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  1. [b][o][u][aa]/LOUNGE/'S POST FORMATTING GUIDE [/aa][/u][/o][/b]
  2. [#][b][/#] bold [b]example[/b]
  3. [#][u][/#] underline [u]example[/u]
  4. [#][i][/#] italic [i]example[/i]
  5. [#][o][/#] overline [o]example[/o]
  6. [#][s][/#] strikethrough [s]example[/s]
  7. [#][m][/#] courier text [m]example[/m]
  8. [#][code][/#] preserves syntax for code and colors text
  9. For green text in code put a word in quotes [code]"example"[/code]
  10. for red put a # before the word [code]#example[/code]
  11. [#][spoiler][/#] for spoilers [spoiler]example[/spoiler]
  12. [#][sup][/#] makes text progressively smaller higher on the line [sup]example[/sup] [sup][sup]example[/sup][/sup]
  13. [#][sub] [/#]makes text progressively smaller lower on the line [sub]example[/sub] [sub][sub]example[/sub][/sub]
  14. [sup] and [sub] can be used for nesting too
  15. [#][aa][/#] For SJIS art. [aa]example[/aa]
  16. For ASCII art use [m] tag.
  17. To quote put "> " on a new line, ignore the quotations but do keep the space.everything typed on that line will be quoted
  18. > example
  19. To multiquote put "> " before the first line end the line with [o] then put "> > "before the next line of text, again ending with [o] third line: "> > > " then end with [o] then on another new line close the three [o] tags.
  20. > example[o]
  21. > example [o]
  22. > > example[o]
  23. [/o][/o][/o]
  24. [#] Ignores all BBcode tags inside it
  25. [rem] hides all text inside it
  26. [br] gives you a line break. Don't close this tag
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