The Mentalist Video Player Embed Code

darkufo Mar 10th, 2011 248 Never
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  1. <script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script language="javascript"> function getVideo() { var so = new SWFObject("", "mplayer", "780", "452", "8", "#000000"); so.addParam("wmode","transparent"); so.addParam("swliveconnect", "true"); so.addParam("allowscriptaccess", "always"); so.addParam("allowfullscreen", "true"); so.addVariable("pid", "sotv020"); so.addVariable("siteId", "677"); so.addVariable("videoId", "0"); so.addVariable("autostart", "false"); so.addVariable("useOutline", "0"); so.addVariable("file", " Mentalist/0/0/10/"); so.addVariable("pageUrl", document.location); so.write("flashcontent_677_sotv020_playlist_0226"); } </script> <div id="flashcontent_677_sotv020_playlist_0226"></div> <script language="javascript">getVideo();</script>
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