Fit For A King

Jan 5th, 2018
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  1. >Welp, This sucks
  2. >Who would’ve thought that an education wouldn’t lead to employment?
  3. >“Bachelor’s Degree is the new high-school diploma.” (((They))) said, what a load of shit that was, thinking to Yourself
  4. >Blowing a strand of hair away from your face, You look to the roof and settle in your cozy nest of bedding, if not for a moment
  5. >You’re Femanon, and right now, you are fine with the world outside of your cocoon being as cold as ice
  7. >You’ve got to be kidding yourself, seriously?
  8. >As you scramble out of the blankets, and throw on a housecoat, the incessant pounding on the door carries on
  9. >Moments before you reach the front door, it stops reverberating through the stairwell, leaving your home silent once more
  10. >Combing a hand through your hair, You stealthily step over to the window and take a peek outside
  11. >The peaceful snow-filled streets look as pure as ever, and the lack of a trail leading to your doorstep only fills you with confusion
  12. >Walking back to the door with a huff of annoyance, You tighten your housecoat, hoping to warm yourself up, if not just a little
  13. >Letting a burst of chilly air in to your home, You spy a plain box resting in the snow in front of the doorway
  14. >Lifting it out of the powdery snow, You dust the box off and bring it inside and set it on the kitchen counter
  15. >From picking it up, there’s definitely a certain heft to it, for sure
  16. >Now who the hell sent it, and what the heck is it?
  17. >With a sense of determination and curiosity, You peel the lid away from the rest of the box…
  18. >As soon as you can see what it is, You slam the lid back onto the box, falling down shakily and your cheeks aflame
  19. >That can’t possibly be what you think it was, could it?
  20. >Your legs trembling as you collect yourself and get back up, you open it once more
  21. >It’s a fucking horse dildo, marbled in onyx and ruby on a bed of royal purple tissue paper
  24. >Putting the lid back on your personal Pandora’s box, You scurry quickly to your bed shocked by what you’ve seen
  25. >Yeah, You liked the show, and some of the stallions in it were pretty handsome…
  26. >But there’s principles, dammit! You don’t just send dicks to people!
  27. >Shaking your head and flailing under the blankets, You try to get rid of the thoughts quickly filling your head but can’t
  28. >Taking matters into your own hands, You slip a hand underneath your panties and lightly move your fingers in and out of your desperate love, trying your best to settle your fire
  29. >But try as you might, all You get for your efforts is a handful of anticipation and some hot and heavy breathing from yours truly
  30. >You’d hate to admit it but this is the one time where a woman’s touch isn’t what’s needed
  31. >Going downstairs and retrieving “That” box, You can barely hold yourself together as you head back upstairs with it
  32. >Sitting on the bed, You lift the top of the container one more time
  33. >A rush of blush fills your cheeks again as you ogle the massive masculine make-believe meat before your eyes
  34. >The musk coming from it is making you quiver as you wrap your hand along the shaft and cupping the balls
  35. >And the size of it! If any of the guys you knew (as if) had anything like this…
  36. >Well, let’s just say that more than a few ladies would be gossiping for years
  37. >Bringing the flopping fake dick under the sheets, You tease yourself with what’s to come, slowly rubbing the tip against your lips, spreading your damp love all over it
  38. >A lewd gasp escapes your mouth as you begin to impale yourself with the dick in your hands, albeit slowly
  39. >With every bit taken deeper and deeper, you feel a wave of warmth spreading deep under your skin as you ride this pony
  40. >It’s a good feeling, quite unlike anything you’ve felt before
  41. >It makes you feel fuzzy, and you smile as the shaft goes deeper and deeper into you
  43. >Pumping the proxy phallus in and out with an amateur’s grace, you feel that familiar feeling once more as you move closer and closer to the edge of pleasure
  44. >You aren’t even close to hilting it yet, but it’s filling your every need at this moment with only half of the length in you
  45. >As you feel the thick ring it has push through your walls, you clamp down on it with a cry of pleasure and feel the lighting of ecstasy run wild across your body
  46. >Your heart is beating like hooves on the plains, and your body feels a lot tighter afterwards, but something in your mind is urging you to go at it again
  47. >Pulling it out of you is a task of it’s own, but when it comes out, your juices pool on the sheets below
  48. >Holding it in your hands again, you feel the immense heat coming off it from your slit, and the smell is even more animalistic than it was when you opened the package
  49. >You find a way to stick it on the wall beside your bed, and get down on all fours to truly take this royal blade like nature and your mind intended to
  50. >Lining it up with your love once more, You thrust yourself onto it again, until your booty hits the wall
  51. >As it slides in you again and again, you feel something like bubbles popping inside your back, but it relaxes you, taking all the stresses of life and feel like clay being worked by an artist’s touch
  52. >When you work yourself into a steady rhythm, you feel a weight on your back and shoulders as the dick penetrates deeper and deeper into you, properly rutting you
  53. >As you work your magic on the shaft, it’s like it’s being guided now to hit *all * the right spots
  54. >You feel a nibble and a tug on each of your ears while your body seems to be moving on it’s own
  55. >As you look back to see what’s going on, your vision fills with greens and purples, swirling together
  56. >“You will make a fine mare for me” The voice in your mind beckons almost hypnotically
  57. “And you will make an excellent king for me” You reply, en-tranced by your master
  59. >“What’s your name?” The regal voice boomed across your mind
  60. >As You opened your mouth to reply, the only thought that you came across was that of the snowflakes fluttering down gently outside
  61. “Wint-!” You start to say aloud, but the air gets knocked out of your lungs, your ribs caving into a more equine barrel while your tail bone pulls away from you, the feeling of fine hair brushing on your booty painting a picture in your clouded mind
  62. >Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, You focus once again on your name, and that gentle field of snow in your mind
  63. “Winter Swirl, your Majesty” You say with a decisive tone, fighting the urge to sink into a haze of bliss while curls of your frosty blue mane bobs in front of your eyes tantalizingly
  64. >“It suits you well, Miss Swirl. You surely know of my name, my beautiful subject?” The voice asked as it seemed every hair on your body had flourished into a fine coat of resplendent snowy fur
  65. >Even though you didn’t know who the voice belonged to initially, it seemed your memories helped to fill in the gaps, his name forming in your mind
  66. >You wince in pain as you feel him hit your inner wall, and shut your eyes, a small stream of tears dropping onto the bundled up blankets on the mattress
  67. > As You open up your eyes again, you notice that your view is a lot wider now than it ever was, and see your lord as the dark unicorn stallion dominates you, both in mind and in body
  68. “You’re King Sombra, ruler of the Crystal Empire, and of my heart” you blush as you state the fact
  69. >“Hush, now” He crooned, your ear flicking idly to his silken voice “A King is nothing without his subjects...”
