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  1. 2007-08- Billy [Benny Char]
  3. location Outback shithole
  5. Billy Info:
  6. .Billy is smart but was bored of school and tended to lash out
  7. .billy and benny where caught up in a store hold up and in the process an inoccent person was hurt and in the coming chase, benny got away but billy was not so lucky and forced to either do time or server in the ADF
  8. .billy was a sniper for ADF [aus defence force] for ~3 years.
  9. .billy had a mother and sister but moved in with his father who was never around
  10. .billy was always into the idea of guns and rifles, but aus laws nerver aloud him to explore his curiosity
  11. .billy tried to go legit after coming home but was fucked by the system. then remembered that benny had some dodgey stuff cooking in LS
  12. .billy comes over to LS to join in on bennys misshaps and benny then introduces me to kmking [prez of USMC]
  14. Billy Ideas:
  15. .army SS missions
  18. Benny Info:
  19. .benny is claude's estranged son
  20. .benny's mother is an english imagrant and he got his accent from her
  21. .benny is a mute untill he needs to talk
  22. .benny inherited claudes dirty money and car
  23. .benny is unstable and tents to act impulsivly
  24. .Benny is machanic.
  25. .after billy was shipped off, benny fell into a spiral of crime and drugs
  26. .benny held up stores alot
  27. .benny chopped cars
  28. .inherited his fathers antics of crime mastery and racing
  29. .all but murder was acceptable
  30. .benny got into hard drugs
  31. .benny went to LS after a job went sideways and had a price was set on him. he later found out that aus was not going to work out and moving to LS was his only option
  32. .while on the run , benny remembered his experience with kmking, and decided that he would get in contact with him to lay low in LS for a while
  33. .when benny arrived back home in aus, there was someone waiting for him and took a shot at benny, benny then decided to move to LS and get into more serious crime with kmking
  36. Billy and Benny info:
  37. .always known of eachother
  38. .met around 5 years ago
  39. .became mates when benny was working on billy's car
  40. .while billy was in ADF benny became a founding member of USMC after [history of USMC]
  41. .billy and bennys first real kill was for kmking to prove to that they had it in them.
  44. .Will later become officers of Unholy Saints MC Blaine County [USMC]
  47. USMC Backstory:
  48. KMKING:
  49. .While billy was in the army, benny met KMking while he was on vacation and kmking liked what benny was snorting so benny thought he could make a quick buck by scamming king in a drug deal.
  50. .benny went to the dealer to lrgitimise his claims to help king get that good snort, but the dealer thought benny was setting him up so he opened fire upon benny and king, king then proved that he was a sick cunt by backing benny up in a deadly situation but benny never actually hit the dealer because he knew the dealer
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