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  1. [15:57] <@Kkat> Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Four: The Solaris Legacy (Part One) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PPtEHWDca8&feature=youtu.be
  2. [15:58] <@Kkat> 3Remembrance.
  3. [15:58] <@Kkat> 3In Equestria’s blackest days, heroes rose up to draw a line against the darkness.  And in turn, those they saved have honored them in monument and memory.  The faces and names of those heroes will not be forgotten.
  4. [15:58] <@Kkat> 3As the sun begins to set, painting the sky in rich pinks and purples, and washing the stone mesas and rock formations along the Ponytomic with a dazzling orange light, the steamboat voyagers can see the grand relief of The Heroes of the North carved into a cliff side.  
  5. [15:58] <@Kkat> 3When Littlepip triggered the day of Sunshine and Rainbows, she knew that there would be panic and war.  She entrusted her closest friends with the quest to find the last two Bearers and trigger the Gardens of Equestria, the great salvation of the wasteland.  
  6. [15:59] <@Kkat> 3She had believed (or perhaps merely hoped) that their quest would take only a month or two, maybe three.  Fast enough to prevent the potential food crisis, at least.  But the world was in turmoil, and virtues of the Bearers would not allow them to ignore those in need and danger.
  7. [15:59] <@Kkat> 3It took two years.  And those two years were some of the cruelest in Equestrian history.
  8. [15:59] <@Kkat> 3In those years, five veterans from the The Battle of Dragon Mountain bonded together to protect the north, from Stalliongrad to Nexus, Gaia Valley to Darkness Falls.  And here on this cliff side, the ponies and other peoples of the north immortalized their heroes:
  9. [15:59] <@Kkat> 3the Canterlot ghoul “Lion” and his terrifying companion “Mouse”, “Reggie” the daughter of Gawd, the zebra enchantress “Gloom”, and the cybernetic hellhound known only as “Old Albino”.
  10. [16:01] <@Kkat> 3The steamboat trudges up the Ponytomic, moving past the monument to The Heroes of the North blazing in the light of the setting sun.  Ahead yawns the split in the mesas called Grimfire Canyon, the passage to Gaia Valley and the North.
  11. [16:01] <@Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  12. 07[16:02] * @Get_Lost comes out from the lower deck to watch the monment and fo a moment she foalishly waves a hoof at the statues
  13. 07[16:03] * @Mitzi who is still not comfortable on the boat, stays below deck where its sturdier, and the smell of Kid's cooking provides a decent distraction.
  14. 15[16:03] * +Spero looks curiously over at Get_Lost from his place in the corner out of the way. "Hoping it'll wave back?"
  15. 04[16:04] * @Get_Lost turns towards Spero, a bit confused "ah... i dont' think they are robots, silly..." then goes back to the engine room as soon as the statuees disappear
  16. 15[16:04] * +Spero blinks. What.
  17. 07[16:04] * +Kid is on deck, looking at those statues as they became one with the horizon. "Makes y' think, dudn't it?" She felt a strange sort of sadness, not that she'd admit it. Maybe not sadness per se. Awe? Pride? Regret? Love? She... Didn't quite know.
  18. 07[16:05] * @Get_Lost trotting down the stairs, the mare giggles "a statue waving back, these alicorns are so naive..."
  19. 07[16:06] * +Shatara sits in the engine room, tinkering with his special-needs rifle as he keeps one eye on making sure the engine doesn't spontaniously explode or something.
  20. 07[16:06] * @Crescendo_ joins the others topside to look at the view. "That was a wonderful meal, Kid. You are certainly quite a cook, thank you very much."
  21. 07[16:07] * @Mitzi is now alone below decks. Walking on a moving boat was hard, and she didn't want to break anything, so she stayed put
  22. 07[16:07] * @Get_Lost sits next to Shatara "as soon as the captain will call, i'll have to go at the wheel for the night... please remember to lower the pressure, i'm not sure i can handle this thing at full speed in a canyon"
  23. 07[16:08] * +Kid shook her head and tried to get her head back together. "Yeah. Thanks, mister!" Think good thoughts, Kid. You've got company who wants the best durned cook this side of the ponytomic. Err. That side. Whichever.
  24. 06[16:10] * Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  25. 07[16:11] * +Shatara looks up from his rifle and nods to the mare, as a note reminding him of this flashes across his EFS. Crazy stable-tech gizmo, how does it work?
  26. 07[16:16] * +Kid looks back at the horizon and frowned a little. "Ya'll ever read story books?"
