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  1. You, Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp), are connected to A Career Superhero (F, Ref)
  2. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “...Kind of a weird name, isn’t it?”
  3. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): (Hey there! Ref:
  4. "What do you mean, weird? Like, I see nothing wrong with it!" The overly sexualized heroine says while pouting, hands on her hips. "I still kick the villains asses, like, real good!"
  5. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “I mean, it’s just...I think it’s a little weird.” She holds up her hands in mock surrender. “What are your powers, even?”
  6. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): (She has messy purple hair, but otherwise this is prefect.
  7. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “...Also You should probably get a bit more of a costume.”
  8. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "My powers? Well, like, they're y'know, super strength, flying, my eyes go *BZZT BZZT* and *PEW PEW*, my skin's really hard. I don't need much of a costume if I have that, right?" She pokes the fellow hero in her tit. "And don't, like, make fun of me and my fashion sense when your boobies and nipples are poking out of your suit."
  9. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “Hey, it’s cold out! At least I’m covered! I just forgot a bra.” She lets out a low huff. “I can fire energy from my hands. Or turn solid things into plasma and shoot them. Plus, well...Flight.”
  10. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “...And couldn’t you just be like, Ultrawoman? Or Ultra-Girl. Nothing wrong with the classics.”
  11. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "It's cold? I feel perfectly fine. Can't you, like, use your plasma to warm up? Bras are way too restrictive anyways, you're totally better without them!" She shouts, causing her ridiculous assets to flop around. "Ultra is like, lameo. Too boring being "Whatever"-girl. What even is your name, Little Miss Critical?"
  12. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “Mine’s Neon. It’s simple.” She tries her damndest not to get distracted, tapping a foot on the ground... “I’m just saying, you might not get the media deals you need to keep an agency open. Since...Y’know, people are kinda scared of just, bare tits.”
  13. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "As long as I kick villain ass, no one will have a problem. It's rrrreeeeeaaaaallllllllllyyyyy simple, Neon! People like me a lot! They even invite me to parties where there's a lot of fun!" In her reminiscing, her cock slowly but surely gets harder. Seems like those "parties" were way more lewd than she probably realised.
  14. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “...I feel like they’re inviting you for...Not popularity reasons.” She lets out a little sigh. “...Plus, people like the full body suits. I think mine’s really comfy...Plus like, I make other suits. Kinda like, a hobby. Plus, I can make money off that too.”
  15. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "You're just jealous that I'm the better, more popular superhero, aren'tcha? Like, you're the only one that has a problem with me." She frowns, moving closer towards Neon. Her cock and tip press against the bodysuited hero, a strange tingle is felt where she touches her. Is this another ability? "Like, whatever, you deal with being jelly."
  16. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “Not really? I mean, I just don’t really wanna see a dick out in the workplace. That’s something I’d rather see in the bedroom...Usually attached to a strapon.” She adopts a little smile at that thought...Before shaking her head. “Listen, I could make you a suit, if you want. You can still keep the whole...Revealing thing, there’s transparent fabric.”
  17. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "My dick is perfectly fine! It's like, ok to have it out when you're an A+ hero like me! I don't need a jelly hero's help, fabric feels weird on my tits and dick anyway. Like, look..." She grabs Neon by the arm, moving her closer to try and give her a lecture. "Like, you see, people don't care what a hero looks like, as long as they beat evil. Why do you think people love the Swamp Man? He ain't a looker, y'know!" She was probably holding Neon a little too tight, her head was pressed again a massive mammary pillow, with her power of erotic touch working with out Bimbola knowing it even existed.
  18. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “...Please let go of me. I was just saying, I’ve never heard of you until today.” She mumbles, gently pulling her arm back.
  19. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): Bimbola let her go, a little shocked at herself. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to harm you or like, anything! Did it break or something?! Do you need the ambulance?!"
  20. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “N-No, I just...need a moment...” She says, brushing herself off...
  21. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "Huh? What's wrong? Your face is a little red and you're sweating a little, did you, like, warm yourself up too much with your plasma?"
  22. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “No, I didn’t...What are your powers again? I think you touched my skin...” She tugs at the neck of her suit with a soft sigh...
  23. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "Uuuhhh.... flying, super strength, my eyes going *pew pew*, strong skin... yeah that's all of it! Why do you ask again?"
  24. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “I think that you’ve got something else...” She stands up straight, stumbling for a moment... “I’m going home... Good luck.”
  25. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "Hey, wait!" She grabs onto her shoulder. "What do you mean, something else? I don't get it, like at all!"
  26. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “Mm! Stopit! You’re doing something!” She whines, wriggling for a moment. “And that’s a tight grip!”
  27. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "S-sorry, but you need to tell me what the something is, you're acting really weird!" Bimbola could feel how hot Neon's body was becoming. "I don't know what's going on!"
  28. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “I just TOLD YOU!” She cries, throwing out her arms in exasperation. “You’re...Forcing some kind of emotional response!”
  29. Bimbola (Superhero, futa, ref, srp): "I'm not doing anything!" She yells back, her grip pulling Neon closer. "I just want to like, know what's going on!" Her cock pulses a bit as it rises back up again, brushing against Neon's leg for a second. "Please, tell me!"
  30. A Career Superhero (F, Ref): “I JUST FUCKING DID! YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER POWER.” She all but screams, her hands sparking with energy. “NOW LET GO.”
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