Jun 27th, 2012
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  1. [21:48:37] <~Mons> OKAY ZOOF YOU READY FOR THIS SHIT.
  2. [21:49:01] <Beatrice> I guess I am
  3. [21:49:24] <~Mons> STOP FUCKING LYING BECAUSE NOTHING CAN POSSIBLY PREPARE YOU. When are you visiting/following the instructions?
  4. [21:49:50] <Beatrice> :<
  5. [21:50:02] <Beatrice> The first, I suppose.
  6. [21:50:20] <~Mons> Wow, day after? Well here we go.
  7. [21:54:36] <~Mons> The house of Jasper O'Briain is no more ostentatious than his neighbors'. However, OWNING a mansion in Kingshire... Well, that doesn't exactly set a very low bar for being fancy.
  8. [21:55:26] <~Mons> So really they're all just fucking old and ridiculous. It took a bit of waiting--a LOT of arguing on Sir Patrick's part that's for sure.
  9. [21:55:51] <~Mons> But the maids have let you in, and are taking their sweet damn time leading you through the endless maze of cushiony gilt halls.
  10. [21:58:26] * Beatrice follows along quietly, looking around curiously as they head through the halls
  11. [21:58:40] <~Mons> UUUUUUUGH THIS IS TAKING SO LOOOOOONG oh there's the right door. His bedroom contains no surprises either, it's a little hard to tell exactly what part of the room is decoration and what he actually uses--maybe all of it... The man himself is more or less dwarfed by the whole setup as he hacks a little. "...You..."
  12. [21:59:21] <~Mons> CHRIST he's old. And bald. And disapproving. "So you're one of that child's... servants, hm? What do you want." He spits the words out as the maids make an INCREDIBLY fast exit and slam the door.
  13. [22:01:17] <Beatrice> She waits until the maids leave, and then gives a quick courtsy. "Bonjour, sir. I zank you for agreeing to see me. My name is Beatrice Fauxicore. I am here to discuss Ze Banshee."
  14. [22:01:58] <~Mons> "And he sends you to--" *hack hack* "to... RUB THAT IN!? Foul. Foul, stupid, greedy child. What do you WANT."
  15. [22:05:56] <Beatrice> "While I am indeed employed by one of your family, I am not here on zeir behalf. It was simply zat in my studies of her, your name appeared. My goal is simple; I wish to capture her. And as I am to understand you are ze eldest living scion of a family connected to her."
  16. [22:06:55] <~Mons> "Yes... yes, it is true. But don't make me ask you again, what do you WANT out of it? Always wanting, always asking me for this and that, always seeing if some sort of stupid MIRACLE happens..."
  17. [22:10:39] <Beatrice> "Out of zis visit? I simply believe we may be able to help one another with zis endeavour. As I am to understand, Sir, you have not have ze easiest time harnessing ze link between you and her. And I lack ze information I would require to invoke a ceremony zat would win her attention without a human death. While I am not a native and I am young, own family has a long history with
  18. [22:10:39] <Beatrice> spirits. I myself am a ghost specialist as well."
  19. [22:11:12] <~Mons> He stares for a moment, as if reading things out of the air. "So many words..."
  20. [22:11:23] <~Mons> Hack hack. "And where do you start?"
  21. [22:11:39] <~Mons> "You told me what your GOAL is but not what you want here and now. Tell me!"
  22. [22:14:04] <Beatrice> She sighs. "Very well. Banshee or not, she is a Pokemon just like any other. I see no reason she would not grow fond of many of zose who had bested her over ze ages, even perhaps having a favorite former master. I had one of two plans based on any information I could find on such an individual."
  23. [22:15:22] <Beatrice> "Either I would reinact zeir demise, or if zey were like myself, and capable of turning Pokemon into ghosts, doing so in ze same fashion as zey did."
  24. [22:16:07] <~Mons> He chews on air more and keeps doing that strange eye-flicking stare. "You do. That sounds..."
  25. [22:16:46] <~Mons> Before he can finish his sentence, he goes into a MASSIVE coughing fit and clutches his chest, flailing around wildly! "ARGH! MEDICINE!"
  26. [22:18:12] <~Mons> "HEEEEELP! MEDICINE! HELP MEEEEEEEEEE" his voice is raspy and hoarse, almost muted, or like a hiss.
  27. [22:18:35] <Beatrice> She first looks around for any obvious medicine containers, failing that, draws her flask and offers it to him. "I warn you, it has an...aquired taste."