  27. 07[16:16] * @Mitzi may not be comfortable on the boat, but pack animals crave companionship. She stands up and begins to make her way up to the top of the deck, since there was nopony left down here with her.
  28. 07[16:18] * @Crescendo_ follows Kid's gaze. "I've read one or two. Although usually out-loud."
  29. [16:22] <@Kkat> 3If they had been a little faster, or maybe a little more lucky, it might have worked.  Flying out of the sun, striking the ship while its crew were busy staring at the monument.  It had worked before.  But the damn alicorn turned his head at the wrong time, and caught a glimpse of four dark spots in the blaze of the setting sun's light...
  30. 07[16:22] * +Kid shrugs. "I dunno. Weird feelin', but I just... Ah always felt like they were so dissent over there in th' bog. And here we are in th' middle of it all where it happened. Or where they remember it. An'... Well. Daddy tol' me that ah think to much."
  31. [16:23] <@Kkat> 3...And before any of the four flying pegasi could get a shot off, everyone on deck knew they were coming.
  32. 15[16:25] * +Spero double takes at the spots. Was this the... "Trouble!" He leaps into the air and flies straight up above the boat.
  33. 04[16:28] * +Kid looks up at Spero and spits off the deck. "Welp! Tha's a sign if ah ever did hear it!" She slings her shotgun out and checks the barrels. Loaded. Buckshot rounds. She slung it up with a satisfying click confirming that they were shut. Time to shoot bad ponies.
  34. 04[16:28] * @Crescendo_ 's reply stops before it starts, Spero's shout commanding attention.
  35. [16:28] <@Kkat> 3Four pegasi are swooping in from out of the sun, the light making them hard to spot and track.  (Attacks against them on the first turn will be at a -10 penalty.)  They are wearing leather armor that is not in the best condition, and salvaged Enclave weapons which are in even worse.  
  36. 15[16:34] * +Spero throws his shield up around himself and flies out in front of the boat, hoping to draw their attention away from the boat and the ponies on deck.
  37. 07[16:37] * +Kid looks around for cover. They were armored. Not well, but armor none the less. She popped the catch of the shotgun and caught the two buckshot rounds as they flew out. With practiced speed, she took two flachette rounds and looked around for something she could dive behind and use as cover while she drew a bead on one of the four. Easy, Kid. Careful. Take your time, inhale.
  38. [16:39] <@Kkat> 3The fore and aft cabin both provide cover that you could hide behind.  Better those than the supplies crate or the ship's railing.  
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  41. 04[16:45] <@Kkat> 3The pegasi break, three bowing their flight pattern to pass by Spero as one slows to engage at range.  
  42. 04[16:46] <@Kkat> 3The one facing off against Spero is the only of the pegasi to have an actual battle saddle.  The others have laser rifles in considerably non-pristine condition.  They open fire.
  43. 07[16:49] * @Crescendo_ "Couldn't we try talking to them?!"
  44. 07[16:50] * @Crescendo_ winces as they start shooting. "Guess not..."
  45. 07[16:55] * @Mitzi hears shots being fired, and immediately tenses. As soon as she hit the deck, she was likely going to have to fight something. Perhaps showing her combat prowess would work as a show of good will to the ponies
  46. 07[17:07] * +Shatara hears a shout from above, followed by the distinctive *zot*zot* of energy weaponry. He quickly reloads and slings the rifle, charging topside. He draws his rifle and takes cover in a doorway, activating S.A.T.S. to fire an aimed shot at the nearest pegasus.
  47. 07[17:08] * @Crescendo_ staggers, taking a direct hit to the chest that burns through his armour.
  48. 07[17:12] * +Kid grins as the shots go wide on her. Crescendo wasn't so lucky. So let's push your luck a little, Kid. "Ya'll couldn't hit th' broad side of my flank, y' buzzard wannabes!" Southern hated when Kid called him that. Got him thinking mean in a hurry.
  49. [17:13] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack dives behind the fore cabin, taking shelter as Shatari bursts out of the aft cabin, swiftly drawing a bead on one of the attacking pegasi and firing.  The shot strikes the pony, tearing through the worn leather of her armor and into the flesh beneath.  She lets out a yelp of pain.
