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  1. Desrat456Today at 07:55
  2. I contact here. Friend type what I say. Miss Lyons leave because of how command treat Delta that try to sexually assault Ana I think. What does this mean for mechanics and tank? -Konstantinova
  4. DisorderToday at 07:57
  5. You will proceed as usual for now, at least until I will relay you both new directives / objectives. The situation with Sherman has been resolved.
  7. - Dawson
  9. Desrat456Today at 07:58
  10. She sexually harrass my friend and then command chase out Lyons. It does not seem right. We do not have any leadership for our duties. -konstantinova
  12. DisorderToday at 07:59
  13. I told you that the situation has been resolved, don't assume how things happen. Myself and Karina will be the leadership of your duties, which will be relayed within the following days.
  15. - Dawson
  17. Desrat456Today at 08:00
  18. I not assume. How it resolve? She punished? -Konstantinova
  20. DisorderToday at 08:02
  21. She's on her last straw, any other incident and she is discharged from Delta. Lyons made the mistake during that incident to take things into her own hands instead of contact me to resolve it. Attacking a Delta operator for any reason as a public display makes us look BAD.  Whenever you have either duty or personal issues, you come to me to solve them, don't act on your own.
  23. - Dawson
  25. Desrat456Today at 08:03
  26. I ask this then. We need NCO to help organize and recruit. Can not be just Ana and me. Maybe one of us step up to help? And, no think ill of Lyons. She act because was right thing to do, even if looks bad. -Konstantinova
  28. DisorderToday at 08:05
  29. I found out about everything from /other/ people. She did not tell me anything, it was an embarassment. At the moment no one will be placed as oversight, we can organize and recruit, that is not an issue.
  31. - Dawson
  33. Desrat456Today at 08:06
  34. Miss Lyons is what held Ana and I to help TC. We will try to honor it still, but is hard now. We can not guarantee staying if it no improve. She only one to stand up for us, so far from home. -Konstantinova
  36. DisorderToday at 08:11
  37. If this is your only reason to be here you can turn your equipment to the nearest quartermaster. Don't try to push my hand to do what you want.
  38. - Dawson
  40. Desrat456Today at 08:12
  41. I no push hand. I state fact. Miss Lyons only one to believe in us. I never even meet you in person. Not know if you help us like she help us.
  43. DisorderToday at 08:13
  44. And what kept you from doing it? Lyons did the same, I had to call her in a meeting.
  46. - Dawson
  48. Desrat456Today at 08:14
  49. Doing what? Meeting you? You CO. I private.
  51. DisorderToday at 08:15
  52. Regulations don't prevent you from introducing yourself.
  54. Desrat456Today at 08:16
  55. Yet you never around.
  56. I no hate or dislike. I am scared. Scared to lose what Ana and I build with Miss Lyons. We are oceans away from our home for you. I no want it to be gone. I want it to grow.
  57. We already lose Miss Lyons. I not want to lose purpose she gave us.
  58. I sorry I contact you. I leave alone and wait to see what happens to Ana and I. Sorry.
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