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  1. Hi Aymeric,
  3. I saw your github commits on tensor-flow, and noticed your email and was hoping you could help me an issue. I know this is probably really inappropriate, but I cannot access my raina-elizabeth account because I forgot my email and password. However I can prove it's me using other means.
  5. I made the account 2 months ago. If you log location I live in Wisconsin. If you log the mac address or ip address of accounts I have my phone and you can verify it that way. I am using the same phone and ip address so those will be the same. My old account was "kawii_tato4" and it was attached to this email, but I deleted it around 2 months ago as well. I'm sorry but support hasn't been able to help me and I wasn't sure what else to do.
  7. If there's any way I can prove im the owner of raina-elizabeth using non-traditional means please let me know.
  9. Sorry for reaching out to you, I know you're an engineer and not support. Have an error free day!
  11. -Raina
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