[Outdated] Fate/Grand Order General Frequent Asked Questions

Aug 2nd, 2015
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  1. -----------------THIS FAQ WILL NO LONGER BE UPDATED, USE http://pastebin.com/Hp918cqA INSTEAD-----------------------
  5. /fgog/ - Fate/Grand Order General F.A.Q. --------------------------------------------------------Updated: 10/20/2015
  7. Read this before asking a question in the thread. Check the OP for more detailed info.
  8. If you need a translation try taking a screenshot and translate it using the Google Translate app (yes, it can read images). https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.translate
  9. Knowing how to read hiragana and katakana helps a lot. http://realkana.com/
  10. Remember, whenever you're given a prompt, the right button usually means "Confirm" and the left one "Cancel".
  12. Useful Links:
  13. FGO Mega Spreasheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1WI4dKGcwWjn5XpTgfLsK8c0cipRzrWbVpiLGeVr55Ks/htmlview
  14. FGO Cirnopedia: http://fate-go.cirnopedia.info/
  15. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Daily Dungeon List (JST): http://blogs.nrvnqsr.com/entry.php/3268-GO-You!-Daily-Quests-Translation
  18. Monday
  19. Top : Saber, Lancer, Archer EXP
  20. Bottom : Money
  22. Tuesday
  23. Top : Rider, Caster, Asassin, Berserker EXP
  24. Bottom : Saber, Lancer, Archer CLASS
  26. Wednesday
  27. Top : Money Dungeon
  28. Bottom : Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker CLASS
  30. Thursday
  31. Top : Saber, Lancer, Archer EXP
  32. Bottom : Saber, Lancer, Archer SKILL
  34. Friday
  35. Top : Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker EXP
  36. Rider, Caster, Assassin, Berserker SKILL
  38. Saturday
  39. Top : Money
  40. Bottom : ALL EXP
  42. Sunday
  43. Top : Bond
  44. Bottom : Master EXP
  45. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  46. Q: Do I need to know Japanese to play this game?
  47. No, unless you want to know the story. Knowing how to read kana helps a lot.
  49. Q: How do I install the game?
  50. Android:
  51. Easiest way to do it is by using QooApp, go to http://apk.qoo-app.com/ on your android device or android emulator, download and install the QooApp app then open it and download Fate/Grand Order. (You'll need a Google or Facebook account to use QooApp, just use a fake one.)
  52. For other ways of installing refer to the /mbgg/ pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Nsg98EEf
  53. Search the archive for mega links with the .apk.
  55. iOS:
  56. Through the Japanese AppStore, you'll need a Japanese account.
  58. Q: Do I need a Japanese VPN to play?
  59. No
  61. Q: Can I transfer saves between iOS and Android?
  62. Yes, using a restoration code.
  64. Q: How do I get my restoration code and restore game data? GET A RESTORE CODE EVEN IF YOU DON'T PLAN ON REROLLING
  65. http://grand-fate.tumblr.com/post/125427320164/binding-accounts-restoring-data
  66. Restoration codes are single use only.
  67. You can't play with the same account on two devices.
  69. Q: What is re-rolling?
  70. Resetting the game data and playing through the tutorial levels again so you get another chance to do the first and second rolls.
  72. Q: How do I re-roll?
  73. Delete or rename the files authsave.dat, authsave2.dat and signupsave.dat inside the /data/data/com.aniplex.fategrandorder/files/ folder. (You'll need a file manager app with root permissions to be able to access it.)
  75. Renaming the files lets you keep a back-up of your data which you can restore by renaming them to their original names.
  77. Warning! Deleting the files means you'll lose all your game data unless you have a restoration code.
  79. Alternatively you can delete your game cache but you'll have to do the download at the start of the game again.
  81. After deleting both files, start your game again and play through the battle tutorial then the two first levels until the game forces you to roll for your first servant.
  83. Note: First roll is a guaranteed servant however, the servants you can get are limited to those on the background art of the first roll. This means you can only get 3 and 4 stars servants on your first roll.
