The Quest Of REG Items List

Jan 27th, 2018
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  7. >2015 Polaris Defense Dagor in high desert camo:
  8. A military rebuild of either a Polaris RZR or Ranger, the Dagor, as it's code name is known, is a heavily redesigned, side-by-side utility terrain vehicle (UTV), designed primarily as a reconnaissance vehicle and equipment or personnel transport. Although fairly new, it has earned a reputation for being a tough, trustworthy long ranged vehicle, capable of being configured to perform most mission specifications. By replacing the original engine with a turbo-diesel JP8 for additional range, and to give it enough power to carry it's further modifications, this allowed the original interior and exterior paneling to be removed, which was then replaced with formed steel armor plating for additional longevity. Due to it's redesign as a patrol vehicle, the original suspension was removed and replaced by a vastly superior dune buggy version in order to ensure the passengers weren't nauseous at all times. A roll cage & roof rack with a ring mount for an attached M2 Browning MG was installed, along with standard linkages to allow it to be carried by helicopters. While the original seats were replaced by spring-bolted, shock absorbent ones, the Dagor's ability to seat three passengers rather comfortably and allow them to scope out a region or fire upon enemies with an exceptionally wide field of view renders it invaluable, although it does not have any doors to speak of. The bed in the rear was replaced by an all-steel, downsized version of a pickup bed with two large heavy steel locking containers, able to be used as seats though rather uncomfortable, giving it a great amount of storage space and transport ability. It can, in a pinch, even be utilized as an adhoc medical transport. The front driver's compartment is semi-armored and considerably more comfortable than nearly all military vehicles prior to it, also featuring a simple, robust steering assembly, while the windshield is a thick composite plexiglass which, by most definitions, is considered in the upper bulletproof class, capable of absorbing heavy calibers up to the .300 WinMag, though anything more will easily punch through it, giving a good amount of protection to the driver and passenger. While the Dagor has an average maximum range of 500 miles with the standard load of 4 passengers, their personal equipment, and the ring mount's gunner, it's maximum range when fully loaded with 9 passengers and their total loadout is still 380 miles, giving it a considerable edge against most light military vehicles of it's era.
  10. *****
  12. -Armor Durability: 250 Armor
  13. -Armor Class: Grade 5 Paneling
  14. -Armor Value: 4DR
  16. *****
  18. -Grants Expert Driving+4
  20. *****
  22. -Rear Weapon Ring: grants 2x [1d6+4] <M2 Browning HMG rolls, in addition to the Operator's Heavy Weapon's skill
  24. *****
  25. STORAGE:
  27. -2x Jerry Cans
  28. -Tool Kit
  29. -EMS Bag
  30. -3-Day Kit of Food, Water, Emergency Shelter
  31. -Additional Ammunition
  34. -Glow Stone Hanger: A small glow stone shard, hanging from rollbar in front. Glows naturally white. Glows extremely bright in strong magical zones, and dims out completely in magic dead zones.
  35. -Power 'Battery' Stone: A prototype stone conceived by Krinza. Spells and enchantments can draw magic from it, in magic dead zones. Recharges when re-entering magically charged areas. Maximum Charge: 100.
  36. -GPS: Mounted in the center console. Programmable, with set locations, and can be wirelessly updated via the Master Radio. Grants a 1d6+4 >Navigation roll.
  41. -WEAPONS-
  42. >Dual Rubenine Daggers of the Seven Nations: A pair of ruby and gold decorated 10' double-edged dirks, with matching scabbards. Krinza was unable to accurately date them, as decorative and metallurgical techniques span several crafting eras. The nation insignias include that of: Equestria, Minotaur, Harpy, Rams, Gryphon, Kraken, and Saddle Arabian. Due to rubenine's brittle nature, they were forged with a strong piercing grain, and brittle side structure. Using them for anything other than piercing and slashing offensive attacks could cause them to shatter. Despite being identical daggers, they do not have to be used in tandem and should be utilized separately given their nature. ONE IS OWNED BY LUCIUS
  43. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  44. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  45. -Modification #1: Razor Sharp Pierce: Ignores 3DR on a successful 'piercing' attack, and 1DR on 'slashing' attacks.
  46. -Brittle Defense: Critical Attacks can cause shattering against poor Blocking rolls.
  49. -ITEMS-
  50. -Fire Burst Pendant: allows a [1d6+20] <Firestorm Area of Effect (AoE) ranged magic attack with a 10M radius, ONCE per Operation, that deals double damage to large enemies. Currently free to use for any REG personnel.
