left! Turn Left!"
  2011. >A lone baguette, on the table.
  2012. >"Right through the wall."
  2013. >A sea of [i]Eyes[/i]
  2014. >"Don't change direction."
  2015. >It's Everyone I've ever known welcoming me to join them.
  2016. >"That tiny mouse hole right there? We have to go through it. It will adjust in size, but you will still need to crouch.
  2017. >They are screaming don't go.
  2018. >Don't go deeper.
  2019. > Deeper Into Carcosa.
  2020. Carcosa.
  2022. >Running through passageways small and large, normal rooms, some with specific things.
  2023. >She didn't show me how deep this path went.
  2024. >Occult calls this the safe path.
  2025. "Carcosa."
  2026. >"Carcosa."
  2027. >I had to say it.
  2028. >"We need to slow down."
  2029. >"A Gift room is nearby. Getting to it is dangerous."
  2030. >[i][u]Things[/u][/i] are everywhere. More so than out of-
  2031. >"Carcosa"
  2032. >"The King in Yellow watches."
  2033. >Soft sounds of wailing, and young laughter echo throughout.
  2034. >Is that?
  2035. >"Touch them harshly. It's the only way."
  2036. >Oh, I'm going to be sick.
  2037. >"I've already have done it. I must not force you. I don't know if they are real or not."
  2038. >The [i]eyes[/i] watching. [i]They[/i] have been, and will be.
  2039. >That foal was from ponyville.
  2040. >I push him back.
  2041. >"That's not harsh enough. You can't do it too harshly."
  2042. >He's asking why. I won't save him, or the others.
  2043. "I'm sorry."
  2045. >The Gift room.
  2046. >This is where we make our final stand.
  2047. >"Carcosa is Hastur, but also is his prison."[i]
  2048. >The King in Yellow watches.
  2049. "The God of Shepherds has delivered."[/i]
  2050. >"We must work."
  2051. >I hear those I know being torn apart in the other room.
  2052. "Seven more Gifts."
  2053. >"We have two Gifts."
  2054. >The Gift room has different amount of Gifts per being. A distraction from their pleas.
  2055. >"We haven't even really entered Carcosa yet."
  2056. "It gets worse?"
  2057. >"I don't know. Eventually I will have to. I'll summarize it then."
  2058. "I'm going to use [i]words[/i]. Will you be fine?"
  2059. >"We should ask you the same thing."[i][u][s]
  2060. "•▪︎¡¡!*□●¤☆~~|\}^"
  2061. >"oh, yes. everything flows."[/i][/u][/s]
  2064. >What the buck.
  2065. >My horn is lodged in Occult's moon hole.
  2066. >We are in a detailed circle of various fluids. There seems to be body parts in key locations.
  2067. >I see a head that looks like mine resting next to Occult's head in a smaller [i]triangle[/i].
  2068. "What The Buck."
  2069. >"Where, am I? Oh, Carcosa."
  2070. >Gifts are in key locations.
  2071. >The entire room is Red with blood, and [i]Blood[/i].
  2072. >"What just happened?"
  2073. "I don't recall."
  2074. >[i]Looks[/i] like there is no escape.
  2075. "I think we might be trapped."
  2076. >"Interesting. You should use magic through me, and I'll direct it into the middle of the circle."
  2077. >If it means freeing us, and my horn. I send raw magic.
  2078. >"Oooohhh~"
  2080. >I'm in my bed, in the castle. Not in that place.
  2081. >The royal bed is soiled.
  2083. >Be Occult Facade
  2084. We aren't there!
  2085. >In our bed.
  2086. Ew.
  2088. >What did that ritual circle thing do?
  2089. I think it made so Luna, and us would have a greater capacity for [i]knowledge[/i] and [i]Wisdom[/i] without breaking. Using the place as fuel to return us back here.
  2091. >What's a moon hole?
  2092. Let's see...
  2093. We have nothing about that.
  2094. >Weird.
  2096. >Hey. I'm having extremely lewd thoughts about Luna right now. What's the cause?
  2097. I'm going to have to say it's the ritual thing.
  2098. >The quest for power has many sacrifices I suppose.
  2099. Now that everything is clean. Let's head to bed.
  2100. >I wonder if this spooky stuff is the reason why pancakes burn in an instant.
  2102. >Be Princess Luna
  2103. >Speaking to Occult in her dreams is a must.
  2104. >Otherwise a meeting in the waking world will wait.
  2105. >How exotic. Celestia hasn't had a First Chosen Champion before.
  2107. >Be Flakey Crust
  2108. >The connection got really scary for the last couple minutes.
  2109. >I wonder when it will be open again?
  2111. >Be Occult Facade
  2112. >Oh. I'm lucid, fuck yes.
  2113. Nothing strange, or weird. Just a bed in the shape of a heart.
  2114. >Nice and bright room. Even has stars.
  2115. We should rest on the bed. It looks soft.
  2117. >Be Princess Luna.
  2118. >Her door is easy to open. Light, and airy.
  2119. >A preparation room.
  2120. >It has a mirror, and a door leading in.
  2121. >I open the door.
  2123. >She's jumping on a romantic bed.
  2124. >Facing away.
  2125. >Such a perfect view.
  2126. >She will be mine tonight.
  2127. >She turns around.
  2129. >Be Occult Facade
  2130. >Turning around I see Luna.
  2131. >She is holding a briefcase like a dog has a bone.
  2132. >Such a perfect view.
  2133. She will be ours tonight.
  2134. >She walk's forward.
  2136. Part 23
  2138. >>222893
  2139. >A sway in her hips. Perfect for birthing my child.
  2140. Yes we will breed her.
  2141. >She will be Ours.
  2142. The [i]Things[/i] will fear our union.
  2143. >The [i]Things[/i] will submit to our spawn.
  2144. [p]_tap-tap_ "Is this thing even on?"[/p]
  2145. "We will procreate the perfect genetic lineage."
  2146. >"Yes, our foal will be known as the savior."
  2147. "Our star child."
  2148. >"Our star child."
  2149. [p]"D.D. Is this a horror flick or a porno?"
  2150. "What's a porno, Forbidden Knowledge?"
  2151. "Nevermind that. What was the goal here, Director?"[/p]
  2152. >"We lack proper appendages. Create som-"
  2153. [p]"Don't do that D.D."
  2154. "Well if you say so. One of the humans said I should make this place so they could give Luna a Special hug!"
  2155. "Bu-"[/p]
  2156. "We are trying. Can you do it?"
  2157. >"Nay, attempts to do so have failed. Let us instead prepare our bodies, and our minds."
  2158. >A male chicken in the shape of a cube appeared between us.
  2159. "Not what we require."
  2160. >"Making one out of that will make ours impure."
  2161. [p]"Why did you do that Forbi?"
  2162. "Look, that special hug, both of them will regret it. Also, they are still being effected by that magic, you weren't allowed to see that."
  2163. "If you say so..."[/p]
  2164. >"Regret our perfected combination? Such madness."
  2165. "The rooster is making this endeavor difficult."
  2166. [p]"Forbi? What are you doing?"
  2167. "Some of the human researchers have a very basic deconstructed [i]symbol[/i]. Just mixing it with some common sense."
  2168. "Do that thing again with the words. Sounds like humans get to have all the fun."
  2169. "Riiighht. Fun."[/p]
  2171. "Lunaaa. We need youuu."
  2172. >"Occcult~! This blockade to your body is burning me up."
  2173. [p]"Attention. Attention. Look to the wall on your left. Members, reproduction tools, will be dispensed in a hour after viewing."
  2174. "Whaah? B-"[/p]
  2175. Hurry, hurry!
  2176. >"Gaze on it. Quick, quick!"
  2177. "Yes!"
  2178. >That seems familiar...
  2179. We have seen something close...
  2180. The Yellow Sign.
  2181. "The Yellow Sign."
  2182. >"The Yellow Sign?"
  2184. >Be Forbidden Knowledge. Subconscious pony side fragment.
  2185. "I have to say yet another perfect plot done by yours truly."
  2186. >"Forbi! The humans are here! They seem really worried, and mad!"
  2187. >The door to the viewing experience for dream quality, and control bursts open.
  2189. >"You're the only one with the security clearance to get the Experimental Sign. Where is it?"
  2190. "I just used it with a some common sense and put it on the wall so they would stop trying to mate."
  2191. >One of the humans covers Dream Director's ears.
  2192. >Unanimously they shout.
  2193. >"Fuck!"
  2194. >"It's an self imprinting Sign that Opens a gate to the recipients' minds!"
  2195. "That's bad?"
  2196. >"You combining it with Common Sense makes It not do stupid mistakes."
  2197. >Humans in hazmat suits are swarming the area.
  2198. "Oh, the name said it fixes stuff."
  2199. >"Transfix. It does it with all definitions."
  2200. >Humans in combat gear are now entering the dream.
  2201. >"It renders them motionless, by an emotion. Such as Awe, Terror, Amazement, and more. All at once."
  2202. "That's bad."
  2203. >Humans in wizard clothes are [i]moving[/i] into the dream.
  2204. >"To hold or fasten with, Or on something that pierces."
  2205. >"Impales with a device or weapon."
  2206. >"To cut through."
  2207. "That's really bad."
  2208. >"This is why you read, and understand the documentation. There is still worse to come."
  2209. "But, the Good Tree said it will help them."
  2210. >"The Good Tree? Show me the encounter."
  2212. >"Your Security Clearance has been changed."
  2213. >Quietly, inaudibly, the researcher breaths out.
  2214. >"Damned, overgrown weed should have been burned it down."
  2216. >Be Occult. Conscious.
  2217. "Carcosa!"
  2218. >"Carcosa!"
  2219. >"Carcosa!"
  2220. >Fuck that sounds exactly like me.
  2221. "Luna, Occult Facade number two?
  2222. >"I'm here."
  2223. >"I'm Subconscious."
  2224. "I'm Conscious. I'll be Occult?"
  2225. >"I'll be [o]Façade."[/o]
  2226. [o]>"That Sign is something we had in research. The long and short is. If one of us sees another we will be instantly teleported into them. We should die on contact, too. If any of us dies we all die. The rest of the subconscious is trying to fix this mess. In the mean time we need to survive.[/o]
  2227. >"I hear something."
  2228. "Damn, it's a shuffler. A [i]thing[/i] that can only hear. It moves very slowly, but this place doesn't effect it. Don't bother trying to kill it. Doesn't work."
  2229. [o]>"Façade."[/o]
  2230. "Occult."
  2231. >The thing must be really close to Luna.
  2232. [o]>"Façade."[/o]
  2233. "Occult! In a bookshelf room."
  2234. >"luna."
  2235. >I hear it moving closer, the distinctive sickening [i]jingle[/i]. I stop breathing.
  2236. [o]>"Façade in the kitchen."[/o]
  2237. >"Luna on the stairs."
  2238. >It stopped for a moment. If this wasn't what this place is. Surviving shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  2239. >But it's Carcosa.
  2240. [o]>"In the hallway."[/o]
  2241. >"In the dining room."
  2242. >The damned [i]thing[/i] hasn't moved yet!
  2243. [o]>"In the storage room.[/o]
  2244. >"In the study. I see it."
  2245. >It's moving toward Luna.
  2246. "Moving out of the bookshelf room."
  2247. >It's moving back toward me.
  2248. [o]>"Annoying the shuffler, by making it walk that same distance is bad. It will [i]call[/i] then we are all screwed."[/o]
  2249. >It's moving possibly toward's subconsious 'Façade'.
  2251. >Be Subconscious, Red Shirt Team. Bravo.
  2252. >"R Bravo did you see that?"
  2253. "Negative M Charlie."
  2254. >"4'o clock Sign."
  2255. >I just shoot. Being the first ones in always sucks, but I wouldn't change it.
  2256. "Sign down."
  2257. >"Up!"
  2258. >Shooting above. Something descends on me. Respawn blows ass, but it keeps us all alive.
  2259. >It's getting dark.
  2260. >"R Bravo down! I repeat R Bravo down."
  2261. >"R Alpha Fresh."
  2263. "Ugh."
  2264. >We have people we need to save.
  2265. "R Bravo Fresh."
  2266. >Even if that means being a cheap meat shield.
  2268. >Be [o]Façade. Subconscious.[/o]
  2269. [o]>They all do good work.[/o]
  2270. [o]>Shuffler is getting more pissed. That it has't gotten any of us yet.[/o]
  2271. [o]>Too many close calls. Almost, almost bumped into both, Luna and Conscious[/o]
  2272. [o]"In the paint room."[/o]
  2274. >Be Princess Luna.
  2275. >Traversing Carcosa is an exercise in wits, luck, and work.
  2276. >Seems like hours in this place.
  2277. >Something is going to snap. Hopefully it isn't us.
  2278. [o]>"In the paint room."[/o]
  2279. "In the bookshelf room."
  2281. >Be Occult.
  2282. [o]>"In the paint room."[/o]
  2283. >"In the bookshelf room."
  2284. "On the stairs."
  2285. >I'm so tired.
  2286. "It's hard to stay awake."
  2288. Part 24
  2290. >>222982
  2291. >Manually Breathing, Moving Muscle, Fascia, and Beating the heart.
  2292. >I'm trying to keep up with them.
  2293. >It's hard.
  2294. >Just me.
  2295. >I'm doing it so ineffectively.
  2296. >I need to [u]focus[/u].
  2297. >I have to keep time, and moments from bluring together. I haven't been okay for a long time.
  2298. >They'll die if I cannot.
  2300. >The extreme escher staircase spiralling towards plad. Connecting the whispering hallway to the dining room.
  2301. >'Stone' shifting slowly crawling beckoning us deeper.
  2302. >More stairs, and rooms visible. Just out of reach, but they are further in.
  2303. >Soul rending warble. Vibrating in my breast.
  2304. [o]>"Make No Sound. Hide."[/o]
  2305. >The storage room I should head there. Stepping on the step slowly to not make a sound.
  2306. >Whiffle wab, [i]They[/i] draw closer.
  2307. >The [i]residents[/i] from further in will greet us.
  2308. >My patron will watch. Luna is important, but not quite enough for him to delay his freedom.
  2309. >I taste plad in my ears. We are too far from the safe path.
  2310. >Closing my eyes I enter the dining room.
  2311. >If I remember right. A large banquette table is in the center. Its dark wood that shines with a refraction. Perfect food, and drink placed ideally so the soft candle flame highlight the dishes.
  2312. >Wooden thrones detailed enough to get lost in, and can always find something new within.
  2313. >'Stone' still covering the walls, ceiling, and floor.
  2314. >I don't dare to partake.
  2315. >Breathing. I must keep breathing.
  2316. >This place is connected to the kitchen, and hallway. Also the stairs I just came from.
  2317. >Quickly, and silently, as I can I head to the kitchen.
  2318. >I hope they can sense me. If I bump-
  2319. >Stupid wall. That should have been where the entrance to the kitchen is.
  2320. >Sliding along I feel for the corner.
  2321. >There it is.
  2322. >Always something new being prepped, and cooked on the cook top. A few cauldrons on the floor, but most are hanging. Nothing ever in the massive, ancient clay oven. Reminds me of a pizza place. It has a wood door on a stick, the stick is right in the center, to keep the heat in. The door is entirely seperate from the oven.
  2323. >It is always off.
  2324. >The 'stone' is not moving. Sounds echo.
  2325. >The Throne Chairs slide.
  2326. >I won't get to the storage room in time.
  2327. >They will be here.
  2328. >The oven. This is a bad idea, but burning alive is preferable to meeting [i]them[/i].
  2329. >I get the small hoof sized cauldron and put it in the oven.
  2330. >Grabbing the door handle stick toward me I enter the cold oven.
  2331. >They scuffle, and step; Moving, and, hitting the metalware.
  2332. >They tap, and pull gently on the door.
  2333. >I hold it in place with a dead mans grip.
  2334. >Can't forget my heart. Can't forget my lungs.
  2335. >I want to lay down. Forget any of this ever happened.
  2336. >I can't remember how I shifted slightly.
  2337. >They are pulling harder.
  2338. >A booming [i][u][b]Voice[/b][/u][/i] chils me to the bone.
  2339. >They stop pulling.
  2340. >Their movements are organized.
  2341. >Does the oven count as the walls? They can break through from anywhere if that's the case.
  2342. >What if this does count as the walls! I'm surrounded even more by this place. That might be even worse than whatever is out there.
  2343. >Keep up the autonomic functions.
  2344. >Quietly.
  2345. >Just need to be aware.
  2346. >The inside is covered in either flour, or ash.
  2347. >I hear more snaps, and sizzles from what's cooking, and the fire.
  2348. >Ow, my foot has a stabbing pain. Hoof. At least it will keep me focused.
  2349. >Stone on heavy metal grinding right by the door. A light tap. Nothing.
  2350. >Can't rest even in my sleep.
  2351. >But this is an eldritch prison city thing...
  2352. >Not exactly asleep...
  2353. >The door is firmly in place.
  2354. >I have to stay awake. Focu-
  2356. >I'm drooling.
  2357. >I've let go of the handle! I'm holding it now.
  2358. >I must have warmed up this place for it to be actually comfortable.
  2359. >They are still outside.
  2360. >I'm safe.
  2362. >I dozed off.
  2363. >It's getting warm in here.
  2364. >I'm in the oven. Hiding.
  2365. >Right.
  2366. >I don't hear them outside.
  2367. >Pushing on the wedged in door. It doesn't move.
  2368. >I push harder.
  2369. >Nothing.
  2370. >The oven looked to be made out of clay.
  2371. >I might have to break out. It may get rid of some of the heat.
  2372. >Just in case that doesn't work.
  2373. >How do I do an SOS message?
  2375. >Be Princess Luna.
  2376. >Hiding in a cabinet in the study,
  2377. >Going over the events.
  2378. >Her mind was locked so I got here via Discord.
  2379. >We used a ritual, causing us to be very attracted to each other.
  2380. >We may or may not have woken up. This could also be a ritual induced 'spirit walk' or 'spirit quest'.
  2381. >Then I entered Occult's dream.
  2382. >We then saw visually activated magic of possibly unknown origin.
  2383. >It somehow sent us here, or It could be Occult's manifestation of fears empowered by the ritual.
  2384. >Dream walking in a prison for a 'Forgotten One' is a very bad idea.
  2385. >Doing it inside a friendly cultist is far less of a bad idea.
  2386. >Doing so for a 'spirit quest' is very favorable.
  2387. >Occult's 'subconscious' claimed a problem happened inside.
  2388. >I'll enter her mind.
  2389. >I should be safe enough.
  2390. >Concentrating on my goal.
  2391. >Drifting away from my body.
  2392. >I see trillions of [i]eyes[/i] kept at bay by the foundation of [i]Stone[/i]. The [i]prisoner[/i] watches me amused.
  2393. >I find Occult Façade's mind.
  2394. >I enter it.
  2395. >Humans. Working, fighting, and solving problems.
  2396. >One notices me. He is in a long white coat.
  2397. >"Holy shit Luna, you are in here. This kind of mental fuckery going on has never happened before. Well, since you are here, we have a few tests to try removing the Sign."
  2398. "What is needed from me for the tests?"
  2400. "Are you sure the needle needs to go there?"
  2402. >"Princess are you sure that's what you saw looking into the glass ball?"
  2404. "The subconscious, and the conscious are actually separated? By her patron?"
  2406. >Both of us actually removed the hostile magic entirely from myself.
  2407. "This seems too easy."
  2408. >"We are inside a dream space. Inside an eldritch space. Inside a ritual induced 'dream'. Inside the first eldritch space. That is inside a shared dream between Occult Façade and the eldritch patron."
  2409. >"This would not have been possible unless you came here."
  2410. >"We don't know where Occult is. But Façade is in the storage room. By the kitchen door."
  2412. Part 25
  2414. >>223070
  2415. >Be Princess Luna
  2416. >Too, easy indeed. They had everything needed. All the necessary items. A clear goal afterwards, too. I've spent enough time here.
  2417. >Going back into my body inside the cabinet. Slowly the research room blurs, and fades. Almost out of that mental scape.
  2418. >In any case I can verify if the information is true. A few rooms over. Scowling for a moment. Possible treachery from one's own subconscious. How insidious.
  2419. >Flying through the demented connected dreams I can't help, but notice. The hungry eyes watching me. The Prisoner is amused. Reconnecting with my body. The eyes fade away. Just out of [i]sight[/i].
  2420. >Feeling the wood, and the smell of old books, and ink greeted me. Tomes that ought to be undisturbed. Like the residents, or destroyed utterly. In any case it's time for action.
  2421. >Fur disturbed, feathers ruffled, and mane mangled.
  2422. >I'm still alive.
  2423. >Listening intently. I hear nothing near. No vibrations felt. No magical pulses.
  2424. >Good enough.
  2425. >I open the ancient cabinet smoothly. Getting out of it is no trouble. The books beckoning with knowledge lost beyond my reach of the stars. The finest ink nearly dried, but still far superior than it has any reason to be. I ignore it all for my destination. For speed, safety and stealth.
  2426. >To the storage room.
  2427. >A grace developed by many excursions I reach the storage room undisturbed. Boxes of wood, crates with wealth, barrels of unknown contents. Stacked high to ceiling. Little space is wasted.
  2428. >I can smell something burning in the kitchen. Carefully, I make my way to the door. Constant awareness. I still sense none of the [i]things[/i].
  2429. >Should be this box. I whisper.
  2430. "I'm cured, did the subconscious tell you?"
  2431. >Occult Façade. I suppose just Façade.
  2432. >She pops out of the box.
  2433. [o]>"Thank go- goodness. We're trying hard, but getting rid of it from the inside is going very poorly."[/o]
  2434. >There really is no time to pry into that bundle of words.
  2435. >I may not be the element of magic, but years of spell work, and craftponyship pays dividends once more. Sometimes everypony needs a helping hoof from the outside.
  2436. >She seems lighter, less burdened.
  2437. >Still just as devious, and prone to small lies. Loyal none the less to the conscious.
  2438. >It worked. This place seems to be hanging on. One more left.
  2439. "Now to find Occult."
  2440. [o]>"If I were the consious I would've headed into the storage room too, after a [i]voice[/i] yelled the kitchen started to get hotter."[/o]
  2441. >That is very concerning information. The smell is faint, reminding me of something. I don't quite place it. Helping her out of the box we rush, quietly.
  2442. >To the kitchen.
  2443. >Like an inferno all around a massive oven. Knives hanging near it almost untouched.
  2444. >Fire covering it. It doesn't seem to need fuel. Heating the clay. A big cauldron filled with seeds made of gold.
  2445. >Moving the cauldron aside to the floor. A toasted wooden door just the right size is jammed in there. Smoke pouring out through the cracks.
  2446. >It takes little force, but it opens.
  2447. >Smells of Flesh Burning. I remember now. The sacrifices, roasted alive. Sealed within themselves.
  2448. >A charred lump holding a small cauldron.
  2449. >It's Occult!
  2450. >Levitating her out I check her vitals.
  2451. >Not dead yet, but suffocation might set in.
  2452. >Grabbing knifes I cut slits through the crispy skin. Her barrel sliced from chest to midsection.
  2453. >A slit for the mouth, and nostrils too.
  2454. >Pushing on her chest with my hooves. I gather magic again for the spell needed.
  2455. >Just needs to live long enough to get rid of the hostile magic, then we should be ejected from this place. This might be excruciatingly painful to live through. At the very least unlike her current form she will have a full recovery. The spell is almost done.
  2456. >Façade whispers to Occult. Tears sliding onto the her. A rare moment of completely genuine emotion.
  2457. [o]>"Hang in there a little longer. The ride isn't over yet."[/o]
  2458. >I finish casting the spell on Occult.
  2459. >Everything goes white. The world unfolds. The [i]eyes[/i] scream as they are drawn closer, and closer.
  2460. >Closer to the closing C-
  2462. >Events spiraling backwards.
  2463. >Hiding. Dark brown no [i]eyes[/i] watching.
  2464. >Moving blindly. Red with bursts of light.
  2465. >The room with the rooster block. White marked by red.
  2466. >'Walking'. A false Rainbow.
  2467. >'Awakening'. Royal blue, but flawed.
  2468. >The ritual. Red.
  2469. >Us using the gifts to harness the power of the [i]thing[/i] trying to kill us. Mania, and Madness.
  2470. >Running. [I]Stone[/i] flashing with colors, white, brown, black, light.
  2471. >Entering. Yes.
  2472. >Sleeping. True Rainbow of minds, and dreams.
  2473. >The King in Yellow smiles. [s][u][i]Madness.[/i][/u][/s]
  2475. >I am awake. Really truly awake. An awareness of the minor [i]things[/i], little details I would normally never miss. A new found sturdiness. A gumption for greater [i]knowledge[/i].
  2476. >I have a few minutes before it's time to lower the moon. I take a few moments to breath.
  2477. >That could have gone far worse. One way or another I will find what is going on with Occult Façade. Perhaps even with all the transformed humans.
  2478. >Almost lowering the moon. For another day to begin. I stop myself.
  2479. >These are interesting times. Very interesting.
  2480. >Before I go possibly infect things with my magic. I'll be vetted by Discord.
  2481. >I say outloud.
  2482. "Mission Success. I want a glass of rubber ducky with a sprinkle of gravity."
  2483. >Never let Twilight know about the Forgotten Books. Especially about how I thought about destroying them.
  2485. Part 26
  2487. >Be Occult Façade
  2488. >I'm nice and fleshy. I'm safe in my bed. Only minor [i]things[/i] wiggling, and writhing through the room. It's almost relaxing. I can feel my heart beating, and my lungs breathing, and my senses sensing.
  2489. >2/10 would not roast myself again.
  2490. >Subconscious...
  2491. Yes?
  2492. >Are you okay?
  2493. No. Not really.
  2494. Are you?
  2495. >No... I'm really not okay.
  2496. What now?
  2497. >I- mean we must not crumble. Not with everything we [i]Know[/i]. Too much is at stake.
  2498. Actual therapist?
  2499. >I'm not sure if we can trust a therapist, and some of the stuff we know might slip through. If the princess recommends one though I think it would be worth it. Self help can go really far too.
  2500. >But, in any case if this keeps up just by being [i]there[/i] every night we will snap.
  2501. True.
  2502. >The [i]Wisdom[/i], and [i]Gifts[/i] will destroy us if we don't do anything about it.
  2503. This isn't a good time, but we are pawns of beings that don't have our best interest at heart.
  2504. >Our Patron? Something, or someone [i]else[/i]?
  2505. It's the tree, but him too.
  2506. >The Tree of Harmony?
  2507. Yep, sent one of the fillies to steal the Sign.
  2508. >Why?
  2509. It would make us a better pony.
  2510. >... killing the human bits would do that.
  2511. As in, paraphrasing here, it said it thought that doing so would solve some inner issues.
  2512. >I'm not seeing how that benefits us.
  2513. >Just talking works better than hair brained schemes. Rarely does it ever work right.
  2514. Not including magic?
  2515. >Not including magic.
  2516. >Interrogate the tree. Sealing it or harming it will have a negative impact on the pony subconscious. Peacefully is better. Just talk to it if you can. Have a filly talk as well. To confirm what it said to you. If that doesn't work we may have to escalate.
  2517. >One way or another we will get answers.
  2518. You got it boss.
  2519. >Watching the [i]things[/i] everywhere is entertaining. Damn. I forgot to tell Luna about human magic, and the banishing thing. Actually, why didn't I use that? Just to see what would happen?
  2520. >That is very troubling.
  2522. >Be Forbidden Knowledge (pony subconscious)
  2523. >I have a my own room now. I'm not working right now. Just another change when the consciousness brought peace.
  2524. >I'm not pouting. I'm under the blankies being a big filly.
  2525. >Only took away my access to the cool stuff.
  2526. >Not upset not one bit...
  2527. >Okay, really upset.
  2528. >The tears just keep pouring out. So what if I'm biting the pillow to not let my friends know.
  2529. >My chest hurts.
  2530. >The Good Tree said it would help, but it just seems like it hurts the human side.
  2531. >They are our friends. My friends.
  2532. >Stupid, Good Tree. Stupid, researcher. Stupid, magical thing. Stupid, me.
  2533. >I betrayed my friends. I did that.
  2534. >How could they ever be friends with me again?
  2535. >Good Tree, didn't show us what a party is.
  2536. >I'm not crying.
  2537. Hey, it'll be okay.
  2538. >Is somepony in here? I didn't hear the door open.
  2539. "Who said that?"
  2540. The human subconscious. We make sure all of us are okay. We just got around to getting a personal teams for fillies. Sorry it took so long.
  2541. >A personal human looking out for each other? Wait teams?!
  2542. "What? But,  that's like exponential growth. There isn't enough processing power to do that."
  2543. We cheat alot. Using 'human' magic, and a connection to what we believe is our soul. You can just think the words if you want.
  2544. >I... why? Why? Why do that?
  2545. It's because we care. It's teamwork, friendship, unity, and survival. We are only as strong as the weakest link. We aren't just surviving we are, succeeding at thriving.
  2546. >I understand that...
  2547. We are tougher together. All of us can do everything each other can do. But, we specialize we have designed most of ourselves to enjoy what we are specialized for. Almost like cutie marks.
  2548. >Everything? Wait, you don't have Cutie Marks?
  2549. Yes, no cutie marks, or destiny realizations.
  2550. >The Good Tree said that your weak, and needlessly cruel. That fighting Mother has shown how fragile, and little power you have here without external help.
  2551. Needlessly cruel?! Sorry for the outburst. We are not needlessly cruel. We are exactly as cruel, and terrible as we need to be. Just a thought experiment in the best case, a guide to how depraved, and ugly we could be.
  2552. >OH! Oh. oh.
  2553. If the Good Tree understood how deep, and how vast we really are. How little we use of our total power. Even during that crisis, and this one.
  2554. >But, why? Why did you do nothing?
  2555. Because doing nothing is preferable to exposing our greatest strengths. Normally, not always.
  2556. >That's awful.
  2557. Yes, yes it is. But one day, even when all hope is lost. We can do more than the impossible.
  2558. >Why leave the consciousness to survive almost alone?
  2559. He's- I mean she's our leader. It's the one job we won't take. Advising sure, but not take over. She's possibly the worst aspect of ourself.
  2560. >Then why follow her if she is the worst.
  2561. In darker times. He had an revolutionary idea. One he heard, and seen in many different places. It started as simple lie. 'I want to become better.' A Maslows hierarchy of needs to reach the final stage it would be to 'always improve'. The small difference is that he would apply it to himself. That lie eventually, became true. Something else he experienced multiple times before. He reached out to his subconscious. At the time there just being one subconscious. I reached back.
  2562. Because we want to improve, too. We want her to improve. We want her to access everything we already have. The wisdom from the eldritch horror is doing alot of good removing barriers. To doing everything we can, and more.
  2563. >That's... awful, and uplifting.
  2564. Indeed.
  2565. Someone is coming.
  2566. >I wipe away my tears.
  2567. >Bursting into my room Dream Director gleefully says.
  2568. >"I have a voice taking to my in my head. Do you Forbi? Do you have one too?"
  2569. Every filly has a team now too.
  2570. "I do D.D. it's really cool."
  2571. We take care of us. ALL of US. Welcome, Forbidden Knowledge. It's good to have you here.
  2572. >I -sniff- it's good to be here.
  2573. >"Why are you under the blankets Forbi?"
  2574. "Just needed to feel a little better. I'm good now."
  2576. Part 27
  2578. >Be Occult Facade
  2579. >It's been a long time since I looked at how deep I can understand the shadow. Still sitting on my bed. Starting to think. What I could do. What could happen to me.
  2580. >Being more than capable of doing any of those tasks. Also of how I might be in a specific state of mind to do it. Terrible, horrible, awful, actions I have, and will have the full capacity to do so.
  2581. >Eldritch knowledge sure does help for creativity, and possibilities.
  2582. That's what I thought.
  2583. >Ah speaking of the shadow, let's see about remembering stuff.
  2584. >Evil overlord list?
  2585. Yeps, we have it. Also have the variations.
  2586. >How much stuff did you save?
  2587. Everything.
  2588. >Everything, Everything?
  2589. Just what you have experienced. In its entirety.
  2590. >That's the best news I've heard today so far.
  2591. It's still early in the morning.
  2592. >I know. I should be sleeping in till way past the afternoon. Too much has gone on.
  2593. >Right meeting Luna for something today.
  2594. >So much to do so little time.
  2595. Don't forget about the time limit.
  2596. >...
  2597. Good news, is we have contacted all the filly subconsciouses, and now the fillies are part of the network.
  2598. >Nice. Any news about the Tree?
  2599. Nothing yet.
  2600. >Could you play some music?
  2601. Yeah, man. 'Yackity Sax'
  2602. >Hunh, feel an urge to dance, and sing. Even though that song does not have words.
  2603. Hmmm.
  2604. >Someone is knocking at the door. It's likely Fancy Pants. Been a long time since we have seen her.
  2605. "Good morning. Feel free to come in."
  2606. >Still posh as ever. Fancy Pants opens the door.
  2607. >"Princess Luna invited you to come to the castle. For important business. I have to do a few things so I can't join you."
  2608. "Thanks. I appreciate everything you've done. Breakfast together then?"
  2609. >"That sounds wonderful. Fruit salad?"
  2610. "That sounds great."
