Help wanted for e2

Aug 4th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. E2 stats utility
  2. ================
  4. Prerequisites
  5. -------------
  7. - A text editor
  8. - A modern web browser
  9. - Ability to read and extract information from written words
  10. - Working knowledge of the English language, particularly in its
  11. written form.
  12. - Water to stay hydrated
  14. Getting the data
  15. ----------------
  17. 1. Log in. **This is crucial** because you get more information when
  18. logged in and this utility assumes you will extract data only
  19. available to you.
  21. 2. Perform a user search with the following URL:
  25. ...but please note that you should use your own username in the part
  26. that says `usersearch=`. Also, this url only returns 500 writeups
  27. per page. I don't know the technical limitations of the database,
  28. but I wouldn't push it too far. Also, it's sorted by reputation
  29. ascending for a reason.
  31. 3. Copy **all** of the table, starting with the header "C!s" and ending
  32. with the last publish date of the last writeup on the page.
  34. 4. Paste everything **on a text editor, not a word processor**. This is
  35. because the utility will try to find some special characters (`\t`)
  36. to align and split the data. Then erase the header lines (there
  37. should be 2, I think)
  39. 5. If you have more than 500 writeups, go to the next page and repeat
  40. steps 3-4 until you have a list of all your writeups.
  42. 6. Save this file as `e2stats.csv` with utf-8 encoding. If you don't
  43. know how to do this, you can save it as `e2stats.txt` with whatever
  44. encoding [If you're not smart enough to figure this out on
  45. your own, you shouldn't be doing it].
  47. 7. Send this archive to andycyca{at} Alternatively, you
  48. could try to paste it to a pastebin (this site!) but I don't
  49. know if it preserves the special characters... but you're
  50. welcome to try!
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