  52. -Invisibility Disuptor: a one-foot six-sided dark gray granite totem, inscribed with six crystal runes that negate the natural invisibility field of Tallus. The totem will discharge one of its six runes and negate any Stealth attempts that cross into its effective radius. It has a 200ft effective radius, and must be re-inscribed with new runes once all six have been discharged. Take note: runes are indiscriminate to enemies, allies, and neutral parties. Currently free to use for any REG personnel.
  54. -Anti-Gravity Pendant: When worn, it negates the effects of any anti-gravity field and situates its wearer to true gravitational orientation. Currently free to use for any REG personnel.
  56. -Hoof-Stomper Special: A bronze badge of an armored hoof-boot, being brought down with impact actions around it. A proprietary enchantment for ponies, who deal mainly with physical attacks with their hoofs. The fetlocks down are magically hardened and strengthened, providing a pony with more use of force without the possibility of damaging their hooves. Can only be enchanted to the body, localized around the hooves. Adds +2 to all hoof-based attacks, and increases durability of hooves and fetlocks, negating any indirect impact damage.
  58. >Sticky Enchantment: a powerful, full body enchantment that allows it's owner to stick to nearly any surface, including cloud material, without fear of being removed. Grants a [1d6+X] <Perfect Grip roll, where X is the highest Melee modifier available, and can be used to rapidly scale surfaces. Can be utilized through clothing and armor without diminishing the effects.
  61. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  65. #1: Artifact refers to a weapon or armor that cannot be damaged easily, and requires immense amounts of harm done to be destroyed. If left alone, the largest piece of an Artifact will repair itself completely over the course of 12 hours.
  67. #2: Custom-Fit refers to a weapon or armor being difficult for those that are not the current user to utilize.
  69. #3: Eldritch refers to the 'weapon' or 'armor' actually being a living being in physical form, hailing from other dimensions, realms, and spectrums.
  71. #4: Permanent denotes a weapon or armor that cannot be permanently damaged or destroyed by most means, whether physical or otherwise.
  73. #5: Two-Handed refers to a weapon, whether ranged or melee, that is generally too long or heavy to be used in one hand, though those with far greater than normal strength suffer no ill effects from using such a weapon with one hand.
  75. #6: Unique simply means that the weapon cannot be truly copied, as any copies would lack certain knowledges of it's creation or peculiarities, and can be easily identified as forgeries.
  77. #7: The various -Forged designations denote a very specific material, means of creation, or an item used in the weapon's construction, some of which are viewed as highly positive by certain factions, others of which may be seen negatively.
  79. #8: Personal refers to a weapon that has been well used by an individual, and due to wear and personalization would be extremely difficult to NOT distinguish from other copies of the same model.
  81. #9: ALL ROLLS GRANTED BY ITEMS ARE NOT SUBJECT TO GAINING ADDITIONAL MODIFIERS, UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED! This does not include offensive elemental enchantments that can gain additional bonuses from Dante's Unique: 'Fire On My Target', or the alchemical item Marker.
  82. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  84. Citrine Blaze:
  85. *****
  87. -Fancy Hat: Its really fancy with gems and glitter!
  88. -Crystal Hoofshoes: +2 to Melee
  89. -Wondering Wardrobe: A really comfy pair of saddlebags that contain food, written down songs and sleeping blankets.
  91. *****
  93. -Crystalline Mouth Dagger: +2 to all Offensive rolls, and ignores 1DR.
  96. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  98. Jim:
  99. *****
  101. >Nano-Mesh Clothing (Armor Traits: 1/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Custom-Fit, Lightweight, Nano-Technology, Offworlder-Forged, Unique): This light armor is actually a nanoweave embedded standard camo clothing to provide maximum mobility while also providing a modicum of protection. Upon being struck, the weave reacts via localized hardening to dampen or deflect the force of the blow. The nano-mesh also contains a light distortion technology that helps Jim 'blend' in with static back rounds as long as he doesn't move too fast.
  102. -Armor Value: 1DR from feet to neck.
  103. -Armor Class: Light, Full Body.
  104. -Lightened Armor Class: adds +1 to all Sprint and Evasion rolls.
  105. -Utility Modification: adds +1 to all non-combat and in-combat Stealth rolls, and converts all rolls to Auto-Stealthy so long as Jim does does not utilize Block/Evade/Reaction Speed/Sprint. Takes 1 turn to acclimate to a new environment.
  107. >Offworlder Tacti-Goggles (Armor Traits: 1/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Custom-Fit, Offworlder-Forged, Unarmored, Unique): A pair of Tacti-Goggles well-beloved by Offworlders the galaxy over. This pattern features Night-vision capabilities as well as a minor zoom function, but only one function can be utilized per turn.
