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Dragonstory (WIP)

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  1.   Long have the people of Königspho known not to bathe in the rivers and streams running from Mount Tifgnir. The master of the mountain did not abide people fouling his waters. The terrible god that ruled over it has long been tributed to by the local people in order to use his waters for commerce and sustenance. But not for washing their filth unto the mighty dragon.
  2.   That is until one day a foolish young maid, hunting the beasts of the wood, decided to. It had been a long and messy hunt. She was an arrogant young thing; raised on the idea she was above everything else in the land. Sweaty, covered in cool autumn mud and the blood of a bear she removed her hunting leathers before wading into a small spring. Speckled with foreign flecks of brown and red, her blonde hair blended with the colours of the wood. She reached into her nearby knapsack and produced a soapstone. With her dainty fingers she rubbed the stone till a healthy lather covered them. Using dexterity and precision she covered her lithe, taut body in the suds.
  3.   The cool waters were like nothing else she had ever felt. To the point she didn't even notice the ragvein land on the edge of the pool. The bird was a little larger than her head. His black-blue plumage was cut by arcs of gold stretching across his body. With dark magenta eyes it watched the girl. He watched, soaking in every piece of her as her skin soaked in the softening suds of the soap. He watched as she ran her hands across her ample bosom and butt.
  4.   "What a self absorbed creature" the bird thought to himself as he watched her wash herself sensually.
  5.   After a few minutes she turned to, unknowingly, face the ragvein giving him a glimpse of a tiny golden peak cresting out of the crystal waters. More importantly it gave him a glimpse of her green eyes, and the look of terror on her face when she saw him. With a single flap he soared into the sky and flew towards Tifgnir's peak. Tho he was far above he could make out the girl hastily getting dressed and taking off. She even left her bear pelt prize laying by the spring.
  6.   The court was completely hushed. A silent rage covered the king's face. Or maybe it was fear. The transgression of his daughter threatened them all. Tifgnir had long been quiet. Should he wake the king's demesne would lay in ruin. The waters they rely upon would swell and flood their streets. The farmlands and forests that they feed off would flare into a sea of flame. Their homes and mines would collapse as the earth itself quaked under his might.
  7.   "Afterall, this has all happened before" he thought looking to the mural left by the last group of humans whom had built here. "Double the tribute" he proclaimed. It sounded more like a question than a command. "And you daughter, you must be the one to present it." he said gazing into her green eyes with fear the likes of which the princess had never seen.
  8.   Their instructions recieved, the servants set about gathering treasures to present at the dragon's shrine. Tho the mines were rich with gems and precious ores, it would be uncouth to gift the dragon that which was his to begin with. Rare silks from across the sea. Gemstones that were not native to this part of the world. Heavenly wines made from fruit few in Königspho had even heard the name of, let alone seen. The kingsmen gathered as much as they could.
  9.   Once a suitable haul had been gathered they began preparations to make the tribute. For the third time today Lady Sobfei was naked. The shriners, whom were doing the preparing, were also naked. It honestly didn't make things less awkward. At least the attendants painting her bare skin were women. She shuddered at the thought of Chaplain Gebel doing this to her. The man practically undressed her with his eyes every time they met, and she did not want to see that wrinkly dong and sagging sack.
  10.   With the Princess' skin now covered in red runes she began to put on the priestly garb. Loose fitting blue pants with the sides cut out, revealing her thighs and everything but her crotch. Thankfully there are ceremonial underwear, otherwise her royalty would be on full display with every step. Unfortunately their was no ceremonial bra, so she'll be flopping around quite a bit in the loose fitting white top. It was almost like a robe had its lower half cut off and they turned it into a shirt. She'd half to make the belt was tied tight, lest it open and she spill out.
  11.   Now prepared there was just the ceremony itself. It was a rather simple dance-walk to the shrine where she would present the tribute. Normally the tribute is a monthly holiday. An event that pauses all activity in the city with people lining the streets. The shriners would dance and people would sell food. No such fanfare greeted princess Sobfei. The streets were bustling with an air of dread. The shriners still performed the ceremony, but they gave the princess a wide berth.
  12.   The music that played was different from the normal song. It was somber. A funeral march. Every step made her heart smash against her ribcage. Those hunting skills paid off as the knot she had tied her belt into kept strong. Strong gusts of wind made her loose clothing flutter, and it made a chill run up her spine. Still, her concentration was unbroken.