  85. If you are re-rolling for a 5 stars servant such as Jeanne or Attila, you'll have to complete a couple of quests more after the first roll, reclaim your presents from the present box, then do a second roll using the 4 quartzes you have left. **Second roll is NOT a guaranteed servant.**
  87. As of 08/06, the presents you get have changed a bit, meaning that after the first roll and reclaiming your presents you'll only have 3 quartzes. This means that you'll have to proceed with the main story until you get an extra quartz to do the second roll.
  89. Q: Can I get Jeanne/Arturia/any other 5 stars servant on my first roll?
  90. No, you can only get the servants that are shown in the background picture before your first roll. There are no 5 stars servants in it. The only 4 stars servants you can get in the first roll are Saint Martha, Chevallier d'Eon and Carmilla.
  92. Q: Can I trade servants/craft essences?
  93. No, you can't trade servants or craft essences, however you can trade accounts by sharing the restore code.
  95. Q: How do I get Saber Lily?
  96. Saber Lily is a servant that was obtainable as a gift from pre-registering the game before launch to get a promotional code. Pre-registering is closed so your only way of obtaining a Saber Lily code is to to trade for it, check the OP for the trading spreadsheet. Do NOT beg for Lily codes on the thread.
  98. Q: How do I redeem promotional codes?
  99. http://grand-fate.tumblr.com/post/125434521784/code-redemption
  100. You'll need to know your friend ID.
  102. Q: How do I get my friend ID?
  103. Menu > Friend > 3rd tab > Number in bottom box is your friend ID.
  105. Q: How do I add friends?
  106. Menu > Friend > 3rd tab > Input their friend ID on the top box.
  108. Q: My support's Noble Phantasm is fully charged but I can't use it, why?
  109. You can only use the Noble Phantasms of people in your friendlist.
  111. Q: What do Mana Prisms (Green cubes) do?
  112. They can be used at the Shop to purchase EXP/Stat Boosters.
  114. Q: How do I obtain quartz?
  115. You get quartz after completing quests, apology presents when devs fuck up and by logging into the game every day. You can also buy quartz with real money.
  117. Q: How do I buy Quartz?
  118. Menu > 4th Button (Shop) > Saint Quartz
  119. The first time you enter the store it'll ask your age, giving you 3 options: 15 or younger, 15-19 and 20 or older. If you answer anything other than 20 or older (the last choice) you'll get a limit on how much you can spend.
  121. Q: How long does AP take to regenerate?
  122. 10 minutes for every point and they regenerate completely every time your Master levels up. You can also use a quartz or a golden fruit to completely restore them. Using this method will cause your AP to overfill, if you had 10/120 AP left before refilling you'll end up with 130/120 AP.
  123. To refill using an item try to start a quest without having enough AP and you'll get a prompt asking you if you want to use a quartz/golden fruit.
  125. Q: How do I increase the cost cap?
  126. By leveling up your master.
  128. Q: How do I level up my servants?
  129. You feed them other cards in Menu > Second Button > Servant (You can feed them other servants so watch out).
  130. Feeding them EXP cards with the same class as the servant gives bonus EXP, you can obtain EXP cards easily by doing daily quests, check the Daily Dungeon List at the top.
  132. Q: What class is strongest against X class?
  133. Saber>Lancer>Archer>Saber Rider>Caster>Assassin>Rider
  134. Beserker is both strong and weak against all classes, a true glass cannon.
  135. Shielder is neither weak or strong against other classes.
  136. Ruler is both weak and strong against Berserker and takes less damage from the other classes.
  138. Q: How do I move the support slot to other place?
  139. Menu > Party > Bottom left blue button > Now you can move slots by pressing and holding.
  141. Q: How do I use my friends' servants as support?
  142. They can be selected at the start of a quest. The list only shows people who are or were online moments before.
  144. Q: What are Friend Points, how do I obtain and use them?
  145. Friend Points are used for the normal gacha which drops 1-3 stars cards, you obtain FP by using friends' servants and when a friend uses yours. You can also get them as presents for daily logins. To use them go to Menu > 3rd Button (Gacha) > Swipe right
  147. Q: Should I use the Quartzes I have now or should I save them for the 10 roll?
  148. The 10 roll guarantees a 4 stars or higher card and at least one 3 stars or higher servant.
  150. Q: How does the increased rate for servants in the gacha work?
  151. It doesn't increase the chances of rolling a 4 or 5 stars servant. It only means that if you manage to roll a 4 or 5 stars servant, the chances of it being the one with higher rate are increased.
