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  1. Master
  2. Name: Proyekt Zmeyevich
  3. Appearance: Male, Kid, Inhuman
  5. Role: Homunculus
  6. Magic Circuits: EX/EX
  8. Elemental Affinity: Unique (Dragon)
  9. Origin: Element
  11. Magecraft:
  12. Elemental
  14. Skills:
  15. Martial Arts
  17. Residence:
  18. Appartment
  20. Unique:
  21. Mystic Code, Noble Phantasm: Dragon-Blooded (Like a Soaring Dragon)- This lacks the full power of the NP on which it is based, as Zmeyevich is only partially a dragon, but this is balanced out by his human nature preventing the world from destroying him after it is used.
  22. Follower: Initiated Straggler, Heroic
  24. Background: Proyekt Zmeyevich was created as a proof of concept by a mage in the employ of the Soviet Union as a part of a super soldier program.  Based on the ideas of Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov, but unsatisfied by the idea of merely combining humans with apes, the program scoured the world for scraps of flesh from dragons, and used them as their basis.  The fall of the Soviet Union brought an end to the program with Zmeyevich almost, but not quite, ready to be awoken.  He would have remained forever unconscious in the abandoned, crumbling, closed city where he was created, had scavengers searching the lab where he laid for loot not accidentally started the process which completed and awoken him.  Most of them fled, but one was more curious than fearful and stayed.  He took Zmeyevich under his wing and together they studied the lab and its records, learning of Zmeyevich's nature and of magecraft (beyond what knowledge had been implanted in Zmeyevich during his creation) in the process.  With tensions between Russia and America once again growing, government interest in the lab and its product was renewed and the two were forced to flee, first from the city and eventually from the country, ending up in America shortly before the Grail War.
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