LEGO Trains 2003-2014

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  1. Year,Set ID,Name,Theme,Sub-theme,Rail included
  2. 2014,60052,Cargo Train,City,Trains,Yes
  3. 2014,60051,High-Speed Passenger Train,City,Trains,Yes
  4. 2013,10233,Horizon Express, Advanced Models,Trains,No
  5. 2013,79111,Constitution Train Chase,Licensed,The Lone Ranger,Yes
  6. 2012,9467,The Ghost Train,Monster Fighters,N/A,No
  7. 2011,3677,Red Cargo Train,City,Trains,Yes
  8. 2011,10219,Maersk Train,Trains,9V,No
  9. 2010,7597,Western Train Chase,Licensed,Toy Story,No
  10. 2010,7938,Passenger Train,City,Trains,Yes
  11. 2010,7939,Cargo Train,City,Trains,Yes
  12. 2009,10194,Emerald Night,Trains,9V,Yes
  13. 2007,10183,Hobby Train,Trains,9V,No
  14. 2006,7897,Passenger Train,City,Trains,Yes
  15. 2006,7898,Cargo Train Deluxe,City,Trains,Yes
  16. 2006,10173,Holiday Train,Trains,9V,No
  17. 2005,10170,TTX Intermodal Double-Stack Car,Trains,9V,No
  18. 2004,10133,Burlington Northern Santa Fe Locomotive,Trains,9V,No
  19. 2004,65537,Classic Freight Train,Trains,Product Collection,Yes
  20. 2003,4511,High Speed Train,World City,Trains,Yes
  21. 2003,4512,Cargo Train,World City,Trains,Yes
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