Vita gets 2koma'ed

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  1. "This is it, PS4! Your evil plans are over! You won't ever fuck anytan ever again!" Vita kicked the door to PS4's room open, brandishing a very large, thick dildo."I'm going to make you sorry you ever violated my innocence!"
  3. "Oh?" PS4 rose an eyebrow.
  5. "Say your prayers, you fat-assed thot!" Vita then lunged at her older sister with anger in her eyes.
  8. "I'M SORRY! I'M SO FUCKING SORRY!" Vita howled as PS4 slammed her fake cock deep into her cunt, the dildo wiggling out in her asshole as her legs flailed in the air.
  10. "Serves you right, you shitty little bitch. Really? You thought you could stop me with a dildo? A dildo?! When will you ever learn, Vita?" She then gave her little sister's plump tits a rough mauling, her nails digging into her breast flesh. "At least you still have sex appeal, though."
  12. Vita gasped in pain and pleasure as the strap-on hit a good spot in her pussy walls and the dildo was making her ass ache like hell. It was insane. "Sister... please...!"
  14. "Please, what?"
  16. "Take it out... The dildo..." The hodded tan whimpered.
  18. "Don't be a baby, Vita. Just push it out, it's not hard~" The older tan snorted and bucked her ass in the air, still pounding away at her sister's core.
  20. Tears ran down Vita's face as she slowly forced the offending object out from her backdoor, the dildo moving out inch by inch. She gasped lightly as she gathered all of her strength and pushed the sex toy out, leaving her ass gaping wide open. A shudder ran through her as a breeze touched her insides of her ass.
  22. PS4 roughly pulled out of Vita, causing the poor girl to squeal and squirt her juices out onto the floor. "Damn, sis. Looks like you've been... wrecked." She placed a pair of sunglasses onto her eyes and grinned.
  24. Vita just let out a pitiful moan. Why did this always have to happen to her...?
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