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  1. 181001103       00:25:49,they've got the back to players problems and they look at least for the bottom but the chain but it's
  2. 18228689        00:37:21,coming out
  3. 147046887       00:37:43,blocked the lane
  4. 111248030       00:42:54,and they're able to get the early playing a couple of heroed looks like the
  5. -190656486      00:46:00,they've got the stronger they're as well that
  6. -16730367       00:48:42,they've got the eg this is for a bit looking
  7. -100756502      00:36:08,because of the game they
  8. -181353168      00:38:15,the maybe of the heady have now that was cast they do anything coming out on the fights already at least into the even
  9. -70129082       00:47:16,they've got they
  10. -12949264       00:36:18,a little bit more space in it's his
  11. -169208482      00:37:14,the side
  12. -171038976      00:51:32,middle back up the bottom lane a lot of doesn't back like they have the side if they have coming wave the middle but I keep the really cheate they have not the double not
  13. -184237974      00:45:46,have the boat the side the double as well them but they've got
  14. -203585657      00:56:48,the stronger imprisonment just secret through the bring up against raking for and they're gonna be the
  15. 116247669       00:28:50,coming back to the get right now the sawell
  16. -25577897       00:47:32,come to the side of more space even stane but they've got
  17. -160219478      00:14:49,the movement of a double damage out they
  18. -100276500      00:36:42,popped and they've got any puppy was a howe
  19. 117250646       00:46:17,now the creep on the halft better as so in the big ash it the side of the turns of down secret the movement of
  20. -100801267      00:41:37,the movement of course going to go back they're gonna come out the stronger that the pribly he's gonna be survive a groupled the time up on the return this game they've
  21. -132267586      00:37:17,coming back in the time out brewmast he's gonna be sure you have the side of
  22. -100234370      00:48:46,they've got he clock the speed that
  23. -105310469      00:45:16,one on the saw they're gonna be a having a buyback one this
  24. 20211671        00:24:47,forwers and they've got the creep waves and he's
  25. -101427928      00:47:56,start they can get the maing on the hound he's got the bottom sumail and they've got the movement of have the
  26. -137200813      00:26:18,they've got the time he's got come out but a little bit more so he doesn't been a pressure of a vation immediate as for
  27. -106496040      00:33:28,they're gonna keep the back like the rives they do come up now he has a ground the same they
  28. 1018535 00:10:38,they're able
  29. -140212186      00:37:57,and he's
  30. -104322187      00:16:51,one of them out of
  31. -100480876      00:30:29,pretty much early but
  32. -184805379      00:17:15,look at the spend we see which had the snowball they have the time they're gonna five he had a lot of the problem this time and this they can me eg they're
  33. -123211387      00:37:35,gonna get
  34. -26208276       00:28:31,right now he has to him
  35. -154428749      00:41:10,meant that safe up they can pull
  36. -172288812      00:37:12,they can just take they do in the middle of double brough much walking this is pretty clock of the maybe a play off combo
  37. -161275514      00:15:14,concerned cropped it they want to he's gonna dead
  38. 144634300       00:44:10,they're gonna be able to get the time as well the strong stampede they gonna be havane again the earth just stapped and they're gonna keep the gument this hero is the priblem and
  39. 100259561       00:52:46,he's gonna be a lot of all the earth the back in the
  40. -11772568       00:35:35,and they want to find the skack on the hell like this two but they've get their cro so much as the one of these heroes is he's got a little bit
  41. -136024858      00:54:49,the disrupted they're gonna and they're the back to try to get the poor so maybe they're
  42. 50183889        00:16:49,shaman stronger mead to be able to make out of the chaing the turn trying to make the time they know in
  43. 154533602       00:11:41,they're gonna TP but the side of the maybe the damage of sament cade of the actually it just as well as they
  44. 193032696       00:42:57,abseckecour but
  45. -205124680      00:18:31,to fight they know one of the midsten but they can get the spart couple of a secret they've got running and to
  46. -14266476       00:21:19,druid second the bottom damage this is they want to go in fights a hero to have they just don't have the enough they've got gonna be the last that's gonna be able to at they
  47. -188118607      00:40:19,the gives a little bit
  48. -169388404      00:25:10,wards it has a try and he goes trying to make they really want to try and all the
  49. -159458107      00:39:36,being down through the bottom in the snowball actually spownt of stopped up in the ash now they can
  50. -2015134        00:39:30,sumail but they're gonna be in the mid and they're
  51. -182845585      00:32:11,coming back on the fight they're
  52. -181962527      00:25:17,only even
  53. 110033555       00:49:32,pressure on the
  54. -176514413      00:43:20,they've got him too because that playing again they have to find versus the double where over through they've got to the time of the game
  55. -158720990      00:28:14,having the ice pitche come but it's such a meanted to the number coming in the bottom the ice predive I'm able to get the spend the bottom lane they
  56. -38393082       00:43:19,looking to find a lot of the spown cross rotate he's
  57. -39519898       00:44:33,the high ground the game
  58. -16035652       00:41:08,they've got the century to go eg on in the fight
  59. -14342670       00:22:17,connect of heroes mid one chance be able to get the last they're gonna go down on and for the maybe they're able to get
  60. 140949402       00:47:10,the movement walking a lot of the bottom lane they're doning
  61. 123376675       00:18:44,control they want to pressure it and
  62. -165258018      00:35:33,comes out stradge which problemates into the imprisonment they've got him
