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Jehovah's Witness Anti-Masturbation Video in ASL: English Tr

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  1. Jehovah's Witness Anti-Masturbation Video in ASL: English Translation
  3. Now, let's explain what happens if you jerk off and you're struggling with it.  You can find the confidence to stop!
  5. Did you know that some people have this habit?  Men use their penis and masturbate, women use their vagina and masturbate.  Maybe they feel there's nothing wrong with it.  They're wrong!  Jehovah is watching and he is disgusted.  Because jerking off is a very selfish act about fulfilling your own desire for pleasure.  Sex is for a man and a woman who are in a loving partnership.
  7. Some say oh, I have this desire, I need to masturbate to relieve it, that's okay.  That's a misunderstanding of scripture!  If you jerk off, you are making it worse!  These desires will overwhelm you, you will want to jerk off all the time.  Your mind will be obsessed with sex and thinking about it constantly.  If a guy or girl comes down the street, you'll be obsessed with wanting to have sex with them.  Listen to what Paul says:
  9. It's important that your body and mind are pure.  Do not ruin them with impure thoughts, God is against this.  You must cleanse your body and mind to be the same as God.
  11. Your thoughts are important.  If you've been jacking off for a while, you may be struggling with stopping.  And then you will feel weak if you relapse.  You think Jehovah will reject you.  But no, he doesn't criticize you.  He knows that if you are struggling and trying and feeling guilty, you obviously want to be like him.  He approves you in this.  He knows that you have been struggling.  He is understanding and wants to help.  If you pray for forgiveness, he will hear you.  Do not be afraid!  Let's compare it to a child who gets in trouble with dad.  The child goes to dad and apologizes.  Dad says oh, that's okay, hugs him, and is understanding.  That's how it is with Jehovah.  He is understanding and forgiving.  You will feel much better!  If you pray for him to help you, that's not enough, your actions must match it.  Maybe your friends tell you hey, I jerk off, there's nothing wrong with it.  Don't socialize with them anymore!  Maybe there are magazines or dirty things on the internet - don't look at them!  We suggest that for your home computer, don't turn it so nobody can see.  Put it out where people walk by, that will reduce temptation.  Of course there are filthy popups sometimes.  If you don't want them, you can buy a program or download it to prevent them.  Of course, some will still get through, but you just click to close them.  Now, with all this, if you are still struggling?  Contact another JW to help you.  Your church brothers and sisters who are in a good relationship with jehovah will listen to your struggling and help you.  Also, you can look at Awake magazine from Nov 2006, p 18-20.  Or, YPA has book one, 2005-2011.  They are good resources and will help you.
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