  28. [22:19:14] <~Mons> "HEEEEEEEEEELP"
  29. [22:19:35] <~Mons> There aren't any, it's pretty much all crazy locked golden boxes and drawers.
  30. [22:20:09] <~Mons> Well no OBVIOUS but
  31. [22:20:15] <~Mons> He's flopping like a fish here
  32. [22:20:18] <~Mons> reaching out blindly
  33. [22:20:48] * Beatrice walks over to his side, puts a hand on his shoulder, channeling energies into him. "Calm down, please, or I cannot assist you." Calming Vibe.
  34. [22:21:21] <~Mons> His eyes relax a bit and he stops screaming but his body is still in wild seizure, he's just breathing rapidly now.
  35. [22:22:10] <Beatrice> <Where do you keep it? All I have with me are tonics for physical wounds. Painkillers, almost.> Since he cannot talk it seems
  36. [22:22:51] <~Mons> He jumps back some at that one, looking around frantically. "Who, what! Who's thereeeggrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh"
  37. [22:23:17] <Beatrice> "It's me. I'm a telepath."
  38. [22:24:01] <~Mons> Reading his mind... There are flashes of keys, hidden in a part of the ceiling with a decorative jewel that's actually a safe lock but you can't find the combination, and the lock to the medicine box is hidden in more embroidery... what the hell.
  39. [22:24:35] <Mikaela> (pssst hgwt: phasing. trolololololololo)
  40. [22:24:55] <~Mons> He flops around wilder, though, and his breath is getting shorter...
  41. [22:25:53] <Beatrice> "Euuuuuh what do I do here..." She takes out one of the voodoo full restores, and tries to make him drink it. "Zis WILL make you hallucinate, but it is ze least of your concerns!"
  42. [22:26:21] <~Mons> 1d100
  43. [22:26:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Mons, 1d100: 34 [1d100=34]
  44. [22:27:40] <~Mons> His eyes go incredibly wide and he coughs as much of it up as he swallows, flailing more, now SCREAMING. His face twists into a mad smile, and it shifts to wild, uncontrolled laughter at the FACES he's making at you, at the world at--
  45. [22:28:50] <~Mons> He flops. A shriek from outside the window, long and inhuman, warping your vision as it pierces through. A couple of maids burst through the door, faces in shock. One begins calling the police at the sight of your feeding a newly dead body some sort of mystery potion, and the Banshee sounding his death knell.
  46. [22:29:08] <~Mons> You can't speak. Something is locking your body, your mouth, your thoughts race and push against your mind...
  47. [22:30:58] <~Mons> Entirely on its own, your body breaks out into a sprint, paralyzing the maid mid sentence as you run, driven on faster than you could ever go from some unholy influence.
  48. [22:33:12] <~Mons> It doesn't go long, though, as whatever's forcing you clearly has no grasp of modern technology. You're caught and bound by electrowebs from the newly arrived police, struggling, hurting... Everything goes black.
  49. [22:33:46] <~Mons> You wake up... no, you're not awake
  50. [22:33:50] <~Mons> The reverse world?
  51. [22:34:16] <~Mons> Something like it. The old man in the suit sits across from you, and Giratina's shadow rises between you to the side.
  52. [22:34:43] <~Mons> "Ah, couldn't have gone that long without the old lizard noticing. New lizard now, I guess, hahaha!"
  53. [22:34:54] <~Mons> It's the same voice as in your head.
  54. [22:35:18] * Beatrice takes a deep breath. "Pandemonium, I presume?"
  55. [22:35:40] <Beatrice> She sips from her own flask slowly, nursing the stings from the webs.
  56. [22:35:50] <~Mons> Giratina's rings out too--far older, though. Was he ever even really a baby? You have to wonder...
  57. [22:36:18] <~Mons> <Silence, you fool! This... hssss.... Get out of her! Let him out, I must devour that traitor!>
  58. [22:36:59] <~Mons> "Oh shut up you fat wad of scales you've got enough souls to munch on with your new shtick I'm sure. Yeah, Pandemonium's what you can call me, and here inside you, the lizard can't get me~"
  59. [22:37:26] <~Mons> <LIKE HELL I CAN'T! Let him go! I HUNGER!>
  60. [22:37:37] <~Mons> The shadow flares more, its eyes burning in fury.
  61. [22:39:16] <Beatrice> She looks over to the shadow, then the man. "I presume zis is your escapee, little kalfu? Zough you are not nearly as little as you were a week ago...just what has he done to me? And...why me? I hardly would call zis coincidence."
