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  1. <b><size=30><align="center">SCP: Secret Laboratory Server Info Template</align></size=40></b>
  4. Server Rules:
  5. 1. Don't be Excessively rude
  6. 2. profanity is allowed as long as it isn't overused, derogatory/demeaning or hateful
  7. 3. Profanity is NOT allowed on intercom
  8. 4. TKing(Team Killing) is NOT allowed, This includes glitching people into walls, finding ways to make them fall to their death, and locking them in a room that you have access to and they don't.
  9. 5. No dragging out the rounds, This means don't sit in a corner all game just because you are scared of dying to another team.
  11. Cross Teaming Rules:
  13. D-Class, Scientists, NTF,SCPs and Chaos can cross team with other teams (Except Nine-tailed fox and chaos can NOT cross-team with eachother.)
  15. Have questions? you can contact the Owner @ MrSnowFoxy#0956 on discord!
  17. Most importantly, Have-FUN
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