  108. -Modification #1: grants a single [1d6+3] <NVG function.
  109. -Modification #2: grants a single [1d6+4] <Zoom Sight.
  110. -Modification #3: Heads Up Automated Display, grants +1 to all Ranged rolls when in use by utilizing a minor visual tracking-based A.I. capable of focusing upon a selected target within 200m.
  112. *****
  114. Tri-Blade Vibroknife (Weapon Traits: 0/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Offworlder-Forged, Personal, Unique): while appearing to be an ordinary knife on the outside, it actually has a set of three thin blades that mesh to give off the appearance of being a single blade. A servo in the hilt synchronizes the blades and rapidly pushes them back and forth, giving off the look that the knife is 'vibrating'. While done with other weapons, this pattern is intended for combat; rather than a neat set piece or potentially being used to hack whatever is on hand for a vid on the Galactic Holo Net™ (GHN™ is in no way owned by the scribe writing this synopsis).
  115. -Melee Weapon Class: Light One-Handed.
  116. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls
  117. -Armor Pierce 2: ignores 2DR on a successful hit.
  118. -Utility Enchantmarent: Ice Elemarental Cooling, prevents the Vibroblade from overheating and extends the service of the blades by several hundred times.
  120. *****
  122. AKM-47: (Weapon Traits: Personal): a modern revision of the classic AK-47 improves on its predecessor in weight reduction, accuracy, and a wider range of modifications. It's Outerworldy origins are subtle, but noticeable. Of course, one can guess the AK platform transcends numerous dimensions!
  123. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Combat Rifle rolls.
  124. -Ammunition: 7.62x39mm.
  125. -Magazine Capacity: 30/30 rounds. 5 Standard steel magazines.
  126. -Maximum Optimal Range: 400M with a -1 penalty per 200M beyond this range
  127. -Maximum Effective Range: 1,000M.
  128. -Attachment #1: GP-34 Grenade Launcher
  129. -Ammunition: 40mm caseless grenades
  130. -Magazine Capacity: 1 round, single-shot.
  131. -Maximum Optimal Range: 200M with a -1 penalty per 50M beyond this range.
  132. -Maximum Effective Range: 400M
  133. -DAMAGE: causes an additional +4 damage per roll.
  134. -RADIUS: 5M.
  135. -ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: inflicts Shock on a max critical.
  137. *****
  138. -EXPLOSIVES: 3x GP-34 Frag, 3x GP-34 High Explosive, 3x GP-34 Smoke
  140. *****
  142. -Pacifist Signet of Snootdia: a circular pendant etched with a pony in a (possibly impossible) crossed back legged Lotus meditation position, visibly appealing to... who knows what, exactly. While out of combat, Jim must roll [1d6] <Regeneration until fully healed, however this enchantmarent does NOT treat or cure afflictions.
  145. Joel:
  146. *****
  148. Breacher's Spec. Heavy Combat Armor (Armor Traits: 1/3 Enchantment Slots left, Custom-Fit, Krinza-Reforged, Heavy, Unique): Multiple layers of Kevlar from Lann, form-fitted titanium plates from Krinza, and design inputs from several other operators have birthed a formidable set of heavy (yet functional) riot armor for point-men and breachers. With further layering techniques, Joel's armor has taken on more superior protection without additional weight. Provides full body coverage, minus the head, and has plenty of shotgun shell loops for Joel's convenience and hip pouches for all his Everclear.
  149. -Armor Value: 4DR to torso and limbs.
  150. -Armor Class: Heavy, Full Body.
  151. -Heavy Weight: reduces Sprint and Evasion rolls by -1
  152. -Defensive Enchantment: Adds +1 to Sprint and Evasion
  153. -Defensive Enchantment: Adds +1 to all Blocking Rolls and +1 DR.
  155. -White felt stetson: Good ol' boy as fuck. Lann has taken the liberty of weaving enchanted hydrophobic silk through Joel's hat as well as a preservation enchantment, keeping it inexplicably free of dirt.
  157. *****
  159. Anabelle (Weapon Traits: Personal, Heavy Shotgun, Unique) A Lefever Arms Damascus 10 guage side-by-side shotgun With "Anabelle" embossed in gold near the breech, augmented with steel parts that make the weapons suitable for blocking and fully choked barrels for when the burglars try to run away.
  160. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Shotgun rolls.
  161. -Ammunition Class: Heavy Shotgun, 10-Gauge.
  162. -Magazine Capacity: 2. Comes with 42 shells- bandoleer maxes out at 60.