  62. [22:39:48] <~Mons> "Oh, that's right simple. You're being possessed!"
  63. [22:40:30] <~Mons> "It was a frantic moment, and the fey lady obliged ever so kindly by charging the area with supernatural energy, and your particular... nature... makes you an easy conduit for spirits, haha!"
  64. [22:40:58] <~Mons> "I've been following you around ever since that day, y'know. Being so close to the box that locked me up was hard, but I couldn'ta gotten out without being real crafty."
  65. [22:41:41] <~Mons> <Yes, a little sneaky miserable creature you are! But are you quite sure cornering yourself here is quite wissse? I have your number, little rat.>
  66. [22:42:18] <~Mons> <As for me, child--ha. I had never lost my touch.>
  67. [22:43:07] <~Mons> <You and your friends were drawn right in by the innocent baby act... How many kind, pure little girls have I twisted and made mad by appearing to them as a hurt little baby Ekans?>
  68. [22:44:32] <~Mons> "But the majority of your share is from right bastards like me! Is it a me now? Hm, I wonder."
  69. [22:44:36] <Beatrice> She just continues to look between them. "All I did was offer my assistance with zis endevour, which you refused without your contract. And now here I am, now transitively ze target of your wrath, I presume."
  70. [22:45:55] <~Mons> <It isss... Hard to tell between you two when corporeal. I bear no particular ill will towards the child of my favorite family, but I do still wish you would enter a contract with me. Especially to get this rat out!>
  71. [22:47:38] <~Mons> "No, nonono! Look at this thing! He wants to take YOUR soul for the privilege of getting mine! I won't hurt you, I'm sure."
  72. [22:48:02] <Beatrice> She looks down, and shakes her head. "Another subpar performance on an exam and exclusion from extra credit, followed by ze demise of my best lead for ze banshee and possible imprisonment, and now a catch 22 for my soul. A wonderous week it has been."
  73. [22:48:41] <~Mons> "Pfft, I've had worse."
  74. [22:49:04] <~Mons> <Oh so true...>
  75. [22:50:12] <Beatrice> "It's only Thursday, mind you, so zis is still up for debate. Nor is zis a contract I wish to enter, Little Kalfu."
  76. [22:51:09] <~Mons> <Sssuit yourself. I will leave you, then, unless you wish to know the full extent of what your... companion is?"
  77. [22:52:01] <~Mons> "Pft, I can tell the girl that myself if she's REALLY curious."
  78. [22:53:18] <Beatrice> "I will not lie ze name is ominious. Zough ze last time I asked you such matters you were more interested in elaborating on ze space exploration fantasy of my friends. So fine zen, let us hear both sides of it." She looks to both of them.
  79. [22:54:27] <~Mons> Giratina breathes a black mist over him, melting his human flesh and clothes away, revealing a Spiritomb, the swirl of souls going in the opposite direction from most.
  80. [22:54:42] <~Mons> <Do you know what happens when Spiritomb breed, child?>
  81. [22:55:23] <Beatrice> "I will admit how ghost pokemon breed in general is a mystery to me. I simply have not questioned such matters."
  82. [22:56:55] <~Mons> <They're made of ghosts, clearly it can never just... make more. Ah, but it can! Pandora... had something of a dalliance, you see, and as with most Spiritomb souls drifted off of him to form a new one, the 'baby'. Usually it's just bits and pieces of some people, nothing truly sssstrong or whole. But unbeknownst to the both of us, there was a pact inside of the riot that was his mind. Some particular villains chose to take the mome
  83. [22:56:57] <~Mons> of creation to make their escape from my beloved storage.>
  84. [22:58:14] <~Mons> "That isn't all of it, though. Most of us, from the very moment of our capture, were plotting escape. The lizard got lax as he aged, began thinking up new games and events with us... Gave us time to mingle, acknowledge each other. Plan what we knew we all wanted."
  85. [22:59:18] <~Mons> "I fit right in with all the ghosts floating around your house, nobody gave it a second thought."
  86. [23:01:06] * Beatrice scratches his head. "Why are you all swirling backwards, however? Are you from Austrelia*?" More a joke than anything, (*REPLACE AUSTRELIA WITH WHATEVER THE REGION IS.)
  87. [23:01:24] <~Mons> "Some of us, maybe! I dunno."
  88. [23:03:01] <Beatrice> (why did I say his.)
  89. [23:03:06] <Beatrice> (aaaah)
  90. [23:03:22] <Kain> (You're possessed in more ways than one)
  91. [23:04:22] <Beatrice> "So you are ze souls of zose who escaped from Pandora, and I just happened to arrive to witness ze end of it....what of zat man? With ze golem?"
