4.0 Things to address

Badger__ Jan 27th, 2020 78 Never
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  1. Attributes need to be reworked completely. More clarity needs to be given on what they do.
  2. Attribute multipliers should be reworked or removed.
  3. More clarity between Attributes and Skills, and what applies where.
  4. Speaking of skills, Kath and I made this skill test:
  5. Martial Actions should be reworked or clarified. Standardization is needed.
  6. Potentially, we should move from action lists and spell lists to Disciplines.
  7. Mental Status Effect immunity has been brought up as needing consideration.
  8. Apparently Sword Saint needs a buff?
  9. More gear for a L100. Potentially incorperating my Armory DLC: (People seem to like Gatcha-compliant)
  10. Clarify Physical/Supernatural Resistance
  11. Clarify Barbarian bonus movement speed
  12. Include Spiritual Magic and Psionics
  13. Rework immunities and resistances
  14. Add Super-Tier Magic
  15. Rework or clarify regeneration, stamina reovery, and mana regen
  16. Include the Metamagic DLC
  17. Codify the extra accessory slots for everyone
  18. Clarify what is considered acceptable for a SAC
  19. Possibly expand upon weapon and armor properties
  20. Rework Data Crystals, possibly remove some
  21. Possibly add classes like "Cursed Knight"
  22. Clarify "Class Catagories" (Classes that are actually multiple classes under a standard banner, such as Wizard and Shen Fist)
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