  163. -Ammunition Type #1: Buckshot: Optimal range of 50M with a -1 penalty to all Shotgun rolls per 10M beyond this range, and a maximum range of 80M. Comes with 26x shells.
  164. -Ammunition Type #2: Slugs have an optimal range of 80M with a -1 penalty to all Shotgun rolls per 20M beyond this range, and a maximum range of 140M. Negates 1DR on a successful hit. Comes with 26x Slugs.
  165. -Ammunition Type #3: Dragon's Breath. A specialty ammunition devised by packing a limited amount of B-grade phosphorous into a standard 10 gauge shell, in this case 000 buckshot. The short burn period of the phosphorous is problematic and has a maximum effective range of 30M, causing an additional +3 Burn/Chemical damage per roll that lands. Has an optimal range of 50M with a -1 penalty to all Shotgun rolls per 10M beyond this range, and a maximum range of 90M. Comes with 8x shells.
  166. -Modification #1: Choke Tubes: Increases Optimal and Max range of all spread-ammunition types by 10M.
  167. -Modification #2: Heavy Duty Construction: Adds +1 to all Block rolls when used to block an attack, and a +1 to all Offensive Melee rolls when used as a Melee weapon.
  169. Colt M1911 (Weapon Traits: Personal): a modern upgrade of the venerable 1911 .45ACP, with tighter tolerances, slightly better handling, range, and ergonomics.
  170. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  171. -Ammunition Class: Magnum Small Arms, .45 ACP.
  172. -Magazine Capacity: 10/10 cartridges. Comes with 4x magazines.
  173. -Maximum Optimal Range: 50M with a -1 penalty per 50M beyond this range.
  174. -Maximum Effective Range: 150M.
  176. *****
  177. >SUPPLIES:
  178. -1.75L Bottle of Everclear
  179. -2 Quart Bladder canteen full of more Everclear
  181. *****
  183. -Bloodstone: a small teardrop shaped bloodstone with an infused regenerative enchantment. Most are created in the Empire. When enchanted to a living being or armor, the owner gains +1HP/turn. Currently enchanted to him.
  185. -Determined Defender's Sigil: A pewter broach of a large tower shield with a helmeted pony poking its head out from behind it, somehow looking quite confident you won't be getting through its defense. Adds +1 to all Blocking Rolls and +1 DR. Can be enchanted to: Shield, Armor, Body. Enchanted to his armor.
  187. -Fleet Hoof Medallion: A Bronze coin measuring in 3" diameter, with a stylized hoof with wings protruding from the back, along with speed streaks coming of behind. Adds +1 to Sprint and Evasion. Enchanted to his armor.
  189. -Relentless Escort Sigil: adds +1 to all Riposte, Block, and Ranged rolls per each active enemy opponent, up to a maximum of +3 to all Riposte, Block, and Ranged rolls. Currently enchanted to him.
  191. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  193. Lucius:
  194. *****
  196. Bowman's Scaled Leather Armor: (Armor Traits: 0/1 Enchantment Slots left, Custom-Fit, Krinza/Lann-Reforged, Lightweight, Unique) Originally simple cloth tunics and leather padding, Lann and Krinza have dedicated some of their all-nighter into heavily improving Lucius's original outfit. Lann, having fitted Lucius with several thin layers of cut-resistant fabrics underneath tanned dragon hide paddings, his green hooded cape was given an added layer of puncture protection as well as some low-key yet stylish stitching thrown in. Krinza has added matte forest green-colored scale-mail to Lucius's limbs and vital areas to keep weight down and maneuverability high.
  197. -Armor Value: 2DR to entire torso and limbs
  198. -Armor Class: Light, Full Body.
  199. -Lightweight Armor Class: Adds +1 to Sprint and Evasion
  200. -Utility Enchantment: adds +2 to all in-combat Stealth rolls, and converts all Stealth rolls to <Auto-Stealth wile in Fog, Mist, Rain, or Water. Gains +1HP per turn while remaining mostly still in same, and allows permanent water breathing.
  202. >Acroline Hooded Cloak: (Armor Traits: Custom-Fit, Lann-Reforged, Ultra-Lightweight, Unique) Reaping the benefits of a gunned-down juvenile Acroline, outside of Ley Junction #7, Lucius acquired its hide 80% intact. After handing it to Lann, she took the time to properly treat and integrate the fur into his cut-resistant green cloak to give it a very useful function for a hunter of his caliber: the ability to blend into any environment, given he stay in it long enough for the fur's color to fully blend, like a chameleon. The double layer coat helps insulate in warm climates, but also cools in colder. Might be susceptible to catching on fire more easily...