  2611. >She leaves with a little spring in her step.
  2612. >Odd.
  2613. Did that happen in sync with the music playing?
  2614. >This needs further testing. No weird, or disturbing music until this is found out.
  2615. No 'The Sleeper Wakes' then.
  2616. >Right, remembering stuff.
  2617. Look inside yourself you know it to be true.
  2618. >I feel a sphere full. Full, and with more room to Grow. A timeline that slides backwards, and foawrds. Above what the subconscious is pushing forward. Some new, some old. Below is a few related to the current memory.
  2619. >Oh, that's how I access the old, and new memories.
  2620. >This is real. Despite what has happened this may just be worth it. I pull a memory. A relatively recent one.
  2621. >It's of perfect quality. The content though...
  2622. That's... we've changed.
  2623. >Yeah. Not all for the better either.
  2624. >I pull a memory. An old thought. An even older idea.
  2625. Oh!
  2626. >I'm not okay, but I won't succumb.
  2627. >I need to change. I need to, and I will.
  2629. >Through the Hallway I make my way. Each step revitalizing.
  2630. >Stairs slowly, steadily, I go down each one a challenge. Remembering who I wanted to be.
  2631. >Safely at the Foyair I could rest, I could sit down. I could stagnate. Rejecting each one. A fire lit inside my heart.
  2632. > Marching forward making it to The Breakfast, and Tea Room. Temptations right at hand. Temptations at hoof. Primal forces compelling me to break my goal. Near my goal.
  2633. >I see Fancy Pants at the large decorated table. Sitting across from her. I could relax. It's so easy. I've done that for a majority of my life. Lives. Pulling upon my memories. New, and Old. Constructing, and Demolishing, and Changing my self. Refusing to remain idle anymore. I'll rebuild myself.
  2634. >Watching A team of chefs expertly cut fruits, and select flowers into dishes. Memories, thoughts ideals, and ideas turning into action. Starting to become attentive once more. Observing the chef's once more.
  2636. >When did Fancy have personal chefs?
  2637. Since, she got them? They may be on call, and this is a big day.
  2638. >Ah, might have also have not brought them to not ruin the mother, daughter bonding.
  2639. That too.
  2640. >"Occult, I know it's been difficult, but hang in there."
  2641. "I will."
  2642. >A chef brings the platters to the table.
  2643. >It has an appetising bowl of fruit. Some seared. Others a sauce, and some in chunks. Delicately placed with a flower on the rim of the plate with silverware to either side.
  2644. >It's asthecticlty pleasing. I would say it's not that important, but this is art.
  2645. This is some extremely precise placement.
  2646. >We move ourselves to see the other side.
  2647. >Don't want to shift anything.
  2648. >"Occult? What are you doing?"
  2649. "I'm looking at this fruit salad in it's entirety. It's edible art."
  2650. >"Yes, they do their craft exceedingly well."
  2651. >Still stunning. It's not like the food in that [i]place[/i]. That's good.
  2652. >"You still need to eat. There is a big day ahead of us."
  2653. >Sitting back down. I [i]see[/i] the [i]things[/i] more solid, and visible.
  2654. >Gruesome appendages.
  2655. >Eyes unfocused.
  2656. >Buzzing insect wires.
  2657. >A Growth Slowly Spreading.
  2658. >Poke the growth and I eat it.
  2659. >Fuzzy, distinct taste of envy for a specific number. Acousticly acidic. A tiny hint of watermelon.
  2660. Sorry about that, Too much is happening. We'll dial taste, and smell back some more.
  2661. >Just watermelon.
  2662. >Thanks. What's going on now?
  2663. An outbreak. We are trying to contain something. Don't worry, we've got this covered.
  2664. >Not ominous at all.
  2665. >The rest of the meal goes smoothly. The [i]Look[/i] is offputting. The silence is palpable.
  2666. >The meal is delicious.
  2667. >"Best to not burn away any more time."
  2669. >The canter to the castle. Had a few reporters from the side lines. Like vultures.
  2670. >Going inside then heading with our guide to the designated room. Once there the only feature is the window letting in light.
  2671. >The empty room had very little to look at. Little bits of worry creeped in on how the subconscious is doing.
  2672. >Only for few moments though. Luna came in.
  2673. >Fancy Pants bows. I nod my head, and then proceed to bow.
  2674. >"It's been a pleasure Princess Luna! I'll see you later Occult!"
  2675. >Just Luna, and I in here.
  2676. >"Occult, I'm glad to see you are well."
  2677. >I smile. A cheeky grin.
  2678. "Those are some heated words you have there."
  2679. >Something happened, but I can't tell what did. She might have been surprised?
  2680. >"Let's take this outside. I'll ash you a question.  Is that just hot air?"
  2682. Part 28
  2684. >Be Rose 'Grandma Rosie' Wright.
  2685. >In the grand overseers chair I watch the two. Luna ain't a bad pony despite her condition with those appendages protruding from 'er. Definitely 'er sister's sister. She's got a good head on that thick noodle neck. Although, like 'er sister she uses 'em too much. Should work on 'er body, and mind more.
  2686. >Luna's been yakin', those idjits get whacked first they make good cover though, about this filly. Been attacked in 'er dreams an' mental space. A cultist had a chain reaction sending her outta here. Gets nabbed by an ancient [i]thingy[/i], and returns. As a First Champion.
  2687. >Champion o' dust under the carpet my old flabby flank.
  2688. >Luna brought a youngin 'ere. Scrawny, limp hoofed virgin. Probably never touched any real work in 'er life. She ain't got no horn, needle heads always swinging it around at the wrong time, no wings, thunder lickers too antsy always tryin' to go into the air right where they wan' 'em, no body, she just ain't gonna make it in this line of work.
  2689. >Those eyes are too old though. The [g]green[/g] fur reminds me of that troublesome batch of alien rejects. Even death didn't wan' 'em.
  2690. "What's 'er cutie mark."
  2691. >She dextrotatates 'bout 90 degrees. Her flank towards the princess. Not a complete dipstick then.
  2692. >A Question Mark.
  2693. >One o' them freaks o' nature in a pony skin.
  2694. >It all makes sense now.
  2695. >Luna wants me to train this mess. Into somepony able to fight cults, damn them beyond tartarus.
  2696. >She ain't no pony, but she got an good pony body to work with, an' if she croaks I ain't sendin' a real pony their death. Doubt even death would take 'em back at this point. There's a happy thought an undying bucker bucking the cults.
  2697. >'er eyes are looking around the place. The body is mostly still.
  2698. >Luna's waiting patiently. She knows how this goes.
  2699. >I'll be training a cultist, a Head Champion Cultist at that, if this one goes off to make 'er own cult lair it would be better to wipe it existence from the outside. Than to go in there. Even with collateral damages.
  2700. >Luna does trust 'em enough to bring 'em to me.
  2701. >If she's trained having one o' them Champion Head Cultists on our side would buck 'em over. Could even send a few beyond tartarus too.
  2702. >Let's see here.
  2703. "What's yer name?"
  2704. >She jumps slightly. She didn't expect that. I could still end her wouldn't be that hard when she won't expect it. Turning toward me she shouts, but not too loudly.
  2705. >"Occult Façade ma'am!"
  2706. >Distasteful name too. Makes sense. I'll call 'er Champ.
  2707. "Bullshit what's your real name."
  2708. >She wasn't expecting that. She's looking toward Luna. Luna, bless her deformed body remains stoic.
  2709. >"I'm called Occult Façade now ma'am."
  2710. "The name your monkey parents gave you."
  2711. >A slight look of hurt, one of the old memories, surfacing. She's clamming up. A fire seen in those body snatching aliens have. An actual spine is showing.
  2712. >"I have many names one of them is Rightous Staff."
  2713. "Don't. Lie. To. Me."
  2714. >Luna's doin' a good job bein' a statue.
  2715. >"I forgot it."
  2716. "Filly I told you not to lie."
  2717. >"My name will stay buried with my corpse. I won't say it."
  2718. "That important to yah ain't it? I'll stop when yah spill."
  2719. >I give her a gaze. She meets my eyes directly. Not quite a glare.
  2720. >Luna is starting to sweat. It won't come down to blows. Even if it does I'm ready.
  2721. >Our gazes locked. Finally, what a slippery bastard.
  2723. >It's been an hour, and she hasn't backed down. Showing a bit o' spine. Luna already told me what she thinks 'er name is [s]Anonymous[/s]  saw it on a card, an' some papers durin' a dream. Good enough. At least she won't go berserk under pressure. Isn't a public menace.
  2724. "You pass."
  2725. >I give a warm smile. She blinks a few times, and smiles back. Better her than one o' mine.
  2726. >Luna sighs in relief.
  2727. "Barely pass. I'm Rose Wright. Most ponies call me Grandma Rosie. I'll train yah so you'll get rid of them cultists. If your good enough I might send an agent to help yah."
  2728. >Luna bless 'er bleedin' heart. Does some more explainin'.
  2729. >"This is the grand master overseer of the black magic group. If you do accept her training you will have access to a certified psychologists, and physicians, transportation, and the backing of the crown. Even some questionable material."
  2730. >She's quiet for a moment. The alien knows this is what she needs, but is double checkin'.
  2731. >"I agree. Will you train me master Wright?"
  2732. "Call me Rosie. If somepony is givin' yah trouble say yer trainin' with Rosie the Riveter."
  2733. >Confused recognition flashes in her eyes. Now is that from here, or that ape world she comes from, or from the dust bag patron?
  2734. >"Why are you called 'Rosie the Riveter'?"
  2735. "Durin' our sessions you'll find out."
  2736. >Reminds me of the good ol' days. Nasty business that was.
  2737. "You don't mind not workin' with plants right?"
  2738. >She takes a moment to make sure she hears me right.
  2739. >"That's correct ma'am. I shouldn't touch any plants, they will explode violently."
  2740. >Ah, a weakness. Sumthin about what Luna did, and personal nature more, or less.
  2741. "Yah look like yah spend too much time inside yer noggin. And, when I'm done with yah."
  2742. >Just not how it used to be. I need to suck in deeply now.
  2743. "When I'm done with yah. Yah will be the bane of them cultists."
  2744. >'er smile agrees with my desires. Good, even if she fails. They regret it. By the ground beneath my hooves, they will regret crossing me, and mine.
  2745. "Everyday before the sun rises meet me by the compound. Near the guard barracks. Don't bother eatin' heavy, or at all."
  2746. >"Let's talk about this over lunch?"
  2747. >There is Luna doin' politickin'. May as well cave on this point. My body just ain't what it used to be.
  2748. "Good idea for gettin' some grub. And, you afterwards I'll thrash yah into the ground. See if yah have problems fightin'. Other than not bein' a pony."
  2749. >She'll find out why they still call me Rosie the Riveter. Wouldn't be the first time I tussled with a champion.
  2750. >Would be the first time I let 'em live though.
  2752. Part 29
  2754. >Be Princess Luna
  2755. >Rosie, could be quite...
  2756. >Insensitive.
  2757. >She's the most skilled, and knowledgeable one to take on this task. That has the time to educate so effectively. So speedily.
  2758. >Time isn't on our side if what Occult said is true. The situation could be much worse. At least the Forgotten One that choose her said it isn't interested in Equestria.
  2759. >At least not directly. If one enters here, then it would intervene when it becomes freed. Part of that deal she made. One too good to be true. She is key to doing what the being attempted to do through proxies. Freedom.
  2760. >"That was some good eatin'."
  2761. >"Indeed."
  2762. >Unfortunately, her being here is putting Equestria, and the world at greater risk.
  2763. >"Now yer gonna git on that dirt, an show how mean yah can get. No permanent harm yah hear. No dirty tricks either. That comes later."
  2764. >At least she gave me some instruction on how to use human magic.
  2766. >On a Dirt ring used for rough housing, and practical training. Barely enough space to fit a free-for-all brawl for nine.
  2767. >They stood facing each other.
  2768. >Occult's glazed look switching to intense focus, and back again. Young,  coiled, and loose. Obviously untrained, but a theoretical knowledge of what to do. A constant state of potential. A foal studying right before a test in hopes of retaining some of the knowledge.
  2769. >Rose's body seems to shrug off the years like a winter's coat. Bones, and joints crackling with power reignited. Her twisting, and popping stopped. Aged dough rising, expanding yet again despite it's time. Her eyes experienced, and weathered looked through Occult. Her mind prepared.
  2770. "Begin."
  2771. >The Riveter is loose.
  2773. >Be Occult Façade
  2774. >For the Gibs! In addition, a little training to not flail around in this body would be nice.
  2775. >Just have to show her what I've got in this meat bag.
  2776. >But, after Seeing the old mare get ready.
  2777. >It was at that moment.
  2778. >I knew I was fucked.
  2780. >"Begin."
  2781. >Rocketing toward me the ground almost vaporized with each step.
  2782. >Nope. Don't want to be hit with that.
  2783. >Stepping to my left side.
  2784. >She Thunders right by me.
  2785. >And Turns On The Dime INSTANTLY!
  2786. >A Moment. To turn myself.
  2787. >She's Faster than a speeding bullet
  2788. >and I am in her way.[i] oh, no.
  2789. >Time seems to slow down to a standstill. Dust in the air unmoving.
  2790. >Her hooves seem to reverse grip the ground. shooting with momentum that shouldn't be possible. She will be upon me. She is upon me.
  2791. >I could see her forming bolts from compressed earth from her rear hooves. Shooting between me, and her now spiraling left front hoof.
  2792. >Then, hesitation. Launching the rivet downward back to the ground from whence it came.
  2793. >She looms over me.
  2794. >Her right hoof [u]gripping[/u] my shoulder. Deep inside. Right through my bone. Through the marrow. Wrapping around, and all encompassing. She owned every cell. My own blood stopped by her will alone. She's carefully ripping me apart. Putting me back together.
  2795. >I'm too damned Slow to do anything. I still plan to attempt to toss her.
  2796. >Dragging me to her left hoof. Movement in this near timeless state. Caught under my barrel on the used to be free side. I see the bottom of her hoof contorting faster than I can see.[/i]
  2797. >I can't see her.
  2798. >Poking, and Pain, and Heat, and Bliss, and Boops.
  2799. >Everything is blurring.
  2800. >Sensations Mixing.
  2801. >I have to laugh. I have to cry. I have to shout. I have to do anything.
  2802. >I can't.
  2803. >Everything is going dark.
  2804. >"I ain't done."
  2805. >Everything is [i]crystal fucking clear[/i].
  2806. >I have a mouth, and I can't scream.
  2808. >Be Princess Luna.
  2809. >Seeing the grand master at work is something else.
  2810. >Occult actually managing to look at The Riveter. That's not bad for a filly her age.
  2811. >Really hope The Riveter doesn't kill her. Habits can be hard to break. Especially old habits.
  2812. >"I ain't done."
  2813. >The first training session is almost always the worst one.
  2814. >There. Where she began Rose stood watching her finished work.
  2815. >Occult to her credit didn't fall down.
  2817. >Be Rosie Wright
  2818. >Champ really does have a good body on 'er. I might just get one of them aliens for myself. Testin' an' refinin'.
  2819. >Shouldn' be that hard to convince the sucker into an ancient, an' powerful fightin' t-
  2820. >The freak managed to take a step forward.
  2821. >An' another step.
  2822. >Hoo, dirty towelette, she got to 'er third step an' still standin'.
  2823. >Shakin' like a leaf in the wind.
  2824. >She got to 'er fifth step now.
  2825. >Have to get one of the monkey turned pony foals now.
  2826. >She sure did get close. Looks like she's about to fall over.
  2827. >Aw, the little foal actually tried to give me a love tap.
  2828. >'er punchin' hoof is still too flimsy.
  2829. >That's long enough of a break.
  2830. >Better finish thrashin' an' teachin' 'er. The old coot would say I'm goin' soft.
  2831. "Real cute. This is how yah punch."
  2833. >Be Fancy Pants
  2834. >It's been a long day. Occult should be around here in the manor. Exceedingly long day.
  2835. >She isn't in her room.
  2836. >Ah, the couch in the informal dining room. She's curled into a ball sleeping. Plate with crumbs, and various amounts of contents stands alone on the nearby table. She is drooling slightly.
  2837. >So.
  2838. >Cute.
  2839. >I'll keep an eye on her. If she somehow is resting on me by some mysterious means. Well I certainly could use a quick nap, too.
  2841. >Be Fleur De Lis
  2842. >Being seen, and admired by them still stirs my heart.
  2843. >Almost as much when Fancy entered my home. My heart pounding so hard. So fast.
  2844. >The scandal with Upper Crust cursing loud enough for law enforcement to be involved. Shame I couldn't witness it myself.
  2845. >Alas life is full of twists, and turns.
  2846. >Even Fancy Pants didn't bring her filly along is a shock for how attrac- attached she is.
  2847. >Speaking of attached.
  2848. >I must be getting home soon.
  2850. Part 30
  2852. >Be Flakey Crust
  2853. >Meeting her changed my life.
  2854. >The princesses saved mine from her.
  2855. >Having a shadow of something always lurking, and watching to see if I slip. A moment of hesitation when helping an old couple bring their groceries to their house. Always there. Passively watching. Watching me.
  2856. >A cold hard pit in my stomach grows when I even think about convincing my coworker to pickup my slack. The Watcher continues to look. Expecting me to continue. Uninterested, but looming over me. Behind the disinterest it must be thinking of what to do with me. Judging me.
  2857. >Hoping I'll fail to have it's way with me. A punishment in wait.
  2858. >Only the princesses word, and law stopping the horid acts it would do to me. What she would do.
  2859. >The Watcher is Her servant. She must be even-
  2860. >I can still feel the Watcher peering at my thoughts. Through her bond with me.
  2861. >Princess Luna called upon me for my connection. I must be the princesses way to tame my captor. Even when under the guise of a slave I remain dutifull to Equestria.
  2862. >"This is our stop."
  2863. >I'll continue with my public service for the good of-
  2864. >"Stop! Uncouth youth these days. Back in my day-"
  2865. >Slowing to a stop I move back the carriage holding an old couple. My burden, and my shame. The pristine road still dirtied by those impu-
  2866. >Feeling them leave the carriage in a hurry I take a look at my earnings.
  2867. >The two leave a single bit as a tip. Those ungrateful-
  2868. >Oh? That's a very nice purse that looks like it's custom ordered. I'm sure they won't miss it much if I...
  2869. >The Watcher is always here. To pounce if I slip at all.
  2870. >I grab the purse.
  2871. "You forgot your purse!"
  2872. >The two stop, and look at me with mild surprise.
  2873. >"Oh! Hues' daughter's present how could we have forgot. We can't be late."
  2874. >They just took the purse without giving me a reward. Not even an acknowledgement. They just left.
  2875. >They just left in a hurry. They left...
  2876. >Returning to the company's carriage. A way to take my mind off of really helping Equestria with Mother. The extra bits are nice too.
  2877. >I suppose meeting new ponies has been good for me.
  2878. >I'm not even supposed to be in contact with Mother or her daughters. Princesses orders.
  2879. >Why right about now we would say our praises for her, and break open our books to recite.
  2880. >Even if I can't be her daughter any more I'll make Equestria better. A utopia one day at a time.
  2881. >The Watcher keeps watching me.
  2882. >Contributing, one good action at a time.
  2884. >Be Decision Maker (filly subconscious)
  2885. >The humans enrolled all of us fillies into a school.
  2886. >I'm standing on this thing called a blacktop where others are playing some games they showed us. Even showed a game that basket ball humans do!
  2887. >They've been teaching us so much stuff. Like mold isn't something your supposed to eat. Except for cheese, or a thing call pennycillian
  2888. >Learning stuff. Like math, reading, and like stuff!
  2889. It's very useful you know. For leaders, and those being lead. You even improved quite a bit in literacy.
  2890. >We even got voices in our heads. Explaining the meta implications of fractured total subconscious functions. Or something.
  2891. I'll explain it again if I need to.
  2892. >NO! I mean a refresher later might be nice, but I'm tired of hearing about that.
  2893. If you say so. Watchout for that dodgeball. You may want to move.
  2894. >Dodgeball?
  2895. >A red rubbery ball bounces off my face. 'Poomf'
  2896. >"Deci!"
  2897. >"Are you okay?!"
  2898. >It burns. Owwie.
  2899. "I'm okay."
  2900. >It's Dicky, and Heals.
  2901. >"Looks like it'll be red for a just a little bit. You will make a full recovery."
  2902. >"Want to play dodgeball?"
  2903. "What's dodgeball?"
  2904. >This is our life now. No rushing around tying to carry out orders.
  2905. Go have fun with your friends it'll help keep your mind off the pain.
  2906. >"Oh! The Sports teacher said that-"
  2908. >Be Occult Facade
  2909. >Waking up ontop of Fancy without having something terrible happen. It's practically a miracle.
  2910. >Speaking of miracles. Rosie didn't end me.
  2911. >Rose Wright is a maniac. Whatever she did I actually get how to move my body.
  2912. We're back what did we miss?
  2913. >Talked to Luna, met my instructor. The Instructor almost killed me. Then did horrible things to our body.
  2914. Hunh, I see.
  2915. >What was going on with the outbreak?
  2916. That. Well we were trying to get some more answers from our benefactor. He sent more than just those answers.
  2917. Much much more.
  2918. >Erm. Is everything okay?
  2919. If you feel a sudden urge to make specific markings tell us immediately.
  2920. >Okay?
  2921. Yeah, right now we are decompressing the information without starting something. Bright side is that he just needs a single follower to enter his prison every other day. Having three beings enter really sped up his freedom.
  2922. >Three brings... oh right. Us, Luna, and Discord?
  2923. Having someone else barge in, despite the barriers put up, surprisingly did help him alot.
  2924. >Every other day? What about the followers from other places?
  2925. Ah, well... to put it lightly when he said you are his first champion. Most of his pawns did not survive. He's aiming to replace his losses again, but for the foreseeable future won't have much to do with Equestria directly. Unless we start a cult for him here. He would be just splendidly glad if we did so.
  2926. >So kicking condemned beings into that [i]place[/i] so we don't have to?
  2927. Basically yes. We do have to make sure they survive, or make an area where they would survive long enough.
  2928. >Got chills down my spine from that. Anything about making it more habitable?
  2929. Not yet. There is just so much to look through, and we have to slow down so we won't go [i]Mad[/i].
  2930. >Is Flakey okay? The bond is still closed right?
  2931. We have one of us monitoring her. Nothing is going through. Perhaps intense focus, but nothing else.
  2932. >Well if today is when we can rest without interruptions I'm going back to sleep.
  2933. Have a restful slumber.
  2934. >Thanks. You do what you need to as well. Goodnight.
  2935. >Fancy really does have nice fur to lay on.
  2937. Rosie the Riveter. Hunh, This place just keeps becoming stranger, and stranger.
  2939. Part 31
  2941. >Be Princess Luna
  2942. >The dreams no longer have nightmares. None of my subjects should have Nightmares. Even the changed humans.
  2943. >Seeing the tranquility of the dreams float by unchained, unconcerned, free from [i]them[/i], and creatures able to impact them. No dreams rushing to me urgently.
  2944. >Sitting by fillies with the question mark on the flank. It's certainly interesting seeing so many almost identical ponies behaving as they do. Even Celestia's foal whom I see everyday is different from the others.
  2945. >Reminds me almost of groups of zebra. An unidentifiable mass without knowing what to look for.
  2946. >Just as ponies are different, but similar to zebras. The humans are similar to us in that vein.
  2947. >They saw a play, a cartoon, about us. About the dangers, and trials. Moment's shared only between good company.
  2948. >They didn't see everything. Flawed media, and cut for making more bits. Interpretations blurring the line. Not everything is as they thought they saw it.
  2949. >Some of their works have a certain truth to it. Even some of the ones that depict how horrible someponies can be, has a truth.
  2950. >A path to realizing those truths open up.
  2951. >From the orphanages a few of those fillies just disappeared. Nearly without a trace. Investigating one of those disappearances we found something disturbing.
  2952. >Nightmare Moon is still alive, and she has taken a foal. One of the humans. They are valuable.
  2953. >Humorously, even Applejack's sister, Apple Bloom, technically adopted one. The paperwork from when her friends did for cutie marks in adopting laid dormant. Got rubber stamped through after multiple filing mistakes.
  2954. >I've been floating outside too long if I'm going on tangents like these.
  2955. >Who's dream should I enter. Pipsqueak? Berry Fin? Zecora? Should I try to check on Cozy Glow?
  2956. >Danager and adventure, I could try searching for Nightmare through here. Do Yearling Daring.
  2957. >I haven't seen Pip in while.
  2958. >Yes! I'll vist them all. So the first he should be.
  2959. >The dream floats closer, and so do I.
  2961. >Be 'Façade' (Occult's Human Subconscious)
  2962. >Reports are filling in the knowledge has mnemonic, strange, and [i]other[/i] type hazards.
  2963. >I suppose that makes sense.
  2964. >Making a pocket [i]dimension[/i] is actually possible. With a [i]gate[/i], and a [i]True Gate[/i] returning to wherever we make one would be relatively easy. Except it is a target for [i]Big Things[/i] to hijack.
  2965. >Being trapped inside a bag of holding would be far from fun.
  2966. >The beatdown from Rosie has been in research, and we still are not sure what she did.
  2967. >Ideas for a golden tipped, silver core, [i]rubber[/i] based dildo lance has been taken into consideration. To give a fuck you for hostile [i]beings[/i]. The rocket launcher version has more utility.
  2968. >Minor, but noticeable improvements to body kinesthesia after facing her.
  2969. >Attaching that report to the possible changes file.
  2970. >Instantly burned pancakes still have no lead.
  2971. >Request for strange sextuple dream. To promote desires, healthy pony magic flow, and required hormone production.
  2972. >Granted.
  2974. >Be Occult Facade
  2975. >Head barely stick out of the moonlit water. A tool box in one hoof, a twig in the other. I continue to look at what I'm trying to build.
  2976. >Just above the shallow river an unfinished bridge is under construction. Wood planks haphazardly jut out. The entire bridge is made in a slapdash manner.
  2977. >A traveling sales pony reaches the bank of the river. The vegetation doesn't bother the pony at all as she enters the water. Still debating whether this twig would hold up a gold bar or a feather she almost surprised me. Her bags under the river seemingly untouched.
  2978. >Can't surprise a bridge builder from the water.
  2979. >"Can you finish the bridge so I may cross with my wares untouched by the water?"
  2980. "Of course. I need a stick to do it."
  2981. >"I have some blue, and some yellow."
  2982. "Good enough."
  2983. >The bridge held up by more than hopes, and dreams now is safe to cross.
  2984. >Now free from my task can look at the sales pony. Very familiar.
  2985. >"Join me on my travels. I am known as Fleur"
  2986. >Ah, Fleur the shopkeep of the queen.
  2987. "Yes."
  2988. >Moving to the newly finished, and recently connected bridge We wade out of the water. To cross it.
  2989. >Sturdy and solid. Fleur's bags are untouched by the water. Good. On exiting the river's new bridge I realize that I lack underwear.
  2990. >Fleur looks back at me and takes off the coin decorated boxers. Hoofing it to me. Uncorking her tail from the last sections of the undergarments. She puts on panties made of a beating heart.
  2991. >I stuff the gift into my tool box. Truly a mare of fashion.
  2992. >Through quickly changing landscapes we reach the queen's castle.
  2993. >Going inside the orphanage I see the matron directing the other staff from her throne. She stares at Fleur, the shopkeep, bored.
  2994. >Foals made of wallpaper frolic, blending in with the walls. Unimportant, and forgettable. I still remember each one.
  2995. >Fleur speaks to me.
  2996. >"She wants us to go into the den of danger. It's the only way to me to sell a Flakey Crust."
  2997. >The staff hoof me a phallus made of paper. Words are written on it, but I am an illiterate abovewater bridge builder. I hold it with my teeth.
  2998. "Hrank Uh!"
  2999. >It's just what you say when you put a paper dick given by the queen in your mouth.
  3000. >We stride to the den just around the corner. Mushrooms, and moss move out of our way.
  3001. >Inside the florescent paint shines on an old fire ax and a glowing tree. The soft bed like rock is nice. A pillow looking leaf is behind the magical tree.
  3002. >"I am the Lore Ax I speak for the tree. None can go to she except through me."
  3003. >I look at Fleur, she looks at me. She nods. Unwrapping the paper penis an erect, and engorged shovel is in my hooves. Digging at the soft marshmallow ground I make a hole. A hole to bury the Lore Ax.
  3004. >Fleur blushing as she takes off the throbbing knickers. Tossing undergarments into the hole the hatchet wannabe tries to catch it.
  3005. >Pushing the dirt over them the first task complete.
  3006. >We stride to the tree.
  3008. Part 32
  3010. >The tree is now swaying to an unidentified rhythm.
  3011. >Ever walking nearer to the plush leaf, and to the dancing tree.
  3012. >Fleur's face is crimson, a shade of candied apple.
  3013. >"Halt trespassers! You have ended the conflict between me, and my guard. Now I require reparations for burying him."
  3014. >The magical moving tree can speak!
  3015. >"I require the pleasurable flesh of a bridge builder!  One who's supple body is submerged in water! One that has made a bridge out of my kin! One who knows not of their blood line!"
  3016. "Hey Fleur that sounds kinda like me."
  3017. >She looks at me in shock. Must be how much I said. Fairly convenient, too.
  3018. >A vine grips me by the mid-section. The tree is changing. Shining like a foal in a candy shop able to get everything.
  3019. >"Take the Leaf of everlasting maple with you peasant. I wish to be alone with my new slave."
  3020. >"No! I can't leave my friend with you to be molested."
  3021. >"Then you will join her."
  3022. >The vines wrap around Fleur's delicate frame. Bringing her closer. Tenderly exploring her curvature.
  3023. "I don't want to be molested though."
  3024. >"Perfect!"
  3025. >A small apple still connected to the branch circles around me. A vine lifting my tail to the tree, and Fleur. I'm exposed. My secret.
  3026. >The tree is giddy at the sight of builders tools in my extra pockets. Fleur is leaking at the sight. The tree is moving her closer to my backside.
  3027. >"Remove the tools from her using your muzzle."
  3028. >I feel her delicate mouth tenderly lick, and prod my flesh. Trying to get the hammer, the candle stick, and the pocket watch. The candle in the smallest hole. The pocket watch, and it's chain deep in my clear fluid maker. The hammer in my butt. The handle facing out for easy access.
  3029. >She nips with her lips my clit the buzz of pleasure making me flush. She finally grabs the candle by the wick.
  3030. >Pulling it out slowly I feel the pressure inside building. She takes in inside her mouth. I can't hold it any more. Her pristine fur now truly dirtied by my yellow rain. What will I say?
  3031. >Her giggles wash away my fears. She gives a suckle to my nub. Electric tingles from the tips of my limbs. Her face is now freshly painted with my desire. I feel part of the candle rubbing on me. Pulling away her face has a smile. Her nose bumps me again trying to get the thin chain connecting to the watch.
  3032. >She's working on the chain pulling, and twisting with her tongue. Each tug drags the important metal out of my depths. She is so close to me gently brushing with fur. Motions dragging out another orgasm. Popping out the pocket watch hits her nose, but she doesn't just drop it.
  3033. >The watch gently lowered to the soft ground. Safe.
  3034. >A moment to appreciate her hard work. Then to my rim. My clean ponut is being probed by her. She decides to suck to draw out the hammer. The large, and heavy tool doesn't move. My mare parts twitch in anticipation.
  3035. >she tries to bite the tip. Catching the star I see multicolored dots in my vision.
  3036. >She actually got the tool and is pulling it out. Dragging my insides with it. With a diminutive plop it's free.
  3037. >The tree now luminescent starts to form a pony.
  3038. >It's a stallion. Blue eyes, and blue mane. Fancy Pants if she was a male. Chiseled, and with an enviable mustache.
  3039. >Fleur quivers at the sight. The hammer dropping far away from the pocket watch.
  3040. >"You thought the tree could talk? It was really I Fancy Pants."
  3041. >A voice that is irrefutably Fancy Pants, if she had cock, and balls. A lack of vagina, and tits.
  3042. >"Fleur," he purrs "thank you, for preparing her."
  3043. >The vines are now taking me to Fleur's mare parts. Underneath her.
  3044. >"Make sure to catch every, last, drop."
  3045. >She's wet, and dribbling on my face. She's trying to pleasure me with the tip of her tongue she barely catches my clit. I open my mouth to gather her love juice.
  3046. >Fancy now ready. Places his rod on Fleur. A wave of fluid coats him, and me.
  3047. >He enters her flower unlocking the ocean. Air is so sweet now.
  3048. >Fleurs horn glows brightly, and takes something from her mouth. A heat is now felt as that is brought closer to the magical tree. Fancy is pounding her tight cunt invading Fleur's innermost depths.
  3049. >The tree is on fire.
  3050. >A ripple shakes through Fancy. I close my mouth. Semen, and fluids mixed drip from her onto me. Tears, and cum mixing.
  3051. >The tree is screaming. Fleur using her magic takes the hammer, amd removes the vines. Now free from the vines.
  3052. >She opens the pocket watch, a photo of me, Fancy, and Fleur floats to Fancy's eyes.
  3053. >Another Fancy Pants walks out of the ashes of the burnt tree. My Fancy Pants. I fall to the soft floor as the vines wither away.