  92. [23:04:47] <~Mons> "Uhhh that's me and a Regiobsidian I hijacked?"
  93. [23:05:23] <~Mons> "Thought that was pretty clear!"
  94. [23:06:43] <Beatrice> " did..." she shakes her head. "Nevermind, zen. So what of zis now? I am your puppet, unless I sell my soul. And ze Spiritomb you split from has also been stalking me."
  95. [23:07:30] <~Mons> "Oh, I'm sure he wants to REALLY get in here as much as the lizard."
  96. [23:09:06] <Beatrice> "I know of only one ghost he hates enough to avoid. And he is missing. So just another adversary for now. Wonderful. And what happens when we leave zis? I find myself locked in a holding cell?"
  97. [23:09:32] <~Mons> He pushes his head outside of the scenery, like looking past a curtain for a second. "That seems right to me."
  98. [23:11:22] * Beatrice sighs. "Fine, zen let us depart from zis. I am less zan zrilled about ze prospect of zis, but you did try to assist me, and ze alternative is admittedly even less desirable."
  99. [23:12:04] <~Mons> <We shall see. I have many contracts at my disposal, and many I am sure you would desire more than simply pawning off your soul.>
  100. [23:12:19] <~Mons> Giratina shrinks into the background. Pandemonium waves as you pop back awake.
  101. [23:12:54] <~Mons> Yep, sure is a holding cell. Shitty toilet, sink, uncomfortable bed, Meloetta sitting on air sipping from a teacup across from you
  102. [23:12:57] <~Mons> wait
  103. [23:12:57] <~Mons> what
  104. [23:13:52] <~Mons> Her... skin? Hair? Ectoplasm probably is a cold, dark gray and her dress is a much lighter gray, verging on white. She clears her throat.
  105. [23:14:12] <~Mons> "Hello, for once!"
  106. [23:14:38] <Beatrice> "Bonjour, Banshee." This shit can't even phase her now. "I apologize for...making you wait? I presume you are...well, aware of what just transpired."
  107. [23:14:41] <~Mons> Her voice is very, very soft and quiet, but also echoing, you can pretty much FEEL it inside of your head.
  108. [23:15:37] <~Mons> "Not exactly... Just that you were possessed, our lord appeared for a moment, and you may or may not have killed one of the last people with an inborn link with me. I imagine the details are oh-so-interesting!"
  109. [23:18:21] <Beatrice> "Still possessed, I believe. But...zat happened afterwards. Seeing as I am in a holding cell I cannot offer it to prove to you but what I offered ze man was medicinal. Hallucinogenic, but medicinal. A poor choice as oppose to fleeing to find a maid, I presume." she shrugs.
  110. [23:19:33] <~Mons> "Horrible choice, but you mortals rarely do make good ones and we aren't entirely blameless on putting them. Look up, though, this is hardly quite that bad... I imagine you could melt right through that bulletproof glass or what have you."
  111. [23:21:26] <Beatrice> "What good would zat do me? Zey must have my name by now, nor am I exactly easy to miss."
  112. [23:22:30] <~Mons> "It'd make a really good show of things! But guilt is a hard thing to break... Hm. Well, we'll see what happens, right? I'll be watching too! You've built up quite the audience!"
  113. [23:23:21] <Beatrice> "Have I now."
  114. [23:23:56] <~Mons> "Oh, yes! But of course part of that is because--whoops, spoilers. Let's just say you have a bit more leeway in this whole deal than you think you do, hm?"
  115. [23:29:32] <Beatrice> "Mmmm...zat is a bit of surprise given ze last few months, I suppose."
  116. [23:29:54] <~Mons> "Hahaha, really? You DO have to tell me later--whoops, there's the guard. Toodleoo!"
  117. [23:30:05] <~Mons> She spirals up and out of the room.
  118. [23:32:15] <Beatrice> She sighs and looks over to the bars.
  119. [23:32:51] <~Mons> The initial trial is a bit of a boring affair. The judge is harsh, but... Well, thoroughly confused by the proceedings. Of course you speak the truth, and the court psychic gets a few messages back and forth... Clearly, all the evidence and the actions of the matter points to one verdict that they can come to:
  120. [23:33:00] <~Mons> The trial must be delayed and transferred
  121. [23:33:02] <~Mons> To GHOST COURT
  122. [23:33:08] <~Mons> /mini
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