  203. -Armor Value: 1DR to whatever it's covering
  204. -Armor Class: Ultralight, Partial Body.
  205. -Natural Stealth Function: -Grants Auto-Stealth in any environment after 3 consecutive turns, as well as a +1 to all non-combat stealth rolls.
  207. *****
  209. Ancestral Longsword: (Weapon Traits: 1/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Heirloom, Personal, Unique) Adorned with his family's coat of arms, with a cross guard shaped like a dragon's maw. Steel construction, wrapped in black leather.
  210. -Melee Weapon Class: One-Handed OR Two-Handed.
  211. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  212. -Modification: Two-Handed Block: gains an additional Block roll ONLY when using both hands to wield.
  214. *****
  216. Julia: (Weapon Traits: 0/0 Enchantment Slots remaining, Personal, Unique) Lucius' trusty longbow. Rather plain looking, with a core made of Ironwood, making it both quite springy and resilient. Appears to be of Elven make, but you'd be mistaken.
  217. -Base Modifier: +1 to all Archery rolls.
  218. -Ammunition Class: Archery.
  219. -Ammunition Type #1: Diamindine-Tipped Broadhead Arrows. Standard 3' arrows with a standard steel tip. Krinza has coated the edge of each head with powdered Diamondine, increasing it penetrative capabilities. Adds +2 to all Archery rolls. Armor Pierce 2 (negates 2DR). 30ct
  220. -Ammunition Type #2: Adamantine Arrows. Adds +1 to all Archery rolls, +3 when used against dragons. Negates all natural DR. 5/5 remaining.
  221. -Maximum Optimal Range: 200M with a -1 penalty to all Archery rolls per 100M beyond this range.
  222. -Maximum Effective Range: 500M.
  224. *****
  225. >SUPPLIES:
  226. -Acroline Hide: An 80% intact juvenile acroline hide; double layer coat helps insulate in warm climates, but also cools in colder. Has a natural ability to blend into any environment, after a short time acclimating to their surroundings- still works even as a pelt.
  227. -Grants Auto-Stealth in any environment after 3 consecutive turns, as well as a +1 to all non-combat stealth rolls.
  228. -Bear Hide Ruck Pack
  229. -Survival Knife: +1 to Melee, +1 to Wilderness Survival when used as such
  230. -Hatchet: +1 to Melee, +1 to Wilderness Survival when used as such
  231. -Mess Kit, Cooking Pot
  232. -Map
  233. -Inkwell and Quill
  234. -2x Torches
  235. -2x Waterskins
  236. -Bedroll
  238. *****
  240. -Mistcreeper's Heart: adds +2 to all in-combat Stealth rolls, and converts all Stealth rolls to <Auto-Stealth wile in Fog, Mist, Rain, or Water. Gains +1HP per turn while remaining mostly still in same, and allows permanent water breathing. Currently enchanted to his armor.
  242. -Slowfall: an enchantment that slows one's velocity from falling with mental command, and will automatically stop it's bearer from crashing into solid objects, ground, or floors. This effect cannot be overridden and will always prevent a crash landing, though damage may still be caused if falling from a great height. Currently enchanted to him.
  244. -Tempest Orb: a palm-sized sphere with constantly shifting 'winds' of various white colors contained inside. When infused to a living being, grants vastly increased speed and the ability to slightly tap into the Airstreams of Tallus, adding +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Reaction Speed rolls. When infused to a weapon, grants a [1d6+2] <Airstrike elemental attack. Currently enchanted to his sword.
  246. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  248. Hildemar:
  249. *****
  251. Imperial Full-Plate Armor (Armor Traits: 0/2 Enchantment Slots left, Heavy, Krinza-Forged, Personal, Unique): This fully-plated ensemble gives Hildemar an intimidating presence, and keeps him protected as he roams Manehattan and wherever he may find himself. Krinza has swapped out the heavier clunkier plates for lighter and more ergonomically shaped materials, for a lighter build and better maneuverability.
  252. -Armor Value: 2DR to entire torso and below.
  253. -Armor Class: Standard, Full Body.
  254. -Defensive Enchantment #1: reduces all elemental damage by 1/4, whether physical or Mystical in nature.
  255. -Defensive Enchantment #2: grants a [1d6+2] <Deflect Magic, when defending against magical attacks.
