"Let's Just Offscreen It"

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  1. [17:16:25] <Giantree> So you fucks are all in a city
  2. [17:16:30] <Giantree> where people are getting married n' shit
  3. [17:16:47] <Giantree> and there is probably a bathhouse because it's cold, where at least one of your party members is spying on naked women
  4. [17:16:53] <mako> woah
  5. [17:17:03] * mako is now known as claire
  6. [17:17:05] <claire> woah
  7. [17:17:17] * claire is now known as kurea
  8. [17:17:22] <Giantree> And the only reason Claire wouldn't also be doing that is because her sister angrily growled at the people who were watching over her as a prisoner to bring KUREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  9. [17:17:35] <Giantree> ... to talk about something.  Oh yeah, and she's really angry.
  10. [17:17:47] <kurea> fine fine
  11. [17:17:49] <Giantree> ...
  12. [17:17:51] <Giantree> hmm
  13. [17:17:57] <Giantree> Yeah the one in charge is Brent, too
  14. [17:18:02] <kurea> fucking brent
  15. [17:18:02] <Giantree> I considered it being Wiggs & Bedge, but
  16. [17:18:03] <Giantree> no
  17. [17:18:09] <Giantree> beautiful brown man standing guard
  18. [17:18:19] <kurea> right so
  19. [17:18:29] <kurea> I'll go see what my disgruntled sister wants
  20. [17:18:29] <Giantree> He salutes as you, some weirdo big-titty chick he's never seen before, enter the holding cell.
  21. [17:18:36] <Ramiel> They're off doing a manzai routine out at the gate with Barty
  22. [17:18:42] <kurea> great guarding he's doing
  23. [17:19:05] <Giantree> "... I thought so," Mistel grumbles as she hears the door open.  "So you DO do something other than flirt."
  24. [17:19:12] <Ramiel> Poor Barty has to put up with double boke
  25. [17:19:23] <Giantree> really? i dunno if i'd consider them full boke
  26. [17:19:27] <kurea> "Yeah I also make lewd innuendos"
  27. [17:19:32] <Giantree> i'm boke irl
  28. [17:19:37] <kurea> "and slack off when I'm supposed to be working"
  29. [17:19:43] <Ramiel> Ok, they're half-boke each, for one full boke together
  30. [17:20:11] <Giantree> "Right."  She looks up and glares, hair hanging over her face.  And then... giggles?  "That does sound like how it's always been."
  31. [17:20:34] <Giantree> "Well, whatever.  No matter by whose hand, I've been bested.  So now what?  Why were you even in with that group, my ~dear~ sister?"
  32. [17:20:35] * DevaliousL (~No@68B03E4C:CDFD54F1:F0C527EA:IP) has joined #WhenYouNeedYourEmblemsToFire
  33. [17:20:44] <DevaliousL> Finally
  34. [17:20:47] <kurea> "Oh? you're not gonna scold me this time?"
  35. [17:21:02] <DevaliousL> Oh you guya are doing something, my bad
  36. [17:21:04] <Giantree> "What would I get out of it?"
  37. [17:21:23] * DevaliousL (~No@68B03E4C:CDFD54F1:F0C527EA:IP) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  38. [17:21:31] <kurea> rip dev
  39. [17:21:36] <Giantree> "I'm prisoner, my mount probably dead, and I have to watch as my masters are slaughtered.  Though considering recent events, that-" hahaha wow
  40. [17:21:50] <Giantree> "-may be for the best."
  41. [17:22:10] <Giantree> "And... ultimately, it's good to see you again, hate everything that you've become as I do."
  42. [17:22:20] <kurea> "Huh, I guess that's true"
  43. [17:23:22] <kurea> "to be honest I was avoiding this meeting because I thought you'd given up on me in disappointment"
  44. [17:24:13] <Giantree> "No no, that's true, I have," Mistel rolls her eyes.  "But if there's one thing you've done right, you've gotten in with a good group.  I'm impressed."