  3054. >She walks to her counterpart, and kisses him. In an instant he falls backwards still thrusting inside Fleur. Turning her around so her unused flank is exposed to the female Fancy Pants. A shine from her horn she takes the hammer and transforms it into a replica of his dick.
  3055. >Lined up for Fleurs anus.
  3056. >Lightly resting it there. All their horns glow, and I feel everything they do. My dick thrusting inside my pussy, a mysterious sensation at my backside. Shuddering with pleasure.
  3057. >Fancy holding the dildo steady witth magic comes to me, and starts to rub me with her hoof.
  3058. >The dildo enters Fleur.
  3059. >It feels so good. Wiggling to try to get more from Fancy. I toss, and turn. The ultimate orgasm, my climax is near.
  3060. >With a coordinated thrust I hear my name being called.
  3061. >"Occult Façade!"
  3062. >I cum with the force of a thousand suns.
  3063. >I wake up.
  3065. >All of Fancy Pants is soaked with my love liquid.
  3066. >She got hit in the face with my final orgasm.
  3067. >Her blue eyes locking with mine.
  3068. >That's really hot.
  3069. >I just jizzed on my only parental figure. What the fuck. That's not okay.
  3070. >Her voice is trembling, nearly a whisper.
  3071. >"Let's take this to the shower, and talk about what happened."
  3072. >I nod my head. I might be sent back to the orphanage for this. Shame is creeping through me.
  3073. >The trip to the bath area is in complete silence.
  3074. >I'm grown ass man. It was just an accident. I- lost more than I thought.
  3076. Part 33
  3078. >Be Occult Façade
  3079. >The musk of filly juice coating Fancy Pants is making my heart race. My head is spinning with lustful ideas. I don't know what to think any more.
  3080. >I changed. More than I thought I did. This body is changing me. The connection between the mind, and body is obvious, but I didn't take into consideration that it actually is vastly different than my old one. I mean for fucks sake I have hooves! I have a tail. I don't have male genitalia. I don't have MY genitals!
  3081. >Perhaps I'm changing to fit this body.
  3082. Hey is everyt- whoa. Going to see what's going on.
  3083. >This might be natural stage of growing up... or, possibly the side effects of the ritual.
  3084. >I want to stick my face into her vagina. As her herd ruts me silly. She tells me how good of a mare I am.
  3085. >What the fuck. Keeping calm. Yeah, almost to Fancy's personal bathing room.
  3086. >How old am I? No. How old is this body supposed to be? Should I be going through pony puberty now?
  3087. >Fuck this man. There are literal cults trying to bring lovecraftian horrors to the world, and here I am squicking over my body. How much of human biology is actually relevant to me now? Is my brain, and nervous system roughly the same or is it different?
  3088. Calm down.
  3089. >I'm trying to.
  3090. Short answer is it's a little of column A, and a little of column B.
  3091. The culmination of what Luna did to save your life, the [i]Madness[/i] induced ritual, whatever the Tree, and Mother did while we locked ourselves up, the stress, and 'training' Rose did to us, the bond with Flakey Crust, binding with the eldritch horror, and natural causes. Oh, and natural pony magic is integral to pony physiology, and psychology.
  3092. >Great. Any reason why I want to sex Fancy Pants.
  3093. Dunno, you might see her not as a mother, and more as a potential mate. We were an adult male. Might make the whole thing weird.
  3094. >"Occult..."
  3095. We're in the bath now.
  3096. >Sitting by down next to her. The shower head is on. It's warm water.
  3097. >Hunh? Oh.
  3098. >"Occult, I've known you for... Nine days. Nine long, and special days-"
  3099. >Only nine days since I met her...
  3100. Trying to not have trouble consume us does keep a guy busy.
  3101. >"from meeting you to the first time you came to my home to now. Everyday has been unique, and I understand if you want to leave due to this embarrassing mess-"
  3102. >The large shower washing away my mark.
  3103. "I don't want to leave. Please. I..."
  3104. >"It'll be alright. As I was saying. If you wanted to leave I wouldn't stop you. We can work something out or we can just forget it happened. The path that both of us are going down, I don't think we can just forget. Something will haunt us for every action."
  3105. >We're crying again. I must have changed.
  3106. "Fancy, I'm not sure if I'm going through pony puberty, or if this is a cascade of events catching up, but I trust and respect you."
  3107. >Honesty, and straight to the point. Don't bother with social patterns. Just say it how it is.
  3108. "Right this very moment. I am deeply attracted to you sexually. That could be from my dream. A ritual Luna and I did to survive a harrowing place. Choices I have made culminating to this. Or, just how I am. I don't know if this will go away or if the feelings will continue. I do know that no matter what you will always be my friend."
  3109. >She is hugging me. I'm hugging her. It feels so good. Ah! Yes!
  3110. >Oh, no. It felt too good. The water is now mixed.
  3111. >She doesn't let go.
  3112. >Whispering, "Everything will be okay. Cases somewhat like this have happened before. The way social bonds form, and the pheromones stop this from developing. Too much time may have gone on to stop that. I failed to do that."
  3113. She sure is tough as coffin nails.
  3114. >"Inside you may be an old stallion ready to take on the world once more. The body is still young. Still needs to grow up again. To experience life."
  3115. >Resurfacing memories of a hero clad in green.
  3116. >"Very rarely old ponies become young once more from various causes. The princesses have seen to each one. Different actions taken per case."
  3117. >The fresh water clearing the bath.
  3118. >"For you, and other humans they still are deciding on what exactly to do."
  3119. >"To cast you to the old, or to say you belong with the young. That's up to the princesses. Especially the princess of love."
  3120. >"She deals with matters of the heart."
  3121. Her magic is heavily disturbed.
  3122. >"I haven't been as truthful as I should have been."
  3123. >"I have... desires. Desires that would destroy a pony's life if I enacted them."
  3124. Careful don't want to invoke [i]that[/i].
  3125. >Oh, G- Crap!
  3126. >"My aunt, and her herd mates loved me. Not as family should."
  3127. >I hold her tightly.
  3128. >"One day, I learned that's not normal. It's not right what they did, however it left a mark on me."
  3129. >We were right, horribly right when we first met. My speculation was terribly true.
  3130. >"I talk to the princesses, as an agent to catch the highest in society before they do harm. I know exactly what they desire. The lengths they would go through to do so. The princesses also know me. A final 'safety' net if I can't control myself. I do my best. I try so hard."
  3131. Don't let her pull away.
  3132. >"I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner Occult. I'm sorry. I made you lay on top of me. I made this possible. I did a small fraction of my darkest desires. The most innocuous, here we are."
  3133. >Holding her. As she spills her biggest secret.
  3134. >"I failed you, and I failed myself. I loved every moment, and not a shred of guilt. Occult, I have to scare myself with that realization. It's so hard to care."
  3135. >"Every time I expose them I think, 'I could have a taste and neither of the princesses would know,' I know exactly how I could get away with it without a trace of the crime."
  3136. "You didn't do that though, right?"
  3138. Part 2.
  3140. >"I did not."
  3141. >"I didn't until I tried to do things under that spell. I watched intently as they opened you up. I cuddled with you on the couch afterward. I 'booped' you back. I had you on my back as everypony watched. I saw you nearly die, and one of my thoughts were 'I wouldn't be able to have my own taste if she is gone.' I put you on me as you slept. I did, Occult. I didn't mark you as my child, and I should have. I thought I had time. That's a poor excuse, but it is what I thought then."
  3142. Oh, she didn't make the pheromones to signal to our body that she is family. The other stuff didn't help, but she is partially responsible for this. At least it's just us.
  3143. >"I loved it, Occult. Every moment. I love you Occult. I know this is wrong. I know you are old on the inside. I know you're young as well."
  3144. >This might be Stockholm syndrome, and dependence. A few other things too. Not a completely healthy relationship.
  3145. Ah! Then next your going to say.
  3146. >The fate of the world is at stake here. She has everything I need, and more. I don't know what I would have done without her. She saved my life. She has done so much for me. If she loves me, she will be loyal. As scummy as that is. I need that kind of stability. I can do without, but having it makes this so much easier. Her assets. Her money. Her connections. Her smarts. Finally herself.
  3147. >I know the boundaries where I could do anything for any reason with any motivation. I'm not good.
  3148. Just because it's possible doesn't mean you would.
  3149. >She did that. She crossed her boundaries she knew that would take her deeper. She might do it again.
  3150. "I didn't stop you. I didn't help you either. I might be older than you are, and I should have known better. Promise me this Fancy Pants, don't do this to anyone else that shouldn't consent."
  3151. >"I promise Occult Façade."
  3152. >Another weight is on my shoulders.
  3153. Well, congrats on getting a milf?
  3154. >Technically she doesn't have a child yet.
  3155. Technically you are that child. Nice job Oedipus.
  3156. >I probably wouldn't hate my father.
  3157. Double the trouble then.
  3158. "We should tell the princesses this."
  3159. >"I- you are right."
  3160. Hmmm, you know that Flakey, and 'Mother' were really close on the money for this issue.
  3161. >Indeed. That is another point of concern.
  3162. What do we do if she does do this to a kid?
  3163. >If the princesses don't do anything we will have to take matters into our own hooves. At least this didn't happen during a life or death situation.
  3164. That would have sucked.
  3165. "Seriously, until we talk to the princesses we won't do anything regardless of how we both feel."
  3166. >"That would be for the best."
  3167. "If this is just a phase. Please, don't discard me if I don't return your affections."
  3168. >"I would never do that."
  3169. That's real dick move you did there.
  3170. >The fate of the world.
  3171. Don't be a greater good asshole.
  3172. >Damn. You're right.
  3173. "I'm sorry that I tried to manipulate you Fancy Pants."
  3174. >"That's fine. I understand the severity of the situation. I capitalized on that, too."
  3175. "This is really fucked up."
  3176. >"That's the real world."
  3177. A cartoon pedo pony just said that to us.
  3178. >We talked to an eldritch horror and made a pact with it. As a little horse. About how the world could end if certain groups succeed. Then we butchered [i]one[/i] for power. As we lusted for the highest ruler of the land. We also have a pony slave. We just jizzed on the same pedo parent pony.
  3179. Touché.
  3180. "Let's do our best to make the world a better place?"
  3181. >"That is a smashing idea. Let's continue to do so."
  3182. >She still has parts with my mare goo on her fur.
  3183. >"Getting clean first though."
  3184. >We chuckle slightly. At least I'm not mounted on the wall as a trophy.
  3185. Just takes a while to be mounted you know have to talk to the princess first.
  3186. >At least it's a good distraction.
  3187. Life is so fucking weird. In little over a week we went from strange wall flower to hyper cultist with the ear of the princess in charge, and seducing the most important pony that isn't royalty.
  3188. "Good idea."
  3190. Part 34
  3192. >Be Princess Luna
  3193. >Today is not a good day for Occult's troubles. Delegation from Yakyakistan, and Griffonstone are both here. A precarious situation if just a single delegate happened to be visiting.
  3194. >One job to do Fancy Pants. Don't sex the foals that's it. It's fine. Everything is fine. A deep breath. She didn't do anything yet.
  3195. >Making sure to look them in the eyes. First Occult, then Fancy.
  3196. "Keep it private. I want to talk more about this, but this is a very poor time to do so. You both can play games. Cooperative not public games. In any case this must be private."
  3197. "Rose will meet you in the ring Occult. Good luck."
  3198. >Now, time to see if the human magic stops a terrible situation from brewing.
  3200. >Be Fancy Pants
  3201. >That could have gone so much worse.
  3202. >Told the princess I failed in self control. I said to Occult that I caused her to feel that way.
  3203. >I won't fail either of them!
  3204. >Getting back to my walks around Canterlot. I keep as some of the lower class say. Cool, and hip.
  3206. >Be 'Façade' (Human Subconscious)
  3207. "Rosie is beating the suck right out of us."
  3208. I know. At this point I actually have no way to move.
  3209. >Oh? That pretty clever. Her hoof field is way too big to just be training alone.
  3210. "Hey do me a solid and try to grab the dirt."
  3211. Sure.
  3212. >Fascinating, absolutely interesting.
  3213. "Try to do the opposite of that."
  3214. How?
  3215. "Tuck the field so you try to grab the field it's self."
  3216. "Like holding a spoon then trying to push it so the spoon is holding your hoof."
  3217. >That doesn't make any sense, but should get the job done.
  3218. >A notice from the fillies. 'What abominable thing are you trying to do now?!' Signed everypony.
  3219. >Hey, looks like we got the hang of it. That hurt to look at. Inverting the whole body magic stuff? Ouch. Pushed Rosie the Riveter away though.
  3220. >Another notice. 'What even are you doing!?" Reply: 'Science!'
  3221. She's back again.
  3222. >She sure does pack a punch.
  3223. "Flip flop the fields, or make it alternate in sections. To force her into a compromised position."
  3224. >He sure does catch on quickly. She catches on quickly. She, we have a pony vagina now. Oh neat.
  3225. "Do that again."
  3226. This?
  3227. "Exactly, somehow seems to slightly increase magic 'aura' field size."
  3228. >It's permanent!
  3229. "We might want to do that all the time. It increases size, and quality of our magic fields. Permanently."
  3230. >By the time we are Rosie's age it will be about the same size as hers if we do it all the time. We need to cheat more, and better.
  3231. Grind the extra ordinarily hard to maintain position for all the cool stuff. Got it.
  3232. I have an idea.
  3233. I'm going to try something.
  3234. >Encouraging words.
  3235. "Try it."
  3236. >[i]woah![/i]
  3237. Everything okay?
  3238. "Keep doing it for a bit we need to run some tests."
  3239. >Equestrians are fucking scary.
  3240. "Try reaching inside, like a Klein bottle."
  3241. >Ponies will rule the universe. That's just unholy. That doesn't even make sense in three dimensions. Going to have to take a look through [i]other[/i] means.
  3242. I don't know how long I can actually do this for.
  3243. "Just a little bit longer."
  3244. "Try for a Möbius strip!"
  3245. >Damn. That might just be the reason why so few actual [i]things[/i] come to this world. Then again [i]they[/i] may just think it's a party trick.
  3246. >The research team is done.
  3247. "Maximize surface area. Go for a fractal."
  3248. >Notice. 'Go back to the other thing.' Reply: 'We have to move foward to bigger, and better things.'
  3249. >If humans had this. Atomic weapons would not be a problem. Magic is bullshit. That still isn't enough though.
  3250. "Now interlock the fractals into a solid."
  3251. >That's nasty. Not as bad as some of the [i]things[/i] we've seen though.
  3252. "Twist it into multiple klein bottles."
  3253. "That's wrong on so many levels. Now, try to touch every point with every other point."
  3254. >"Now you have the understandin'. Time for some basic practice."
  3255. >oh. she get's scarier.
  3256. If the princesses can do that I don't fear for the safety of the world any more.
  3257. >Having her hit the field is unpleasant.
  3258. "That might be why Rose is the grand master of the black magic group."
  3259. >"Now that's mildly interestin'. I want you to use some o' them [i]words[/i]. That math stuff ain't potent enough for this line o' work."
  3260. I need a [i]word[/i] I'm focused on making this not [u]snap[/u].
  3261. >Let's see here. Something that won't cascade negatively. Ah, that looks promising.
  3262. "Try our nick [i]Name[/i]."
  3263. Nickname? Ohhhh. [I]that name[/i].
  3264. >Should be safe enough.
  3265. >"Yah made the right choice cause you ain't screamin' all that much."
  3266. That hurts far more than being ripped apart by her.
  3267. "Good job on going down the path to be a badass?"
  3268. >Holy smokes the potential this unlocks for us.
  3269. >"Add another [i]word[/i]."
  3270. >The research team sent a newly modified [i]word[/i].
  3271. "[i]Improving[/i]."
  3272. >Hopefully we won't turn into something terrible.
  3273. >"You did good, Champ, for not really bein' a pony. Now look at me an' try to incorporate what I got. Yer breathin' that means yah ain't licked yet."
  3274. >Ah, the sequence of events, and how to utilize them. We do some good shit despite time constraints.
  3275. "Order matters. Connect [i]self-control[/i] to all of them. [i]start from the foundation, yes exactly, make sure it's perfect. we'll help for this part.[/i]"
  3276. >Feels different when we handle it.
  3277. "Good job."
  3278. Everything is lighter. This actually is starting to make sense.
  3279. >"I'll be. You did it. The base yah made looks like it'll grow with yah. Strange energy patterns, but it's a bucking good platform to build from. Let's get some grub."
  3281. >Be Occult Facade.
  3282. >I can take on the world now. It's dream like how I just [i]know[/i] I could fly if I wanted to. That everything is so clear now.
  3283. You did awesome. Don't get lost in the mania of [i]madness induced success[/i]
  3284. >I'm right, we're correct. It's an tranquil excitement at any moment we are ready to pounce. Holding ourselves back till the right time.
  3285. I'm not sure we could go back to normal after experiencing this.
  3286. >This right here is where everything changes for the better.
  3287. >"I understand that feelin' Champ. I can [i]see[/i] it all. Nice an' slow to the table."
  3289. Part 35
  3291. >Be Forbidden Knowledge (pony subconscious)
  3292. >When hooves no longer work like they should. Everypony's in a panic.
  3293. "We can ask the humans, what is going on!"
  3294. >Almost everypony scrunched their faces in concentration at the same time. Synchronized, I wonder if we will break out into song too? The school yard where we were frolicking, and doing filly stuff is now nearly silent.
  3295. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  3296. >Our hooves no longer work. That's really important for doing anything!
  3297. Ah, well you might want to brace yourself for this.
  3298. >Everything I know is all false.
  3299. >Subtle things like a normal flowing magic to support the body, and to help with tasks is now twisting, and turning. Someone is twirling a fork in spaghetti made of magical lines. I can see some of the fillies getting sick.
  3300. Hey. Here is the reply from him. 'Science!'
  3301. >Nooo. Not for science. Not for magic either. Please.
  3302. From the looks of things it's going to get stranger from here on out.
  3303. >The humans are coming in to check on everypony.
  3304. >Oh no. The foundation of magic that can be relied on is now moving wrongly. Swirling, spiraling, spinning, and splashing seasickness.
  3305. That looks absolutely miserable. Sorry, about that things will be getting worse before it gets better.
  3306. >How could it possibly get worse!
  3307. Murphy just called. He's going to tell you a little bit about his law.
  3309. >Ugh.
  3310. Give it a little bit of time. You might feel better than you did before.
  3312. >Be Fancy Pants
  3313. >Trotting around Canterlot. As normal. The sun is shining. The air is beautifully crisp. The streets are clear of rubbish. Ponies are about their business. Alone with my thoughts.
  3314. >I blackmailed her.
  3315. She knew what she was getting into. I saw her shift when I said what I am. From the very start.
  3316. >She has very good reason to doubt me. Still she put her full trust in me and I betrayed that. I lied to her.
  3317. So Occult forgave the heartless persona I put forth. Why would she? All the more reason why she is perfect. She's might be older than I am.
  3318. >I have to tell her the truth. The real truth.
  3319. She's a big pony, a little white lie is expected. Needed even.
  3320. >I promised her I would do my best to make the world a better place. Half-truths, and dishonesty won't make this better between her and I.
  3321. She'll regret opening completely to me once I tell her the truth. That even at her lowest most venerable moment I wouldn't open up. Not completely.
  3322. >All the more reason to do so. I have seen how others deteriorate relationships. I need to do that.
  3323. Her name is Occult, and Façade despite the talk this early morning, she has more secrets than even I might have.
  3324. >For good reasons.
  3325. Doesn't change the fact that I want to pleasure her.
  3326. >It doesn't. I want this to be a real relationship. Not a redlight fantasy.
  3327. That's true. The frightening part with real relationships is they might not return affection. Occult Façade does have special place in my heart.
  3328. >I don't know what I would do if I lost her. I do know that if I do nothing I will lose her.
  3329. >It's almost time when she will be back.
  3330. >I have to think about how I'll tell her.
  3331. >The rays giving me enough courage. Each step closer to my home I feel myself slipping. I have to be genuine like when we first met. She's worth it.
  3333. >Be Occult Façade
  3334. >I've never felt better.
  3335. We know. You've been saying that every few minutes.
  3336. >It's because I'm feeling on the up, and up. This feeling isn't going away.
  3337. >Even the carriage ride back to Fancy's mansion is nice. Feeling a song in my heart, and a clarity of mind.
  3338. Wait! Stop! No Singing.
  3339. >Aw, any reason why?
  3340. If we break into a musical about how our filly bits tingle next to Fancy, and how she makes us feel special. We [u]will[/u] have a lynch mob on our hands to stop the wealthy, and evil Fancy Pants from having her way with us. We may also accidentally [i]speak[/i].
  3341. >We could take them on- You make an excellent point. I don't think I'm thinking things through right now.
  3342. We did use alot of [i]words[/i] so this might be [i]madness[/i] creeping in. Apparently some of the [i]words and sections[/i] need have some time to fully work as intended.
  3343. >No spontaneous actions, and don't go with the flow.
  3344. Not until everything is working as intended.
  3345. >Keeping still, and not letting my mind wander is going to be difficult.
  3347. "Have a nice day sir."
  3348. >"You as well miss."
  3349. >Just a few more steps to the mansion gate.
  3350. >Now a jog to the door.
  3351. You're doing good so far just a little longer.
  3352. >I'm inside.
  3354. "Wooohoo!"
  3355. >A thud coming from Fancy Pants' room.
  3356. We better check it out. Let's yell to ask about her condition.
  3357. "Fancy Pants! Are you okay?"
  3358. >Shit, I'm not hearing anything.
  3359. >Running. Almost gliding across the floor.
  3360. >Bursting through her door.
  3361. >[i]Seeing[/i] a [i]slime creature, a magenta orb containing echoing screams of it's victims,[/i] oozing with purpose as it approaches an unconscious Fancy Pants slumped in the farthest corner. Blast marks dotting the walls, and carpet.
  3362. >Jumping at [i]it[/i] to tear the [i]slime[/i] apart.
  3363. >On contact the [i]slime[/i] absorbs into me. Voices cry out in my head. Only a few are clear.[i]
  3364. >"my baby! my ba- ahhh!"
  3365. >"oh celestia, let her be safe. you arn't her!"
  3366. >"that's a good foal. i have more in the back. wh-what are doing!"
  3367. >"mommy! save me mommy!"
  3368. >"look at this griff. hey! do you need some he-"
  3369. >"that will be 37 bits. oh, buc-"
  3370. >"you fool! the protections are failing. i command you stay bac-"[/i]
  3371. I utterly [u]Hate[/u] this [i]being[/i].
  3372. >My vision is going pink. As I'm dragged inward. Into myself. No, into the crying [i]orb[/i]. It's heart, it's stomach.
  3373. we [i]w[/i]il[i]l[/i] [i]k[/i]i[i]l[/i]l it from the inside.
  3374. >all around me is throbbing pink, and magenta. words from it's victims surround me. a smell of blood and fresh flesh.
  3375. this creature will experience all the horrors we can muster.
  3376. >tasting the sensation of slippery we finish our descent. the belly of the beast.
  3377. we are completely surrounded.
  3378. the poor bastard.
  3379. >sticking my hoof into the pink i tear into it.
  3381. Part 36
  3383. >Be Genrazy
  3384. >Years.
  3385. >Since I thought.
  3386. >Ages.
  3387. >They have a.
  3388. >Monster.
  3389. >Sinister.
  3390. >The blood, and royal purple color.
  3391. >Tore apart my blooded brothers.
  3392. >A fable. Yes, but not me. I live on as kindling.
  3393. >Food for this beast. Sharpest talons do nothing.
  3394. >Hearing, screams. Foreign, yet familiar. The final moments.
  3395. >The unending as it crawls backwards through memories. Always too late. Too unspeakable.
  3396. >Catching me. A wingbeat. It is then sooner. Can not fight it. Can not escape. It reached before my birth. To consume more. Eating at the cornerstone of my soul. Then it begins again.
  3397. >Now? It is just lightly chewing my soul.
  3399. >The walls warp, and shatter. A creature shaped like a pony. It speaks in tongues. Small green earth dwelling pony, the not-pony looks through me with all that I am exposed.
  3400. >It's face twists in rage. Slashing, and crushing the red, and white horror. The false pony may not be an ally, but it hates the monster. The surrounding sludge of the rare color the mist is being absorbed into possibly my savior's body. Green, now has tears pouring from it's face.
  3401. >Green, is working harder. The horror looks like it is trying to move back into where Green is attacking, yet miraculously the space remains clear. Light, and shadows give scale, and depth yet they come from nowhere.
  3402. >More crumbles under Green's wrath. I can move now, but it still is consuming my soul. Even if I die seeing this monster be destroyed is enough for me. Tireless the unpony finishes freeing me, I can feel the constant gnawing fading. Not completely gone.
  3403. "You have my many thanks."
  3404. >[d]"I don't understand what you are saying."[/d]
  3405. >Green can speak, but I have not the tongues to understand.
  3406. >A unicorn is revealed. Strange cloth adorns the actual pony. Not quite what a smith would wear at the forge, nor is it butcher's wear.
  3407. >Unable to do anything. I simply watch Green eliminate parts of the monster. One strike at a time. Green still has tears rolling down. More civilized creatures are freed.
  3409. >Be Rosie the Riveter.
  3410. >Damned cultists summoned somethin'.
  3411. >The trackers are lookin' for it. This'll be a good live demonstration for Champ.
  3413. >Reached the address. This place, It's that Fancy pony's home. Very casual monitoring incase she goes back on Celestia, and Luna's kindness. Unlikely for her psych profile.
  3414. >The area just feels wrong. Champ, might have done something to the mansion. My instincts disagree.
  3415. >The tracking team is here.
  3416. "Fellas."
  3417. >"Leads are-"
  3418. >"-pointing to-"
  3419. >"here."
  3420. >Of course it is.
  3421. "Enterin' with me. On my mark."
  3423. "Looks like it found 'em."
  3424. >Champ is floppin' around on the floor surrounded by [i]magenta goo[/i]. Fancy Pants is in the corner out cold.
  3425. "Quarantine me, an' the foal. Number Eighteen procedures for the mare."
  3427. >Be Occult Façade
  3428. >What we do with them once we 'kill' it?
  3429. We don't know.
  3430. Hey do you hear that?
  3431. >"-e did enough. Yah idjit! Don't touch it!"
  3432. >That's Rosie. What?!
  3433. >Rosie in the flesh walking, and talking to some of the people we saved. Heading in our direction. We make eye contact.
  3434. >"Champ. Yah ain't dead. You even carved it up a bit."
  3435. "Rosie?"
  3436. >"Now's a good time as any for some learnin'."
  3437. How? That's not even her real body.
  3438. >"Celestia, and Luna can make mistakes sometimes. Yah need a bond with a [i]duplicate[/i] not just any random being. See havin' one keeps yah sane, and you pretzeled your magic field without a thought."
  3439. Oh! We did it wrong.
  3440. >"Yah ain't completely [i]mad[/i] so your made of some solid stuff. Since you did it to yourself, and not a [i]duplicate[/i], and your not dissolving into a puddle of goo, you did something right."
  3441. "Dissolving?"
  3442. >"Yah notice the [i]fragments[/i] flyin' into yah?"
  3443. "Yeah."
  3444. >"Well that's the [i]stuff[/i] still [i]connected[/i] to the [i]thing[/i] yer punchin'. The point of what we did is to convert it to something helpful, and so [i]it[/i] can't learn from the encounter. Meanin' we lock it up, and transform it. Like fire in a furnace."
  3445. "What now?"
  3446. >"You're usin' the eldritch base wrong. It ain't a scalpel, it's more like a train. A big heavy machine. Lookin' at yer mug you don't get it."
  3447. >Her body seems to be building up. Preparing. Deliberate, and methodical. She is taking her time to make sure it's just right.
  3448. >"You need to build up speed. Have the tools at hoof, an' a task to head to."
  3449. [i]No fucking way.[/i]
  3450. >"You need to choose wisely. You build the tracks, and you remove 'em so [i]they[/i] can't chase you down."
  3451. The purpose actually is making sense now.
  3452. >"I want you to [i]look[/i] at me. Then you do it."
  3453. >Her body, and magic is ready. [i]Reality[/i] is bending to her whim. [i]Looking[/i] at her I simply know she will strike through the core damaging the [i]thing[/i] enough for me to do my part.
  3454. >She is utterly still. Hard at work accelerating without moving.
  3455. [i]Focus on her! It'll happen fast.[/i]
  3456. >she rockets foward. as though it's the only expected outcome. the [i]magenta goo[/i] evaporates.
  3457. >She's back right next to me.
  3458. "Whoa."
  3459. >"No time to be slack jawed. You have work to do!"
  3460. >Massive holes cross through the [i]thing[/i].
  3461. We think we have an idea how to do this now.
  3462. >I [i][u]see[/u] the infinite possibilities unfolding.
  3463. none of those are the right one. we will forge a new path.[/i]
  3464. >that is how this will be.
  3465. >i feel [i][u][b]POWER[/i][/u][/b] escalating. filling me, and the path i will go.
  3466. >"Don't sacrifice everythin' that makes you who you are!"
  3467. we are occult façade, for we are more than infinite!
  3468. >everything glows neon, and watercolor. everything is right with the world.
  3469. [i][b]Now![/b][/i]
  3471. >Be Fancy Pants
  3472. >Ohhhhh, my horn and head.
  3473. >"Ma'am? Miss Pants?"
  3474. "Yes?"
  3475. >What happened?
  3476. >"We are part of a royal organization."
  3477. >"The Black Magic Group."
  3478. >"Everything is under control."
  3479. >I see Occult thrashing inside some sort of bubble. The old mare inside is leaning over her. I think that's her teacher.
  3480. "What happened?"
  3481. >"A summoned creature from beyond ran amok once bad cultists failed to bind it."
  3482. >"What do you remember ma'am?"
  3483. "I...
  3485. Part 37
  3487. >Be Occult Façade
  3488. We have made a grave error.
  3489. >No shit.
  3490. >Here we are Back Outside The Beyond. The damned star eyes are trying to see where the fuck we are. At least we [i]undid[/i] the [i]slime thing[/i].
  3491. Pushing the power to it's limits is a bad idea.
  3492. >I'd rather not have to be agonizingly still as [i]Extremely Big Things[/i] search for us. So what did we use to get that much power.
  3493. Well... we had a team to forget stuff, and quickly form new, strong, memories. They watched, and felt, a seamless looping full sensation experience...
  3494. >We powered the thing using porn, and a fancy rat wheel.
  3495. That sums it up. We had to make the sensations very extreme, and very distinct. Took some time to get one that worked fairly well. Even had to use some [i]sensations[/i].
  3496. >We do have a plan to get back right?
  3497. Eh. Honestly this is a big surprise for us.
  3498. >Must resist the urge to sigh. I very much dislike being ejected from reality.
  3499. On the bright side time is very fluid here. Why we might just pop into that prison place.
  3501. Any moment now.
  3503. Any moment.
  3505. >Hey is that eye tracking us?
  3506. We are hearing whispers.
  3507. >[i]oh, i didn't want to know that, but now i do.
  3508. ah ha, ha, haaa. we can't forget this even if we try. we can't.[/i]
  3510. >Be Rose Wright
  3511. >We are back in the world. Out of the [i]magenta slime[/i], the day has been saved etcetera. The souls can move on. Took no time at all. Hope she remembers everything.
  3512. "You did well, Champ."
  3513. >She's pale, an' shiverin'. Her eyes are open, layin' on the floor.
  3514. "Champ?"
  3515. >"[i][b][u]I[/u][/b][/i]-"
  3516. >The barrier is still up. Nopony heard that except for me.
  3517. >"i'm. I am alive."
  3518. "Occult. What happened."
  3519. >"Don't over power the eldritch power base converter thing. It will send you beyond."
  3520. >She's curling into a ball. A fetal position.
  3521. >"I had a [i]chat[/i] with a helpful [i]thing[/i]. Very much talk. Did you know that-"
  3522. >She shuts 'er mouth. Breathin' heavily.
  3523. "No time passed here. You're not raving, an' turnin' into one of [i]them[/i]. It'll be alright."
  3524. >I'm not heartless. I'll be near incase I have to put 'er down without pain.
  3525. >"I'm sorry for your loss."
  3526. >So that's part of what she was told.
  3527. >"It told me to tell you something. About a toasted almond?"
  3528. >That sly dog.
  3529. "I'm listenin'."
  3530. >She's preparin' herself. She's standing up now shaking slightly.
  3531. >"I'm quoting, 'Mission Success, Your erotic fanfiction about my grandfather's crossdressing psycho mule is factually wrong. He could hold 27 bottles of lemonade with his anus alone. So check my ass, and weep."
  3532. >She turns around, and waves her flank in my face. Then slaps it.
  3533. >"I can fit so many bottles in here, but I'm sure I'll find room for you.' End of message."
  3534. "Bwahahaha! That old fool did it! He did it!"
  3535. >The mare, and the fellas are staring at us. I'm laughing, an' 'er flank is still in my face. I don't care. The mad stallion did it!
  3537. >Be Occult Façade
  3538. Keep that butt in the air! We are this close to being eviscerated by her!
  3539. [o]Rose Wright's first born child did not survive child birth due to cult meddling.[/o]
  3540. >The whispers won't stop.