  257. THE Witch Hunter Hat: 0DR; Posh and stylish as hell, though!
  259. *****
  261. Verena-Blessed Zweihander: (Weapon Traits: 0/1 Enchantment Slots remaining, Personal, Blessed, Two-Handed, Unique) A zweihander of 50", blade is 28" with a 5" ricasso and the rest is grip and shit;
  262. -Melee Weapon Class: 2 handed
  263. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls
  264. -Armor Pierce: 1
  265. -Mystical Enhancement: adds a [1d6] <Smite non-elemental effect against Magic-users, Magical beings, and Undead
  266. -Modification: Two-Handed Block: gains an additional Block roll ONLY when using both hands to wield.
  268. *****
  270. Pepperbox Revolver (Weapon Traits: Personal): a 6-cylinder, single-action, percussion lock repeating pistol. Requires handloading of powder, cap, and minie ball once once shots are depleted. CAN NOT use Reaction Speed Skill to instant-reload.
  271. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  272. -Ammunition Class: Magnum Small Arms, 45-caliber minie ball.
  273. -Cylinder Size: 6/6 balls. 18 extra minie balls, powder, and caps.
  274. -Maximum Optimal Range: 30M with a -1 penalty per 20M beyond this range.
  275. -Maximum Effective Range: 100M.
  277. *****
  278. >SUPPLIES:
  279. -Metal flask
  280. -Coin pouch (15 silver shillings)
  281. -Map/scroll case (map of Manehattan and Everfree)
  282. -Storm lantern: +1 to Perception rolls, in dark places
  283. -Verenian holy book
  284. -Numerous Verenian religious symbols
  285. -Quality telescope- +2 to Scouting rolls, when in use
  286. -Manacles
  287. -Writing kit
  288. -Compass
  290. *****
  292. -Antitoxin kit- removes toxin effects after 3 turns; 2 uses
  293. -First Aid Kit
  295. *****
  297. -Nautilus Pearl: while not round, at all, this squiggly rainbow colored 'leaf' is actually the pearl formed from a Nautilus, and when infused to armor grants some of it's previous owner's protective qualities. Adds 1DR and reduces all elemental damage by 1/4. Currently enchanted to his armor.
  299. >Keening Charm: a 1" diameter sphere made from hostile, reactive red and blue crystalline lattices carefully melded together to prevent injury to the owner, and when used to reforge a weapon with, allows piercing weaponry to be considerably more effective. Adds +1 to all Melee rolls & grants Armor Pierce 1 (negates 1DR). OWNED BY HILDEMAR- Currently enchanted to his sword
  301. >Regal Sphere: a purple 'ring' that seems to be able to flow through dimensions, itself appearing as flat disc, though it has no reverse and looks to be entirely one dimensional. Grants a [1d6+2] <Deflect Magic ability to armor. OWNED BY HILDEMAR- Currently enchanted to his armor
  303. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  305. Nevil:
  306. *****
  308. Improved M3 Pattern Personal Armor: (Armor Traits: 2/2 Enchantment Slots left, Custom-Fit, Krinza-Reforged, Unique): This modular cuirass is the standard ballistic protective armor system employed by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in the 22nd century. The M3 system is primarily concerned with protecting the user's torso only; with additional protection given by armored gloves, greaves covering the legs from the ankle to the knee, and elbow pads. Allowing for easy replacement of damaged parts and adjustability. Nevil's is cream colored, and bears officer decals. Krinza has improved the modular platings with layers of titanium plating and kinetic shock layers, as well as adding thigh armor.
  309. -Armor Value: 3DR to: Torso, thighs, shins, and forearms; 2DR to rest of body.
  310. -Armor Class: Standard, Full Body.
  311. -Modification #1: TNR Shoulder Lamp: Adds 1d6+2 <Flashlight to Perception rolls, when in use. ALT-USE: [1d6] <Blinding Strobe: Blinds all unprotected vision within 30 meters forward facing to Nevil for 1 turn, the second turn reduces Perception rolls by the die's number result. 5-turn cooldown.
  312. -Modification #2: A-frame Bracers: specialized to carry a specific type of IMP lightweight backpack - that can also be linked to certain portable life support systems.
  314. Improved M10 Pattern Ballistic Helmet: (1/1 Enchantment Slots left, Custom-Fit, Krinza-Reforged, Unique) A helmet used primarily by the United States Colonial Marine Corps in conjunction with the M3 Pattern Personal Armor. In addition to providing head protection, it features an integrated video camera, infrared sight, transmitter and microphone. Krinza has replaced some clunkier unbalanced portions or armor for better overall protection and comfort. Jeff, Nalyina, and Anon have replaced some of the more "somehow technologically outdated, yet futuristic?" electronics with higher resolution and lighter weight alternatives.
  315. -Armor Value: 2DR to the head
  316. -Armor Class: Standard, Head Protection.
