[Testing] Pascal minify |Output|

Aug 17th, 2019
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  1. {
  2. I know this is anoying but i don't care XD
  3. Just a shitty stuff i do when i got bored from Lua
  4. I will put the download link on a new paste, when i feel happy
  5. }
  6. uses crt;var n,tam:integer;i,j:longint;t,c,s:array[1..1000]of integer;begin clrscr;read(n);for i:=1 to n do read(t[i]);writeln();for i:=1 to n do read(c[i]);for i:=1 to n do s[i]:=c[i]+t[i];For i:=1 To N-1 Do For j:=i+1 To N Do If s[i]>s[j] Then Begin
  7. Tam:=s[i]; s[i]:=s[j]; s[j]:=Tam;End;writeln('res: ',s[1]);readln;readln;end.
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