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  4.     Keyote was happily sleeping, having turned her blankets into a sort of cocoon around her.  She was sleeping in the cleaned out recuperacoon in a hive she was 'borrowing'. She was curled up, warm and content in her blanketcoon.
  5.     The sudden jolting of the recuperacoon made her slowly pull the blankets off. She groped around, to the top of the recuperacoon. She slowly pulled  herself up out of it. She was so tired still. She sat on the edge of the recuperacoon, rubbing her eyes  Opening her eyes, a vast bright sea of red greeted her. She tried to close her eyes, but the searing pain made them stay open.
  6.     She fell backwards, her head snapping against the hard ground, finally allowing her to close her eyes.
  7.     Her body laid on the ground, her limbs arranged haphazardly.
  10.     Far away, a troll took a deep breath and stopped focusing, shutting off the monitor drone.  She leaned back, resting on the table and rubbing her temples.  That had been far more stressful then she had expected.  The space station was not exactly that far.  
  11.     But it was for Aleyin.
  12.     "...the things I do for her...?"
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