  317. -Modification #1: Remote bio monitors, now compatible with the Master Radio and connecting systems.
  318. -Modification #2: Personal Data Transmitter, a personal locater with a range of 40 km now syncs to the Master Radio and connecting devices.
  319. -Modification #3: Integrated HD Camera: Can record and transmit live feed to compatible systems, now with much clearer resolution. Also connects to his snake-cam.
  320. -Modification #4: Integrated IR Sight: Adds +2 to a SINGLE Perception/Scouting roll and allows the user to see the infrared spectrum, when in use.
  321. -Modification #5: Attached NVG Monocular: Adds +2 to a SINGLE Perception/Scouting roll and allows the user to see in dark places, when in use.
  322. -Modification #6: Mounted Helmet Flashlight: Adds 1d6+2 <Flashlight to Perception rolls, when in use.
  324. USCM Executive Officer Uniform: (Traits: Custom Fit, Lann-Weaved, Unique) The forest green uniform of a senior officer in the USCM, now completely remade from the ground up by Lann. Using eight different kind of extremely durable and elemental spider silks, she has been able to create an exact pristine duplicate of Nevil's original Officer regs that fully integrates with his improved armor system. Hydrophobic and stab-resistant. Worn underneath armor.
  325. -Armor Value: 1DR to full body, excluding hands and feet.
  326. -Armor Class: Ultra-Lightweight
  327. -Defensive Enchantment: Reduces all Elemental Damage by 10%.
  329. *****
  331. Combat/Survival Knife: (1/1 Enchantment Slots left, Custom-Made, Unique) A nine-inch, full tang, dual purpose knife made for both Combat and general bushcraft. The knife has a full length drop-point blade, while the spine has a 3/4 sawback. Comes with a hardened leather sheath with a minor sticky enchantment that allows it to adhere to any part of the body.
  332. -Melee Weapon Class: Light One-Handed
  333. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte, and Wilderness Survival Rolls
  335. Stiletto Boot Knife: (1/1 Enchantment Slots left, Standard-Issue) A standard black-oxide coated 6" stiletto Nevil picked up in the stock armory. Comes with a sturdy sheathe that can secure itself to either of Nevil's boots.
  336. -Melee Weapon Class: Light One-Handed
  337. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls. Ignores 1DR when used during a stab-type attack.
  339. *****
  341. M41A Pulse Rifle:(Special Weapons Traits: Advanced, Custom, Heavy, Unique) A bulky and hi-tech, cream and matte black colored assault rifle. The M41A is the main weapon of the USCM, used widely across all branches of its military. The M41A offers very limited customization options, but has a rail that allows for a custom sight or flashlight to be mounted. Has an under barrel pump grenade launcher.
  342. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  343. -Ammunition: 10×24mm Caseless, penetrates 1DR on armored targets.
  344. -Magazine Capacity: 95/95 rounds. 3 Standard
  345. -Maximum Optimal Range: 500M with a -1 penalty per 100M beyond this range.
  346. -Maximum Effective Range: 2,100M
  347. -Attachment #1: Red Dot Sight: Add +1 to all Assault Rifle rolls, when in use.
  348. -Attachment #2: Underbarrel U1 Grenade Launcher
  349. -Ammunition: 30×71mm HEDP grenades
  350. -Magazine Capacity: 4 rounds. 8 total.
  351. -Maximum Optimal Range: 180M with a -1 penalty per 50M beyond this range.
  352. -Maximum Effective Range: 400M
  353. -DAMAGE: causes an additional +4 damage per roll, on successful hit.
  354. -RADIUS: 5M.
  355. -ADDITIONAL EFFECTS: inflicts Shock on a max critical.
  357. M79 (Weapon Traits: Personal): a single shot, break-action 40MM grenade launcher originally produced during early Vietnam War eras on most human worlds. Capable of utilizing explosive, high explosive, anti-personnel (also known as shrapnel), flechette, smoke, and overhead illumination shells, the M79 was used long after it's introduction for it's superior range, accuracy, and ease of maintenance over the finicky, expensive M203 attachment. Formerly owned by Hollow, now kept in the Armory.
  358. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Heavy Weapons rolls.
  359. -Ammunition Class: Explosive, 40MM Grenade. Comes with 7x 40MM High Explosive 40MM Grenades & 7x 40MM Airburst Grenades.
  360. -Maximum Optimal Range: 300M with a -1 penalty per 100M beyond this range.
  361. -Maximum Effective Range: 500M.
