evilmatthew Jun 19th, 2012 536 Never
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  1. About me:
  3. i am no one. i am everyone. i am you. i am 99%. i am infamous. live evil.
  5. ..
  7. "INTENSE"= Function: adjective Text: extreme in degree, power, or effect .. Synonyms deep, explosive, exquisite, fearful, ferocious, fierce, furious, hard, heavy, intensive, profound, terrible, vehement, vicious, violent Related Words accentuated, aggravated, concentrated, passionate; deepened; emphasized, enhanced, heightened, intensified, magnified; stressed; exhaustive, thorough; harsh, rigorous, severe ------ wow that really sums it up. thank you m-w! you know me so well.
  11. Influences:
  13. bourbon, boomers, beer, funk, methamphetamine, nuggets, prime numbers, chainsaws, ecstasy, lsd, wine, ketamine, your mom, dmt, pcp, did i say speed, svenn anderson, jungle, hayseed dixie, jazz, hunter s. thompson, og shit, tom robbins, real punk rock, nitrous oxide, nexxus, matthew bane {think warhol not comic books u simpleton}, breaks, house, breaking things in your house, the dead, gabber, insomnia, industrial, 2ci, grunge, timothy leary, porn, broadway, more porn, my stepdad beating my ass, ernest hemmingway, techno, garage, noisecore, salvia, hardcore, thomas jefferson, real metal {excluding the tights and hairspray types}, victor wooten, and of course my biggest influence is the guy in my head that won't stop doing math problems!
  15. Who I'd like to meet:
  16. sugar magnolia, my doppleganger, nightowls, nutcases, new friends, socialists and socialites, superheroes, soap stars, hypnotists, contortionists, technocrats, title attorneys, nitro-burning funny cars, no nonsense negotiators, non-violent offenders, gore vidal, salutorians and valedictorians, sexpots, scientologists, stoners, shamen, shapeshifters, chaka khan, sharpshooters solid gold dancers, and many more besides the woman in the video below.
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