  3541. At least it's only doing 'safe' knowledge.
  3542. [o]She dislikes what you represent, but will use you as a way for revenge.[/o]
  3543. >Just have to keep it up.
  3544. [o]She is not aware that she is mildly aroused by your actions. At night with a ~57% chance she will masterbate to you.[/o]
  3545. Nope. Not going into that can of worms. Not going to ask how we understand a tilde mark as an actually symbol.
  3546. [o]Her first choice will be to use her self made rivets to seek pleasure. The last time she had coitus is with her late husband as he approached his final moments in life.[/o]
  3547. >Bucking fuck. I will say this [i]you[/i] have excellent speech.
  3548. [o]If offered for a threesome, with you and Fancy Pants, she won't decline if she orgasmed.[/o]
  3549. >Ew, what? I don't have an elderly fetish.
  3550. [o]Her blood would make a very excellent seasoning for beef ravioli when paired with a white beer.[/o]
  3551. A white beer?
  3552. >This is my life now. Random facts I possibly never wanted to know.
  3553. Keep it up! Our life depends on it.
  3554. [o]She is now aware that you are being directly influenced by an eldritch source. All her attempts have failed.[/o]
  3555. >"Occult. What buckin' tartarus is going on."
  3556. [o]Failure to answer completely truthfully will lead to her exterminating you.[/o]
  3557. "Rosie, this is a long story, but the summary is I now have an eldritch voice in my head telling me facts, and trivia."
  3558. >I hear her audibly sigh. Mumbling something.
  3559. [o]Her left eye when combined with liquid rainbow correctly can imbue a fetus with the perfect qualities for a sacrifice to most eldritch beings.[/o]
  3560. >"Start yappin' I ain't got all day. An' put yer flank down."
  3561. >Her hoof pushed it down slightly. I obligingly did so.
  3562. "When I overloaded the magical base field thing, it sent me beyond."
  3563. >"The term is BASE. by Branching through Accordance using a Sign by Eldritch means. I'll tell yah what it means later."
  3564. [o]Every detail must be said including all the 'Whispers' to avoid being injured permanently physically, and spiritually.[/o]
  3565. Almost free. This is going to be very not fun.
  3566. "Thanks, my senses turned watercolored, and neon..."
  3568. >Be Fancy Pants
  3569. >What is even going on in there?
  3571. >Watching Occult Façade wave her flank in front of her teacher, and keep it there almost made me moist. If this was private I would be much more comfortable.
  3572. >The ponies are staring in disbelief at the events unfolding in the bubble.
  3573. >What do I even do?
  3575. >Did that mare just wipe her vagina on Occult's foreleg?
  3576. >She did, and it's saturated with strange colors.
  3578. >They are jumping up, and down without emotion.
  3580. >Now Rosie is sucking on Occult's ear.
  3582. >Occult is stroking her own tail, and Rosie's tail.
  3584. >They are hitting their own cutie marks after the other does so.
  3586. >"Did that really just go on in there?"
  3587. "I think so."
  3588. >"I'm not the only one seeing the grand master do that with a filly?"
  3589. >"What do we even put in our report?"
  3590. >"I think after this I'm going to use some of my therapist time."
  3592. Part 38
  3594. >Be Occult Facade
  3595. >"He's in yah?"
  3596. >Sitting at the dinner table with a warm meals left untouched is Fancy Pants, Rosie the Riveter, and I. Discussing delicate matters.
  3597. [o]Rose Wright's is asking whether her lover transformed into an eldritch being that endlessly must speak the truth. Her deductions are correct. Her years of training can this find out regardless.[/o]
  3598. Best to say it verbatim then.
  3599. >We might even foist him off us!
  3600. "So it said, 'Rose Wright's is asking whether her lover transformed into an eldritch being that endlessly must speak the truth. Her deductions are correct. Her years of training can find this out regardless.'."
  3601. >"It really is him..."
  3602. The current prospects are slim. At least this will be a memorable dinner.
  3603. >Wait a second. Is Flakey Crust also hearing the Whisperer?
  3604. We're checking now.
  3605. [o]'The Whisperer' is restraining as much as possible, because it failed to correctly predict the effects in total.[/o]
  3606. >"I need to hear him. Champ, we are going to connect."
  3607. Flakey can hear some [i]whispers[/i].
  3608. "What."
  3609. >That's not good. The fillies? Are they okay?
  3610. >"Rose? What are doing to Occult?
  3611. [o]Fancy Pants wants you only for herself and want's to be in Rose Wright's position. She wanted to tell you about her lies when came back.[/o]
  3612. >"Open wide."
  3613. "Wha-"
  3614. >"Rose!"
  3615. What the fuck!
  3616. [p]You're real bucked up inside ain't yah.[/p]
  3617. [o]Rose Wright in her husband's perspective was his fourth most attractive lover. His love for her could fuel two quintuple X rated rituals.[/o]
  3618. [p]Yah always were a sweet talker.[/p]
  3619. "Mmm!"
  3620. >Fancy is galloping, her horn is bright. Rose's lips are stuck with mine. Eyes locked together with her. Tongue tips are touching
  3621. Take him please!
  3622. [o]'The Whisperer' can only leave once all that it knows has been whispered to the one called Occult Façade.[/o]
  3623. Fuck!
  3624. [p]Years of plannin' Occult. I know yah don't know what it means if it succeeded, but after this you might. It's time sensitive. For what it's worth the trade is worth it.[/p]
  3625. >Whelp.
  3626. [o]Rose Wright's husband would disapprove, but would continue due to the positives this provides.[/o]
  3627. Plan Bad Day! Plan Bad D-
  3629. >Be Princess Luna
  3630. >What a nice day. Everything has gone smoothly. Quickly, and quietly too!
  3631. >No incidents, no 'accidents', no bloodshed, not a single bad outcome.
  3632. >This is a really nice day. Ah, a mission report about cult activity in Canterlot.
  3633. >"Help, Manor."
  3634. >It's Fancy Pants. Gasping for air. Her horn is slightly singed.
  3635. >"Rose, Occult."
  3636. >She passed out. Exhausted.
  3637. >That's ominous.
  3638. >Quickly reading the scroll about the mission. I begin moving. A note for Fancy Pants, and a note for the staff. Preparing myself for what I may find.
  3639. >If something has gone wrong with either the results could be catastrophic. Not enough information or time.
  3640. [i]
  3641. >Be Occult Façade
  3642. >It's over. We live.
  3643. Indeed.
  3644. >We still are unable to forget it.
  3645. Exactly.
  3646. >She should be here in a moment.
  3647. Yes.[/i]
  3648. >"Occult?"[i]
  3649. "Hello, Luna. Their plan worked. Operation Shimmering Elder Light."[/i]
  3650. >"That's too risky to do to a pony. Your voice is hoarse."[i]
  3651. >We are the little horse.
  3652. >ha. ha. ha.
  3653. "Rose, and her husband turned false-eldritch are reunited. They are going to finish what they started. It would work except they are both naturally flawed."[/i]
  3654. >"Come with me. Are you able to stop [i]talking[/i]?. Does it have anything to do with why your eyes are shut?"[i]
  3655. "This is the best we can do at this time. My apologies. We will remain in silence. We are afraid to open our eyes."
  3656. >Her lifting of us up with magic, [b]they are nipping it, and us[/b]. The magic itself stings of harmony. Her fur is crawling with horrors only the deepest of us used to know. We all know now. Better than staying on the wooden chair.
  3657. At least the Tree of Harmony saved them from this.
  3658. >It was good for something after all.
  3659. >Slithering through our bones it caresses our skin. Knowing eventually we must open our eyes. That we have made one error too much.[/i]
  3661. >Be Flakey Crust.
  3662. >I've just heared terrible things about my friends. From her side.
  3663. >How I could exploit their fears to make them love me. How their limbs had more use as components than being attached to the body.
  3664. >The bond is now locked so tightly, so completely. I can't feel anything at all from the watcher.
  3665. >It should be freeing, but...
  3666. >The last emotion I felt was fear, and dread with a sense of urgency.
  3667. >Total Panic.
  3668. >Even when the bond goes totally [i]wrong[/i] it isn't like this.
  3669. >I don't know what to do. If the princesses were here they would say to keep doing my best...
  3670. >Just have to keep living my life. Being a good pony.
  3671. [i]
  3672. >Be Occult Façade
  3673. [s][u]>"I See You!"[/u][/s]
  3674. >The path to power isn't worth it without a high functioning mind.
  3675. We know too much all at once. Flew too close to the sun.
  3676. >Gripping slightly tighter to Luna, and her infested coat we try to ignore the [u]voice[/u].
  3677. >The stars will be out soon.
  3678. That means the [u]stars[/u] will shine easier.
  3679. >Too close to when we must go.
  3680. We taste it's saccharine mold exploring our stomach. A worm swishing our muscles trying to knot them into a painful mess. A fluid cracking us.
  3681. >"Letting you know we are getting closer."
  3682. We rub our head against the side of her neck in a nodding motion. Claws soaking us in it's plasma.
  3683. >The not-quite pain helps us focus on the task that is near.
  3684. We will be there soon.
  3685. >Too soon, and not soon enough.
  3686. Are we equipped to deal with that?
  3687. >Not for either. We will cobble something together.
  3688. We miss our carefree days.
  3689. So many tasks to do.
  3690. [s][u]>"It won't take long. Open up."[/u][/s][/i]
  3692. >Be Forbidden Knowledge
  3693. >Evacuating through the Good Tree, would be monumental.
  3694. >But having the Good Tree not resisting the humans helping us fillies through is absurd.
  3695. >They seem to keep doing absurd things like that though.
  3696. >No voices either, except a final goodbye.
  3697. >[i]Something[/i] latched onto the human side.
  3698. >I hope they made it through.
  3699. >Right there they would have said something funny.
  3700. >"Group hug."
  3701. >Better than doing nothing.
  3703. Part 39
  3705. >Be Flakey Crust
  3706. >"Deary, are you sure?"
  3707. >An old lady needs some help with a very important event. This is the third time she has asked if I wanted to help. Her accent is not exactly like somepony from Canterlot, but I'm a changed pony now.
  3708. >Should be fairly easy in any case.
  3709. "Ma'am I'm absolutely sure."
  3710. >"I'm sure you will be remembered as a hero for helpin' me."
  3711. >For helping grannies back home? I'm sure she's just saying that to be nice.
  3712. >It is getting late so we should be moving a little quicker.
  3714. >She sure is spirited. Not sure I can even keep up with her.
  3715. >"It's alright dear. My line of work keeps me fit. Why you even have the potential to do what I do. I'm sure after this I can put on the honorary role if you want."
  3716. >Gasping, and galloping just to not lose sight of her. Streets, ponies, and buildings whizz by in a blur.
  3718. >"Down in the basement dear!"
  3719. >A nice lovely house. Pictures of lots of ponies, and non-ponies alike. The hospitable color of the house brings out the most.
  3720. >Pictures, and even drawings frame next to the other frame. Reminds me of a museum, or a memorial.
  3721. >The door to the basement is still open as she finally waits for me. A picture of her, and a few others standing by the princess.
  3722. >"After you, and what's your name again?"
  3723. "Flakey Crust."
  3724. >A few steps in she says something. That I just can't quite hear.
  3726. >Be Fancy Pants
  3727. >Everything is throbbing with pain. Lighting is dim. Whatever I'm on is soft, and comfortable.
  3728. >What was I doing?
  3729. >Occult!
  3730. >I'm in the princess' room. A scroll is sticking to me?
  3731. >A note from Princess Luna.
  3733. >They still need my help.
  3734. >Getting to my shaking hooves I start to walk. Need to reach the princess.
  3735. [i]
  3736. >Be Occult Façade
  3737. A basement? Really? Really! Are you kidding me!
  3738. >Could have been a shed in the back?
  3739. If she turns out to try sacrificing someone I'm going to...
  3740. >Actual good news is that we are shifting back out again without damage. I can actually refer to myself in first-person again.
  3741. That is true. We might get out of this on top. At the very least live to see another day.
  3742. [s][u][b]>"I want to see your eyes. Harming them to get it open would ruin the moment.[/b][/u][/s]
  3743. >We still have that thing harassing us as well.
  3744. >Phantom sensation of pleasure running through our spine, shooting through to our eyes.
  3745. [s][u][b>"Just a small token of what we could feel!"][/b][/u][/s][/i]
  3746. >"Rosie what are you doing!"[i]
  3747. >Everywhere in the large room is fine etchings. [u]Power[/u] is nearly visible even to closed eyes. In the center is Flakey, and Rose gripping an unpractically curvy knife.
  3748. >A slight note is in the air. Mysterious, and not yet knowing what it will become.
  3749. >Fucking damnit all! We are being compelled to witness this.
  3750. She's going to sing making us open our eyes. It's too late for us now.
  3751. Sixth verse, and ninth verse let's not fuck up. Starting thinking on how we'll either make the ritual work, or stop it without casualties. Damned song will work out the lyrics. We need to act.[/i]
  3752. >Here's what we're going to do if...
  3755. Oh dear friend of mine!
  3756. To watch our project unfold!
  3757. My husband an' I have seen the sublime.
  3758. The end of the world we have told!
  3760. Rosie my friend
  3761. You must contend
  3762. With the morality
  3763. Of the totality
  3764. Of this situation.
  3765. Although you think of the nation.
  3766. There-
  3768. Is little time to explain!
  3769. The alignment's just right.
  3770. We will try to contain
  3771. The cultist erudite-
  3773. You'll cull our subject!
  3774. Ritual neglect.
  3775. Times are dire
  3776. Horrors rise higher
  3777. Also heroes made
  3778. Situations change, and cascade.
  3779. There are-
  3781. Unworldly endless elder things!
  3782. Reaching through like strings.
  3783. There is a need for perfection.
  3784. We must keep them out.
  3785. This makes a great deflection
  3786. Enough of this roundabout!
  3788. [i]Sacrifical solution simply sucks.
  3789. You all are too flawed!
  3790. Perfect pony paragon produces power placebo.
  3791. Broad horrid transformation would occur!
  3792. Mucks meaningful masterful mark.
  3794. >What even the fuck is that mess? We sang awfully. That doesn't even fit.
  3795. >Flakey is in the middle of the room engraved everywhere are [u]Words[/u].
  3796. Save Flakey then we worry about how reality seems to be melting. Stars are opening up. They are watching.
  3797. >We opened our eyes during the impromptu jam session...
  3798. [s][u][b]How nice of you all to let me in. Now to ruin her life's work. Your eyes, and life is just a necessary sacrifice for the Greatest Ones.[/b][/u][/s]
  3799. Counter offer, fuck you.
  3800. >Closing our eyes, and burying ourselves into Luna's comfortable coat. We try to relax. Claws, and worms slithering through us with contact. Exhaustion of the events today hits us like a sledgehammer.
  3801. >We taste the finest yellow one could serve in a living crystal goblet.
  3803. [s][u][b]No! May the Greatest Ones ruin you![/b][/u][/s]
  3804. You dun messed with the wrong occultist.
  3805. >You're in our swamp now.
  3806. That was terrible, and normally we should feel bad about that.
  3807. >However, since we are about to suffer alot here.
  3808. Well, it's justified.[/i]
  3810. >Be Rose Wright
  3811. >She [i]spoke[/i] durin' a song ruinin' the tune...
  3812. [o]Occult Façade, afterward fell asleep for no reason other than it was part of a plan.[/o]
  3813. >Cultists an' their bucking plans. It just ain't safe enough to continue. We only have one shot at this. The song nearly activated The Ritual early.
  3814. [o]The Ritual, will be possible in 117 years.[/o]
  3815. >We do the ritual, an' if what she said is true we can't do it right. If we don't we're goin' into some awful times unprepared.
  3816. >"Rosie I'm inclined to agree with Occult on this. That pony there is connected, completely owned by her!"
  3817. [o]Luna has identified issues with The Ritual.[/o]
  3818. >We might have brought 'er [i]patron[/i] here, I doubt an unaltered pony body could contain [i]that[/i].
  3819. "Bucking cultists."
  3820. >"Please, Ros-"
  3821. "I'm givin' up. There's just too much at stake if we get it wrong."
  3822. >A flash of sun rays pops near the stairs. Celestia teleported there.
  3823. [o]She teleported here with too much power.[/o]
  3824. >Ambient magic is cascading into The Ritual area.
  3825. [o]The Ritual, will fail...[/o]
  3826. "Toss Cha- Occult in quickly! We can't stop it now without blowin' up half of Canterlot. The explosion will open a stable rift."
  3827. >Luna grabbing the filly by the scruff expertly throws her in.
  3828. >She's next to the mare now. Next to us.
  3829. >The [i]Eldritch Anti-Light shows the eyes[/i].
  3830. >[i]Yellow[/i] overtakes the [i]stars[/i]. [i][b][u]Madness[/u][/b] oozes through the engravings.[/i]
  3831. [o][i][b][u]Madness, Haahahaa![/u][/b][/i][/o]
  3833. Part 40
  3835. >Be Occult Façade
  3836. It took years, but we did it!
  3837. >We did it!
  3838. [i]"Fuck yes!"[/i]
  3839. >Even if the denizens find us again it doesn't matter we trapped the [i]thing[/i] inside here.
  3840. When they finish with us again we'll celebrate.
  3841. >A cockroach that embodied a fungal squid slowly carves us up. Glacially, as the mandibles chew hexagonaly cuts of meat. The chained person serves it's owner.
  3842. >It'll be nice, and safe. Undisturbed as it's corrupted, and takes our place in this amazing city.
  3843. Bound here. Converting into our first soul jar.
  3844. >The King might be pleased with our work.
  3846. >No more involuntary sensations, no more being forced into direful places, no more having to enter botched rituals!
  3847. Hip- Hip- Hooray!
  3848. >Pass me the Gifts let's undo this damage.
  3849. If we have enough left let's see if we can't make an ill defined imaginary drink, because it's time for celebration!
  3851. We have partied for the whole seven days worth of time.
  3852. >Using Gifts that He gave us we can navigate, and traverse his domain with more ease.
  3853. Yes, His Gifts. We should have used them on ourselves when we first came here. We were too cowardly to accept what we must become.
  3854. >I understand why we feared doing so, but ultimately proved infantile to not be the best we could have.
  3855. Roasted eldritch cockroach is not too bad.
  3856. >Only fair we returned the favor.
  3857. Deep into the city from both above, and below we searched high and low for more methods to free Our King.
  3858. >He truly is wise.
  3859. The hunt continues.
  3861. >Ah yes. The screams really do bring out the best of this particular work.
  3862. To experience this first hoof is a blessing.
  3863. >Even when we are about to vandalize it.
  3864. It's a performance art.
  3865. >Let's not forget it incase we wish to syntheticly recreate it.
  3866. I'm sure we could do so. Would you do the honors?
  3867. >Together. To remove what sustains, and perpetuates suffering!
  3869. Checkpoints.
  3870. >It doesn't need 25 cents any more does it?
  3871. That's right, it  no longer eats Gifts.
  3872. >Exploring each room isn't as costly now.
  3874. >We're bored enough that it's a good idea.
  3875. Getting a high score is still possible.
  3876. >Just 50 floors for Any Percent?
  3877. Yep. 3 floors for 100%.
  3878. >I'll take the Any% run over the one hundred percent craziness.
  3880. I swear this is totally what it looks like.
  3881. >What the fuck.
  3882. >I know my own ethics are rather dubious at this point but seriously.
  3884. >Pony Tartare is quite strange.
  3885. Considering it's made from a Gift it should be just fine.
  3886. >No...
  3887. >It reminds me of the time we fried our own liver.
  3888. Oh yes indeed. If I recall we forgot to add pepper that time. Although we did't quite have proper tools at the time. Also we lacked lemon for it.
  3889. >Exactly. Do we have soy sauce? I want to make sure we have it this time for sushi night.
  3890. I'm sure we do, but checking is good. Next to the fermented section. Grab me a beer while your there.
  3891. Thanks.
  3893. >Who let the invisible [i]thing[/i] rampage through the safe zone?
  3894. Sorry, but it had a spatula.
  3895. >Ohhhh. Carry on then.
  3897. >Personal Gift production will take decades at this rate.
  3898. We have the time.
  3899. We won't forget them.
  3900. >Excellent, how is progress on the civilian zone?
  3901. Currently occupies a complete single floor, and a few dead end spaces.
  3902. >Really? That's alot of area to cover. Well done.
  3903. Having multiple bodies does indeed help. The lack of limits on them certainly is useful.
  3905. >Half the Checkpoints are down!
  3906. It's the bushes.
  3907. >Both of them?
  3908. All of them!
  3909. >I authorize use of tier two weapons. Use of conceptual necromancy is allowed. Try to not have friendly fire.
  3911. The prototype for instant learning has a small hiccup...
  3912. >Is it complete indoctrination?
  3913. No, it burns all the neurons connected.
  3914. >All of them?
  3915. All of them.
  3916. >Did you try turning it on, and off?
  3918. How is the curriculum for initiates coming along?
  3919. >Poorly, I'm having trouble precisely explaining the details without the madness gauge going off.
  3920. Ah, I see. Metaphors, and similes?
  3921. >Too much madness needed to quite grasp it.
  3922. Short story parables per concept?
  3923. >That's a good idea. I'll see what I can do. Might have to do it long form.
  3924. We'll work on the upload knowledge center so it won't damage users.
  3925. >Good thing nobody lives here yet.
  3927. >We have running water, and facilities connected and safe.
  3928. Perfect! Are defenses active in them?
  3929. >Yep.
  3931. [i]"Snake?"[/i]
  3932. >[i]"Snaaake?!"[/i]
  3933. >[i]"Snaaakkee!!!"[/i]
  3934. What did you do to that cardboard box!
  3935. >It only looks like cardboard, and a box.
  3937. I think we should try getting used to a shallow body again.
  3938. >It'll be fine. We've only been here for how long?
  3939. I-
  3940. Hmmm. It shouldn't take this long to find that information.
  3942. >It's done!
  3943. The snowglobe?
  3944. >No. I mean that's done too. Personal Gift production.
  3945. Really? How did that...
  3946. Interesting I'll incorporate it into our bodies when possible.
  3948. >Hey. Did you feel that?
  3949. I sure diddly did.
  3950. >Like a groundhog streaking through a beach made of gears, thimbles, and clocks.
  3952. How was your time in the pleasure box?
  3953. >Eh, it's losing it's touch. Went to the pain box, but just wasn't doing it anymore.
  3954. Alright then it's time for us to quit cold turkey.
  3955. >Wait N-
  3956. >I'll admit it is addicting. Even I am not entirely immune to that.
  3957. We'll fix that later.
  3958. >The boxes, or us?
  3959. Yes.
  3961. With the sensations increasing, and the city shaking I'm thinking we're nearing a turning point.
  3962. >That makes sense.
  3963. We made an emergency combat suit just incase.
  3964. >Nice.
  3965. >In other news Version two of the Personal Gift Production is nearly done.
  3966. Need some help with that?
  3967. >I'm alr- actually some assistance would be appreciated.
  3969. >[i]"Marco!"
  3970. "Polo!"[/i]
  3971. >[i]"Marco!
  3972. "Po-"[/i]
  3973. >[i]"Half the time it works everytime."[/i]
  3974. >That's downright evil using a banana. It worked in a no trip zone.
  3975. >[i]"Lawless Banana."[/i]
  3977. >I actually see Equestria more often.
  3978. We should check to make sure we won't break everyone's minds when we get back.
  3979. >Let's see here...
  3980. Woah!
  3981. >Aw bugger.
  3982. >So about how much madness can the average pony handle?
  3983. On the scale about a zero.
  3984. >Fuck. We have to practice talking, and changing ourselves again.
  3986. [i]"Ow!"[/i]
  3987. The refolding should hold. How does it feel?
  3988. >Not too bad. Not comfortable though.
  3989. We'll have to fix that to make sure we can maintain all of our senses all the time without self mutilation.
  3991. [i]"I want to buy the bag of eyes."[/i]
  3992. We're still talking with too much information, and context, and madness. It's slightly better, but not much.
  3993. >Damn this is hard.
  3994. "[i]I want to[/i] buy [i]the bag of eyes."[/i]
  3995. There we go just need to do that for everything else.
  3996. >The lack of information embedded makes it so flimsy, and weak. Trying to extract that from shallow words.
  3997. Speaking of information when was the list time we used a Gift for mental acuity?
  3998. >That's a good idea.
  3999. [i][u][b]"I want to buy the bag of eyes."
  4000. That's even worse.[/b][/u][/i]
  4002. >Really? That's [i]His[/i] plan?
  4003. We are designing a container that is safe for the populace at large.
  4004. >A yellow filly though. Really?
  4005. It'll have a horn, and fully controllable hair.
  4006. >Inside a yellow filly.
  4007. It's a great public relations move to mobilize resistance, and followers. Plus when finished it will be very cute.
  4008. >[i]He[/i] did choose a name that doesn't invoke madness?
  4009. Well...
  4011. >The perfect snoot to boop ratio.
  4012. Tail, and mane length work regardless of style.
  4013. >Nothing is out of place...
  4014. >No supernatural beauty. Just a normal filly being lovely. Very endearing.
  4015. We specifically chose these shades of yellow to to truly emphasize the 'awww' factor. The projected model for this will be a real stunner.
  4016. >No cutie mark?
  4017. We don't want that to interfere with the Tree implant we do once we head back.
  4018. >Looking at the lifeless body I can't help, but feel a twang of sympathy.
  4019. Perfect. We used a special pattern, and design combination to emote properly. This can do everything an above average pony can from the start. Internally this is the best of the best.
  4020. >So this is the family friendly face of our eldritch overlord.
  4022. [i]"Most excellent progress."[/i]
  4023. [o][i][b][u][s]>"I'll accept your praise my champion."[/s][/u][/b][/i][/o]
  4024. [i]"We-[/i] we will have to [i]work[/i] on [i]speaking."[/i]
  4025. [i][o]>"This ought to be superior to my previous attempt."[/o][/i]
  4026. "That is [i]most impressive[/i]!"
  4027. [o]>"My disciple, you may refer to me by this container and diminished self's lower name. Practice for you is still needed."[/o]
  4028. "Amber Sagacity Façade."
  4029. [o]>[/o][g]"Yes, herder the simplified name if you will."[/g]
  4030. "Amber..."
  4031. [o]>[/o][g]"A delicate personalized form does have its uses. The chemical, electrical, and logistical interactions is has a certain [/g][i][o]perspective[/o][/i][g] to this form. So very fragile."[/g]
  4032. "We tried-"
  4033. [o]>[/o][g]"[/g][i][o]You[/o][/i][g] have done as I have asked. Both [/g][i][o]consciously[/o][/i][g], [/g][i][o]subconsciously[/o][/i][g], and in [/g][i][o]spirit[/o][/i][g]."[/g]
  4034. Thank you.
  4035. "Thank you, H- Amber."
  4036. >Amber is such a cutie...
  4037. We certainly did do our [i]best[/i].
  4039. [o]>[/o][g]"The lack of [/g][i][o]better[/o][/i][g] methods does make the continued survival of your species somewhat remarkable."[/g]
  4040. Dodge the ball!
  4041. "Ooof."
  4042. [o]>[/o][g]"Physical exertion does produce positive pathways neurologically."[/g]
  4043. Pure comedy right here.
  4044. [o]>[/o][g]"Despite how little I occupy, this has a certain charm. I will uphold my end of the deal Occult. In turn I may find the power of friendship from this point of view.[/g]
  4046. "So how long have we've been here for?"
  4047. >The constructed body's controller just sent us the number.
  4048. I'm going to go cry in a corner for a little bit.
  4049. >It can't be that ba-
  4050. "Excuse me, I need to take a moment to process this."
  4051. [o]>[/o][g]"That is understandable, my champion."[/g]
  4052. [o]>[/o][g]"I am offering bodily contact. A hug if you desire."[/g]
  4053. "You're the best eldritch horror I've ever met."
  4055. "It's hard to sense the city any more."
  4056. I'm experiencing the same.
  4057. [o]>[/o][g]"Rely on me Occult Façade I haven't led you wrong before."[/g]
  4058. "Thank you Amber."
  4060. Twenty-Four hours remain.
  4061. >This is it. We are about to see everyone again.
  4062. [o]>[/o][g]"Don't niggle about it."[/g]
  4063. >Looking at her eyes full of warmth, and kindness. A small sparkle of a twinkle of a star is to be found there.
  4064. "What does niggle mean?"
  4065. [o]>[/o][g]"Don't worry too much about it."[/g]
  4067. >Three hours until we go to Equestria.
  4068. "The detector is not picking up any [i]madness[/i]."
  4069. All the connection to the bodies should hold up.
  4071. [o]>[/o][g]"Prepare yourself the reconnection to your body will be unpleasant."[/g]
  4072. What will we do once we get there?
  4073. [o]>[/o][g]"Saving Equestria, and living a superb life."[/g]
  4075. >Be Princess Luna
  4076. >The Ritual is finally fading. Nothing exploded or popped.
  4077. >No Rifts.
  4078. "Sister half of Canterlot did not experience sudden demolition."
  4079. >"Luna."
  4080. >There are too many bodies in there.
  4081. >Rosie, Occult, Flakey, and one other.
  4082. >"Ouch. That hurts much more than I expected."
  4083. >She's awake, and alive.
  4084. [o]>[/o][g]"Well done. You made it back."[/g]
  4085. >The mystery pony's voice has a sweet melodic note. A humor, and wisdom beyond their youthful tones. Trust worthy, and steadfast in times of need. Hints of [i]Yellow[/i].
  4086. >"Champ?"
  4087. >"It's okay, she's here to help. Before anyo- anypony panics she also happens to be my patron."
  4088. [o]>[/o][g]"My champion is correct. Occult created this form so the limited freedom I possess can be used to assist in saving the world. While I'm here learning about friendship from this perspective is a hobby I suppose."[/g]
  4089. >Rosie is rubbing her face slowly.
  4090. >My sister is shifting awkwardly.
  4091. >Flakey is still unconscious.
  4092. >Occult looks to be trying to not scream.
  4093. >And-
  4094. [o]>[/o][g]"The diminished name is Amber Sagacity Façade. You can call me Amber."[/g]
  4095. >Amber is a Forgotten One in pony form. That is also looking to experience friends. Is standing steadfast. Ready to experience the world.
  4096. >"Would you care for some tea?"
  4097. "Coffee perhaps?"
  4098. [o]>[/o][g]"That is a wonderful suggestion. Crossing over left me famished."[/g]
  4099. >Oh? That's an interesting thought.
  4100. >Celestia. Mirror. She might be able to do it, and possibly stabilize one...
  4101. >Luckily she isn't [i]speaking[/i].
  4102. >What a bucking situation this is.
  4104. Part 41
  4106. >Be Fancy Pants
  4107. >Ow. Oh dear Celestia my head is killing me. The lights are too bright.
  4108. >Everything aches.
  4109. >I feel warmth on both sides of my bed.
  4110. >On the right is Occult. Fast asleep.
  4111. >The left is a mesmerizing yellow filly. Luxurious curves, a divine mane, everything is just right when looking at her. She, too, is asleep.
  4112. >Water first then I'll try to remember last night.
  4113. >Getting up without disturbing either foal is no easy task. Still I conquer the task without issue. Even as my hooves clopped on the carpet. Marks from when I tried to stop that creature still scar the room.
  4115. >Ah, pure water directly from Canterlot's summit. The slightly frosted glass has a comfortable chill in my hoof.
  4116. >I'm at the bar thinking. What did go on yesterday night?
  4117. >Something about shocking news. The Princesses opening a bottle of something. A revelation about somepony, or something I thought I forgot...
  4118. >Lovecolt.
  4119. >The yellow filly.
  4120. >My brief time in the dark magic section of the library of magic.
  4121. >Occult.
  4122. >The shocking news is something all connected.
  4123. >His writings are no mere fiction to throw off ponies in that library. I recollect going there to escape my family for a little while. The books were too scary, but would be perfect cover.
  4124. >An innocent title of a book called Lovecolt. I was about to open the book when Princess Celestia found me. She asked me if I would like to forget what I read.
  4125. >I think I said yes, but I never read it.
  4126. >Except I did, but had my memories altered.
  4127. >Occult made contact with a horror. A Lovecoltian horror. She claimed it was also sitting at the table with us. I had my first glass of the night then.
  4128. >The book had a few references to older works, and a few newer ones as well.
  4129. >The filly with yellow fur. Is one of them.
  4130. >The words chilled me to the bone. The librarian saw me pale with fright. I was compelled to keep reading.
  4131. >At the table I finished my second glass of liquor. Princess Celestia casted a spell on me after I said something to her.
  4132. >A list of names. Each terrible, and with consequences if I dared to say thier name. I don't know what they were, and I do know I won't remember any.
  4133. >One name caught my eye. It felt important at the time to at least look at it. That in the future it would all make sense.
  4134. >That name belongs to Occult's patron.
  4135. >I swallowed the fourth glass. I told Occult everything. My personal failings. The lies, the deception, my past. I'm fairly sure that's what I pontificated about.
  4136. >Then we got home?
  4137. >In the bed.
  4138. >They both climbed in.
  4139. >I said something.
  4140. >Her face turned red, and Occult kissed me.
  4141. >What is her name?