  363. 88 Mod 0 Combat Pistol:(Special Weapons Traits: Advanced, Custom, Unique) Simply referred to as "The Combat Pistol", the 88 mod 0 is an expensive sidearm used by senior officers of the USCM. It appears as a matte-black blowback-operated, striker-fired, double action only, semi-automatic pistol with some resemblance to a VP70.
  364. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  365. -Ammunition Class: Small Arms, 9x19MM AP; 1DR Penetration on successful hit
  366. -Magazine Capacity: 18/18 cartridges. Comes with 4x magazines.
  367. -Maximum Optimal Range: 50M with a -1 penalty per 25M beyond this range.
  368. -Maximum Effective Range: 100M.
  369. -WEAPON CLASS LIMIT REACHED: Due to the limit of 2 Ranged weapon classes for one Operator, Nevil is only allowed a single [1d6] Untrained Small Arms Roll.
  371. *****
  372. >SUPPLIES:
  373. Binoculars
  374. Ballistic goggles
  375. Bundle of damaged marine dogtags
  376. USCM Military Satchel
  377. Megaphone
  378. Snake Camera
  380. *****
  382. >Superior Negation Charm: adds +2 to all Iron Will rolls. OWNED BY NEVIL- Worn Freely
  384. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  386. Noah:
  387. *****
  389. Riot Armor: (Armor Traits: 2/2 Enchantment Slots left, Custom-Fit, Unique) Multiple layers of Kevlar from Lann, form-fitted titanium plates from Krinza, and design inputs from several other operators have birthed a formidable set of heavy (yet functional) riot armor for point-men and breachers. Designed for shield-bearers in mind, the torso has more lighter plating for better body movement, yet the limbs and back are still well-protected. Through layering techniques and lighter materials, Krinza has been able to lighten the armor's weight without reducing protection.
  390. -Armor Value: 3DR to entire body. Helmet, included.
  391. -Armor Class: Standard, Full Body.
  393. Ballistic Shield: (Armor Traits: 1/1 Enchantment Slots left, Armored, Custom-Fit, Heavy, Unique) This man-height ballistic shield is made up of layers of hard lightweight composites to form a mobile shield for riot officers. A hard-rubbered and textured bottom helps the shield from skidding when planted in place. Full black body, scaling shoulder to shoulder and up to his head for Noah, it has a thick plexiglass viewing port at eye level.
  394. -Armor Value: 5DR, facing area, directional.
  395. -Armor Class: Heavy Shield, forward protection.
  396. -Heavy Weight: Reduces Sprint and Evasion rolls by -1
  397. -Shield Block: Adds an extra Block roll, when Blocking.
  398. -Shield Bash: Adds +1 to all Offensive Melee rolls, when used offensively.
  400. *****
  402. Combat Knife: +1 to all Offensive Rolls.
  404. *****
  406. Serbu Super Shorty (Weapon Traits: Personal, Lightweight, Unique): Think a Mossberg 500, then shrink it down to less than 20" in total length. This shotgun is close-up and in-your-face, utility weapon for breachers and point-men.
  407. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Shotgun rolls.
  408. -Ammunition Class: Shotgun, 12-Gauge.
  409. -Magazine Capacity: 2+1. Comes with 15 shells.
  410. -Ammunition Type #1: 00-Buckshot: Optimal range of 8M with a -1 penalty to all Shotgun rolls per 2M beyond this range, and a maximum range of 20M. 10 rounds.
  411. -Ammunition Type #2: Breach Rounds: A shell mainly filled with metal powder, bound in wax. Delivers a concussive blast to destroy door locks and jams. Optimal range of 3ft with a -1 penalty to all Shotgun rolls per 1ft beyond this range, and a maximum range of 10ft. Living targets will incur possible STUNNED effects on Critical Hits and point-blank range. 5 rounds.
  412. -Modification #1: Collapsible Front Grip: Increases stability, and adds +1 to all Shotgun Rolls.
  414. -MP5K (Weapon Traits: Personal): a shortened machine pistol version of the MP5A2 was introduced; the MP5K was designed for close quarters battle use by clandestine operations and special services..
  415. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Small Arms rolls.
  416. -Ammunition Cass: Small Arms, 9x19mm.
  417. -Magazine Capacity: 30/30 cartridges. Comes with 3x magazines.
  418. -Maximum Optimal Range: 100M with a -1 penalty per 25M beyond this range.
  419. -Maximum Effective Range: 200M.
  421. *****
  422. >SUPPLIES:
  423. Binoculars
  424. Backpack
  425. Multitool
  427. *****
  429. 2 Smoke grenades
  430. 2 Flashbangs
  431. 2 C4/Detonator
  433. *****
  435. Medical Pouch
  437. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
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