  153. Q: How do I change the servant in My Room?
  154. You have to finish Fuyuki to be able to.
  155. Menu > First button > Cards > Select the servant you want to use > Tap the heart-shaped button on the left side (It'll ask for confirmation.)
  157. Q: Can I increase my inventory size?
  158. Yes, you can increase your inventory size by using quartz, one quartz unlocks five slots. The game will ask if you want to increase the inventory size when you're about to do a roll/start a quest with card drops and don't have enough room.
  160. Q: What should I do with duplicate servants?
  161. Use them to level your Noble Phantasm. Doing so allows you to overfill your NP gauge and increase your NP's effects. It caps at 300%. You can increase your NP up to level 5.
  162. Menu > 2nd Button > Noble Phantasm
  163. You can also burn them for QP and Mana Prisms.
  165. Q: How do I unlock more servant skills?
  166. Through Ascension, your servant needs to be at the level cap and you need to have the required ascension materials.
  167. Menu > 2nd Button > Ascension
  168. Ascension also unlocks new sprites.
  170. Q: Why can't I start Interlude quests?
  171. The requirements change depending on the servant but they usually need to be ascended and have some bonding levels. You also need to have cleared the zone the Interlude quest is in.
  173. Q: What is the fastest way to level up my servants?
  174. Doing the daily dungeons, the class EXP rewards change depending on the day of the week. Check the Daily Dungeon List at the top.
  176. Q: What are/how do I use Command Seals?
  177. You use three of them to revive and completely fill the NP gauge of all your servants.
  178. You'll get a prompt asking you to use them when your party is wiped.
  179. You can also use one to fully heal (not revive) a servant in combat by going into the battle menu.
  181. Q: How do I get Command Seals?
  182. Command Seals regenerate at a rate of 1 every 24 hours (exactly at 00:00 JST). You can also use a quartz to restore them.
  184. Q: What servants are added to the gacha and after which zones?
  185. Fuyuki -> Saber Alter
  186. France -> Caster Gilles
  187. Rome -> Saber Nero
  189. Q: What are Craft Essences?
  190. Craft Essences are cards you can equip your Servants with to buff their attacks or NPs. There's a list with the translations for each one in the OP.
  192. Q: How do I level Craft Essences?
  193. Same logic as leveling servants, except you can't feed them EXP cards. You have to feed them other CEs.
  194. Menu > 2nd Button > Craft Essences. (The last button)
  196. Q: Are you able to level up an essence after it has been equipped?
  197. Yes.
  199. Q: Can you unequip essences?
  200. Yes, go to Menu > 1st Button > Craft Essences.
  202. Q: How many stages are there in the game?
  203. Right now there are only 3 stages: Fuyuki, France (Orleans) and Rome (Septem). More stages are going to be added in future updates. Okeanos coming soon.
  205. Q: Can I discard/trash cards?
  206. Yes, you can burn cards for QP and Mana Prisms. Go to Menu > Shop > Burning. You'll only get mana prisms by burning 3 stars or higher cards.
  208. Q: I finished Rome, now what?
  209. You'll have to wait until more content is added to the game. Meanwhile, you can level your servants, level your master or do servants Interludes.
  211. Q: What are the grails I received from the main story for?
  212. They're materials for ascension.
  214. Q: What are the Interlude quests for?
  215. They unlock bits of servant lore, reward you Quartz and some of them give you and item to level your servants' Noble Phantasms
  217. Q: Where does X material drop?
  218. Check the mega pastebin in the OP
  220. Q: When is X servant going to be added?
  221. Soon™
  223. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  224. Send any suggestions, questions, comments or things to be added to this FAQ to dizzyavocado@gmail.com
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