  45. [17:25:29] <kurea> "Speaking of, what was up with the group you got with? Evil ancient dragon genocide cult or something right? Doesn't seem like your thing"
  46. [17:26:46] <Giantree> "It doesn't, does it?" She smiles, looking more like a sister and less like a disgruntled middle-aged woman.  "After graduating the RPC I was approached by a group interested in hiring me, and everything afterward was supposed to be confidential.  They gave me a weapopn and unlocked my magic potential, and the rest is history."
  47. [17:26:57] <Giantree> "Speaking of which... gods, I can't believe I'm about to say this."
  48. [17:28:51] <Giantree> "The weapon in question, 'Apocalypse' as it's called, isn't really a magic tome.  It's an amorphous, semi-sentient being that takes forms according to its wielder's will and can act as a weapon.  Since I'm bound and don't expect to be set free this early, you can borrow it.  If anything it'd mean you're actually doing something, which would make me hate you a little bit less."
  49. [17:29:35] <kurea> "Wow that's unusually nice of you, this thing isn't gonna latch onto my body and consume my soul or anything is it?"
  50. [17:29:57] <Giantree> "Do I look like my soul's been consumed?"
  51. [17:30:03] <Giantree> "... Don't answer that."
  52. [17:30:52] <kurea> "Heh, I'll keep my comments to myself. And thanks, really."
  53. [17:30:55] <Giantree> "It was left behind by the dragons, perhaps Rolant itself, and its only source of fuel seems to be thought.  It's anomaly to even exist, but considering the thoughts you have, I wouldn't be alarmed if it ended up as a massive dildo instead of a lance."
  54. [17:31:48] <kurea> "Wow, I can keep my mind from straying during battle at least"
  55. [17:31:57] <Giantree> "But as said, it would rather spend its time on the battlefield than gathering dust, so do as you will.  Just promise me you'll stop my masters from going on to do insane things."
  56. [17:32:26] <Giantree> "Or at the VERY least see to it that they're stopped somehow before you start going around flirting.  And maybe flirt with somebody you can settle down and start a family with."
  57. [17:32:32] <Giantree> "... Pfft, who am I kidding with that one?"
  58. [17:33:14] <kurea> "Hey, no promises with that one, but I'll see what I can do about those other guys"
  59. [17:34:07] <Giantree> "Good.  Now you can leave me to wallow in my failure.  If you stay any longer, I might start spouting sappy talk about how I envy your lifestyle."
  60. [17:34:54] <kurea> "hehe, it's fun I promise. Maybe when you get out of here we can go out and find you somebody nice"
  61. [17:35:32] <Giantree> "After all that's happened, maybe I wouldn't mind that."
  62. [17:35:44] <Giantree> She closes her eyes for a moment, but then smiles.  "... Take care."
  63. [17:36:36] <kurea> nice nice nice
  64. [17:36:42] <kurea> time to take the money and run
  65. [17:36:44] <Giantree> wasn't that cute
  66. [17:36:47] <kurea> it was
  67. [17:36:48] <Giantree> yeah uh
  68. [17:36:49] <Giantree> let's see here
  69. [17:37:01] <kurea> I'm glad we're still friends
  70. [17:37:06] <Giantree> Apocalypse has 25 Mt, 60 Hit, and 0 Crt no matter what
  71. [17:37:08] <kurea> and she isn't wishing my death
  72. [17:37:19] <kurea> oh so like
  73. [17:37:32] <kurea> accuracy can't be increased or reduced sort of thing?
  74. [17:37:33] <Giantree> but its skills/stats are dependent on the user
  75. [17:37:45] <Giantree> yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeah pretty much
  76. [17:37:58] <kurea> ok neat
  77. [17:38:03] <Giantree> i guess it could give +SKL though
  78. [17:38:06] <Giantree> but what i was thinking
  79. [17:38:09] <Giantree> is the bonus
  80. [17:38:09] <Giantree> is
  81. [17:38:12] <kurea> I'll count on shuku to make the macro for that
  82. [17:38:13] <Giantree> +20 HP
  83. [17:38:19] <kurea> nice nice nice
  84. [17:38:24] <Giantree> ... max, of course
  85. [17:38:33] <Giantree> maybe 15 instead of 20
  86. [17:38:34] <Giantree> idk
  87. [17:38:41] <kurea> either is good
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