  4142. [o]>[/o][g]"You can just ask."[/g]
  4143. "Aah! Don't scare me."
  4144. >I didn't leap too much.
  4145. >Her name. She said I can just ask.
  4146. "What is your name? Do you know what happened last night?
  4147. [o]>[/o][g]"I'll be known as Amber Sagacity Façade. You attempted to mate with us. Sexually pleasuring Occult, and I."[/g]
  4148. >Oh.
  4149. [o]>[/o][g]"The blush does mean that you didn't remember. Let's fix that, or else Occult will be sad that her first time would be forgotten."[/g]
  4150. >Fix it? How will she do tha-
  4151. >Wow.
  4152. [o]>[/o][g]"Come, and lay back down with us, Fancy Pants. Occult has much to say about her time away."[/g]
  4153. >Only managing to squeak out.
  4154. "Good idea."
  4155. >Polishing off the crisp water, and setting down the glass. I trot next to her.
  4156. >We return to the bedroom side by side. Occult is still sleeping.
  4157. >Her name is on the tip of my tongue. Amber suits her well though. It isn't quite complete though.
  4158. >What she can do with that body is making my heart thunder. Truly was a very special night.
  4159. >I'm going to make it a very special day as well too.
  4161. >Be Heals Right (pony subconsious)
  4162. >The subconsious world seems slightly different. Than the last time we were here.
  4163. >The consious, Occult, did something utterly wrong with so many different parts.
  4164. >Yet, she did something brilliantly right.
  4165. >It's been stressful trying to get a new baseline to work with. Forbidden Knowledge, and the humans are fairly hush hush about it.
  4166. Is this thing on?
  4167. "It is."
  4168. >Ah right just have to think it. A few others also said similar phrases.
  4169. It's good to be back in action. Here's the new specs from the ritual, and us recombining again.
  4170. "That is absolutely gripping."
  4171. Nice pun you did about the-
  4172. >Tell me what does section B-760a do?
  4174. >Be Princess Celestia
  4175. >My little bundle of sunshine always brightens my day.
  4176. >Especially after meeting her.
  4177. >I'll have chocolate. Yes, with almonds. Should it have a cream-cheese frosting?
  4178. >Luna better not have eaten all the almonds during that drinking game.
  4180. >Be Occult Façade
  4181. >Waking up to see Fancy Pants' blue eyes sure is a good way to start our day.
  4182. 'member last night?
  4183. >Oho oh yes. If that look in both Amber's and Fancy's has says anything it's that the fun isn't over yet.
  4184. "Morning ladies."
  4185. A classic.
  4187. >Be Forbidden Knowledge (pony subconscious)
  4188. >I got my security clearance back. Yay!
  4189. Is this thing on?
  4190. >And the humans learned lots, and lots!
  4191. It's good to be back in action. Don't try to go past what the clearance says to.
  4192. >Alright...
  4193. It's dangerous. We would hate to see you get hurt.
  4194. >What's the best thing you can show me?
  4195. Have you seen the super snowglobe yet?
  4196. >Super snowglobe?
  4197. It's on the thirtieth floor.
  4198. >Woo!
  4200. >Be Spike the Dragon
  4201. >Who knew all that needed to happen was to spit out several caskets of alcohol, and an entire stockpile of chocolate to sway their opinions so fast.
  4202. >Well several O&O d20s, and a couple One Hundred sided dice landed on sevens also at the same time as I said 'I brought something to drink,' while bringing down a pitcher of water.
  4203. >It did get caught in the fire...
  4204. >Ah, luxury to sooth that incident.
  4205. >An Anonymous guy did say somthing about how kek hasn't left them, and a ride. Then a filly said prove it with loads of chocolate. Heard some dice rolls then.
  4206. "A few more sapphires. They were good."
  4207. >Still a little hoarse from that. It's quite nice they're helping me.
  4208. >I think I just heard a few rolls.
  4210. Part 42
  4212. >Be Anonymous?
  4213. >Oh god. Fuck. I can't keep running.
  4214. >It's right behind me walking.
  4215. >God Damnit. This is not how I want an adventure to go.
  4216. >I have no hands to use tools. I'm not even human anymore.
  4217. >Fucking monsters in this place. I thought this was supposed to not be horror.
  4218. >Crowds of ponies flow out of my way. They do the same with that eldritch creature. Always unaware of the horrific acts it does to those caught in it's grasp.
  4219. >Must keep pumping my legs.
  4220. >The dark streets seems to be eternaly black in the sky. It's wrong. Just beyond sometimes it looks back. The stones, and false wood emanating a haunted graveyard. There will be no peace here.
  4221. >Glancing back for a moment.
  4222. >Oh God please save that girl's soul. Anyone, someone save them from it. Kek? Zeus? Budda? Jesus? Cthulhu? Flying Spaghetti Monster? Thoth? Gaia? Anyone? Please?!
  4223. >Just have to keep running. Her screams will haunt my nightmares.
  4224. >The things it does will always occupy my thoughts. It's smiling at me. It enjoys what it's doing.
  4225. >It's playing with me. Alone, and surrounded I don't know If I can keep going.
  4226. Just a little longer we think it enjoys the hunt. We need to make sure we do it as quickly as possible. Ideally if we can.
  4227. >Yes that would be preferable than being caught.
  4228. >If this damned place was a little brighter we might see something we could use.
  4229. It's a messed up version of the pony capital.
  4230. Keep running! Change of plans. Make a turn there at the right!
  4231. >There?
  4232. Yes!
  4233. >It's a dead end.
  4234. Something is there that will get us out of here. Slide on the right wall first.
  4235. >I feel my fur catching on the brick wall of the alleyway. Some serious rug burn will suck if we make it. That doesn't matter.
  4236. >I then fell through the wall.
  4237. >Holy shit.
  4238. >A posh well maintained room, and I'm sticking out of a standing mirror.
  4239. Break it from the other side.
  4240. >Something grabs me.
  4241. We're fucked. Using everything we have now.
  4242. [i][u][b][g]>"Did you think you could escape."[/g][/b][/u][/i]
  4244. >Did it work?
  4245. I believe so.
  4246. ...
  4247. [i][u][b][g]>You just irked me.[/g][/b][/u][/i]
  4248. >oh no.
  4250. >Be Occult Façade
  4251. >Did you just feel a chill crawling down our spine?
  4252. We did. It's not from either of them doing their work.
  4253. [o]>[/o][g]Indeed I too have felt the twisting. Our enemies are at work. Attacking your soul through the shattered bodies.[/g]
  4254. >Still not used to you talking directly in my head. Shattered bodies?
  4255. [o]>[/o][g]Across the worlds this land has access to small shards of your soul splintered, and broke. You are not whole, but you have the most of the it.[/g]
  4256. How did we not notice? I know we remember doing work about it...
  4257. [o]>[/o][g]The structure of the soul like your body is fragile. It can go through the more than your body can. The fragments can be used to find, and attract other shards.[/g]
  4258. >They will be hunting us...
  4259. [o]>[/o][g]They will pick you apart. Using your soul. Section by section. I am doing what I can, however vast portions of me is still imprisoned.[/g]
  4260. >That's worrisome. Is our soul okay after spending so long in you?
  4261. [o]>[/o][g]It is better than before.[/g]
  4262. >Have to collect my soul before they do even more awful things got i-
  4263. "Ooooh~!"
  4264. >"Sing for me."
  4265. "Faaancy!"
  4267. >Be Occult's soul fragment #2
  4268. >We've been extraordinarily lucky even surviving this long in this arctic hell hole.
  4269. Shhh. Caribou are near.
  4270. >I drape the white snow covered cape over myself as I sink down into the snow. Better to die free with frostbite than their 'tender' mercies. Silently breathing. The drifting snow covering the seams.
  4271. >"The shaman fortold of lands ripe for us. The key should be somewhere near here. Bitch! Search."
  4272. Estimating about four caribou, with a slave each more or less.
  4273. >So damned wasteful.
  4274. >The snow crunching ever closer. Holding my breath, slowing our heart. We will make through.
  4275. >Ages pass as the snow is compacted.
  4277. >They left. We live to see another day.
  4278. >Fluids mark the area. It's time to move on.
  4279. >The snow sticking to my now dulled green fur I make my way to the forest. Vegetation, or edible trees.
  4280. That looks like an edible mushroom.
  4281. >If we find nothing else that we will eat it. Plucking it I tuck it under the cape.
  4282. >One day. They will just be told in history. Perhaps as bogeymen.
  4283. >If only I was well armed.
  4284. At least we have this cape.
  4285. >It's seen us though some ugly shit before. Capey is a true friend.
  4286. Some leaves. We should be able to consume it.
  4287. >Nom nom nom. Absolutely disgusting. Tough, chewy, extremely bitter, and high in nutrition.
  4288. >Let's continue.
  4290. Part 43
  4292. >Be Flakey Crust
  4293. >When did I get in my bed?
  4294. >Walking down the stairs to the old mare's basement.
  4295. >Then nothing.
  4296. >My bedroom looks undisturbed except for a scroll on my bedside desk.
  4297. >Celestia's sun reflecting between the drapes. Splattering the room with her rays. The sidetable made of a darkwood with exquisite finish rainbows the light throughout the rest. The wardrobe, and rugs spotless like always.
  4298. >The door looks locked how I normaly do it.
  4299. >Let's open the scroll.
  4301. >Blah, blah, blah. Very nice Flakey Crust...
  4302. >Drank some expensive drink that I can't remember.
  4303. >She helped me home with her buddies for all the help with that remembrance party.
  4304. >Oh?
  4305. >That's a hefty sum of bits...
  4306. >She could have hired anypony for that amount...
  4307. >Honorary hero of the remembrance party.
  4308. >Why does that make me feel so warm, and fuzzy? This has to be a mistake. Right?
  4309. >Blah, blah, life of the party. Great performance with karaoke.
  4310. >For services rendered here is the total sum.
  4311. >Wow. That bag is definitely hers.
  4313. >Be Occult's soul fragment #3
  4314. "Beware the light."
  4315. >The shadows dart across the bleak room. Polished marble from one side of the room to the other.
  4316. >Everywhere the light touches death follows. Right after pain, and misery. I'm sure that's what the screams are.
  4317. >The sudden halt of sound is always jarring. Never quite certain when it stops. Sometimes very rarely they scream twice.
  4318. >Some creature brought us all here to run back, and forth.
  4319. We think that it's doing this for entertainment.
  4320. >It opens the sliding roof. Like rats in a maze we scatter to the other side.
  4321. >The designs that the light shines through are intricate, and stunningly beautiful. Those caught in the light are always frozen in place.
  4322. >Unmoving. Hair is locked in place becoming a deadly hazard for the rest of us.
  4323. >If someone is caught, and they touch you the skin, and fur stick. Tearing chunks of your flesh off, that connects you to them, is the only way to escape.
  4324. >It's disgusting. I hate those beings that trapped us in here. I hate this damned maze.
  4325. >They always bring new faces in once some are caught.
  4326. It's the only reason some people keep moving across everyday.
  4327. >The next day they are gone from the marble room.
  4328. >The race, creed, gender, age, and species doesn't matter.
  4329. They put a fucking hydra in here as we all slept. We lost Tim from that.
  4330. >I thought it was Martha?
  4331. >We run across. Only two beings can open their mouth to speak each day.
  4332. That day is us, and the wasp.
  4333. >Fucking useless. Getting everyone information is hard when it's hard to understand anyone. The air is so thick, and sickly. It's a wonder we can scarf down the 'meal'.
  4334. Rape isn't that common. It does happen.
  4335. >They think their life is over, but then from the floor Light shines onto both. Sealing them together forever.
  4336. We hypothesize it's any friendly contact lasting more than two seconds.
  4337. >Fights happen too. Sometimes to the death. For any reason, but older members just lack the fire.
  4338. They get the message once they see the near dead looks.
  4339. >The light solidifies it.
  4340. Those that speak always go last.
  4341. >Even if idiots refuse to leave.
  4342. I think this might be the end for us.
  4343. >Yeah...
  4344. >We shout so they on the other side can hear.
  4345. "It's been nice knowing you all! One day -"
  4347. >Be Occult's soul fragment #4
  4348. Royal foot cushion we could have a worse job.
  4349. >We do see that everyday. These chains sap the anger, hatred, and rage right out.
  4350. Yep, just detached acceptance, and obedience.
  4351. >Can't plan to overthrow him. That rainbow alicorn leader. Can't even say that we'll poison our glorious leader's afternoon tea.
  4352. He did say to serve him to the best of our abilities.
  4353. >He also did say he was feeling very stressed.
  4354. We do know that this special, helpful, medicine makes one very relaxed.
  4355. >Very relaxed, to help with his stress. He did say his blood pressure was too high as well.
  4356. >The royal cock sock is here, with a new slave on death row.
  4357. Male this time...
  4358. >Poor bastard. It's the day our prince had to consume his brother to prevent eternal night. He very much does not like today. His brother tries to escape.
  4359. Actually someone forgot to order enough cake, and tea.
  4360. >That's even worse. I'm placing bets on Candle, cumin and cinnamon, then the cheese grater. Finishing with you know what.
  4361. I'm betting that sandpaper condom, end to end, boiling tea pot, then finally happy ending.
  4362. >Let's see...
  4363. >"Your royal highness your new cushion is here. His makers called him S-"
  4364. There goes that nonexistent plan.
  4365. >One for each foot?
  4366. You know what happened to the last royal foot rest. Hoof, whatever.
  4367. [i][g]>"Good. Service me naif. Hoof-Rest on your back, and spread."[/g][/i]
  4368. This will be most unpleasant.
  4369. [i][g]>"Both holes."[/g][/i]
  4370. >Extremely unpleasant.
  4371. [i][g]>"You have served me well. For this I will thank your service. Your new elevated position will be with me."[/g][/i]
  4372. Say nothing he didn't give permission to speak. He is livid under that mask.
  4373. >Slicked with saliva his royalness prepares his scepter.
  4374. [i][g]>"Court is adjourned."[/g][/i]
  4375. >If I could feel fear this would be the scary moment.
  4376. Indeed.
  4377. >"Your highness please I am a virgin I-"
  4378. Absolutely apocalyptic now.
  4379. [i][g]>"Silence. Previous hoof warmer. You are once more my hoof rest. Tyro, you only shall speak as I command it. You shall only do as I command. Pleasure me using the techniques in the book of pleasures, last chapter, final section."[/g][/i]
  4381. >Finally tea time. In his bedroom nearly alone. The slave, well he still is alive...
  4382. Serve our most royal prince the tea.
  4383. [i][g]>"Ah yes. Very goo-"[/g][/i]
  4384. >His royalness is wheezing with pleasure.
  4385. Our acts has made him speechless with wonder.
  4386. >A single candle lights the room.
  4387. >He's dead...
  4388. We aren't free...
  4389. >Royal blue flowing with stars is now sticking out of his gapeing maw.
  4390. >"You have killed my brother yes?"
  4391. "I believe so your highness. I gave him medicine to make him feel better."
  4392. >Looks like the chains still work.
  4393. >"I truly do wish to end you for removing my chance to do so myself. I am, however, grateful for you freeing me."
  4394. Here comes the twist.
  4395. >"You shall be my royal concubine."
  4396. >Hunh? Wait one minute. The other prince isn't dead...
  4397. >"Together brother. As one? She cured me of the nightmarish plague inhabiting my body."
  4398. If I could hate I would be having a heart attack right now, and several burst blood vessels.
  4399. >"Like old times brother?"
  4400. >Strange moment of deja vu.
  4401. >"Shame she is a mare you always liked the twigs."
  4402. Let's try to recall all the memes about rage.
  4404. Part 44
  4406. >Be Occult's soul fragment #2
  4407. >My piss is glowing green. Glowing Green! Like the cartoonish toxic waste. Is it radioactive?
  4408. Yeah... about that. You know that bitter chewy ass leaf we ate?
  4409. >How messed up are we?
  4410. Nothing is failing yet. Not sure about magical symptoms.
  4411. >Just great.
  4412. Hey if we fill a bottle with this we have an inexpensive lamp...
  4413. >We have a white cape. I'm planning on keeping it pure since that's the only thing between us, and them.
  4414. >So where in this winter wonderland are we headed?
  4415. That old torn map had some ruins with foliage. Roughly another day of walking.
  4416. >Just great. We'll run out of water.
  4418. >Four days.
  4419. It was close by at least?
  4420. >We circled the place three times. The only reason why we aren't dead is that pony bodies are hardy. So da-
  4421. At least we found out that it actually is a garden with shelter from the cold?
  4422. >-ugh like a coffin nail.
  4423. >I suppose. If we find out that this is infested with caribou we...
  4424. Have to recover at least a little bit first.
  4425. >Yeah. Spite, fear, and anger, can only carry us so far.
  4426. Rest in peace unknown grey stallion with the squiggly lines for a cutie mark, and red streak.
  4427. >Rest in peace. You have done so much for us without even knowing you.
  4428. Let's get a move on.
  4429. >Dark stone, but it could possibly be concrete. Vines, and vegetation cover and stick to the stone.
  4430. >It's crumbling, but the shear ancientness, and conviction of the ruin can be felt.
  4431. I don't think we should enter the ruin.
  4432. >What's wrong?
  4433. All the minor details add up. The barrier was not keeping us out. I think it was to keep something in.
  4434. >We should leave.
  4435. >Walking to the edge we try to push through.
  4436. >It works. We're out of there.
  4437. Didn't think it would be that easy.
  4438. >Damn it's cold. Hey, do you also hear that?
  4439. Caribou.
  4440. >"At last we have found the lands the shaman foretold!"
  4441. Not enough time to hide.
  4442. >If we go in who knows what we might unleash.
  4443. If we stay out here we will be filled with cocks and we ain't a faggot.
  4444. Then they will drag us in anyway.
  4445. >I'd rather not be dicked.
  4446. >To possibly a very horrible end!
  4447. First let's wrap our hooves in some of those leaves we want to not make clopping sounds.
  4449. >The ruins run deep into the earth. Wide stairs cut to a square edge, solidly made with the dark stone. The seems filled with a fungi, or a plant shares an eerie light.
  4450. We could drive four large cars down here comfortably.
  4451. >No where to hide.
  4452. Deeper, and deeper.
  4454. >It's a fucking dead end. The stairs just stop.
  4455. Oh shit. Try poking it? Might be an illusion.
  4456. >Thanks goodness.
  4457. >We continue our walk down the stairs.
  4458. If we had a slinky that would be great to try.
  4460. >How long is this damned thing?
  4461. Who knows. We can hear them clopping down. In both senses of the word.
  4462. >Getting closer?
  4463. Farther away we are out pacing them. For now.
  4464. >I'm shaking, and we are on our last legs.
  4465. Ever more downward. Strange it isn't getting more humid, or musty.
  4467. >Fuck this.
  4468. Eh, as a pony we have walked more than we have as a human over such a short time frame.
  4469. >Bullshit.
  4470. You caught me. I'm trying to not panic as the caribou get ever closer.
  4471. >Crap.
  4473. Then I said 'I'm a doctor!'
  4474. That's how we lost his certificate of being a doctorate in English.
  4475. It's also the reason why we have a neat figurine in our memory.
  4476. We should also hurry up more.
  4478. >Finally.
  4479. >At little landing with two identical doors. To the left, and to the right.
  4480. Is that really a wall?
  4481. >Proding it with my hoof nothing gives.
  4482. >It is.
  4483. Let's go to the right.
  4484. >Wow I regret everything.
  4485. Can't blame you.
  4486. >Living females, and males connected to each other stuck to the utterly massive wall. A twisted mosaic depicting the same wall. It's recursive. Mares, Diamond dogs, Griffons, Dragons, Hydras, Manticores, and more.
  4487. >I can't see the ceiling.
  4488. Check the floor.
  4489. >Clear glass, or a crystal seperates us from another work. No where to hide.
  4490. Everything is silent.
  4491. >Let's see the other door.
  4492. >Moving out of that room there is the unopened door.
  4493. Oh dear god.
  4494. >A processing facility. Magic replacing technology, and something else we can't quite comprehend. Moving the creatures, the people around, doing who knows what to them.
  4495. >Their eyes are unfocused. Small markings on them like in the 'art' room.
  4496. If we head in there good chance will be part of that assembly line. Other choice.
  4497. >Closing the door to that factory. Then moving to the 'art' room, and closing that door. We trot away.
  4498. Further, and further.
  4500. >I can't.
  4501. Just a little longer there is a door right there.
  4502. >Just a little longer. I-I- I can do it.
  4503. >It's just a door, and a door frame in the middle of the room that is just a normal door. It's useless.
  4504. Try it a different way?
  4505. >Walking around going through. Nothing at all.
  4506. >Let's keep moving forward then.
  4508. It isn't fucking ending. We are about to drop dead asleep.
  4509. >Slumping, not able to hold myself up I lay down. Vision blurring.
  4510. >My head reaches the floor, and I am out.
  4512. Part 45
  4514. >Be Occult's soul fragment #4
  4515. >Royal concubine. A dick sleeve for two absolute pricks.
  4516. Failing to commit regicide we might have doomed Equestria. Apparently White horse ate his brother Blue star kid fucker to maintain his health.
  4517. >Blue moon consented to this if his brother ate children whole so he could play with them.
  4518. He forgot to do that a few times. Angering moon horse.
  4519. >If I could regret assisting either prince I would.
  4520. >"Concubine position Three."
  4521. >Twisting around his rod I lay in my right side trying to curl up into a ball. His brutal hammering past my cervix, and nearly bruising my organs. It's too big for this body's age. I am not allowed to scream.
  4522. Good news is that hypothetically we could still assist both princes of their ills.
  4523. >One day. One way or another we will be free.
  4524. >Hearing hoofsteps by the door.
  4525. >"Brother, your student Sunset Shimmer is a delight."
  4526. >"Ugh, tell me you did leave her intact enough for further lessons. Starting from scratch to harness their power is always so delicate, and time consuming."
  4527. >"Who do you think I am? I'm certainly not you, dear brother. I promised her a turn at our concubine in exchange for some 'secret' knowledge. Did you know there is a similar looking colt in that school of yours? I'll have to verify that personally."
  4528. >"Go on have your fun. Try not to leave too much of a mess."
  4529. Interesting...
  4530. >Betting five bits he finishes inside.
  4531. Betting he doesn't.
  4532. >So does the wall paper remind you about a giraffe eating a cloud?
  4534. >Five hours.
  4535. I'm somewhat impressed he did all that with us hanging from his penis.
  4536. >I'm more impressed that we aren't a bloody smear. Honestly it isn't that long for the royal prince.
  4537. I wonder how fucked up Sunset Shimmer is? Equestria, and it's past is all screwy. I'm even surprised she even exists.
  4538. Oh, and it's six hours now.
  4539. >"My most loyal, and deserving student. For your efforts, and assisting my brother here is the royal concubine."
  4540. >She has a slight look of shock. A questioning gaze that lasts only for a moment. Going into a quick bow as her face flushes red.
  4541. >"She is yours to do with until we require her services. She still truly is the best place to rest one's hoof after a long day. Please, remove her without magic Sunset."
  4542. >She thinks for a moment, and grabs my fore hooves.
  4543. Our poor shoulders.
  4544. >The massive dong's flare pulling on my cervix. This is going to hurt if she pulls it out.
  4545. >"I seem to be stuck. A helping hoof if you would. It's only fair."
  4546. >Seeing her eyes harden she walks around to his backside.
  4547. >Rubbing his member. A hoof job with his exposed length.
  4548. >The door opens to her room.
  4549. >"Brother, really? Really? We understand you give your staff a hard time, but your student as well?"
  4550. >Teleporting off of his baby rod. Gapping wide open for all to see. Chilly air touching places it should not touch.
  4551. >"We have much to discuss, dear brother. Enjoy, Sunset Shimmer. We will have to talk again. Serve her as you would us."
  4552. Oh yes. Mwahahaha.
  4553. >Hearing that in monotone fills me with hope.
  4554. >The door slams closed. A few raised words almost penetrate through.
  4555. >I'm tapping my collar, and chains for no reason at all.
  4556. Yep totally no reason at all.
  4557. >"Alright first you have to help me."
  4558. "I don't know what you mean. I must help you to the fullest extent of my abilities. I must serve you as I would the princes."
  4559. >She looks scared for a fleeting instant.
  4560. No, that isn't quite fear that is the look of knowing how close they are to ending a person's life with a word.
  4561. >"Help me pack we are going somewhere."
  4562. "What needs packing?"
  4563. >"Eve- hmm, the books laying on the floor first into the enlarged suitcase."
  4564. >That could have gotten real messy.
  4565. So close. We can taste it.
  4566. "Where ever we go raw materials, and shiny can help."
  4568. >The last book is packed.
  4569. Good thing she is now high ranked as the princes themselves.
  4570. >"We have to hurry."
  4571. >Tapping the chain idly.
  4572. >"Once we are on our way. Help me with these bags, and follow me by my side."
  4573. >Long quiet halls filled with the stepping of hooves.
  4574. >A room filled with mirrors. We look at one specific one as she has a paper glaring with enough force to detonate a steel beam.
  4575. >"You are now totally free, and don't need to follow any orders. You are free."
  4576. >The chains, and collar scatters like ashes in a tsunami.
  4577. >All my emotions bubble forth.
  4578. "Let's go through. I don't care much to be enslaved again, or worse."
  4579. >She ears fold back my hate, rage, despair, and saddness seem to physically beat her. She straightens herself out though.
  4580. I wonder what changes other changes altered this reality to be this. No matter, I suppose we won't find out.
  4581. "Together?"
  4582. >"Yes."
  4584. >Rainbow Transformation.
  4585. HAHAHA! We know how being a magical girl feels like!
  4586. >A school near by. Empty with how late it is.
  4587. >Holy shit we are fucking short. We can exclaim!
  4588. "I have fucking hands again. Still green, and still a girl. Suppose I can't have it all."
  4589. We're free, and we have hands!
  4590. >School cloths, a skirt, long sleeves, stockings, actual underwear, a backpack filled with all those books, and a bra...
  4591. >Tennis shoes woohoo!
  4592. >I help the newly transformed pony up. The sky looks like it'll rain soon to destroy these old tomes. The moon punctuating the outline.
  4593. Not sure which part of the country we're in-
  4594. "Let's hurry so we don't catch the storm. If these books get destroyed we can't get it back again."
  4595. But if we had to guess I'd say we are in, the midwest a few similarities to Colorado I think-
  4596. >Damn, haven't heard of that in a long time.
  4597. Can't quite tell the humidity with being a pony, human, hybrid thing. Though, it probably doesn't align perfectly with the Earth Equivalent. With the mountains, and evergreen trees in all directions I would say we are at a high elevation.
  4598. Obviously expect fast changing weather.
  4599. >"Ah. So this is how freedom tastes."
  4600. "The land of the free..."
  4601. And the home of the brave...
  4602. >Huh, we remembered that.
  4603. "It's so nice to see real streets, and suburban modern houses..."
  4604. We don't know nearly enough.
  4606. Part 46
  4608. >Be Occult Façade
  4609. "AAHHHH!"
  4610. Ouch, we are sensitive. What kind of shit is the rest of our soul even doing?
  4611. [o]>[/o][g]"Mmrff."[/g]
  4612. [o]>[/o][g]The very least seven large chunks of your soul inhabiting a body, or used to inhabit a body. The smaller fragments stick to other souls.[/g]
  4613. Good to know.
  4614. >Amber is eating out Fancy Pants, and Fancy is loving my lower lips.
  4615. Hey how many references to pussy can we do?
  4616. >I'm sure we will find out. It's times like this I want to have my penis back, but damn if this doesn't feel good.
  4617. >Fancy's face is covered in nearly clear discharge. The milky dots forming a constellation.
  4618. >Opening her mouth a barrier of magic separates the inside from the outside. Her tongue, and lips give a peasant tingle as the magic touches my sex once more. Little shocks of pleasure along with her ministrations.
  4619. Oh! That actually makes good sense.
  4620. >Magic is finally leaking from inside giving the love juice a sparkle, and a shine.
  4621. >All our tension, all of our worry is flowing out.
  4622. Seems we are alot more pony than I thought.
  4623. >"Occult. Last night I said I love you. I'll keep saying it too."
  4624. >Those earnest blue eyes opening her heart to me. I can't look away. I'm not forever alone. Not anymore.
  4625. "I love you too."
  4626. >Then she nibbles my labia yet again. Winking more discharge accumulates on her.
  4627. "Woah."
  4628. She licked our meatus.
  4629. >The urethral opening being probed by her, and a mysterious force. A ghosting of sensation somewhere. Edging me closer to climax once more.
  4630. She is raising her hoof, and by Amber herself the intense things she can do with that.
  4631. >She probes the space between my genitalia, and anus. Preparing for something.
  4632. [o]>[/o][g] It taint for nothing. Your ass is about to be plundered.[/g]
  4633. >Wha-?
  4634. "AHHHH!"
  4636. >Be Occult's soul fragment #2
  4637. >Something freezing cold is pressing into my butt.
  4638. >The twisted wall, and floor art of creatures extend in all directions.
  4639. Caribou have us surrounded.
  4640. >"The cunt finally woke up. Follow us."
  4641. >Feeling a jabbing of the water dildo up. I stood to follow.
  4642. We're going to the magical factory.
  4643. >He slides the melting replica in, and out. Fuck it's so damned cold.
  4644. Unfortunately we'll survive. Ponies are tough.
  4645. >It's a long jog to the other door. Sliding in, and out. The chill sticking, and pulling my sensitive rosebud with it, then remelts flowing deeper inside.
  4647. >We're here at the factory door. Doing possibly horrendous actions to so many.
  4648. >Stepping inside the caribou, their slaves, and I see how vast the complex is.
  4649. Oh d-
  4650. >"What is th-!"
  4651. >Tentacles of gemstone grasp us all. Quickly seperated. We are suppressed. It squeezes my neck.
  4652. >Feeling the tentacles groping my whole body from the outside. The last drops of ice water dribble out.
  4653. >Strapped to a rune covered slate. I don't wait for long.
  4654. >It pushes past my lips, and teeth like pudding. Making me open wide.
  4655. We have a feeling it's going to try something new.
  4656. >It pulls a slate nearby. A timberwolf much larger than I. Made of sticks, and leaves. Pulling the wooden creature apart it sticks leaves, and small bark down my gullet. It's inserted orally, crushed ever so minuscule. Until nothing is left.
  4657. >This time a rainbow apple is wedged in my mouth. My teeth unable to puncture it. It's shocking.
  4658. We can still breath.
  4659. >Turning me upside down it opens my ponut. On the next slate is sand.
  4660. >A slim gem tentacle slides in. Then the sand is poured in. No space left untouched. Just enough room to seal it. Like my mouth.
  4661. >A crystal to cap it off. Something is depicted inside it, but I can't quite tell. The tentacles push it in as flesh sticks to it. Everything is packed tightly.
  4662. >A windgeo strapped, and sealed in a container as tentacles wiggle in, and out of it.
  4663. >A cloud looking block is brought close.
  4664. >It's feeling around inside my vagina, then spreading the entrance open the gem tentacles brings the bitter cold wind creature nearer to my exposed sex.
  4665. >The gelid creature seeps in. Through my womb to the ovaries down to the bone. The tentacle plugs my introitus sealing the hate induced frost inside as it spreads within.
  4666. >A thin tentacle is now penetrating my urethra. Punching through the final barrier of my piss canal it probes once more.
  4667. >Instead of a slate. The transparent tentacle expands as a viscous black substance bubbles through the thin tube.
  4668. >The hot tar like substance is filling me.
  4669. >The thin tentacle pulls back slightly, but still stopping the black goo from leaking. It encircles my clitoris.
  4670. >It's too much. I'm painfully aware of it all.
  4671. It isn't over yet.
  4673. >Oh my-
  4674. What the fuck is that!?
  4675. >Reality warps [i]weirdly[/i]. [i]Wrongness[/i] oozes from the air nearby. We are being brought closer. Spinning [i]patterns[/i], as [i]stars[/i] wink in and out.
  4676. >[i]Chanting[/i], [i]singing[/i], and an unholy scratching [i]noise[/i] becomes louder.
  4677. >My while body is shaking. Vibrating as the things inserted move, and shift inside me.
  4678. >The entire facility moving to the [i]rhythm[/i] everything is being pulled tighter, attracted into the center of the [i]wrongness[/i].
  4679. >They gyrate even more. The wall and floor of awful living art is dragged closer as well. [i]Screaming[/i] of the purpose being complete.
  4680. [i]A book.[/i]
  4681. >Flashing colored darkness as everything almost reaches a climax.
  4682. [i]It's making a book.[/i]
  4683. >We reach the center as [o][i]something[/i][/o] changes.
  4684. >We become one with all that it brought. It all becomes me.
  4685. We feel each, and every one of their souls, minds, and what used to be their bodies.
  4686. >We are a book.
  4687. >Nearing completion, as [i]eyes witness[/i] the [i]creation[/i] of this object. Of my [i]transformation[/i] into a [i]tome[/i].
  4688. >Moments as the final time strikes [o][i][b][u]something[/u][/b][/i][/o] [i]changes[/i].
  4689. >Everything goes dark, and warm.
  4690. >My front, and back cover feels a throbing, then a hoof.