  13.   The ten minute walk felt like ten hours. Her footfalls pounding against the cobblestone street. She really wished they had given her shoes of somekind. She liked going barefoot in the woods or on the gentle black sand beaches by the city docks, but the worn street was rough. Lady Sobfei now had a new appreciation of the shriners.
  14.   Finally the dance ended with a bow in front of Tifgnir's shrine. The royal servants then joined her with the tributes. It was a fine building sitting at the top of a modest set of stone stairs.The building itself was three stories tall, but it only had a single floor. It was cone shaped and covered in blue shingles. Standing in the doorway were two beings; one was ragvein the other a focaux.
  15.   The princess had never seen a focaux in person before. It was some sort of fox demon with a human appearance and nine tails, each consisting of peacock feathers. The ragvein acted as Tifgnir's eyes and ears. The focaux act as his messengers. She couldn't tell if it was the same ragvein as in the forest, but the way it looked at her felt weird.
  16.   As she began to present the tribute to the shrine the focaux began walking down the stairs. She attempted to continue the ceremony, but each step he took broke her concentration. Finally standing before her the demon outstretched a single clawed hand. It was covered in fur, feather and scale. It was what was in his hand that drew her attention; a flower she had never seen before and a letter in a langauge she didn't recognize.
  17.   "My lord Tifgnir has seen your transgression against him" the demon said. "But, in his mercy he will spare your city." With a grin spreading across his face he continued "Tifgnir wishes to see you for himself."
  18.   Handing the letter and flower to Sobfei; the demon burst into turquoise flames and shot into the sky. The ragvein did not budge. It's magenta eyes watching her intently. She simply stood there stunned and terrified. The prick of a thorn reminded her what she was now holding. It was a pretty flower. It wasn't a rose, but it had thorns. It had three rings of petals, each one a different shape and colour. The outer ring were tear drop shaped with the point facing outwards and are turquoise. The middle ring was round like a sunflower petal and they were citrine coloured. The inner ring faced upwards like a lotus and were magenta. Even from this distance the aroma was heavenly. Bringing it to her nose drowned out all other smells, and made the ragvein fly off.
  19.   A sudden flash of turquoise light stirred the great dragon from his slumber. As he shifted his immense mass a torrent of gold coins scattered across the floor. Tifgnir had been wistful since the disturbance this morning. Dragons are many things. He loathed humans for making him filthy, but when that princess washed herself in him this morning, he felt...something. Something he had never felt before.
  20.   "Zoro" the dragon boomed "did you deliver my invitation?"
  21.   "Of course, my lord" the focaux answered.
  22.   "She liked the flower" croaked Hugan as he flew into the cave.
  23.   If the two didn't know any better they thought Tifgnir smiled at this news.
  24.   The dragon shifted again sending untold treasures tumbling. He was now sitting upright. The cavern was massive, but were he to stand he would almost fill it. In this form. He has been much larger. He was as wide as a house and atleast seven stories tall. His scaled body was quite muscular. His scales themselves were a pale yellow, and his underbelly and neck were both a dark blue. His head was that typical of a dragon with a mighty crown of sharp, intimidating antlers. His eyes were magenta. He stretched out his wings, nearly trippling his width. They were feathered, resembling a peacock's in shape and coloration. His tail was quite long able to fully wrap around his substantial hoard. It was thick and quite flexible. At its tip a tuft of magenta coloured fur.
  25.   He gazed around his dwelling. If he was having company, it would hardly do in this state. Then a thought struck him. "Did she actually say she would be coming?" he asked his friend-servants.
  26.   "Are you going?" Sobfei asked herself. She was struggling with the decision. As a princess it is her sacred duty to sacrifice herself for her people. As a princess it is also her duty to be a hypocrite and do the exact opposite of that should it please her.
  27.   While she mulled it over in the corner the court was a din of arguments. Her father would not allow it, as she is his only child and heir to the throne. Yet, he could hardly ignore the mural on the wall, gesturing to their eventual fate. When he wasn't trying to catch a peek at her, Chaplain Gebel argued that we should always appease the gods. Also, he probably liked the idea of a dragon violating the good princess.
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