  50. 07[17:17] * @Mitzi tears out onto the deck behind Shatara, who had pulled ahead by virtue of being swift of wing. She reaches the deck, only to see that those who were attacking were well beyond the reach of her claws. She snorts and runs over to Crescendo, hoping to provide soem cover for the wounded pony, and scarfs a healing potion to finish mending the burns from earlier
  51. 07[17:18] * @Get_Lost at the sound of battle, the mare checks thatthe engine is still working then grabs her saddlebags and runs on the deck, ready to help any wounded ally
  52. 13[17:22] * Pantzar (znjnkpovwbgqh@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) Quit (Connection closed)
  53. 07[17:25] * @Crescendo_ falls to his rump, his vision swimming as the pain catches up with him. The large shadow of Mitzi looms overhead, causing just a slight amount of panic. He draws his pistol and fires upwards, not really aiming at anything.
  54. 15[17:31] * +Spero blinks and then starts laughing as the pegasi's shots simply fizzle into his shield. He changes course and flies straight towards the pegasus and holds his horn up near his shield to unleash firey fury on the fumbling fool.
  55. 07[17:40] * +Kid unconsiously squints down on her bad eye. Come on, you idjits. Come a little closer. Lil' sis Kid'll take some of that weight off of ya. "Come on! It's jus' lil' ol' me! You don' think y' can take on a little filly?"
  56. 04[17:43] <@Kkat> 3The eyes of pegasi with the battle saddle widen as Spero laughs and closes the distance.  But the deft smaller flier is able to easily dip out of the way of Spero's inexpertly-aimed shot.  He barks a laugh.  "Not all that impressive yourself, boy."
  57. 04[17:47] <@Kkat> 3The pegasi rifleponies swoop in closer, firing shots at the ponies on deck while they try to keep themselves backlit by the sun.  The battle-saddled buck pivots around Spero, firing, hoping to get through the alicorn's shield.
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  59. [17:56] <@Kkat> 3One of the rifleponies fattempts to fire at Kid, the beam nicking the edge of the mare's cover and losing strength just before it strikes her.
  60. [17:57] <@Kkat> 3The other two miss their targets completely.
  61. 07[17:58] * @Mitzi snorts in contempt as a magical energy beam passes by her. Old Albino would never have missed at that range.
  62. 06[17:58] * Arcane_Scroll is now known as Arcane_Scroll[A]
  63. 07[18:01] * +Shatara ducks back as a beam spatters against the doorway, lining up another pair of shots upon the closing pegasus
  64. 07[18:04] * @Crescendo_ tries to scramble backwards across the deck, away from Mitzi as a spear of light shoots past her. His eyes looking up at the hellhound without recognition.
  65. [18:11] <@Kkat> 3Shatari's shot strike hard into the already wounded pegasus, one hitting the mare in the side of the head, and the other piercing her leg.  Both cause sprays of blood.  
  66. 07[18:13] * +Kid squints unconsciously, then one of them have both barrels. Flachette, don't fail me now!
  67. [18:13] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack, who has been hiding on the shadowed side of the fore cabin, suddenly lets out a shout of alarm.  "We got a fifth one!  Comin' in from the other bank.  Tryin' to flank our flanks!"
  68. 15[18:18] * +Spero turns his head and looks at this fifth pegasus.
  69. 04[18:21] <@Kkat> 3The pegasus is flying low, coming from the opposite bank.  Spero cannot see the fifth pegasus because the boat is in the way.
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  71. [18:32] <@Kkat> 3The badly wounded pegasus mare had focused all her attention on Shatari, intending to fire multiple shots at her... a plan that was interrupted as Kid unleased a swarm of flechettes which tore her armor and body to ribbons.  The pegasus is dead before her body splashes into the water.
  72. 07[18:35] * +Kid grins. Like shooting ravens that roosted on the roof of her shack back at the bog.
  73. 07[18:36] * @Mitzi holds her ground in the middle of the deck. The second any one of them got within charging range, she was going to pounce on them and tear them to shreds
  74. 07[18:38] * @Get_Lost decides that there's nthing she can do to help the group until they are runnign around and shooting, so decides to stay in cover and wait
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  76. 07[18:42] * @Crescendo_ gets to his hooves, nearly tripping as he puts weight on his injured leg. While Mitzi is watching the sky, he runs behind her, taking refuge in a cabin door.
  77. 15[18:46] * +Spero snorts as the energy barely passes through his shield and impacts his barding. Bastard nearly singed his coat! He charges up his spell again and makes extra sure to burn his hide right back!
  78. 15[18:47] * +Spero flies back down towards the other three pegasi attacking the ponies and hellhound on the deck after releasing his fire spell on the battlesaddled pony.