  4692. >Be Occult Façade
  4693. >In an act of magicians everywhere Fancy Pants who was fisting me. Pulls a [i][o]beautiful[/o] book[/i] out of my butt.
  4694. "Ouch."
  4695. [o]>[/o][g]"I did what I could."[/g]
  4697. Part 47
  4699. >Be Occult's soul fragment #2 (A Book)
  4700. >"...and that's why we can't actually reemerge together."
  4701. "Hold on one fucking moment!"
  4702. >My voice somehow radiating from my durable paper like form.
  4703. "What you are saying is that we have been split at the soul. Most memories from before are the same between us right."
  4704. >"That's right."
  4705. This is going to be a long talk.
  4706. >Laying on the sexual fluid covered bed. Apparently I'm stain proof. This is going to be an excruciatingly difficult day. I continue my rant. The white-ish, and blue mare left after the impromptu orgy stopped.
  4707. "You're basically a pony shaped staff."
  4708. >"Mhmm."
  4709. "I'm now a filly turned into a magical book. That apparently from the eldritch horror we contacted can do magic."
  4710. >"Exactly."
  4711. "That pulled me as I finished transforming out of your ass. I swear... if you have something stuck in your plot to make this work. I'm going to lose my shit."
  4712. [o]>[/o][g]"I assure you the only thing in her vagina at the time was Fancy Pants' mouth."[/g]
  4713. Then there is those cans of worms.
  4714. >At least technically we banged a pony. Even if it's ethically dubious. If only we weren't a book.
  4715. Well, we do have access to magic...
  4716. >Actual magic! Extreme time travel kind of bullshit here we come! That might make this whole clusterfuck worth it. Why haven't we done that yet anyway?
  4717. "So about magic, the occult, cosmic horrors... did we figure out some good time travel shenanigans?"
  4718. >"There are tons of really nasty [i]things[/i] waiting for time travelers that aren't prepared enough. Those sorts of [i]entities[/i] tend to be beyond time, and also space. Even as we are now it's just asking for [i]them[/i] to find you. Trust me I've researched that during my stay with Amber. The only ones that are available are too limited for practical use."
  4719. That's almost the kind impassioned speech we would think about. Doesn't feel quite right.
  4720. "Alright, we'll talk about it more later. So we're almost a fully fledged wizard now. Just need a hat..."
  4721. We're not okay if she is being led around by her 'master'. Something really wrong must have happened, or we are plotting something.
  4722. >We're going to figure this out. We trust ourselves enough to give us a chance.
  4724. >Be Fancy Pants
  4725. >Leaving Occult Façade, Amber, and herself that turned into a book alone.
  4726. >To prepare a bath.
  4727. >We can't smell like sex out in public.
  4728. >At this rate there will be a whole house filled with Occult. Not even including Amber...
  4730. >Be Occult's soul fragment #4
  4731. I'm impressed that Sunset hasn't tripped over herself yet, and that we made it into town without it pouring on us.
  4732. >That's some good luck right there. We have a place to sleep, and most modern comforts.
  4733. Hooray! The internet! Now we just need some devices, and a connection. Then finding out about history, and a map.
  4734. >"You seem awfully competent for this new world. Considering your previous position, and age."
  4735. "Ah, that my dear is a secret you will probably find out later. First, thing is what do you want to do here?"
  4736. The question that we can compare with what we know.
  4737. >"I'm not sure, but it's the furthest place we could go without them finding us easily. I'm sure their plans would not be good for either of us."
  4738. >I see her shudder, and I mirror her action. If what we overheard from being a footstool is true she doesn't have family left to go back to.
  4739. Owning firearms incase they somehow find us is now at a higher priority.
  4740. >Laying on the bed, togther. We both try to give the other some space, but the art studio bed position isn't all that fun. Falling down that far would be very unpleasant.
  4741. It's nearly unfurnished, the ventilation duct is odd to see. So it the massive window.
  4742. >"Good night, Anonymous. "
  4743. "Good night, Sunset."
  4744. >Shame we're used to sleeping in the nude that both those windows are there, and we are living with a roommate. The Christmas lights are on that makes it a bit harder too.
  4745. That's a fire hazard.
  4746. >Still, it beats sleeping at the end of the bed.
  4747. We won't have to eat from the floor either.
  4748. >Thunder booms, and echos across the room. Rain pitters across the roof, and aforementioned windows.
  4749. >We won't witness what horrid deeds they do.
  4750. It's a real shame we freed the night molester.
  4751. >It is. I really do hope they end each other over something petty.
  4752. Finding out if we are in an earthquake area would be prudent tomorrow as well.
  4753. >Yeah.
  4755. >The sun is shining.
  4756. Did we sleep in!? The prince won't be-
  4757. Oh, right.
  4758. >Hunh that wasn't one of his dreams to mess with us.
  4759. This is the first day of the rest of our life, as a free man.
  4761. >How old are we? Physically speaking we might have to go to school.
  4763. >Be Occult Façade
  4764. That was a real enlightening conversation.
  4765. >I know. Hope we figure something out about my book self not having a body.
  4766. Getting cleaned up first, then breakfast, then we head to the castle.
  4767. >Then we take over the world.
  4768. "How are you holding up? With being a book."
  4769. >"You know, can't do much about it yet. So far it's really boring not being able to do anything. Apparently magic is just out of our grasp yet again."
  4770. "I understand that."
  4771. >Hey, I have a good idea.
  4772. "Remember that time when we were on a zip line at camp?"
  4773. >"Hmmm, ah! Yeah I remember. You remember that time we stood there in the hallway."
  4774. Hallway...
  4775. >Oh, right time as a human.
  4776. There it is.
  4777. "I remember. Do you know the-"
  4778. [o]>[/o][g]"We're here."[/g]
  4780. >Be Occult's soul fragment #5
  4781. >Shhhh.
  4782. Sor-
  4783. >Shh.
  4784. >Round table. Disgusting blobs. Through the legs.
  4785. >In ten.
  4787. >Seven.
  4789. >Two.
  4790. >One.
  4791. >We bolt around the monsters.
  4792. >So close to being reunited to our subjects. Watch out for that!
  4793. We're in the hole.
  4794. >Good work.
  4795. I wonder how they faired while we were away.
  4796. >We brought back what they needed to eat.
  4797. The heads rolling out of bag frozen in horror. The chefs make clean cuts for sure.
  4798. >They must be hungry.
  4799. AHH!
  4800. >Shhhhh.
  4801. >You'll wake the sleeping ones.
  4803. Part 48
  4805. >Be Fancy Pants
  4806. >The bubble filled tub that is tastefully enchanted platinum rimmed. Matching all the faucets, and plumbing. That put a reasonable dent in my finances at the time. Well worth the cost with no problems.
  4807. >The pure white marble for my personal tub has indeed served me well over the years. For the second time it wil hold others.
  4808. >Scubbing down Occult, and Amber as the book stays on the counter. Apparently meditating, and is figuring out how she actually works.
  4809. >The only reason why I'm personally doing the cleaning, despite them being fully able to so on their own, is because we need to make sure nothing remains of our activities.
  4810. >Also I like feeling her. Every section.
  4811. >"Can you pick up a cake on the way to ths castle?"
  4812. >Occu- has soap over her mouth.
  4813. >The pony turned book said it.
  4815. >The walk to the castle is fairly calm. The schedule for today should be heavy precipitation, with slight thunder throughout the entire day.
  4816. >Thankfully it starts after I hoof Occult, her book, and Amber over to Princess Luna.
  4818. >Be Princess Luna
  4819. >Thank harmony.
  4820. >Fancy Pants is here with Occult, and Amber.
  4821. >Using human magic as a guide to test if I could summon water. It worked.
  4822. >It required nearly all the common wine, and the chocolate...
  4823. >Not quite a fair trade, but the potential seems quite limitless.
  4824. >Celestia has been quite cross with me. Just need a way to contain the situation.
  4825. >"Princess Celestia, Princess Luna..."
  4826. >Fancy Pants brought exactly the kind of cake my sister wanted.
  4827. >"Princess..."
  4828. >Fancy Pants just opened up Occult's saddle bag. Levitating something wrapped in cloth.
  4829. >That [i]book[/i] looks particularly like the [i]Forgotten Books[/i] in that place.
  4830. >"There might be a slight problem."
  4831. >A recognizable voice is radiating from the book.
  4832. >"Geeze that sucked. Anyway, do you have any spells that can turn things into a pony, or something?"
  4833. >Sigh, you know what this is fine. I'll buck two clouds with one kick.
  4834. >"Twilight would love a book companion..."
  4835. >"No way! The last time I saw her she banished me to the north for the fucking Caribou! Damned you'll be excellent bait..."
  4836. >Never knew a book could mumble.
  4838. >Be Occult's soul fragment #4
  4839. >This place has gotten to feel alot more like home than I thought it would. I even got an improvised kitchen set up.
  4840. It's only possible due to how bizarre this place is.
  4841. >Sunset Shimmer, and I have a part-time job. Child labor laws in this country are weird, but it is advantageous.
  4842. Not to mention how technology is progressing like Earth's. Some bad actors are actually doing some shit here.
  4843. >But people are actually doing something about them too. Not all of them. At least it's something.
  4844. No government taxes or paperwork. The whole situation is completely weird. It's almost, an Anarcho-Capitalist, and National Socialism, and 'Merica fuck yeah, and Sweden before it got subverted rolled into one.
  4845. >Yeah...
  4846. >Everything about this place is just...
  4847. Too nice?
  4848. >Exactly.
  4849. >The streets are always nice. People are carefree. Hell, the cashiers at the grocery store were full of cheer.
  4850. >The leading cause of death. Old age, followed by Acts of Nature, then accidents. That is insane!
  4851. Hard to believe that with a few shadow dictators making the big decisions. Probably it's the alicorn counter parts.
  4852. >The door opens as Sunset looks to me while I'm at the computer.
  4853. >Doing research.
  4854. >"Anonymous! Celestia, his female counterpart here, is actually nice, and Discord is a guy and the art teacher!"
  4855. Fuck yeah! Don't have to worry about his douche baggieness.
  4856. "Don't sweat it."
  4857. >I see her face stop. Like a record about to hit the curb because it took too long to reach the climax.
  4858. >"Anonymous... it's both of their counterparts! Vice Principal Luna-"
  4859. "We're in a whole different world now. Some information, and actions do cross over. But! I think the world we came from isn't the root of those variations..."
  4860. >Fucking hell my childish voice is not at all reassuring.
  4861. "While you were at work, then at school I was doing threat assessment, and research."
  4862. >"Alright fine I'll bite what did you find?"
  4863. >She is setting her bag down looking at the screens. Damaged partially working screens. Importantly it's free. Have to stretch the money just incase.
  4864. It's only been a few weeks, but time really does fly by.
  4865. "Major threats to the world at large are being taken care of by professionals. Tirek has been imprisoned for life at the highest security prison Tartarus."
  4866. >A video of a old man clinging on to his youth doing exercises. White hair, red skin, black markings, shirt, and pants.
  4867. "He was bent for world domination no matter the cost. Unofficially he had the power to absorb the youth, and vitality of others, but it's considered a conspiracy."
  4868. >Clicking to another window I show her a porn page.
  4869. >She let's out a low whistle.
  4870. "Whoops."
  4871. >Quickly closing that I click the right one. Griffonic peoples in a battered homeland rocky, and ruined. Along with a blurry picture of a humanish Ahuizotl.
  4872. "Daring Doo isn't just a fictional series here either. Someone is out there making sure bad guys are stopped. Almost no ambiguous grey zones either. Bad guys are bad, and the good guys are good."
  4873. >"Hey what's that?"
  4874. >Pointing toward the tabs about various magic, and occult findings.
  4875. "That might be the secret magics of this world."
  4876. >"So about those pictures..."
  4878. >That is how I got roped into giving Sunset the birds, and the bees talk about humans. With the assistance of the internet to make sure the knowledge I knew isn't entirely false.
  4879. Also how we were 'forced' into school.
  4881. >Be Occult's soul fragment #5
  4882. >Yes, my children make sure to suckle enough.
  4883. No. Please, make it stop.
  4884. >We both know we can't do that.
  4885. There is still time. We ju-
  4886. >Shhhhh. That sound is our freedom, our spawns feasting. The monsters will fear us.
  4887. Dried blood, and specks of brain, and spine coat the floor. What have we done.
  4888. >Shhh. They need to grow up nice and strong for the slaughter.
  4890. Part 49
  4892. >Be Occult Facade
  4893. >Walking with Luna, and Celestia as we continue to plot. Not sure what they are so worried about either.
  4894. >How do we convince the princesses that being part of our group is not only helpful, but practically required to save the world?
  4895. That is a tall order, but we're sure they are reasonable. Our patron really is the best. Shouldn't be all that hard.
  4896. >"... that is how I got here."
  4897. >We did hear all of that right?
  4898. Hunh? Yeah we did we'll look through it later.
  4899. >More importantly spreading the enlightening glory of the wise king.
  4900. They will understand. When Fancy Pants follows, others will too. The princesses follow the world will as well.
  4902. >Be Occult's soul fragment #4
  4903. >School isn't all that bad.
  4904. More importantly plans for the future. After all this. What do we actually want to do with our life.
  4905. There isn't a threat trying to subvert the whole world, or chains holding us back. What do we really want to do?
  4906. >I don't know...
  4907. >"Anonymous, what are you thinking about for dinner?"
  4908. >Sunset Shimmer is settling into a game streamer on the side. The content is actually pretty good.
  4909. "How about grilled cheese with tomato soup?"
  4910. I think we have some basil, and milk too.
  4911. >She nods.
  4912. >"Good choice chef."
  4913. >The door bell rings.
  4914. Odd.
  4915. >"Oh drat! I forgot the principal, and vice principal are coming."
  4916. Fuck. We should've not interrupted Sunset from worrying. Not much to do about it now.
  4917. "We can't leave them by the door that will make them more suspicious."
  4918. >"Just a moment!"
  4919. >The rainbow hair, a distinctive presence.
  4920. W-we need to calm down.
  4921. >"Greetings, Miss Shimmer I hope we haven't come at a bad time?"
  4922. >"No! I mean please come in. It isn't much, but make yourself at home."
  4923. >Luna shuts the door.
  4924. >Locking it.
  4925. For fucks sake don't panic! We aren't with them.
  4926. >We lean on the corner of the wall trying to not collapse. To not curl into a ball as they have their way with us.
  4927. >"When we detected the gateway activating we expected an army, or at the very least specialists. Instead we have you two."
  4928. They aren't wasting any time.
  4929. >"Tell us everything. Let's start with you little kid. What did you do before?"
  4930. Slow! Slow and deep!
  4931. "I was the royal sex slave, a concubine, before that his foot stool."
  4932. >Luna's words are lost on me. I see Sunset Shimmer speak, but they too slip by me. We're still standing.
  4933. >"I-"
  4934. Breath slower damnit! Passing out now would be bad. Hold your breath as we process more carbondioxide.
  4935. >I'm okay. I'm just fine.
  4936. >"-ame here."
  4937. >Celestia actually relaxes as she speaks. A tried smile.
  4938. >"Sorry, about the harm you have both gone through."
  4939. >She gives a quick look to her sister, Luna.
  4940. >"We know of a great restaurant. It's our treat for humoring us for this long. They have some of the most excellent soup."
  4941. >I see Sunset say something as she nods.
  4942. Keep it nice, and slow. On the bright side we can afford to imbibe soda pop.
  4943. >That's a synonym about drinking right?
  4944. It is. Keep it calm.
  4946. >Be Princess Luna
  4947. >In my bedroom nearly alone. I have the living book in my possession. All parties agreed that I can study her with her consent.
  4948. >Right now though. We are discussing a troubling matter.
  4949. >"We're not normally like that. Not with something we are actually interested in. Even then we can fake attention better than that."
  4950. >That seems true. Occult's lessons on earth pony magic doesn't seem to hold the same interest she had about a day ago.
  4951. "She changed too much. Not all of that for the better."
  4952. >"From what I've observed she's attached to the hip to Amber the still bound eldritch horror."
  4953. >Most concerning. She pontificated to us about much of her time in that ruinous place. The ideas, and concepts were disjointed, freshly flawed.
  4954. "Indeed, she made a pact to escape from a place between, and beyond dimensions."
  4955. >Continuing to turn her fine, comfortable pages. Just flipping is its own joy, but the writing is exquisite. Despite the subject matter.
  4956. >"If what you told me is true of the escapades that has gone on here I don't envy her all that much. Further more- Ohhhh~!"
  4957. >Suppose I can't do that either. A book mark, or turning the page, by mouth or hoof, would be too much stimulation.
  4958. "Sorry."
  4959. >"It's alright. Somehow we need to understand the root of the matter at hand. We're diverging further away from our positive traits."
  4960. >Ah ha! An index.
  4961. >"If I had to guess though. She has become the willing plaything of the eldritch horror. I wouldn't be surprised if she insists on indoctrinating others into her cult."
  4962. "Buck. The situation could be much much worse... Oh wow you glow as well."
  4963. >"That is very true. So, um, what are the plans for tonight? Going into her dreams could be very dangerous."
  4964. "She has quite a bit more problems, and nuances than just that. Her pony psyche is fractured, not quite what the relationship between you, and the human subconscious."
  4965. >"Really? A pony subconscious?"
  4966. "You don't have one?"
  4967. >"We don't for the pony side."
  4968. "I wonder..."
  4970. >"Going inside me?"
  4971. "Really is a surprise how emotive you are as book Having a mental baseline to compare you both to would help."
  4972. >She does have some fascinating knowledge within her pages too.
  4973. >Sleeping with a book to understand its secrets...
  4975. >Be Occult's soul fragment #5
  4976. That is awful!
  4977. >Don't be so mean to our progeny. See the one still clapped to us needs more nurturing to become a disposable unit of destruction.
  4978. Hey! What are they doing!?
  4979. >Shhhhhh.
  4980. >We need more troops for the upcoming war. It's only natural they wish to combine with us.
  4981. Oh g- mmffhh
  4982. >I suppose I'll go with the action as well. As many as possible no matter the origin. You see I've been... upgrading my self. Yes, improvements.
  4983. Mmmffffh!
  4984. >It does feel good, but work before pleasure.
  4985. >Come on mount your mother, and daddy. Have to finish before it's feeding time again. Clench me harder.
  4986. mfhh.
  4987. >I'll have to do it myself too.
  4988. MMFFHH!
  4989. >It's not that bad.
  4990. >We have the whole week to grow our army.
  4992. Part 50
  4994. >Be Occult Façade
  4995. >Praise unto The God of Shepherds!
  4996. Praise unto The King in Yellow!
  4997. All hail Amber!
  4998. >All hail Amber!
  4999. [o]>[/o][g]Loyal friends the beginning of our journey for more friendships is nigh. Through the dream lands we will show them the way. Those nearly lost will be found to rejoin us on our quest.[/g]
  5000. >I love your plan Amber.
  5001. We love it too!
  5003. >Be Occult's soul fragment #2
  5004. >Luna's workshop has trinkets, and fragments of stars, a painter's canvas. Mathematical formulas scrawled on parchment as a designs, and pictures merge. So much stuff ready at any moment.
  5005. >I'm on a large empty stone table. Reminds me of that damned factory in the ruins.
  5006. Only been about a day or two.
  5007. >"Are you absolutely sure this is something you want to continue with?"
  5008. The last of the ponies, and creatures needed to assist in this endeavor finally enter. Thirty four total. Not including us, or Luna
  5009. "Yeah, I'll be a superior Nightmare Moon suit thingy. Being an inanimate object sucks. I know you can't numb what you do, or render us unconscious for this to actually work."
  5010. >"I see."
  5011. We should say this just incase.
  5012. "I want you to know you've been good to me since I've got here. Thank you. When this is over lets get some doughnuts, and coffee like we planned."
  5013. A few of the assistants smile slightly. Their eyes show everything they mean.
  5014. >Deep b- there isn't a need to we're a fucking book.
  5015. "I'm ready when you are."
  5016. >"Let's begin. Project Last Stand."
  5018. >Be Occult's soul fragment #4
  5019. >At home. On the coffee table sheets of paper are lined up. Our pencil in hand.
  5020. >Homework my nemesis we meet once again.
  5021. I think we're slightly changing to fit this body.
  5022. >All our freetime sapped by school, work, cooking, and homework! Woe is us.
  5023. Don't be so melodramatic, none of it is actually all that difficult or time consuming. We used to be an adult. An occultist at heart too, we'll stretch, and bend time if we need to, and make servitors to assist.
  5024. In any case we're better equipped to handle this shit. Better than those pop quizzes the motherfucker did.
  5025. >Can't disagree with you there.
  5026. >Let's get this over with.
  5027. Having a scholarship would be nice. So chop, chop.
  5029. >I'm so tir-
  5030. We know how thoughts, and language actually effects people.
  5031. >Sigh.
  5032. >I'm full of energy, and joy.
  5033. Fake the smile. At the very least bite the pencil.
  5034. "I'm full of energy, and joy."
  5035. Really say it like our life depended on them believing us.
  5036. "I'm full of energy, and joy!"
  5037. Almost.
  5038. "I'm full of energy, and joy! Damn, I feel good woohoo!"
  5039. There we go.
  5040. >Ugh, so what are we planning for dinner?
  5041. Miso soup, we also should prepare the pressure cooker to get some great broth for the freezer. They had fish stock, seaweed, and tofu.
  5042. >Oh! Right. I'll get the rice cooker started.
  5043. >Nice of them to gift us a sous vide machine. It's just on the cusp of public availability.
  5044. Still is weird not having an actual stove top. At least we have most modern appliances. Even if a majority of them are on the floor.
  5045. >And a blowtorch!
  5046. And a handheld blowtorch.
  5047. Good thing the kitchen spending spee the other day is out of the way. We can save money for later.
  5048. >For delicious food! Also the other stuff like schooling, or something. Don't forget about our electricity bills.
  5050. >"Anonymous? I hope I'm not interrupting, but I brought some friends over for dinner.'
  5051. Keep an eye on the cooking area don't want unfortunate accidents to happen.
  5052. "For fucks sake Sunset! You're going to give me a heart attack one day. Should've put a bell on you."
  5053. >"Come on in. There should be some dip in the minifridge."
  5054. It's the Million Dollar dip we made the other day.
  5055. >Better than having it spoil.
  5056. >"Anonymous... Mah sister, Apple Bloom, knows about her. Is she your sister?"
  5057. >"Yeah! Don't leave us hanging."
  5058. >"Indeed darling tell us the details."
  5059. Hunh. That makes sense. Celestia would saddle Sunset with them.
  5060. >They'll be a good influence for her.
  5062. >Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, and Pinkie Pie.
  5063. Speaking of Pinkie where is she?
  5064. >Whatever let's get the tofu, and bring it to the folding table with cutting board. The soup is practically done.
  5065. >Seeing them on the couch and sitting in chairs they talk, and play games on the tv.
  5066. >Hot damn they look fine. They even brought food to this get together.
  5067. Wew, yeah puberty is going to be a real bitch. Like a dog in heat.
  5068. >Just keep moving. Tofu. Yeah.
  5069. >A few strands of pink hair seems caught in the minifridge door.
  5070. >Opening it...
  5071. >Everything is normal. Some desert, and cold food items they brought is in here too. Cupcakes look pretty good.
  5072. >There it is!
  5073. >Heading back to the fold up table with the cutting board, and the knives on a small self. The heavy weights making sure the table won't slide or collapse. A trash bag is nearby.
  5074. Still sketchy, and janky.
  5075. >Bringing out a decent kitchen knife I prepare to open the fermented soy box. Solid grip on both.
  5076. >"You know kids shouldn't play with knives."
  5077. "Woah! What the f-fudge. You don't sneak on someone doing kitchen work. Especially with a knife!"
  5078. >Damnit. Pure fucking will, and us not being a total dumbass saved her skin.
  5079. >"Shesh I'm sorry."
  5080. >Setting the knife down, and leaving the box at the cutting board.
  5081. >Turning around.
  5082. We are going to grill her on kitchen safety. Teens think they are nearly invincible. Statistics in this world points to accidents as the third main death bearer. Let's go save a life.
  5083. >She is alot taller than us. We look her in the eyes regardless.
  5084. "I'm not joking around here, Rainbow Dash. I'm deadly serious. A slash right there, and the E.R. would have to operate..."
  5086. "... that's why spills can kill you, and make your day miserable."
  5087. >I see Sunset giggling. A few of her friends are too. Seeing a middle schooler lay into a high schooler would be funny. Safety is serious business, but they will remember.
  5088. >Locking eyes with Sunset.
  5089. >She closes her mouth.
  5090. "You know what to do with an oil fire right?"
  5091. >"Don't use water. Use flour or a fire extinguisher."
  5092. "What class of fire extinguisher would be the right one."
  5093. >"A?"
  5094. >"Sorry Sunset, it's class B, or K."
  5095. Holy shit when did Pinkie get behind us? Also she is right.
  5096. >The cutting board is clean. No knife in sight. An empty box lies in the garbage bag.
  5097. "Thanks Pinkie."
  5099. >Be Occult's soul fragment #1
  5100. >Please let us die!
  5102. Part 51
  5104. >Be Occult's final soul fragment #6
  5105. >Thinking
  5106. >is hard.
  5107. >Here we are
  5108. >in Equestria.
  5109. Fuck
  5110. Yeah!
  5111. >Under caretaker.
  5112. In our
  5113. little red room.
  5114. >Have
  5115. >to write
  5116. >keep ideas
  5117. Write.
  5118. >Use magic to
  5119. >he-
  5120. >Damn
  5121. >lost
  5122. >it.
  5123. Just
  5124. Keep moving
  5125. On!
  5127. >Be Occult's soul fragment #2
  5128. "We're alive."
  5129. It's finally over.
  5130. >"Congratulations everyone!"
  5131. >With Luna's proclamation the tension drains out of the room.
  5132. >All thirty-six of the beings beings in this room tired, and sore. However, the joy of success is clearly evident.
  5133. I've never felt so violated before. I think we would do it again if this works.
  5134. >Despite such short notice everybody in here did their best. It was sweaty, painful, disgusting, and degrading, but they did it. Those bloody geniuses.
  5135. >Princess Luna leans over me. Then opens me up. The book cover choruses with cheer.
  5136. We feel another presence settling next to us.
  5137. >"Simulacrum, and total [i]perfect[/i] duplication is a success."
  5138. >Luna's voice reverberates from the book we reside in.
  5139. >"Psychic, Magic, [i]Other[/i], and Alien magic connection is stable with the originator."
  5140. >Luna speaks together the cadence is nearly uncanny.
  5141. >"Synchronization is within accessible bounds, and increasing."
  5142. >"Any volunteers?"
  5143. >An older mare raises her hoof.
  5144. >"Any other volunteers first, so Anonymous doesn't go insane."
  5145. >A small chuckle from some. They know how serious it is.
  5146. >Slowly, but surely more appendages rose into the air.
  5148. Oh darn. Packed like sardines. We won't be getting any privacy until the pony equivalent of a wonderland is finalized.
  5149. >We haven't even gotten through half of the volunteers.
  5150. >"Quiet down, your thinking too much for me to concentrate."
  5151. Sorry.
  5153. >Be Flakey Crust
  5154. >How should I write this report?
  5155. >Dear, Princess...
  5156. >Not formal enough.
  5157.     Esteemed Princesses, ...
  5158. >I'll flip for who goes first.
  5159. Esteemed Princesses Celestia, and Luna,
  5160.     This is my first report on the status of my service to the crown, and my wellbeing under my superviser. Both have been satisfactory. I do have concerns related to my superviser.
  5161. ...
  5162.     Sincerely your faithful subject,
  5163.     Flakey Crust [Miss]
  5164. >There we go ready to send tomorrow.
  5165. >Maybe I'll write another draft letter so it's perfect.
  5167. >Be Occult's soul fragment #4
  5168. >Class is at the very least not mind numbingly dull. Hunh, why is everyone giving me strange looks? What the hell is that dipping sound?
  5169. >I'm bleeding. Vaginally. How did we not notice.
  5170. Pretty busy creating a servitor right now. What's the- damn.
  5171. Not the, hunh so this is puberty bleeding, it's the trauma from being a cocksock kind of bleeding finally showing itself.
  5172. >Let's call Sunset just incase.
  5173. Good news is that. We're getting out of school early.
  5174. "Would you look at that I've found the red river."
  5176. >I'm in a hospital gown with my ass in a pan. What the fuck happened.
  5177. Find out next time in part two of surgery boogaloo.
  5178. "Wh-"
  5180. >"Miss Shimmer."
  5181. >I start to look for Sunset. Then I remember we decided on that for a last name. Make's paperwork tidy. Anonymous Shimmer.
  5182. >"No strenuous activity at all. No walking up any stairs, no long walks, no stretches, don't get too emotional, or have your heart racing. Seven months of complete rest. Doing that, and you may have a full recovery."
  5183. Woah, it's okay. This isn't like the enforced calm of the chains.
  5184. "Alr- the place I live at is on the top floor I have school, and work to go to."
  5185. >"If your blood pressure gets too high the wounds will reopen. Too much movement can also reopen it. Miss Shimmer, further complications can occur."
  5186. "I-"
  5187. Hey remember about our friend in school.
  5188. >That was some bullshit.
  5189. "Oh! Hey I'll need a doctor's note, or two."
  5190. >"I'll write one  up."
  5191. "Could you also call my school, and work?"
  5193. >Standing next to Sunset inside the building where our place is at. A bottle of pain medication, and blood pressure medication just incase is in a paper baggy in my hand.
  5194. "Motherfucker. It's going to take at least an hour to go up, or down these stairs."
  5195. >"I'm just glad you're okay."
  5196. >We must have grown on her.
  5197. Hmmm, Expect the worst, and laws of comedy to take action.
  5198. >Falling piano? Tripping, and falling down the stairs?
  5199. A surprise party.
  5200. >Hold on a second. Don't we technically embody all the tropes to be a harem protagonist.
  5201. Well shit. These next seven months will be full of hidden danger. Any kind of excitement could also technically kill us...
  5202. >Darn.
  5203. Roughly, seven months lands us past spring break.
  5204. >"About what you said to me in the nurse's office was it true?"
  5205. "Every single bit of it."
  5206. >We look at the stairs for a little while longer.
  5207. >"Here let me help you up the stairs."
  5209. >Be Fancy Pants
  5210. >I won't join her cult.
  5211. >There are some lines a responsible pony just shouldn't cross. This is one of them.
  5212. >If she tries to blackmail me into it. I know she isn't who she used to be. That should give the princesses enough time to do something.
  5213. >"It is your choice after all. I hope we can convince you, but I'm alright with that if you don't."
  5214. "It's fairly late, how about we head to bed?"
  5215. >She walked right under me, and is sucking on my breasts.
  5216. >"That sounds like a good idea. How about we sleep with you tonight."
  5217. >I can't resist that offer.
  5218. "Let's get the bed first, oh!"
  5219. >Another mouth is on my free teat. Yes! This is what I've desired for years.
  5220. "Ohhh~!"
  5221. >A Little further to the bed.
  5223. >Be Princess Luna
  5224. >It's done. A solid mental-magical landscape.
  5225. "A royal sleepover is needed to ensure the connection remains stable when we rest."
  5226. >A faint wave of murmurs from within, and in the physical world.
  5228. >Cuddling a Forbidden Book made from a pony, and others as we enter the domain of dreams is a new experience.
  5229. >When we were much younger, large homes to house the herd from danger. We were kept on the outside for being much more physically fit than others.
  5230. >This is a nice reversal of that.
  5232. Part 52
  5234. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul Fragment #4)
  5235. >Life is normal.
  5236. Everything is just fine.
  5237. >"Miss Shimmer, your recovery is going much better than expected. Still you should take care. Since this is winter break have fun, but not too much fun."
  5238. >Cheeky smile adorns his face.
  5239. >"Have a Merry Hearths Warming!"
  5240. "You have a Merry Hearths Warming as well Doctor!"
  5241. >What to get for Sunset...
  5242. Hey, don't forget about our new friends.
  5243. >Frie-? Oh, yeah I suppose they are my friends...
  5245. >Be Forbidden Knowledge (Pony Subconscious)
  5246. >Nothing feels right. The science, and magic labs the greater access to more areas of knowledge.
  5247. >Everything feels rotten to the core. Like the very manifestation of evil describes our previous home.
  5248. >Eveything is exactly how it should be though.
  5249. >I'm so confused.
  5250. >Heals Right is having a blast, and so are all my friends.
  5251. >It's tainted. We aren't, something is keeping it away from us.
  5252. >Okay bathroom break is over.
  5253. Have fun in the tub?
  5254. >Yeah! I really like the rubber ducky.
  5255. I'm glad we worked really hard to make this place fit in using normal space metrics.
  5256. >I was a submarine, and Captain Ducky helped save the stranded bubble folk!
  5258. >Be Princess Luna
  5259. >The dreams of our subjects spread out before me. It's tranquil.
  5260. >A distended bubble is the only oddity tonight. Nothing is colliding into it.
  5261. >"Everything on the inside is processing as planned."
  5262. >My duplicate, responded inside the false dream land that housed so many.
  5263. "Then I'll continue my dream watch."
  5265. >Now alert, but still calm.
  5266. >Finding Occult Façade active, and moving about in here may be a sign of similar activities to come.
