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  1.                     /icup/ Official Rules:
  3.     /icup/ is an inclusive virtual divegrass competition made for the anons of 8ch by anons who help to create board based teams who compete against each other for glory and the divine right of eternal banter.
  5.     The owner of /icup/ is the commissioner "Reluctant Saviour" and is the sole decider in regards to planning and setting up all official /icup/ games. The commissioner is in charge of ensuring that all volunteers complete their duties before /icup/ events begin and is in charge of organizing volunteers for performing multiple duties required for the operation of the events, including streamers and modders for example.
  7.     Now here are some quick rules towards how /icup/ works:
  9.     Organizational Rules
  11.             1. Each team will have a Team Rep who are tasked with sending in an export for their team and to always notify their board of /icup/ events and current schedules. Team Reps are authenticated after the initial /icup/ event by the commissioner and can be taken away if there is reasonable proof that shows the Team Rep not performing his duties to an acceptable standard (ex: sending in a bad export which seems to be made bad on purpose).
  12.             2. /icup/ will have No Livemanaging. Team reps will send in presets to the event host, or streamer, and the host will setup games as shown in Match Rules below.
  13.             3. All kits, logos and other content will be 100% community made and decided on by the respective boards as to which designs will be used by their boards' team.
  14.             4. Streamers, /icup/ related OC creators and people who contribute directly to /icup/ as a whole and recognized by the commissioner are known as "/icup/ Volunteers" and do specific jobs for /icup/ that contribute to the quality of the events.
  15.             5. All /icup/ volunteers are solely volunteers in every form and do it ">for free" and should stay completely anonymous when possible and should only use tripcodes for role purposes only or for public announcements on the status of /icup/ outside of /icup/. Meta threads should have complete anonymity inside and be used for anonymous feedback by anyone in the 8chan community. Offenders will be warned and repeat offenders may face discipline from the commissioner. This rule is to discourage circlejerking inside /icup/ and to promote working and increased creation of OC for /icup/.
  16.             6. Any team where the board rep gives no export ,or fails to do their duties with no backup team rep able to replace the original, will have their play a flat 4-4-2 with gold cfs and middle silver cmfs while tactics will be confirmed and authenticated by the Commissioner himself and the defaults will change automatically every 6 months.
  17.             7. The commissioner will sanction all prepared official Cup save files and only sanctioned save files are to be used by Official Cup Hosts when streaming games for /icup/.
  19.     Match Rules
  21.             1. Matches are all 10 minutes long and set to the highest difficulty.
  22.             2. Matches are run by "hosts" or streamers who deal with organizing and running official /icup/ matches as well as organizing event media and signing up color commentators for matches beforehand to a number as the host sees fit.
  23.             3. Again there is no livemanaging so hosts  will be in charge of needed roster changed before and during matches. Hosts will do necessary subs at 65'' for low stamina non-medals and decide on opening lineups via conditions and readiness stats.
  24.             4. Conditions will be random while "heart" stats will be at maximum at the start of each match.
  25.             5. For player heights, each team can have 1 player of 200-205cm height, 1x(195-199cm), 2x(190-194cm), 6x(185-189cm), 7x(180-184cm), 3x(175-179cm), 2x(170-174cm) and 1x(165-169cm) players.
  26.             6. Players are described as either 99 gold, 88 silver, 77 non-medals and 70 gks. Each team gets 2 gold players, 2 silver players and the remainder non-medal all 77 ability stat players. Teams also must keep a minimum of 2 GKs on their squad.
  27.             7. Teams get unlimited cards (Player Skills and COM Playing Styles, 1 of either is 1 card), not counting position playing styles (Destroyer, Goal Poacher, etc.), GK long throw cards for GKs and a Captaincy card for your captain. However card limits exists for each player. Non-medals only get 2 cards max, silvers 3 max and golds 4 max. GKs are allowed 0 cards aside from the GK long throw card.
  28.             8. Each player gets 4 weak foot accuracy, 4 weak foot usage, 3 injury resistance and 5 form stats in ability settings except medals which have 8 for form and the same stats as non-medals for weak foot stats and injury resistance.
  30.     Default Preset Rules:
  32.     If a board does not have a registered Team Rep the team's export will be structured as follows from the first /icup/ for a course of 6 months after:
  33.             1. Team will consist of:
  34.             Starting XI: 2 CFs, 4 CMFs, 1 RB, 1 LB and 1GK
  35.             Bench: 4CMFs, 2GKs, 2 LBs, 2 RBs, 2 CBs
  36.             2. The following will be player types:
  37.             (a) CF players will have 1 Goal Poacher with First time shot, mazing run, sombrero and trickster and 1 Fox in the Box with Trickster, Acrobatic Finish, One time shot and Speeding bullet.
  38.             (b) CMF players will have 1 Hole Player with first time shot, speeding bullet and knuckle shot, 1 classic #10 with one touch pass, track back and fighting spirit, and 3 box to box players with low punt trajectory and long ranger.
  39.             3 Destroyer players with one touch pass and track back.
  40.             (c) All 6 LB/RB players will be offensive/defensive fullbacks with pinpoint crossing and early cross
  41.             (d) 2 CBs will be Build Ups with tack back and man marking and 2 will be extra frontmen with track back and low punt trajectory.
  42.             (e) 1 GK will be defensive GK and 2 will be offensive GKs, all with the complimentary GK Long Throw card.
  44.             3. For player heights they will be assigned be in priority of GOLDS>GKs>SILVERS>CBs>LB/RBs>MFs for the starting XI and GKs and CBs>LBs/RBs/MFs for the rest.
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