  79. 04[18:55] <@Kkat> 3The pegasus with the battle saddle squelches a yell, gritting his teeth as the flames burn him.  He blinks when, as the smoke clears, the alicorn is gone.  Then he spots Spero heading back towards the boat.  "Hey!  Come back here!"
  80. 15[18:56] * +Spero looks back over his shoulder as he's flying down. "Come get me!"
  81. 07[18:57] * +Kid grins. You glorious green giant. She winks down, ejects the spent shells, and puts in another flachette and a buckshot. C'mere, ugly. Kid's got a present for you.
  82. [19:01] <@Kkat> 3"They got Noonlight!" one of the rifleponies shouts.  "Fly steady!" demands the other.  "Focus on the mare with that flechette gun!  Take her down!"  Both pegasi swoop about, remaining at medium range while angling to deny Kid her cover.  They are successful, but the maneuvering denies each the opportunity for more than one shot.
  83. 04[19:02] <@Kkat> 3The stallion in the battle saddle turnes to chase Spero, firing at the green alicorn.  Meanwhile, the final member of the attack party swoops up, closing within short range... and lobs a grenade on deck.
  84. 07[19:04] * @Mitzi has an ear twitch and turns to see the fifth pegasus joining the fray. Pity for him that he had gotten too close. With a powerful kick off her hind legs, she rushes the pegasus, howling ferociously
  85. 07[19:09] * +Kid grins a graveyard grin. Oh this was rich. Well, she got their attention, at least. "Oh, what's th' matter? Can't even shoot the broad side of a barn, can y'? Ah don't know whether that's funny 'r sad!" She shouts. And then an explosion happened. She had to drop these ponies off quick. With a wink and a boom, Kid lets loose two more shots.
  86. [19:09] <@Kkat> 3The grenade bounces, skittering between Mitzi's legs as she begins to charge and explodes!
  87. 07[19:10] * @Mitzi yelps in pain as the shrapnel and flames lick at her back, but she continues charging anyways. She pounces the guilty pegasus.
  88. 07[19:15] * @Get_Lost is fully hit by the grenade, the explosion slams her against on of the cabin's external walls and she lands on a side
  89. 06[19:18] * Pantzar (znjnkpovwbgqh@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  90. [19:20] <@Kkat> 3Mitzi clobbers the sneaky fifth pegasus with a flying tackle.  The momentum sends them back off the edge of the boat and into the water.  >>SPLASH!<<
  91. 07[19:26] * @Get_Lost rapidly moves towards Shatara and gives him 2 healing potions "here, drink some..."
  92. 06[19:26] * TenMihara (coolsmile@Pony-0d0hnc.cable.rogers.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
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  94. [19:26] <@Kkat> 3The pegasi mare takes a horrifying blast of flechette and screams in agony.  The other pegasus is given pause.  He is the only one unwouded.  They have lost two members (he is already writing off the mare who was driven into the water by an angry hellhound)... even though they should be winning, this isn't looking good for them.
  95. 13[19:27] * @Mitzi (coolsmile@Pony-0d0hnc.cable.rogers.com) Quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds)
  96. [19:27] <@Kkat> 3The pegasi mare takes a horrifying blast of flechette and screams in agony.  The other pegasus is given pause.  He is the only one unwouded.  They have lost two members (he is already writing off the mare who was driven into the water by an angry hellhound)... even though they should be winning, this isn't looking good for them.
  97. [19:27] <@Kkat> 3(repost for TenMihara)
  98. [19:28] <@TenMihara> (Got it)
  99. 06[19:28] * TenMihara is now known as Mitzi
  100. 07[19:30] * +Shatara hears an ominous thump, looking towards the sound just in time to see a live grenade. "Aw, f-" >>BANG<<. Hot shrapnel shrapnel sears his body, punching straight through his Merc barding like it wasn't even there.
  101. 07[19:30] * @Crescendo_ stands in the doorway of the cabin, watching a mare covered in blood and bruises giving away potions she needed herself. He shakes his head to clear it, and takes careful aim at one of the attackers before firing two shots.
  102. 15[19:38] * +Spero swoops down across the boat and fires off another spell at the wounded mare with the rifle as he passes before continuing to fly in the same direction, hopefully leading the battle-saddled pegasus into a good spot to get shot.
  103. 07[19:39] * +Kid loads in two more rounds, buckshot, and fires away at the mare she injured. C'mon. Leave already.
  104. 04[19:40] <@Kkat> 3As the wounded mare dodges Spero's fire,and Kid pours more flak into the sky, the young pegasus stallion cringes.  Fuck fly steady!  This is a wash, and he wasn't going to die here.  The wounded pegasus fires a single shot at the mare who killed Noonlight, then turns and flees.