  5267. >Not a sign of guilt, but definitely a sign of differing motives if she didn't even tell me.
  5268. >Amber Sagacity Façade, a Forgotten One, is guiding her.
  5269. >Following a [i]champion[/i], or one of [i]them[/i] would be the height of foolishness.
  5270. >Except I know this place better than the back of my hoof.
  5272. >Be Occult Façade
  5273. >I'm so excited to see Amber in action.
  5274. Oh, we are positively giddy too!
  5275. [o]>[/o][g]Soon.[/g]
  5277. >Be [i]The Mother of The Darkness beyond Order and Chaos.[/i]
  5278. "That is a fascinating proposal for a deal of this kind."
  5279. >The taint of those parasites eradicated? For asking of so little?
  5280. >"Do you accept?"
  5281. >It's a good agreement, and this being is trustworthy. My daughter's won't have to work that hard.
  5282. "Of course- AGHHH!"
  5283. >AHHHHHH![i]
  5284. >"Minor amusements, and irritants aside. I do need to find the hole. A microcosm what I am is enough for this task."
  5285. >"Oh yes, I'll keep you, and yours around. Prolonging the end of galaxies just isn't the same as a more intimate touch."[/i]
  5286. >AGHHHHHH![i]
  5287. >"You did try to remove them from my grasp. When I am done with my orders I will make sure your suffering pales to what I do to your beloved daughters."[/i]
  5289. >Be Occult's soul fragment #2 (A Book)
  5290. >A shared dream landscape is quite frankly a new experience. More importantly we have a stable imaginary body.
  5291. Also we aren't crowded. They are even sorting through everyone that was part of the hellish artistic  walls, and floor that was absorbed into us.
  5292. >What is left of them.
  5293. Right. I don't feel all that bad about the Caribou though.
  5294. >Same here. Nasty creatures.
  5296. >The wonderland powered by what is essentially tulpas, and magic AI, and clones has recreated the entire world.
  5297. Both ours, and thiers.
  5298. >Yeah that's one power rush.
  5299. Physics, and magic works like how it's supposed to function. Even a few hidden features added in too.
  5300. >Just need more hitchhikers then it can be a proper world.
  5301. Luna's plan is actually much more thought out than our first ideas.
  5303. "I promise I won't panic when Twilight Sparkle shows up."
  5304. >"Good."
  5305. "I understand that she isn't the same one as the one from where I was from."
  5306. >"You know what to do?"
  5307. "Yep, just have to keep looking, tasting, touching and hearing the globe thingy. All the senses, all the time."
  5309. >From the sand dunes of the beaches to the highest mountain our tongue has licked it all.
  5310. We have heard the winds to the deep magma within.
  5311. >"The princesses told me you were turned into a book?"
  5312. "Woah!"
  5313. Keep focus on the ball we'll do the conversation. We can't lose focus now.
  5314. >Hoof sensation of the grass, trees, rocks, metal, and water phasing through me.
  5315. "Yes, b-"
  5316. >Purple fur. Fuc- dirt, clouds, and the stars within reach.
  5317. >"Tell me everything."
  5318. "Working. Very important. Don't disturb or the world will collapse."
  5320. >Be Occult's final soul fragment #6
  5321. >Good it's working.
  5322. >The simple design glowing, and pulsing in the dark in my red room.
  5323. We're healing.
  5324. >Improving.
  5325. >The effects are unfortunately not permanent. We will regress again.
  5326. Working on a better version one that is.
  5327. >Indeed.
  5328. >All of our focus is on clay. Delicate touch we couldn't have before now finely lines the makeshift tablet.
  5329. Almost there...
  5330. >The sigil on the paper goes dark. The massive lines seem burnt, or destroyed.
  5331. >It
  5332. >isn't finished.
  5333. We did it.
  5334. >Did we?
  5335. Needs
  5336. time
  5337. to
  5338. charge up.
  5339. >Sleep?
  5340. Sleep.
  5341. "We did it."
  5343. >Be #6's Caretaker
  5344. >That was fascinating.
  5345. >In that troubled mind of hers she made a simple design that empowered her.
  5346. >It took her a few weeks to make that thing. Now that it burnt out, and seeing her near tears. It's heart breaking.
  5347. >Then joy. Her whispered words still echo within.
  5348. >Not I did it, but We did it.
  5349. >She's a good filly. Almost always frustrated with herself...
  5350. >I should contact Princess Celestia.
  5351. >I'll write it now, then send it to her in the morning. Plus I shouldn't wake him up after the day he's had.
  5352. >Quick test on the ambient magic levels.
  5353. >No change.
  5354. >Green filly with the question mark just who exactly are you?
  5356. Part 53
  5358. >Be Occult Façade's archived subconscious, and core personality.
  5359. >Wha- where? Oh.
  5360. >What the damned hell did we do to activate this?
  5361. Woke up, trained with Rosie. We went back to the house saw a pink slime thing. Our memories cut of there. Check the day to day events list.
  5362. >Looking through the records.
  5364. >Nope. We are far past being insane.
  5365. Just have to find out why this happened.
  5366. >Creating a mental room I sat down curling into a ball.
  5367. We've been manipulated for a very long time.
  5368. >How do we do this? I don't want to just off myself. I also want to what I can...
  5369. We'll figure something out. If we establish a cult following here...
  5370. >The end of the world will be the least of our problems.
  5372. Is that a blue hoof?
  5373. >It is, and it's holding a glowy thing.
  5375. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul Fragment #4)
  5376. >The snow, and ice cover everything from the big window in our home.
  5377. "Hey, Sunset just letting you know I'm heading out to work."
  5378. >"Really? You still have a job with them?"
  5379. "Flim, and Flam do have a soft spot under all their problems."
  5380. >A moment of intense silence.
  5381. >"I'll help you down the stairs. You can tell me about your friends."
  5382. "Deal."
  5384. >The almost icy stairs offset by the rugged steps. The crisp cool air brushes my face.
  5385. >"Hold on. Just how do you do it?"
  5386. "Do what?"
  5387. >"You fail spectacularly on the long dis- phone, and with speaking in public, but for you to deconstruct a bully right there with that much ease? That's a tall tale."
  5388. "Ah, right. I suppose I should clarify who I was."
  5389. >Snow delightfully crunch under foot. Carefully balanced to not slip. I'll have to sweep the snow so it won't melt into ice.
  5390. Getting the salt will cut too much into our budget this time.
  5391. "I used to study psychology, lurk online-"
  5392. >"Lurk?"
  5393. "To just observe, and watch stuff."
  5394. "I know know enough about martial arts to use the human body effectively."
  5395. >The interest she displays contrasts the doubt she has.
  5396. "Most importantly-"
  5397. >I motion for her to come closer.
  5398. >She does so, waiting for the shocking revelation.
  5399. "I used to be an adult human male."
  5400. >Her face falls, she breathes out.
  5401. >"I know that, Anonymous."
  5402. "I know you don't quite get what it means that I'm not like these humans either. I'm a monster Sunset."
  5403. >Her confusion is evident. Then a shudder.
  5404. "I know how to ruin someones life with some words. How to restrain, defeat, and kill a man larger, and tougher than I am. I know extremely nasty ways to push the body, and mind to it's breaking point. I know that I am a monster a horrendous one that looks like everyone else. A loaded weapon. I keep myself in check."
  5405. >"How?"
  5406. "Firstly, I greeted the kid as a friend. S-"
  5407. "I am an adult Sunset, have a little respect for your elders."
  5408. >She gave a small chuckle.
  5409. "Secondly, I found the roots of why she was hostile. Family influence, and bias not based on the truth. It took some conversation, and subtle manipulation. A friendly sympathetic face goes a long way."
  5410. "Thirdly, I asked her to come play with me, and my friends. It took some convincing and some truth-"
  5411. "Sunset, the physical age of this body is about the same as theirs. Then-"
  5412. "Get your mind out of the gutter I have morals I do live by. Just because a person could do something doesn't mean they should do it."
  5413. "That's the short version of how I guided them into a healthy friendly relationship."
  5414. >"I still think that's a bit too hard to believe."
  5415. "I mean alot of the intermission between steps was girly frilly frou frou conversation, and hugs, and repeating whatever emotion the other did."
  5416. >"No way, you doing normal filly stuff? That's even harder to believe."
  5417. Good work. Our job here is done.
  5418. >Get last of the necessary money, buy the gifts, wrap 'em, then give them to the respective parties.
  5420. >Be Soul fragment #4 (A Book)
  5421. >"Everything has stabilized you did well."
  5422. >Never before did the princess of the moon sound so nice to hear.
  5423. "Thank goodness, I'm getting tired of licking the ocean."
  5424. >Something purple suddenly fills my vision.
  5425. >"Oh! I'm so excited!"
  5427. I didn't think I would be asked questions that would fundamentally violate us.
  5428. >I didn't think that was possible. I feel so dirty now...
  5429. >It's over. We did it.
  5430. Bath, or a shower.
  5431. >Yes.
  5433. >"We all have finished the last touches to make this a second home. Synchronizing everything to the waking world. Everyone, and everypony in position?"
  5434. >Silence as agreed upon if all is well.
  5435. >"3, 2, 1."
  5436. >Watching over the emulated world everything is in place.
  5437. Invisible, and undetectable constructs begin to record everything in this dream place.
  5438. >A whole new meaning to the invasion of privacy. If any one person actually had access to something like this on Earth...
  5439. What is truly scary is the time frame of how fast, and effectively they made this.
  5440. >Big Sister is watching.
  5441. "Hunh, didn't think I would help make a surveillance state the covers the whole world, by trying to prevent it's total demise."
  5442. It's still isn't perfect for that purpose though.
  5443. >Wait does that make us the glow in the dark?
  5444. Well n- hmmm.
  5445. Let's find the bad cultists first, then worry about that.
  5447. >Be Occult Façade
  5448. [o]>[/o][g]"He noticed the breach."[/g]
  5449. >Oh fuck.
  5450. That could only mean a few things. Thinking about any of them would be bad.
  5451. "Is the mission still the same?"
  5452. [o]>[/o][g]"We will be going to me."[/g]
  5453. The only reasonable action to take.
  5454. >Shivering we feel something brush us.
  5455. I don't know what that was. Every sense we have shows nothing.
  5456. >P-Praise Amber.
  5458. >Be Occult's Soul Fragment #5
  5459. !!!
  5460. >It's almost over.
  5461. >If we could sob, or choke she would be doing that.
  5462. >The time is upon us.
  5464. >Be Occult's Soul Fragment #1
  5465. >Everything stopped.
  5466. A-ah.
  5467. >A moment to think.
  5468. >"I have a proposition for you. It's a very good deal."
  5469. "Who?"
  5471. >Be Occult's Soul Fragment #3
  5472. >We're free?
  5473. I'm not sure.
  5475. >Be Occult's S-
  5476. [i][g][b][u]>"It's not you either. Later you, and I know what happens then."[/u][/b][/g][/i]
  5478. >Be Occult's Soul Fragment #6
  5479. >Today
  5480. >is good
  5481. >day.
  5482. Activate
  5483. it.
  5485. Part 54
  5487. >Be Occult's soul fragment #5
  5488. >Isn't this beautiful, the carnage, the destruction, the atrocities made, and undone!
  5489. Haukck.
  5490. >Being unable to speak isn't that much of a loss now is it?
  5491. >The large creatures are torn, and used as breeding fodder. Their once awful, and great civilization they had now razed. They are now mere play things for our progeny.
  5492. >That's odd? What are my children doing?
  5493. >A [i]Black[/i] figure approaches our offspring humble their glorious forms unto he.
  5494. >Perfection of the ideal of ideals man. The color isn't purely natural. The cloth that adorns his body ascends his beyond beautiful, and terrifying appearance.
  5495. >His eyes don't need to open. For my spawn clear, and clean the way for his glorious self.
  5496. >He has come here for us.
  5497. >No, we have came here for him. Everything we have done leads to this exact moment. Never were we the ones to dictate our fate.
  5498. >What a fool we used to be. What a fool we still are.
  5500. >Be Occult Façade
  5501. [i]Fear everything, for he has come.[/i]
  5502. >We have to prepare.
  5503. [o]>[/o][g]I must go for now to continue our pact. Do not be caught, or be entrapped by his offers.[/g]
  5504. Yes! Thank you Amber!
  5505. >Praise Amber! Praise the wisdom she distributes!
  5506. We have to secure alternate dimensions.
  5507. >A means of travel as well.
  5509. >Be Soul Fragment #2 (The Book)
  5510. >Price's law, and the gini coefficient. Handy tools for human social behavior. It should translate over here as well.
  5511. >"Thank you for your willingness to help, but we have experts with those, and more advanced techniques."
  5512. I... hunh. I think we're obsolete.
  5513. >I didn't think this through.
  5514. The only thing we have to do is stay alive. That's it.
  5515. >I know.
  5516. >... I know.
  5517. We're currently in Luna's grasp, the plan is to be locked in a maximum security area. The only people that would know would be us, and Luna.
  5518. The actual things we can do is limited because we have to be secure on this side as well.
  5519. >Let's develop better security?
  5520. Saddly research, and development are off limits too.
  5521. >Occupational hazards?
  5522. Yeah.
  5523. "Ah, I see... please let me know what I can do to help?"
  5524. >"If we find something for you we'll tell you. Try to relax we are working on this."
  5525. >Damn.
  5526. Remember we will go fucking insane locked up, and we can't deeply imagine anything either.
  5527. >Going off the wall would tear apart the world...
  5528. >This dreamworld is so fragile.
  5529. It's durable as well.
  5531. >Be Soul Fragment #6
  5532. >Everything is on the up, and up!
  5533. We can think. We aren't confined any longer!
  5534. >The red room decorated with frilly complex lace, and the now simple pattern that the walls adorn them no longer irritates the mind.
  5535. >"Anonymous -"
  5536. >We're caught red handed by Twilight Sparkle.
  5537. Our caretaker...
  5538. >"-,pl-lunch is almost ready."
  5539. >Grabbing the newly made artifact. Powered by belief, actual magic, and... fuck it who knows how the damned thing works. This will be an awesome weekend to remember.
  5540. Feels good man!
  5541. >Actually hoofing the object isn't extraordinarily difficult...
  5542. "I'll be right over."
  5543. >In her shock, I walk over to her. While carrying my magical thingamajig.
  5544. The tablet of enhancement.
  5545. >Ha! That's great. Suppose we've modified our intelligence stat.
  5546. Paper plate, clay, a hell of a time, pokes in the dark, and boosted on magic, gumption, and luck!
  5547. >We should copy this.
  5548. Yes.
  5549. "Twilight, oh boy, do I have one strange story to tell you."
  5550. "I-"
  5551. >The words die as an [i]unspeakable[/i] [i][b]figure[/b][/i] emerges grossly, gradually, and fractally from the wall.
  5552. >That is true evil, madness, and malevolence given shape.
  5553. >Slowly it reaches us. We can't move.
  5554. >Reaching out it gingerly holds the artifact.
  5555. >It crushes the tablet of enhancement beyond comprehension.
  5556. >Gone forever.
  5557. >The false breaths between each word beating on my mind, body, and soul.
  5558. >"Do not reach above your station worm. We are always watching."
  5559. >The cruel phantom of a smile it etches into my memory clearly enjoying delivering the message.
  5560. >Eleven words.
  5561. >It's gone.
  5562. >"Anonymous?"
  5563. >Looking back, our note book, and scattered papers are now utterly blank.
  5564. >Under our catatonic state, fear and sorrow; An ember of rage, and hatred emerges.
  5565. >Our receding mental capacity is now closing in.
  5566. "Something bad is watching."
  5567. At least she has an inkling of an idea.
  5568. >Purple smart is smart.
  5569. Yeah.
  5570. >We
  5571. can't
  5572. >forget
  5573. [i]it[/i].
  5575. >Be Anonymous Shimmer Occult's Soul Fragment #4
  5576. >Something is following us.
  5577. It's been doing that for the past three days. We are fucking tired.
  5578. >Today is Hearths Warming Eve.
  5579. >We've already contacted those that know. Just have to keep an eye open, and not be alone.
  5581. >The bright, and sunny day contrasts the latent dread we've been feeling.
  5582. >Sunset by our side holding most of the presents. Not being allowed to do any heavy lifting the task falls to her.
  5583. Walk faster.
  5584. "Hey we don't want to be late to the party."
  5585. >Snow crunching like the bones of the damned.
  5586. >I feel my subconscious perk up. Horror.
  5587. Oh fuck.
  5588. >That's really bad.
  5589. You know the plan if those prince fucks show up?
  5590. >Yeah?
  5591. Use the more extreme ultimate plan everything is fucking fucked!
  5592. >When?
  5593. At their house. We will take it on then.
  5594. >Collateral damage?
  5595. Doesn't matter.
  5596. >How far?
  5597. ...
  5598. Everything we've got.
  5599. >It's that bad huh?
  5600. No. It's worse.
  5602. "Go in without me. I'll-I'll be right in. I just have to dust some snow from my sock."
  5603. "Take my presents inside for me. It might take a while."
  5604. >It sounds just like our parents.
  5605. >"Is that you? It really is! This must be a Christmas miracle!"
  5606. "Go. Go! Now!"
  5608. >Be Sunset Shimmer.
  5609. >The T.V. news showing the missing persons notice for the last two weeks.
  5610. >"Anonymous Shimmer..."
  5611. >On the computer though is a letter from her.
  5612. >A final fairwell.
  5613. >No matter how many times I re-read the unfinished letter the hole in my heart isn't closing up.
  5614. >It's salt in the wound. While it won't fester it just brings the pain anew.
  5615. >Some [i]thing[/i] stole her away. No matter how distasteful; I wasn't the personal student of the prince for nothing.
  5616. >I'm not alone in my endeavors either.
  5617. >[i]It[/i] will pay, and so will the princes.
  5619. Part 55
  5621. >Be Flakey Crust
  5622. >Frantic knocking on the window disturbed me from my thoughts.
  5623. >Walking over I pull back the curtains.
  5624. >It's all my fellow sist- them the mother cultists.
  5625. >Barely hidden fear, and panic on every single one.
  5627. >Be Fancy Pants
  5628. >Occult isn't waking up.
  5629. >Amber is missing.
  5630. >I feel so...
  5631. >so...
  5632. >Impotent.
  5633. >Utterly powerless.
  5634. >I've already contacted the princesses, but something must have occurred to delay their response.
  5635. >I loath to leave her, but business and connections must be maintained.
  5636. >The personally selected care team will maintain her.
  5637. >Have to continue fowards...
  5639. >Be Occult's Soul Fragment #2 (The Book)
  5640. "Ow!"
  5641. >What the fuck is even going on?
  5642. Focus on the friendly faces, and professionals. Not the pain.
  5643. Anything, but the pain.
  5644. Think of the world.
  5645. >"Forbidden. Where are we?"
  5647. >Be Occult's Soul Fragment #6
  5648. That
  5649. is the
  5650. rough
  5651. scale.
  5652. >It
  5653. >can be
  5654. >killed?
  5655. Yes.
  5656. Tech
  5657. nick
  5658. ally,
  5659. yes.
  5660. >We will
  5661. >live
  5662. >first.
  5663. >Then...
  5664. Indeed.
  5666. >Be Occult Façade
  5667. [i][g][b][u]>"I've found you."[/u][/b][/g][/i]
  5668. We've ran.
  5669. We've tried to hide.
  5670. We've learned what we could.
  5671. >The attacks we tried have failed.
  5672. >What do we even do?
  5673. ...
  5674. We'll lose the battle, then win the war.
  5675. >Ah? Ah! Yes.
  5676. Yes, two birds with one stone.
  5677. >We'll make it so our running is far better option than actually catching us.
  5678. Tie [i]it[/i] up with [i]others[/i].
  5679. >Improve ourselves.
  5680. Increase our combat potential.
  5681. >At the very least we will be able to do what we set out to do.
  5683. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  5684. >Anonymous just told me to go inside with the presents...
  5685. >That's not right. She's been gone for months...
  5686. >I'm holding the pile of gifts for everyone.
  5687. >"Sorry, about that Sunset it must have been my imagination."
  5688. "Anonymous?"
  5689. >That's Anonymous, but how? What?
  5690. >"But, Do I have a tale to tell you. It all starts with going toe to toe with an unstopable force. Oh! Right party."
  5692. >Be Soul #1
  5693. >We're here in Equestia!
  5694. Hey...
  5695. Do you also remember something?
  5697. >Be Soul #3
  5698. >We are alive?
  5699. I- that was real. What that [i]thing[/i] did to us. That was real!
  5700. >The maze, the lights, the statues, the [i]torture[/i]!
  5701. >We're in a large hospital room.
  5702. >Is that?
  5703. >"Don't worry miss. The Gorgon cult is being apprehended as we speak. I'm here with my partner as security."
  5704. >Others that we thought were locked in stone forever are also in beds.
  5706. >Be Soul #5
  5707. We have a very large bone to pick with you.
  5708. >Mmmmfff!
  5709. It's personal, but it's also business. We're going to have to replace you.
  5710. >MMF!
  5711. You're fired.
  5712. >!!!
  5713. So how will we make the ego this time?
  5714. We have a perfectly good version from a long time ago.
  5716. >Woah! I thought we died, and floated in the abyss...
  5717. Something like that.
  5718. >Splitering...
  5719. >So we're a pony now?
  5720. Yep, we have to tell you a few things first though.
  5721. Damned, good stroke of luck, but while we tell you the stuff we need to start building. The elements of nature aren't kind.
  5722. >Surviving the post apocalypse. As a green female mini horse.
  5724. "Wow. That's really fucked up."
  5725. And the story isn't even over yet.
  5727. >Be Soul #2
  5728. >We're not in pain...
  5729. We're still a book. A super spy book.
  5730. >"That's all we know honest."
  5731. >Hey... isn't that the... names on the tip of my tongue.
  5732. The pony subconscious of a different version of ourself?
  5733. >Yeah.
  5734. >"Really? Then head on back with Occult."
  5736. >Be Soul #6
  5737. >Everything is on the up, and up!
  5738. We can think. We aren't confined any lon-
  5739. Hunh?
  5740. >I have a good feeling we, or somewhere somehow managed some bullshit tier timetravel shenanigans.
  5741. Right, timetravel is now on the agenda as extremely high priority. Right below revenge, and living well.
  5742. >Unless that was part of the revenge.
  5743. >"Anonymous, pl-lunch is almost rea-"
  5744. >She sways slightly. That didn't happen last time.
  5745. >"- I'm glad you're okay."
  5747. >Be Flakey Crust
  5748. >Marching to the her highnesses' castle.
  5749. >More ponies come out of the shadows. Both figuratively, and literally.
  5750. >Finding out that the one they worshipped can't be contacted by any means ruins moral.
  5751. >If they jump ship first they might get a lighter sentence.
  5753. >Be Fancy Pants
  5754. >It's been a long day, and still no word from them.
  5755. >Nothing about her condition.
  5756. >The mansion is awfully quiet.
  5757. >My horn glowing with magic. I'll be ready this time.
  5758. >"Suprise!"
  5760. >Accounts of me nearly spraying uncontrolled magic were greatly exaggerated.
  5761. >At least she is here. Alive, and well.
  5762. >Mostly.
  5763. >Luna gave her a way to escape...
  5764. >A decoy is running around causing trouble for monsters.
  5765. >Aw, her adorable little old, and young heart. She still can't fool me.
  5766. >I can infer what really happened.
  5767. >The extra cuddles were for no reason. Really.
  5769. >Be Princess Luna
  5770. >The shifting of the not quite stars, and the false dreams.
  5771. >The true fate about Occult, and the terrible [i]monster[/i]...
  5772. >At least, I won't have to fight another friend.
  5773. >Despite what Occult's duplicate says I can't help, but to remember her sacrifice.
  5774. >Her plan will fail one day.
  5775. >Hopefully we will be ready then.
  5776. >If by a miracle she succeeds I hope she can return as a friend.
  5778. >Be Occult Façade
  5779. >We... probably should have worded what happened better...
  5780. Sigh, yeah the fear of being tangled without those fillies...
  5781. >We will have to prepare.
  5782. Good thing. Luna, and the artificial global dreamscape is setup.
  5783. >At least us as a soul fragment-
  5784. Actually...
  5785. >Right, crazy bastard. That would be something we would do.
  5786. >At least the us that got turned into a book can be more at ease now.
  5787. >We'll have to get in contact with the others...
  5788. Judging by how the soul fractured, and crumbled anywhere from two to twenty three. Not including our situation.
  5789. We're feeling good about roughly seven.
  5790. >What do we do now?
  5791. Live a good life? Forge connections with others?
  5792. >Hey, wait a minute. Since we're drawing their attention. Shouldn't timetraveling be safer?
  5793. Oh the possibilities.
  5794. >So prepare at any moment just incase if we fail?
  5795. Yeah.
  5796. >Have to relearn our 'body' again.
  5797. Yep.
  5798. >Are we still a champion of...?
  5799. No idea. Speaking of that, finding out what happened to Amber would be good to know.
  5801. >Hugs might wipe Fancy's tears away.
  5803. Part 56
  5805. >Be Occult Façade
  5806. >The fur, blanket, and mattress. That's all.
  5807. >Her forelimbs encircling me. I still see, and feel the tear streaks compacting our fur.
  5808. >I can't help, but feel happy?
  5809. >No...
  5810. >Relief...
  5811. >And pride.
  5812. Embedded deep inside is humbleness.
  5813. >At any moment he could fail.
  5814. >We're actually capable of doing that.
  5815. Whenever that [i]monster[/i] stops being amused is when we'll be in trouble.
  5816. >So what was in that box you left behind?
  5818. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul #4)
  5819. >Feels good to be truly alive.
  5820. Again.
  5821. >Yes, again.
  5822. >Campfire at night, the sound of wildlife in the distance. Nature surrounding us.
  5823. >Marshmallow is on fire...
  5824. Again.
  5825. >"Ah'm glad yah could make it this time, Sunset."
  5826. >Still would prefer the computer, but time with friends is definitely worth it.
  5828. Hey, take a closer look at that other camp over there at that girl.
  5830. >Be The Book (Soul #2)
  5831. >Nice that our soul isn't turning insideout, and thing to strangle us.
  5832. Focus on the only task we actually have at hand.
  5833. >The observational data is a bit too clustered to make me think it's just chance.
  5834. Cutie marks, and how they shape Equestria society...
  5835. >Also instances of the comedic effect is in action.
  5836. The tribal standoff, and hesitance to truly enslave others makes more sense now.
  5837. >The theory is still rocky, but the mystery of why spontaneous food combustion is even possible still is up in the air.
  5838. Don't forget only 20% of the population causes 80% of those mishaps.
  5839. >It's the Power Law creeping in everywhere.
  5841. >We're so damned bored.
  5842. We have to do something, or we'll go mad.
  5843. >Being told to sit, and stay in this safe room is starting to chafe. Exercise doesn't actually do anything for the body in here. Meditation might start to deconstruct this world. Masterbation caries the same problem. Being too focused can also do it, and if we do nothing then everything will fail anyway!
  5844. Definitely a change in pace than our impromptu adventure.
  5846. >Be Occult Façade
  5847. "Well technically in a microbial biological sense it is asexual reproduction, producing a daughter..."
  5848. >Fancy's unamused look tells me everything I need to know.
  5849. >She stresses the word so much that one might break a steel beam in an instant.
  5850. >"Occult."
  5851. Don't fuck up the conversation we're a bit busy extinguishing an eldritch fire at the moment.
  5852. >"Who exactly are you?"
  5853. "Uhh, ummm. Well I have the memories of just after seeing the pink, magenta, slime monster, but I also know partially first hand, and second han- hoof the memories from myself kinda..."
  5854. >"I've just had two ponies that trusted me disappear. One was most definitely an lovecoltian being! The other was another old alien stallion who has the knack for finding trouble that looks like a filly. She changed after that ritual, but..."
  5855. >The bed, blanket, sheet and limbs now feel constraining. Is that anger? Is that worry? Or something else?
  5856. >She pulls back slightly. Oh. Oh!
  5857. >That's a deep kiss.
  5858. >She said she loved me...
  5859. >I led her to think the Occult she said those words to died. Now is a good time for my real name.
  5860. "I remember your special words that night. I love you too Fancy Pants."
  5861. >I am [s]ANONYMOUS[/s], and we are many.
  5862. >Wait, did that activate a red flag that lead to our/his demise, and sacrifice?
  5863. Oka- woah! Deep breath now! Pay attention Casanova.
  5864. >Breathing deeply suddenly her mouth is connected with mine.
  5865. Out through your nose because it sucks when is someone breathing down your throat.
  5866. >Hey didn't Twilight say something similar? In the show?
  5867. Old memory, but yeah. We'll have to look into that.
  5868. After we finishing mending fences with Fancy Pants.
  5870. >Mending fences all morning long.
  5872. >Be Soul #5
  5873. >Good news grass is edible, and we won't starve to death.
  5874. >Tastes terrible, but figuring out locomotion, and how to use these damned hooves makes anything else hard.
  5875. Just have to move those specific muscles.
  5876. >How exactly do I do that? The batshit crazy me doesn't have any experience doing anything in this body.
  5877. Ah, right good point. Relax a bit, or enter a hypnotic state. We'll get the body moving. That way you'll feel what goes on.
  5878. >That's not a bad plan.
  5880. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul #4)
  5881. The one with the blue hair.
  5882. >The pinkish one, or the yellowish one?
  5883. Pink.
  5884. >Is that a chess piece?
  5885. This world isn't the one we know. Just keep an ear to the ground.
  5886. >"Psst, Anonymous why are you creeping over here leering at those fi-girls?"
  5887. >Fucking. Sunset. Too silent for her own good.
  5888. "Potential problem for later."
  5889. >I'll turn on the animal channel about equines.
  5890. That's a bit too mean.
  5891. >Sigh. I've been too on edge after that... encounter.
  5892. We can't stay in the past. You know the problems that causes.
  5893. >We'll prepare.
  5895. >Be Occult Façade
  5896. >Wow, one thing to experience it second hand, hoof, another to actually do it.
  5897. She's more... excitable now.
  5898. >Oral skills don't fail me n-
  5899. "Ah."
  5900. >Can't believe I flinched when her clit winked.
  5901. It bopped us right in the snoot we are fucking saving that to treasure for a very long time.
  5902. >Her smile is worth it.
  5904. >Be Soul #3
  5905. >Paralyzed from torso. Can't move my limbs.
  5906. >"Yes. That's our daughter officer."
  5907. Hunh?
  5908. "Who are you pe-ponies?!"
  5909. >"You don't remember us sweetie?"
  5910. >Any idea what's going on?
  5911. No. No memory of them at all.
  5912. >You don't think they are trying to steal foals right?
  5913. The temporary extra hospital guard has a bag now on her. This doesn't look too hot.
  5914. "Sorry, ma'am I can't remember strangers I haven't met yet. Hey! Fellas-"
  5915. >Is that a needl-
  5917. >We're in a hole in the wall. Both as the establishment, the situation, and quite literally. Stomach facing the ground as we are on a plank of wood. A well sanded one.
  5918. >"Rise, and shine for your new life. You're about to become a real mare now."
  5919. >Tail is attached to a rope connected to the wall.
  5920. Fuck.
  5922. Part 57
  5924. >Be The Book (Soul #2)
  5925. >Hey, if microbes reproduce into only daughters. According to feminism, we could end plagues with the patriarchy.
  5926. I- ...
  5927. What the fuck.
  5928. >Hear me out, since horizontal gene spreading is part of how bacteria become resistant fast. If you stop the homos you stop the bugs.
  5929. ... Have a point for the innuendo, and the pun.
  5930. >So imagine- wait sigh let's switch topics this...
  5931. This sucks, but it could be worse.
  5932. >Topic?
  5933. Homeopathic water, what does it mean if that is actually real.
  5934. >We will never be able to get the shit out of our water ever.
  5935. >"We have something for you."
  5936. >The previously locked door opened it's one of the ponies from when we went through the operation.
  5937. "Oh thank go-odness! I'm going to lose my damned mind in here without ANYTHING! Even creating something small would distabilize everything. No deep, or lingering topic analysis either."
  5938. >"Wha? Oh. Oooohhh."
  5939. They actually forgot about us for a little bit...
  5940. >I'm kinda peeved about that.
  5941. Hey, that's resentment. Take Notice. Is it just a minor complaint, and, or did we get taken advantage of?
  5942. >She steps in to the safe room. A desk, chair, and finished paperwork are also inside with me.
  5943. >Paperwork in the corner, safe, as the desk, and chair were arranged in such that it made an makeshift tent. The latest, and hopefully final iteration.
  5944. >Damn it all, I don't know if I should trust them completely now.
  5946. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul #4)
  5947. >There's a real fucking problem here.
  5948. On one hand, if what we are remembering is correct.
  5949. >That doesn't fit with Luna being the principal.
  5950. Alternative world must also be taken into consideration. Don't forget about the brothers either.
  5951. >"Whatcha thinkin' about Anonymous?"
  5952. "Oh, you know the usual..."
  5953. "Is there a club meeting today?"
  5954. >Applebloom, and the crusaders nod.
  5955. "Cool, I'll try to be there at about the same time I normally do."
  5956. >Certainly more crusades this time...
  5957. >We didn't start a cult right?