  70. >“… and I am nothing without you, my master” You say in a sultry tone while you nuzzle him, your neck feeling like clay being shaped into its purpose by an artist’s touch
  71. >As his balls slap your soaking sex, you feel your clit pulsates with every blow, massaging the blade buried deep in you
  73. >“The time is coming soon, my sweet” His highness pants as he plunges deeper into your flower
  74. >Your tongue lolls out whilst your face forms into a petite muzzle, your icy mane draping over it as your body is pushed into the bed
  75. “Then let it come, my king” you mumble into the chocolate blanket your snout is buried in
  76. >“Let me hear you beg for it” he teases, his balls taut with readiness and his shaft slick with your anticipation
  77. “LET ME CAAAAAAAAAHM!~” You whinny as your body is overwhelmed with pleasure, your climax spraying all over his crotch and your hands and feet curling, condensing, configuring themselves into hooves as you rear up, the noble stallion still close to you as you do
  78. >He slid into you one last time as you stood on two limbs for the last time, his prick shooting a flood of stallion spunk deep into your womb, the two of you falling on your backs as the mattress groaned from your love-making
  79. >You smile and look up to him, your eyes having trouble making his shape out from the haze surrounding his body
  80. >He places his hoof on your lips as you begin to speak, and simply shakes his head
  81. >“A lady such as yourself should clean up before meeting the world, no?” He chimes in, your mind at ease with his words
  82. >You run a hoof through your mane, and slide yourself off his dick, steamy cum pouring out of your marehood onto the bed below
  83. >Your nose fills with the scent of his divine musk, and you lick your lips
  84. “My lord, You’re not one to talk either~” You sing as you dig your muzzle into his balls and lick the base of his spear, your pussy swaying in front of him and your dock pointed heavenward
  85. >As you thoroughly scrub his royal stallionhood with your long, dexterous tongue, the combined taste of his and your cum is sweeter than anything you’ve ever tasted before
  86. >You diligently lick up and down the kingmaker, savouring the taste as you work, until you feel a muzzle spread your walls apart and a flittering tongue tease you
  88. >You feel something growing, pushing out of your forehead as you slide all over the shaft between your forehooves
  89. >“Your mouth..” He says heavily panting, “is simply magical” as he lets out a teaser at the tip of his flared dick and plunges back into you, focusing on your mareclit, sending you into shock as your newly formed horn surges with vibrant blue lightning surrounding it
  90. >You almost fall onto your belly as your legs give out with on that sudden attack on your bitch button
  91. >Whipping your tongue up and down the bumpy ridges of his flare, your mouth can’t even hold all of him inside as he shoots more cum into the air, some landing in your mane as he moans
  92. >“It’s a shame we can’t do this all day and night, you’d put ladies that tried much more desperately to shame” Sombra says thankfully, as he fades away into the shadows of the room
  93. “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!” You cry out to the silence, as all that remains of your master is that damned dildo
  94. >Curling up, you sniffle as the smell of him sends you into a river of emotion that you didn’t know you had and you let the tears flow from your muzzle onto the bed below
  95. >A image of a wintry throne room fills your mind, and the azure lightning returns to your horn as your body feels charged, but at the same time, pulling at the seams
  96. >With a *pop* and a flash of light, you disappear with the blanket, the room filling with silence once more
  97. >With a crackling boom, You appear in the room that was in your mind and peek out of your cottony cocoon
  98. >The haze that was surrounding King Sombra is gone, and your mind is filled with purpose
  99. >The blanket is stowed behind the throne as you trot to the door to let the populace hold court with the King
  100. >Stopping to look at yourself in the mirror, your deep blue eyes look back at you with hope
  101. >You look to the stallion on the throne and your heart is aflutter as he smiles at you
  102. >You are Winter Swirl; Aide, Lover and Broodmare to the Royal Dynasty of the Crystal Empire
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