  105. [19:42] <@Kkat> 3The wounded mare fires twice at Kid, the beam of light striking true on the first shot.  But the blood getting into her eye causes her to miss badly with her second.
  106. [19:43] <@Kkat> 3The stallion with the battle saddle also peals off two shots at the alicorn who is annoying ignoring him.
  107. [19:44] <@Kkat> 3...and misses both times.  Seeing the young stallion flee, he yells, "I'll see you court martialled for this!  You better not show your face anywhere, boy!"
  108. 13[19:46] * Pantzar (znjnkpovwbgqh@Pony-7or5gr.customer.t3.se) Quit (Connection closed)
  109. 07[19:47] * +Kid takes the hit to the leg and winces. She'd taken worse. She was just worried that it would scar over badly and her hide wouldn't grow right over it. Stupid magic wands and their magic.
  110. 07[19:52] * +Shatara takes one more aimed shot at the non-fleeing wounded mare. "Did she just..?" He takes his second shot, without the benefit of SATS.
  111. 07[19:55] * @Get_Lost the mare runs for the potion stash, grabbing a couple of other potions and going outside again, ready to give them to her wounded friends
  112. [19:56] <@Kkat> 3The cracks from Shatara's gun split the air.  The mare gasps as another bullet does more than just a grazing wound.  This battle is not going her way.
  113. 07[19:56] * @Crescendo_ watches his previous target fleeing, and switches target. His aim drifts over the wounded mare, before settling on the stallion with the battle saddle, firing two shots.
  114. 07[19:58] * @Crescendo_ misses completely, doing little more than draw attention to himself.
  115. 07[19:59] * @Mitzi burbles under the water. She may not like boats, but she could swim well enough. She would deal with this winged pony first, then head back up. She rakes the pegasus with her claws from his pinned position.
  116. [20:03] <@Kkat> 3Mitzi's attack strikes deep, mauling the pegasus.  As she kicks off the bleeding, drowning pony, she snags the mare's laser pistol.  Moments later, her head breaks the surface of the water.  The mare does not appear to make it to the surface.
  117. 15[20:04] * +Spero stops and starts hovering. This was really getting annoying... he wanted to burn something and actually have it burn! He looks right at the hurt mare and fires up his horn one more time.
  118. 07[20:05] * @Mitzi looks at the weapon she snagged. She had been intending to rend more flesh rather than a holster, but she shrugged, the pony was dealt with.
  119. [20:06] <@Kkat> 3The mare screams, amazingly still flying.  But she has taken an excruciating beating.  You can see it in her eyes.  This battle is over for her.
  120. 07[20:06] * +Kid decides that big and green needed some assistance with that angry-looking pegasus. Time to find out if a pegasus can fly with a few more ventilation holes. That's totally how they fly, right?
  121. 06[20:14] * Arcane_Scroll[A] is now known as Arcane_Scroll
  122. [20:14] <@Kkat> 3Down to two wounded pegasi, the stallion in the battle saddle calls out, "Retreat!"  and does a wingover, flying into the setting sun.  The mare nods sharply and turns, trying to escape up the river, gliding over the water towards Grimfire Canyon.
  123. 07[20:15] * @Mitzi surfaces just in time to see the other pegasi flying off. "Flyeen ponies no gud at fighteen."
  124. 15[20:16] * +Spero frowns and tries to keep up with the wounded mare and knock her out of the sky.
  125. 07[20:16] * @Get_Lost as the pegasi order the retreat, the mare sight in reliefand goes back to the ship's stash, putting the potions again inside it... from now on, bandages were going to do the work
  126. 15[20:18] * +Spero sighs as he misses again and drops his shield spell. He turns back to the ship and goes to help Mitzi back up onto the boat using his telekinesis.
  127. 07[20:19] * @Mitzi allows herself to be floated, and immediately shakes herself off as soon as she's back on the deck
  128. 15[20:21] * +Spero lands with a thud next to Mitzi. "Everyone... mostly... okay?"
  129. 07[20:21] * +Shatara reloads his rifle as he glances over the edge of the deck. "Looks like it..."
  130. 04[20:22] * @Get_Lost turns towards spero and smiles weakly "i... think yes, nopony died and the ship seems to keep going..."
  131. 07[20:23] * @Get_Lost "now, if you will wait a moment, i'll try to bandage the wounded...."
