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  1. {
  2.   "insertText":"if",
  3.   "sortText":"aif",
  4.   "kind":14,
  5.   "documentation":"The \"if\" statement\n\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\\*\n\nThe \"if\" statement is used for conditional execution:\n\n   if_stmt ::= \"if\" expression \":\" suite\n               (
  6.  \"elif\" expression \":\" suite )\\*\n               [\"else\" \":\" suite]\n\nIt selects exactly one of the suites by evaluating the expressions one\nby one until one is found to be true (see section Boolean operations\nfor the definition
  7.  of true and false); then that suite is executed\n(and no other part of the \"if\" statement is executed or evaluated).\nIf all expressions are false, the suite of the \"else\" clause, if\npresent, is executed.",
  8.   "detail":"",
  9.   "label":"if"
  10. }
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