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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><color=#fff800><u>SERVER RULES</u></align></size=40></color></link></b>
  2. • Do not exploit.
  3. • Do not micspam.
  4. • Be respectful to others
  5. • Do not intentionally delay the round.
  6. • Do not spawn camp
  7. • Do not kill yourself
  8. • Do not attempt to team kill.
  9. • NTF are not allowed to team up with Class D, CHAOS or SCPs. However, restraining Class D is allowed.
  10. • Scientists are not allowed to team up with SCPs or CHAOS.
  11. • SCPs may not team up with NTF or Scientists.
  13. <b><size=22><align="center"><color=#ffa600><u>[EXTRA INFORMATION]</u></align></size=40></color></link></b>
  15. •You may restrain the escaping Class D's to turn them into NTF.
  16. •You may restrain the escaping Scientists to turn them into CHAOS.
  17. •You do not have to drop your item in SCP-914, as long as you are holding it.
  18. •All of the SCPs have additional health
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