CBBE Guide

Dec 25th, 2015
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  1. CBBE Links + Studio Guide
  7. 1. Open outfit studio
  8. 2. load "reference"
  9. 3. "Use a template"
  10. 4. "Convert vanilla to Cbbe"
  11. 5. Body shows up
  12. 6. Load "outfit"
  13. 7. Select outfit nif you want to convert (load from nif file)
  14. 8. Slider
  15. 9. "Conform all"
  16. 10. Brush, current brush, deflate
  17. 11. Make sure CBBE is selected
  18. 12. Brush down the skin so the armor only is showing, some are worse than others, some are downright impossible with the studio and require ACTUAL MODELING software!
  19. 13. Move "VanillatoCbbeslider to 100%"
  20. 14. Export Nif
  21. 15. Close studio
  23. You're halfway done!
  25. 16. Open studio
  26. 17. Load "Reference"
  27. 18. Select "Cbbe body"
  28. 19. Load "Outfit"
  29. 20. Select your exported Nif
  30. 21. Slider
  31. 22. Conform all
  32. 23. Mash down skin again as detailed in step 12 if need be, test various sliders
  33. 24. Save outfit as whatever, like "BIGOLBUTTS"
  34. 25. Test "BIGOLBUTTS" in bodyslide itself
  35. 26. Also test created body in game
  37. That is the concise version anyway, hope it helps ya out. Once you've done it a lot it becomes second nature.
  39. You may also need to cut out the reference shape when exporting, especially if its a one piece suit that shows no skin, would make graphical anomalies like tits ripping through fabric not a thing.
  41. Step 27: To export, save as whatever, like "FathersLabcoat" and make sure the exported nif is the same name as the one you used, like "foutfit.nif" or you otherwise specify what to change it to so it will work. This won't be as much of an issue when the Geck comes.
  42. Step 28: Once saved, find "Shapedata" with "Fatherslabcoat" and copy it to a folder.
  43. Step 29: Find "Slidersets" folder with "Fatherslabcoat.osp" in it, copy to a folder.
  44. Step 30: You should have a Shapedata folder with "Fatherslabcoat" folder and nif data inside and Slidersets folder with "Fatherslabcoat.osp" in it. Rar it up and leave a readme if you have other directions on how to get it to replace the nif its intended to replace.
  46. Also, Shapedata and Slidersets go into "Bodyslide" folder, its easier for people to install when you do it that way.
  48. Guide for Skyrim CBBE outfit conversion without GECK
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