  63. -4937336        00:47:47,over secret to try and they control heroes are
  64. 117228410       00:49:45,this game coming in the eg they walk they can put it secret they can be able to get the way they're gonna be carefull so he's got
  65. 132609924       00:27:06,this game they've gotna crutes the clock out the couldn't get the stronger they're gonna be a little bit of maybe here and we
  66. 120007583       00:32:32,they've got the moment they're problem that can't do a they
  67. -104968853      00:44:00,and this is happen of them
  68. -178085261      00:32:15,level P spawns he's
  69. -73898005       00:49:49,enough as he's gonna be a connect time it's like you can get the
  70. -70380628       00:39:49,a little bit in the one's the way they know how were we know
  71. -120251012      00:25:58,supports on the clockup lane that's a huge
  72. 147163322       00:34:50,again they have sumail down the has a alive what's so much Roger was they can putch the oke the
  73. -110665899      00:35:41,they've got a little bit of maybe they go rping up again but they can keep the bottom in the earth of the bringing around they control in the lane puppy they have a lot of
  74. -171776638      00:15:51,they have been up to put
  75. 150734722       00:44:17,clocker they do for a split and
  76. 20638370        00:44:18,cross there back to
  77. -121691176      00:54:18,because of
  78. -126871843      00:31:34,this one get the comes out but they go
  79. 180144697       00:18:16,even move heroes because that needs a lot of pupped and they're gonna be able to get the gold of a little bit more
  80. 113629077       00:45:32,lanes they're
  81. -108805387      00:43:58,them end they're looking to be in the time of a LGD they
  82. 149281763       00:45:48,and they're gonna speed a little bit of the even this
  83. -14156034       00:55:53,but they don't think they're gonna do a vivion brew the whate to get through the
  84. -186004813      00:40:06,they've got we down trying to get the bottom lane
  85. -15465259       00:15:30,looking for it's a lot of LGD they've got and
  86. -183933696      00:34:16,they do in the bottom tinker so they're like this atill make the
  87. 117051800       00:32:14,but they're gonna be the phonlence it's a blink and that and they're
  88. -128175843      00:47:17,have a very and about
  89. 152927297       00:16:12,push a mean they're gonna go for
  90. -103185145      00:33:48,they're monutes in the butter like you're gonna be able to get the game this looking for looking for the time as well
  91. -13048410       00:48:49,and I
  92. 110091728       00:17:33,sward the side
  93. -45637706       00:23:09,he's
  94. -161310707      00:54:37,they have the forced but
  95. -201244225      00:43:48,gold about to walk they've got to the off the trued this is someone so
  96. -14999292       00:52:48,they can get the a lot of maybe with the side of
  97. -151162826      00:27:28,well even the big they can't making a lot of fourth a very
  98. 106662015       00:53:59,the bottom lane they're
  99. -192870826      00:27:13,more aiting of the jungle and
  100. -134257418      00:28:16,which bottom says for the rotation survive they've got this game now they want to here in the bottom to be playing about of a
  101. -104631076      00:40:24,control shadow back down for eg they can get the kill off the movement of heroes you're
  102. -105080900      00:33:56,yeah you can
  103. -103027723      00:26:09,coming but the bottom time up in the like this is the
  104. -20744315       00:28:19,the own but it's just so they
  105. -127810085      00:35:10,he wants it's a himber make the map gets him team you can keep that popped and
  106. -106333705      00:38:30,and creating a very good to get the way
  107. -171647564      00:33:34,as for even
  108. 162885838       00:48:19,connect this lane they're actually go forced because they're looking for a good it's a great off cut see they
  109. -104806905      00:17:47,they're gonna be his time but the kill
  110. 12038018        00:17:00,we've
  111. -108027432      00:33:45,gonna see they don't have a and they can get the
  112. -107592088      00:24:28,proback away they've got
  113. -8011996        00:24:15,what more snowball the dropped on both pressure on the
  114. 131230103       00:39:35,level 3 because he's
  115. -201857616      00:45:01,them as well they don't have a I
  116. 120445044       00:40:16,out will be able to get the playing the pressure damage is somether they're
  117. 168772815       00:13:55,could be the shrine they've got to stant they're gonna be a lot of maybe
  118. 91620105        00:49:05,forward it's like now actually just stampede to hunker over the map gonna at look at the bottom lane they've got
  119. -154611532      00:32:04,they're
  120. -19979628       00:49:41,time out it's gonna be a huge
  121. -117661738      00:47:37,the bottom lane point making a couple moving and they do here we know as
  122. -12600773       00:41:27,it's a problem so assassing out
  123. 110932561       00:47:48,one of the clock trying to rune he's gonna try and they're gonna be a lot of playing and you're gonna be have
  124. 110225132       00:47:08,one of the because you gonna go down so much as well is he's got away from the work back to get the last he's got as well on the earth roypon the course they can get them to the shadow
  125. -20963208       00:54:36,comes available they can seen the like this is what
  126. -189217813      00:46:47,they're looking for with the really gonna
  127. 111199231       00:19:33,maybe and
  128. -104203691      00:23:46,make they can get the time it's not eg that's the movement coming both the off the back and they know as
  129. -11056415       00:29:47,they're gonna be able to get the
  130. -144132830      00:57:50,he's not comes
  131. 01381167        00:42:38,one really gonna get
  132. 161419602       00:11:09,they've got
  133. -150265960      00:18:28,one it's a tripled the the game out but he's
  134. -155358880      00:43:34,it fights a rotation what they
  135. -124525010      00:44:21,the bottom back into the resorning for the eg they've got
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