  132. 07[20:23] * @Mitzi finishes shaking off; "Uh'm a leetle singed, but gud otherwise."
  133. 15[20:23] * +Spero "Pegasi, lasers, and court martials. What the heck?"
  134. [20:24] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack gets up from his hiding place.  "Thank y'all kindly.  I reckon we now know why caravans have been disappearin'.  Don't leave bodies when you turn 'em to ash."
  135. 07[20:24] * @Mitzi looks around the group, then holds out the damaged laser pistol. "Can any un of yous fix dis?"
  136. [20:25] <@Kkat> 3The pistol has been heavily used, it's performance sharply degraded.  Judging by the attack, all the pegasi were using weapons of similar quality.
  137. 15[20:26] * +Spero rubs a wing over his face and looks at the pistol. "I... can take a look at it. No guarantees, though. I know almost nothing past unicorn magic."
  138. [20:26] <@Kkat> 3The pistol has the emblem of the Enclave on it.  The emblem, like the rest of the gun, has weathered a lot... but it seems to have been regularly polished.
  139. 07[20:27] * @Crescendo_ limps toward Get_Lost. "You're hurt! You need to use those bandages on yourself."
  140. 07[20:27] * +Kid takes a quick survey of the boat. A grenade went off, a bit of her cover got hit. Some ponies look like they've taken some worse hits than she has. A bit of blood running down her cheek from her forehead reminded her that she wasn't exactly that well off herself.
  141. 13[20:28] * @Crescendo_ (Samus@Pony-s74hjp.demon.co.uk) Quit (Connection closed)
  142. 07[20:28] * @Get_Lost "nonsense! i will check myself when i'll be done with the others!"
  143. 07[20:29] * @Mitzi is bleeding a bit, but doesn't seem to be too perterbed by it. Perhaps she should be
  144. [20:30] <@Kkat> 3That, at least, is the mare's intent.  But after a bit of hassle with the bandages and a small trip, it is Get_Lost who ends up entangles like a kitten who lost to the ball of yarn.
  145. 07[20:30] * +Shatara snerks softly.
  146. 07[20:31] * @Get_Lost snorts and tries to free herself "that... that was just a try! now i'm doing it for real! stay still and you stop laughing!"
  147. 15[20:31] * +Spero can't help from laughing. "Need some help there Get?"
  148. [20:31] <@Kkat> 3Smiling Jack snerks.  "Maybe the universe is trying t' tell you something."
  149. 04[20:32] * @Mitzi looks to Spero, then to Get lost, then to Spero again; "I think alpha shud luk at dis."
  150. 04[20:32] <@Kkat> 3Spero is successfully bandaged!  Yay!
  151. 07[20:33] * @Get_Lost "no, i dont' need help, i know exactly what i am doing thanks!" the mare seems to be a little pissed, or tired, or both
  152. 07[20:33] * @Get_Lost "now, the next..."
  153. 15[20:33] * +Spero nods. "Yeah... sure... I will..." At least he wasn't laughing anymore.
  154. 07[20:34] * @Get_Lost after checking mitzi's wounds, she moves on kid "now, show me that burn...."
  155. 13[20:34] * Mirage (Zepheniah@Pony-vc71ca.pool.mediaWays.net) Quit (Connection closed)
  156. 07[20:35] * +Kid guffaws at Get_Lost. "C'mon, everypony!" She tried to buck up a little, limping slightly. They need to stay happy, damnit. "Ya'll, uh. Ya'll know what yer doin', right?"
  157. 07[20:37] * @Mitzi is suddenly bandaged. She seems unconcerned
  158. 07[20:44] * @Get_Lost is trying to work but being herself in a bad shape, she keeps making mistakes
  159. 06[20:44] * Shadow77777778 (Shadow777@Pony-t9vl2q.mo.charter.com) has joined #FalloutEquestriaPNP
  160. [20:44] <@Kkat> 3Get_Lost does a nice job bandaging others until she gets to Crescendo.  Then, for some reason, she has trouble with the covering the right areas easily, and with the knots... and ends up improvising.  The end result looks less than effective, medically speaking.  But kinky.  Very.
  161. 07[20:45] * @Get_Lost sighs and cuts the bandages, trying again from the start
  162. 07[20:45] * +Shatara opens his mouth and points a talon, but no words emerge. Instead, he decides the engine needs checking.
  163. 07[20:46] * @Get_Lost trots after the griffon to xheck him too "stop running around! you need to be checked!"
  164. [20:47] <@Kkat> 3--- Session Four Ends ---
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