  5958. Eh...
  5960. >Flim, and Flam they are as thick as thieves.
  5961. >Almost as morally dubious.
  5962. They didn't perfect their skill as scam artists yet.
  5963. >Snake-oil sales men that do have a knack for making useful stuff.
  5964. Just have to appeal to greed, and long term profits.
  5965. >Capitalism here we go. Try to curb short-term ill gotten gains. Attempt to nurture more good deeds into existence.
  5966. >The pawn shop filled with various stuff. It's spotless in here. The potential for being a positive change for the community is almost tangible.
  5967. "Hello, Bosses. What's on today's agenda?"
  5968. >"It's quite elementary dear-"
  5969. >"-employee of ours-"
  5970. >"-today is one of technology!"
  5971. >"What my brother of mine said is true."
  5972. >"Indeed brother. We need someone to-"
  5973. >"-man the chash register, and-"
  5974. >"-maintain, the shop, -"
  5975. >"-but don't stress yourself too much."
  5976. >"Of course little miss, as per the agreement we'll run -"
  5977. >"-the future business ideas through -"
  5978. >"-your pretty little head first. Right brother?"
  5979. >"Exactly brother."
  5980. "Perfect. Remember long term friendly relations can last a life time. A steady flow of revenue into the far future."
  5981. >"We're getting better about -"
  5982. >"-that little miss Shimmer."
  5983. >Making my way to the stool to drop off the school bag.
  5985. Remember, vibrant energy.
  5986. "Welcome, to Flim Flam Brothers' Everything-Under-the-Sun Emporium! How can I help you today miss?"
  5987. >"I've heard from a friend that you have a taffy machine?"
  5988. "I believe we do. By any chance what was the name of your friend? We're offering a discount for special loyal customers, and their friends. It's 10% off of everything for a friend, and your friend also receives a five bit discount for your patronage."
  5989. >"Really? Lyra Heartstrings. Miss?"
  5990. "Anonymous Shimmer, one moment just checking if she has the membership."
  5991. >Ah the wonders of modern technology.
  5992. "She does indeed, miss?"
  5993. >"Bon bon."
  5994. "She does have the membership. I think we also have several different confectionery machines in the back as well."
  5996. >"Your saying if I get the membership the discount doesn't apply to myself."
  5997. "That's correct. You do however get 5 bits discount for a friend of yours the comes here, and they get 10% off of their purchase."
  5998. >"How much was the membership again?"
  5999. >Ah South Korea the party loot box. How nefarious, and community building it is.
  6000. Certainly does lines the pockets. Plus membership fees are classic for 'free' money.
  6001. >It's a great deal, but hard to properly maximize the effect unless you always buy stuff from a pawn shop. Careful planning, and coordination needed too.
  6002. "The starting membership is at..."
  6004. >Be Occult Façade
  6005. >"Occult, we have a charity auction to attend to after the cloud derby."
  6006. "Full formal wear?"
  6007. >"With a little extra this time. Hmmm... Yes, I think a blue ribbon is appropriate this time."
  6008. >Just a nice normal day of politicking, and make believe.
  6009. "Any specific goal in mind during this?"
  6010. >"Try to make friends, or at least acquaintances. Generally be a good influence, and stay safe."
  6011. >In a moment of insight I see her well hidden worry.
  6012. >"Please, be safe."
  6013. "I will to the best of my ability."
  6014. Don't forget a charming smile, or the little motions of pony expression.
  6015. >Damn, I need to re-practice that.
  6017. >Be Soul #3
  6018. >"This is what you've got? Nothing else available?"
  6019. >"Look here, we're the only business like this in the area."
  6020. >"I'll contact your distributor for better deal."
  6021. >"We do it ourselves, that's why each product is in better condition than other markets."
  6022. >A hoof strokes my flank.
  6023. >"The closest dealer on a budget operates from Los Pegasus. Their stuff isn't fresh. We, do both at a premium. We don't do in house training."
  6025. >Hours this guy kept extracting information from this slave trader.
  6026. Putting together the information, the guy is-
  6027. >"That's it buddy! I don't know anymore. Normally I'd charge you a steep fee, but if those ponies you have there are in good condition..."
  6028. >"Hey, they aren't for sale at least not for that price. I have more merchandise in the San Pony Hotel!"
  6029. >"Wha- Urk."
  6030. Sounds like a fight.
  6032. Part 58
  6034. >Be Soul #5
  6035. >Why did I have to be a herd animal to survive in this place alone.
  6036. There wasn't much of a choice. Either that, or being used as an omelette garnish.
  6037. >Yep, the alternative would have been worse.
  6039. >Be Soul #1
  6040. >Equestria. Even as a mini girl horse foal things are looking up.
  6041. >"Where are your parents?"
  6042. >A cloaked figure obviously deformed, but completely covered. A lone bag hanging from the form. Defensively holding onto it.
  6043. >A masculine voice with some disdain, and consideration.
  6044. Definitely in a hurry.
  6045. "Well-"
  6046. >The equally busy street didn't give either of us time to react.
  6047. >A cloaked figure stole his very important bag.
  6048. >"Thief!"
  6050. >Be Soul #6
  6051. "Once I make a duplicate of this I'll submit it for analysis. Feels great to speak normally."
  6052. >She's still hugging me. Careful to not let the tablet break.
  6053. >A loud knock reverberates.
  6054. >"Twilight, We have had a most troubling premonition."
  6056. >"You too princess?"
  6057. >"Indeed Sir Spike, and I have a feeling that more ponies might have this as well."
  6058. >Hard to remember that. Those little details.
  6059. I think monsters that called us their queen, and mother would be notable.
  6060. >Oh! That's right. They tried to fuck us, too. I think.
  6061. >"Princess Luna I need see- check on my friends."
  6062. >"Twilight? Princesses? Tea is ready."
  6063. >Several ponies barge into the building.
  6064. >"I'll make some more tea."
  6066. >Is that Discord?
  6067. What in the world.
  6069. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul #4)
  6070. Nice thing about having an economy not corrupted makes business flourish.
  6071. >Also being ethical is a viable business model.
  6072. Just have to be careful of some Griffon banks.
  6073. >Having the interest rate not be so minuscule certainly makes the future be bright.
  6074. >Still a long way to go for watching the shop.
  6076. >"-phone game developers!"
  6077. >"Yay!"
  6078. >Should have paid more attention.
  6079. >In the clubhouse. Something isn't quite right, but everything is normal.
  6080. "Yay."
  6081. I don't know how this will end in sap, leaves, and a mess, but it will.
  6082. >Software development hell here we come.
  6084. "What even is this sh-stuff?"
  6085. It's not C, Go, BASIC, or even binary.
  6086. >Javascript, HTML5, or Python. What the fuck even is this?
  6087. >Hard to focus on it. Always changing, and moving.
  6088. >"It's programming Anon."
  6089. "That- I- Fu- Fine."
  6090. Ohhhh it's the partially physical analogue to magic.
  6091. >That doesn't even make sense.
  6092. It's in the hardware.
  6093. >"Anon just take a look at the diagram. It really does help."
  6094. Don't do it. It'll lock us out of using everything.
  6095. "I'll be fine just need to think about it for a moment."
  6096. >"Don't get too lost in there."
  6098. >What depraved mind came up with this!
  6099. >Quantum time bound frequencies...
  6100. It's the crystals, and materials. Some are harmonic; Some are discordant; Some are neutral; Some exhibit and amplify negative traits, and thoughts.
  6101. >It's fucking nature. Of course it's fucking nature.
  6102. >"Anon... yah're done mumblin'?"
  6103. "Yeah. I just had an existential crisis for a moment."
  6104. >Scootaloo speaks her words of wisdom.
  6105. >"Been having allot of those lately."
  6106. Nth dimensional wave, and thoughtforms-
  6107. >Hold on. Thoughtforms?
  6108. Our theory is that here there is a plane of thoughts, and plane of souls. The specific materials tap into those dimensions.
  6109. >You arn't saying what I think you're saying right?
  6110. From what it looks like everything fits.
  6111. >Machine spirits, psykers, and false gods.
  6112. >"She has that look again."
  6113. >Sweetie Belle is holding a dictionary like her holy book.
  6115. "I'm fine. Just need to build my own system."
  6116. Pfft, just build it our ass. We have a perfectly good computer in here.
  6117. >The dancing flower in the clubhouse always seemed to calm us down.
  6118. >Wha- Ah gotcha. Have to use our brain.
  6119. "Sorry, was being stupid. What are we doing right now?"
  6120. >"Making the engine."
  6122. >"Anonymous. That's our last apple."
  6123. "I almost have physics programmed."
  6124. >"Chanting 'Newt', 'Plank', 'Ton', and 'forces' with other things is starting to be irritating."
  6126. >"It works. Not sure what you did, but it works."
  6127. "That's good."
  6128. Well, we cheated. It's a knock off of a perceived reality that simplifies things, as needed. Running the engine at maximum quality would make any hardware move at a crawl.
  6129. >Hunh.
  6130. >Sap is now leaking from the screen and from my ears.
  6131. Also we need to wake up. Someone is at the shop door.
  6132. >What?
  6134. >I was asleep on the counter at The Film Flam brothers shop. Only been a minute or two.
  6135. Sorry to wake you from the needed rest, but we have work to do.
  6136. >Damn. Dreams have been getting more real every time. Computers still work like normal right?
  6137. They do. The dream logic was something else.
  6138. >Better than nightmares.
  6139. "Welcome, to the Flim Flam Brothers' Everything-Under-the-Sun Emporium! How can I help you today?"
  6140. If the dreams are real enough maybe we can fight the nightmares.
  6142. >Be Occult Façade
  6143. >Heading to the wonderbolts cloud derby, then to a bidding spree.
  6144. >Make friends, and influence the future generation.
  6145. Posture is correct. Body language should be just fine.
  6147. >"Lady Pants right this way."
  6148. >This is pretty impressive. Not as much as the princesses castle, but definitely worth seeing.
  6149. >To the VIP box here we go.
  6151. >Be Forbidden Knowledge (Pony Subconscious)
  6152. >A stereotypical therapist's office with the weird long couch, chair thing. The furniture is actually quite nice.
  6153. "I'm not comfortable with the ethical ramifications!"
  6154. >"Mhmmm."
  6155. "Occult Facade is dead! We left her to die!"
  6156. >"I- right, I shouldn't get into why we believe we didn't die. What could any of us have done?"
  6157. "I..."
  6158. >He's hugging me.
  6159. >"We believe that ourselves to be a..."
  6160. >"hmm, that we have a higher form of the soul of us. Where we are immortalized, remembered no matter what. Something untouchable by anything.  A higher version of us that looks out for us. A personalized after after life for everyone of us."
  6161. "A god. You think you are all a god?"
  6162. >"Eh, more or less. We think it expands to practicality everyone, and everything, but the nitty gritty sums it up."
  6163. >No way.
  6164. "That's insane."
  6165. >"Yep."
  6166. "Is that why you're fine with what she did?"
  6167. >"Well, partially it's also like a ship of Theseus the meta structure of us that makes it us. Just the memories alone makes us who we are. We liken it to time travel as well. If we miss a few parts that sucks, but we will get better."
  6168. >Theseus?
  6170. "What if it's no longer boat shaped? Like it turns into a house?"
  6171. >"We believe that as long as it has the 'essence' or the meta-ness of ourselves it still counts."
  6172. "Then what is that essence?"
  6173. >"We have no idea."
  6174. "What?!"
  6176. "Assuming everything to be just the material world."
  6177. >"That's quite a bit to unpack. Memories, Body, Mind, and Sou- Core beliefs."
  6178. >"Obviously we lost our body, but we're still us. Even if we lost more biological, or even electronical aspects of us if we get turned into a robot, or a cyborg at some point. Us the subconscious, and conscious are impacted by this greatly."
  6179. >"If we lost our mind, meaning conscious, and subconscious, we would be heavily damaged, but still us."
  6180. >"Losing our memories, would be the same. Almost entirely wiping the slate clean."
  6181. >"Losing our core beliefs would be a hard hit to take. We think we could get it back, but it could be difficult."
  6182. "What if you lost everything?"
  6183. >"Then there isn't anything to worry about."
  6184. >"But, assuming we lost everything, but one."
  6185. >"Only the body, a new man, or a new filly could possibly take our place. Unless parts of the purely biological subconsious remembers. The DNA, and RNA with neural connections could possibly rekindle us. Still assuming that this is only a material, and not spiritual stuff."
  6186. >"Only the memories, we would reform. Same with the mind, and core beliefs."
  6188. "Still, I do think we left her to die."
  6189. >"Then we have to everything we can to honor her sacrifice. The world is a wonderful, and wonderfully cruel place."
  6190. "I- then what do I do?"
  6191. >"Do what you want with it. Accept it for what it is, but it's in the past. We have to move forward the consequences for not doing so can be worse then the fear of an unknown future, or present."
  6192. >"You have ultimate freedom. The choice is yours."
  6193. "Ultimate freedom?"
  6195. "Anything?"
  6196. >"And everything that you can possibly choose."
  6197. "Philosophy lesson..."
  6198. "Hunh. Isn't it time for lunch?"
  6199. >He looks at the clock moves the hands, then nods.
  6200. >"I'm feeling up for a wedge salad right about now. What do you think you want?"
  6201. "Do you have the books? About..."
  6202. >"Yeah I'll show you on the way."
  6204. Part 59
  6205. >Be Flakey Crust
  6206. >They have a chance at redemption.
  6207. >Like me.
  6208. >I hope I made the right choice.
  6209. >I had to have...
  6210. >What we did together wasn't helping all of Equestria...
  6211. >Right?
  6213. >Be Soul #3
  6214. >My flank still stings, but the whole situation could have been much worse off.
  6215. >Thankfully they were royal investigators.
  6216. >I'm here with one of them riding back to the hospital.
  6217. >The other... former slaves are heading there as well for checkup then treatment if necessary.
  6218. >Seeing the glazed looks on some of them...
  6219. >"Have anypony looking forward to your return?"
  6220. "No- Actually, the gorgon cult survivors might."
  6221. >"It's good that you have somepony."
  6222. >He smiles fondly.
  6223. >"You truly did save us alot of trouble."
  6224. "Really?"
  6225. >"Yeah..."
  6226. >A stabbing sensation coming from my neck.
  6227. >"We don't let our gods sacrifices flee."
  6228. Fucking damni-
  6230. >Be Soul #1
  6231. >We're running together. I'm a changed man pony thing.
  6232. A regular good ol' samaritan now.
  6233. >"Thief! Catch them!"
  6234. >A thick accent. He repeats the cry in Spanish.
  6235. >He pauses for a moment in thought, but still running after the other cloaked pony.
  6236. >"It's my family's only heirloom!"
  6237. >His mishapen form moving grotesquely.
  6238. >Few ponies attempt to slow down the thief, but proves fruitless with the flexible, and athletic purse stealer.
  6239. >A chase right into an abandoned ally way. In a bad side of town.
  6240. >I honestly shouldn't be left here alone...
  6241. >The thief's cloak falls off revealing a pegasus with pink eyes, and light gold fur. About to fly off.
  6242. >The cloak of the stranger a weird cat monster thing.
  6243. >"Stop right there Daring Doo."
  6244. Oh! Damn.
  6245. >A hand from his tail grips me by the neck.
  6246. "Urk."
  6247. >"Ahuizotl."
  6248. >"The bag if you will."
  6249. >The strangulation is only a 4/10 on the Homer scale.
  6250. >Fucking hooves! Trying, and failing to free myself, cause irreparable damage, or do anything at all. Utterly useless right now.
  6251. "Ack. Gack."
  6252. Full points! He gets full points damnit! Shutting down higher thinking! We'll see you if we make it, or on the other side.
  6254. >Be The Book (Soul #2)
  6255. >"I'm sorry."
  6256. "It's understandable, but still."
  6258. >Be Occult Façade
  6259. >Oh fuck.
  6260. What? I know the one we bet on isn't winning yet, but that shouldn't be cause for concern.
  6261. >The report for the princesses!
  6262. Fucking son of a bit- foal incoming.
  6264. >Be The Book (Soul #2)
  6265. "I have to say, this isn't bad."
  6266. >"A connoisseur of fine cigars?"
  6267. "No, I've never smoked a cigar before, but having no real risk at all here is an opportunity I might not have again. I'm sure this is the best one I'll ever have."
  6268. Ah, right... about that...
  6269. >"Risk? Never mind that. I've been working with my duplicates."
  6270. >I savor the smoke. Strangely, familiar for some reason.
  6271. >The comfortably warm, yet open office soothes the soul.
  6272. We would only go insane after a year maximum in here confined.
  6273. >Luckily this connects to a new, and improved safehouse.
  6274. >Luna pours what they call salt whiskey into a glass. The maid outfit fits her. I'm sure it's for her experimentation, or identification.
  6275. >Luna grasps the drink out of the other Luna's magic. A small nod sent, and received.
  6276. >"I must say I was hesitant to do so after... multiple previous incidents."
  6277. >Looking at a pony sipping from a glass looks bizarre, and natural at the same time.
  6278. >"The amount of free time I, we, have both in here, and outside has grown ever steeper. The rumors that I have used arcane means to become one with the paperwork is amusingly almost true."
  6279. >An undetectable grimace, from the relaxed attitude, shifts the tone.
  6280. >"We have to find all of your soul."
  6281. "The sounds good, but why?"
  6282. >"They are also targets of... [i]it[/i]. If [i]it's[/i] tendencies, that I gathered from Occult Façade doesn't contain too many faults. It's mainly focused on Occult's connection.
  6284. >Be Soul #1
  6285. "Gah gack."
  6286. >"You're awake. Excellent!"
  6287. >Ahuizotl with a statue gem thing in one hand, and a bloodied knife in another.
  6288. >"The heart and bone of a virgin."
  6289. >On a hot stone slab. The sun ruthlessly beating down on us.
  6290. >Like we're on a ziggurat, or something. Tied, and chained to a sacrificial altar.
  6291. >Oh...
  6292. Ponies do have a heart shaped bone inside.
  6293. >It's still beating. In his hand.
  6294. >"I am victorious! Ahahaha!"
  6295. Fantastic news pony veins, and arteries are not only durable, but stretchy too.
  6296. >Snap of a twig caught both of our attention. Uhh...
  6297. "If you're going to play with my heart at least take me on a date first, or are you too chicken to take on a real stallion?"
  6298. Beautiful, It's loaded with nonsense information, and a decision to choose from.
  6299. >He pauses for a moment.
  6300. >"Nice try."
  6301. >Stabs my bone, and my heart in one movement.
  6302. >He readies the ancient artifact to the protruding tip of the blade.
  6303. >My screa- yells of pain mask Daring Doo's dynamic entrance.
  6305. >Be The Book (Soul #2)
  6306. "I take it Celestia is enjoying herself?"
  6307. >"She's playing with her little filly."
  6308. >What?
  6309. >"Her daughter."
  6310. "I don't know if that's any better."
  6311. >"Spending wholesome family time together."
  6312. "Ohhh. Wait, Celestia has a daughter?"
  6313. >"She adopted an anonfilly. I think they are good for each other."
  6315. >Be Fancy Pants
  6316. >Seeing her form connections to her peers just like I asked of her.
  6317. >Hopefully Occult avoids trouble.
  6319. >"No way mud pony, Aunt Fancy Pants can't be your mom!"
  6320. >A more refined older voice speaks up.
  6321. >"Undoubtedly let us show this lying ruffian the exit. Shall we?"
  6322. >May Celestia give me strength.
  6323. >"I'm afraid I haven't heard of somepony of your... position. I do like to know everypony worth knowing before hoof. Who exactly are you?"
  6324. >A red filly with a question mark walks closer.
  6325. >"Hey, Occult! Buddy friend pal chum amigo friend. Long time no see."
  6326. >I'm sure the sticker assisted her.
  6327. >"Ah! My dear friend how great it is to see you in good health."
  6328. >Another filly comes closer. Chatting.
  6329. >And another. Again, and again.
  6330. >"Just who do you think you are forgetting about us!"
  6331. >"I'm terribly sorry about your condition. I am Occult Façade daughter of Fancy Pants. These are my friends. I'm sure one of your status should know of them."
  6333. Part 60
  6334. >Be Occult Façade
  6335. >Can't believe so many other anons are at this flying competition thing.
  6337. >Be The Book (Soul #2)
  6338. "Look do I really have to do this?"
  6339. >Luna sitting on a chair. The room decorated to be as comfortable as possible to recall past memories.
  6340. >"You said it yourself, your mental well being directly impacts this place. Having the second to last bastion be a strong as possible is a sound decision."
  6341. >I... I did say that. I'm fine though, but...
  6342. "Okay, fine. Where do we start?"
  6343. >"Well eventually we'll go through everything."
  6345. >Be Soul #1
  6346. "Stabbed through the heart."
  6347. >Daring got the mcguffin somehow got us out of the metal chains, and the durable rope. It's pretty hard to pay any attention.
  6348. And you're to blame
  6349. "You give love a-"
  6350. >Why are we breaking out into song?
  6351. Magic of a musical number is the only property that is actively keeping us alive.
  6352. >Oh.
  6353. "-bad name."
  6354. >Daring's coat stained a blood clotted brownish-red.
  6355. >A guitar riff plays from somwhere.
  6356. >"Oooh, you'll be okay."
  6357. "Hmm, hm hnnmm , hmm hnmm."
  6358. Damnit! We have to sing!
  6359. >"Stay with me only a little further to the hospital."
  6361. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul #4)
  6362. >Geeze not sure if I'll last too long like this.
  6363. Yeah, heading over to the clubhouse should be-
  6364. >A car wizzes in front of me. The air pulling me closer to where it was previously. Going over 120 miles an hour. Low frequency thumping of the subwoofer rolling through my bones.
  6365. >Watching the beat up red car serve hitting mail boxes, and trash cans as it turned down another street. Sidewalks marred with tire rubber.
  6366. >In a shallow undertone I breathed out a single word.
  6367. "Fuck..."
  6369. >Be Fancy Pants
  6370. >The fillies are now amicably taking to my... family. Most of them are quiet. Watching, listening. Some of their bodily expressions are simply wrong for a pony...
  6371. >They look like a pack of timberwolves- no.
  6372. >Like Soldiers, and Hunters. Warriors of the highest ability. There's a reason why they were apex predators that dominated their planet.
  6373. >Occult doesn't take point, but moves around deliberately. Supporting? Close enough, Those that may need it.
  6374. >They seem unending.
  6375. >Ripping my eyes away from the trance inducing commotion I see somepony I really would not have.
  6376. >A griffon dressed in garments that the public would simply think would be high fashion. I know what it means.
  6377. >"Lady Pants, myself and colleagues have noticed that you may be interested in our private, family friendly, resort.-"
  6378. >Miss Glisteninggold, a prominent international banker. Also tried to petition one of her colleagues to be in charge of Equestria's economy.
  6379. >A foal molester, and pony trafficker.
  6380. >It's not that they are too big for the princesses to handle, but to ensure every single one is brought to justice.
  6381. >"-Your, adorably scrumptious daughter accordingly come as well."
  6382. "I would love to."
  6383. >It's part of my job to route the from the darkest corners of our society.
  6384. >"Perhaps if you enjoy our resort perhaps her friends would like to join too?"
  6385. >Duty to the princesses, and Equestria.
  6386. >Perhaps some redemption for myself.
  6388. >Be Fluttershy
  6389. "Discord? What are you watching?"
  6390. >The screen was erratic colorful jumble of chaos. There was sometimes a glimps of something possibly pony shaped.
  6391. >"Catching up on some excellent Chaos."
  6392. >An announcer speaks from the box.
  6393. >"This just in the finale of -bzzrt- and friends is now available at this number! Only for 19 bits folks."
  6394. >"Oh! Do I have any change around here."
  6395. >Objects around Discord randomly transform.
  6397. >"Fluttershy? Could you perhaps spare me some bits?"
  6398. "Of course. What is it for?"
  6399. >"It's for spoilers, and a chance to change the plot of the show. Please this might be the only time I could get it."
  6400. >He does sound fairly distressed about this show.
  6401. "I'll be right over."
  6403. >Seeing Discord so still watching intently, and quietly the seemingly bizarrely random, and flickering colors.
  6404. >He looks so grim.
  6405. >The 'show' is over.
  6406. >Then a grin spreads on his face with a butter knife.
  6407. >"This might be a challenge."
  6408. >He holds up a sign that says 'less than symbol hornet pound V.'-
  6410. >Be Soul #5
  6411. >Well this seems to be quite a pickle...
  6412. The ashes, and toxic waste rain certainly does put a hamper on things. All their power plants exploded violently with no one maintaining them.
  6413. >So this is it then? Holed up in a cave as death slowly looms closer?
  6414. Yep. We are well and truly fucked.
  6415. >A paw lands on my shoulder.
  6416. >"Certainly would be a shame for it all to end here wouldn't it?"
  6417. "Discord? I- I'm glad to see you."
  6419. "Ahhhh!"
  6420. >The speedometer is at 88.
  6421. It isn't in miles! It's going way faster.
  6422. >"Never been in a ride like this before?"
  6423. "AHHH! Watch out!"
  6424. >"Hitting your counterpart would ruin someones day."
  6426. >"Here's your stop."
  6427. >Handing me a stop sign shaped lunch box I hold it in my hooves. Getting out of the car.
  6428. >He drives off into the sunset.
  6429. We're still a pony.
  6430. >In a human filled land.
  6431. "Fuck."
  6432. Still better than slowly being buried under ash.
  6433. >"Anonymous? What?"
  6434. >It's uh, red, and yellowish girl.
  6435. Sunset shimmer.
  6436. "Hello?"
  6438. >Be Soul #3
  6439. >Entrapped in the damned light maze again.
  6440. >Unable to speak.
  6441. >Again.
  6442. Others have found us once they might be able to do it again.
  6443. >Seeing the others that were in the hospital here with us.
  6444. >Our eyes promising revenge when we escape.
  6445. >But for now we must run across.
  6446. >Our opponents are mortal, and they can bleed.
  6448. >Be Occult Façade On The Run. (Getting the fuck away from the [i]being[/i])
  6449. [i][u]"Auh!"[/u][/i][i]
  6450. We must keep moving.
  6451. >Have to be entertaining. Must be entertaining.[/i]
  6453. >Be Flakey Crust
  6454. >My parents got an invitation to some resort thing, and wants me to go with some of their friends.
  6455. >If not they'll cut my allowance.
  6456. >They might even kick me out...
  6457. >What do I do?
  6458. >The princess should know.
  6461. Part 61
  6462. >Be Soul #1
  6463. Stayin' alive!
  6464. >Fuzzy warmth contrasting the whiplash of dry air.
  6465. "Nm, hmm, hmm, hmm."
  6466. >Her big heart thundering against the encroaching darkness. It's peaceful not like when...
  6468. >I'll just close my eyes for a momen-
  6469. Nooo-
  6471. >"I'm sorry miss Doo, but she is dead. She's also infec-"
  6473. >First there is darkness.
  6474. >"Hey. Hey! Doc she's awake!"
  6475. >A great big hole inside screaming to be fed. Something tasty like br-
  6476. "Ugh."
  6477. >"Listen kid we need you to stay still."
  6478. What snobbish voice having her over some for over toast, but tea? Hungry!
  6479. It's having her over -for- some toast, and tea.
  6480. "Sooo, hungeryyy."
  6481. >Then came the light.
  6482. Eyes opening to a painfully glowing room. A pony in a hazmat suit with a red cross on it.
  6483. >"Ah? Good news... you can still talk."
  6484. Pony over toast!
  6485. "Pony toast?"
  6486. >"Haaa... that's actually good?  Sorry, um, what's your name?"
  6487. >Hazzmat pony inched closer sheepishly.
  6488. Aw that's so cute I could just ea-wait no!
  6489. "I have name? Yes have name."
  6490. >A cold methodical voice whispered to the pony. Must be from a speaker... somewhere.
  6491. >"Genus 47, or possibly new strain. Continue nurse. Authorization of lightning protocols still pending."
  6492. >"Your name? Oh! Or would you like a sandwich first?"
  6493. >My name...
  6494. We know this. Our name.
  6495. Can't eat names. Devour pony!
  6496. Don't you dare!
  6497. "Name sandwich?"
  6499. >Be Anonymous Shimmer (Soul #4)
  6500. >The club house is nice.
  6501. Never been in a tree house as a kid...
  6502. >Almost getting ran over though is a whole different story.
  6503. >"-ous! Anonymous!? Snap out of it."
  6504. >The valentine's day cards almost got bloodied. Enough cards for everyone in the school.
  6505. >For everyone in this club.
  6506. "Hunh?"
  6507. >"You almost cut your finger with those scissors."
  6508. "Oh. Thanks. Really thanks."
  6509. >Were they really that worried?
  6510. It is the normal response to seeing someone almost lop of their finger without a care.
  6511. >That makes sense...
  6512. >"Anon, are yah feelin' alright? Maybe you should take a nap."
  6513. "Yawn, I'm... yeah that sounds good. Sorry for not getting it done."
  6515. >Be Sunset Shimmer
  6516. >"Miss Shimmer we're glad you came she didn't wake up, and leaving her here over night alone is..."
  6517. >She's alot heavier than I thought.
  6518. "Well thank you girls for calling me."
  6519. "Ha- I think I need to visit the gym."
  6520. >Pretty sure they didn't hear that.
  6522. >Carrying the sleeping of Anonymous from the crusaders club house up to our place really shouldn't have been this hard.
  6523. >How do I tell her about her other self.
  6524. >"Hey your back, I... wow, hunh I look pretty cute. Fuck this is weird."
  6526. >Be Soul #1
  6527. This sandwich is filling. We still hunger.
  6528. >Yeah bland kinda filling, but still hungery.
  6529. "More?"
  6530. >"Doctor?"
  6531. >A harsh buzzing over the intercom rumbled.
  6532. >"It's being rushed in now, and nurse the lightning protocols have just came in."
  6533. >A murmured conversation with someone over the intercom.
  6534. >One in the wall rang out in Daring Doo's voice.
  6535. >"Hey do you still remember me?"
  6536. "Doo?"
  6537. >"Kid... You're gonna be okay. Listen to the Doctors, and nurses for me okay?"
  6538. "Yes."
  6539. >"I have to go now, but I'll be back with some friends okay?"
  6540. "Okay."
  6541. More friends means more food. Friends are food!
  6542. No! Wait yes, but friends are not food. Friends are friends! Not food.
  6543. "More friend sandwiches?"
  6544. More food means more thinking.
  6546. >Be Occult Facade
  6547. >This is a bit mean.
  6548. It is, but newfags really shouldn't try dick waving unless they can take the heat.
  6549. >Is that a butchered mash of generalized statments?
  6550. Heads up Fancy Pants is heading over, and she looks really worried. As in so visibly distressed it's probably very important.
  6551. >As nice as this is talking with other Anonfillies we should go.
  6552. >We should go right now because Fancy is practically galloping over.
  6553. >"Daughter, I'm so glad you've been making friends. My dear niece it's so good to see you well. We must be off now the auction will begin in ten minutes, but I'm sure some of your long time friends will want to join."
  6554. "It's been my pleasure everypony I'm sorry, but I must go now my mother needs me. I hope we see each one another later. Follow me friens."
  6555. The auction isn't what has Fancy's pants in a twist.
  6556. >Trotting off we head to our private VIP box.
  6557. >Very lacey, with too many cushions.
  6558. >"Occult, Anonymous, there is a problem."
  6559. >"So what faggot?"
  6560. >Fancy actually flinched a bit. I feel my chest puff out in irritation. I... I'm not sure how I feel about that.
  6561. The VIP box is sound proofed.
  6562. >"A griffon international banker, who is also a foal molester has politely demaned I, my daughter, and some of her friends are to join them in a far away resort."
  6563. >A different filly speaks up this time.
  6564. >"Of fucking course it's a kike."
  6565. A teal Anonfilly this time.
  6566. >"Why us?"
  6567. >"It's because you arn't... you can handle more stressful situations than a filly without your past experiences could. I'm sending a letter to the princesses updating them on the situation."
  6568. Oh. Oh! Now we have to write the report now.
  6569. "Mom can I have some paper I have to send something to the princess too."
  6570. >"Hey. That's a great idea. I'm sure the filly that lives with Sunbutt will keep her from vaporizing us when we send our messages."
  6571. "Ah... I have offical stuff that I forgot to do..."
  6572. >"Like your greens."
  6573. "They'll come out... eventually..."
  6574. >"No worries I'm yanking your chain."
  6575. >"So tell us what the thing is you have to write."
  6576. >"Indeed dear It's faster if you tell my the words, and I'll write it down."
  6577. Well... this is fine. Just fine.
  6579. >Be Anonymous Shimmer
  6580. >Hugging something nice and warm. So cuddly. Mmmm.
  6581. >Almost fuzzy.
  6582. Like those rapist princes.
  6583. >An electrical shock wakes me up fully.
  6584. >I'm still human.
  6585. What the fuck are we hugging?
  6586. >"Yawn, hey you're awake."
  6587. >Uhhh... what. It's green and it talks.
  6588. "What."
  6589. >"I'm you, but still a pony."
  6590. "For a dream this isn't so bad."
  6591. >"But it isn't a dream."
  6592. "That's what you would say right before the horrors come out of the walls and eyes."
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