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  1. 00:52] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] "Hmmm~. Just by feeling this ass I can tell it's really big and juicy! I'd love to see it in all of it's glory~. Please, won't you strip away this silly outfit and indulge yourself to some fun?"
  2. [00:54] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] blushes hotly, his pale cheeks flushing a vibrant pink as he pushes his hands down over his dress. "I-I, uhm... th-that's quite forward of you, ma'am! I, uhm... appreciate the compliment, b-but I'm a cleric, you see, and we're not supposed to... w-well, you know..."
  3. [00:56] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] She just shrugged at his comment. And while he did bring up a good point, Lopunny had a counterpoint. A pretty good one at that. "And Pokemon aren't supposed to talk, or mess around with humans. And yet I buck both of those trends." She simply said as she sat down on one of the many pews.
  4. [00:58] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] cleared his throat. "Yes well, I do my best not to judge, regardless of race or..." he looked her up and down with a blush. "...species. Ahem. Well, uhm... surely it wasn't just me that brought you to the monastery... we don't keep pokemon up in the hills, unless they choose to live here of the their own accord, so you've no danger of being caught, if you're looking for sanctuary."
  5. [01:02] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] She could see out of the corner of her eye the boy eyeing her body up and down. She figured that she was starting to crack his shell. Though, of course, it'd take a bit more to truly make him cave in. "Oh, of course it was you, honey! You're the only reason I'm here. And I don't have to worry about being caught. Let's just say trainers wouldn't want a Pokemon like me." She turned her head to face him and a cheeky smirk was plastered on her face. "You should worry about getting caught~."
  6. [01:06] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] tugged at his collar a bit, feeling warm. The way the Lopunny spoke and moved was... tantalizing, to say the least, and had the cleric a bit warm. "I, uhm... w-well again, that's very flattering of you to say, Miss... although I'm not uh, quite sure what it is you intend to..." his voice trailed off to let her finish speaking. He was confused, and tilted his pretty little head. "A Pokemon like you? I'm not sure I understand..." he wrinkled his nose in thought, before she takced on the last statement, and his blush quickly returned.
  7. [01:18] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] There'd be only one way to show the blondie what she meant by 'a Pokemon like her'. Lopunny stood up from the pew and walked towards him in a sultry fashion, making sure to sway her hips back and forth oh-so enticingly. It was only then did Lopunny notice a particular ring around his right ring finger, and she just grinned once more. "Oh? You have a cutie at home, dear? Well, if you don't let me take you, I might just have to pay her a visit~." Ooo, an ultimatum!
  8. [01:22] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] watched her closely, rising up and proving to be a bit taller than the short boy. He gulped and took a few steps back until his generous ass bumped against the alter, and he brought the ringed hand to his chest. "E-excuse me?! Miss, I'm sorry, but I don't think that's... th-this is a church and, if you're implying what I think you're implying... w-well we're very faithful to eachother a-and, and..." the poor thing was falling all over his words, getting more and more tense the closer she got.
  9. [01:26] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] Rolled her eyes at his proclamation of being faithful. "They all say they're faithful to each other, sure." Lopunny gripped her black tights that concealed her legs, and then-! She just hoisted them downwards until they were down at her ankles. Stepping out of them, she then got right back up, no pants or panties on now. This, of course, let the blonde femboy That long, flaccid, brown dick. She simply spit in her left paw and gripped her black dick in said paw, beginning to stroke it. "Until they see something completely better that outclasses anything they've ever seen...and honey, you're looking at exactly that. You're looking at a nigger's dick~." Such a naughty word in a holy place of all things!
  10. [01:30] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] wrinkled his cute nose again, giving a little huff and stomping his foot. "Ma'am, I don't want to be rude, but you're being very inconsiderate, and I'm going to have to ask you to..." His voice trailed off again as his jaw dropped open, eyes transfixed on that fat black cock. It was... well, in a word, worrying. It made his chest tighten up as he clutched it, and inhaled sharply before his eyes drifted slowly up to her dreamy pair, then back down to it. He bit his lower lip and gulped, big blue eyes bulging a bit before her harsh words made him stir. "M-ma;am, please, that's... you shouldn't say those things and... p-p-put that thing away! We're in a holy place and... p-p-public!"
  11. [01:34] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] The way his words stuttered as he fumbled about himself was so adorable! She couldn't wait to make this boy a moaning, mewling mess in the coming hour or so. Lopunny just placed her arms under her chest, her shirt was still on though, and simply asked:"Are you sure that's what you want?" She started putting back on her black tights. Slowly, though. Slow enough to give Marian some time to reconsider. "After all, you humans are so fickle. You don't know what you truly want until it's almost gone~." In almost perfect timing, those pants of her's reached her balls, and were threatening to conceal that chocolate-y dick of her's back up.
  12. [01:38] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] hadn't realized just how tightly he was clutching the hem of his top, just below the tent of his belly button. His knuckles were white and he was... salivating? He sucked the spit down and gulped hard, turning his face to the side, reluctantly tearing his eyes away from the Pokemon's crotch. "I-I, uhm... I really think it's for the best, Miss Lopunny... I-I'm committed, after all, so we should, uhm... I-I mean, I'm sorry you came all the way up here just for me, but..." He was having trouble even finishing thoughts, her fat black dick big enough to stuff his thoughts. After several moments of silence, he spoke again, though his voice was barely above a whisper. ""I suppose you could... keep them off, if you swear to remain discreet... whatever will help you, uhm... w-w-worship easier."
  13. [01:41] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] There would be nothing discreet about the things they were about to indulge in. But Lopunny heard his words and responded by once again slithering those things down her ankles, but this time she just threw them in a direction of Arceus-knows-where! Though there was a difference about this unveiling and the last unveiling. The last unveiling, her cock was flaccid. But this time? Oh no. It was *hard*. It was *long*. It was *girthy*. Her chocolate-covered cock was pointing upright towards the ceiling and it's tip was just leaking pre. Musk soon filled the church. "Come. It's your turn to worship~."
  14. [01:44] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] simply could not stop himself from staring. An adorable little bulge had started to form in the front of his own shorts, but it wasn't anywhere near as impressive as Lopunny's own. Of course, there were rumors that had drifted to the cleric's ears about how 'black was better', but he'd always just assumed that some sort of joke about Team Rocket's newer uniforms! He gave a little shiver before he moved to the door of the temple, and locked it behind him. What was he doing? Oh, Arceus... "I-I, uhm... I don't know about this..." he whimpered cutely, as if he hadn't just locked the doors to give them some privacy.
  15. [01:49] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] Locking the doors was simply sealing his fate to be Lopunny's plaything for the night. Lopunny took the rest of her outfit off when she threw her beige shirt off of her body as well. Now fully naked, she simply sat on the alter. Her nuts sagging down upon the steps of the alter, and her cock pointed straight at him. "Oh, honey~. It'll be fine. Take off your clothes and get on your knees~. You long hungry, I'm going to give you a meal~."
  16. [01:52] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] bit his lower lip as he watched her undress the rest of the way, his cheeks flushed bright pink now... he hadn't even seen his own fiance naked, and here he was, locked in a room with a naked and very well hung Pokemon! With a tiny whimper he began to unbutton his top on the side, fingers nervously fumbling as he pulled it open, showing off that cute, flat chest. "I-I don't, uhm... we don't have much time... th-thirty minutes, max..." he huffed, beginning to work on his belt.
  17. [01:52] [user]Mistress Lopunny[/user]: [sub]Is he saying that? Or is that about you?[/sub]
  18. [01:52] [user]Marian Hightower[/user]: [sub]He is. I'm here for a while still =P[/sub]
  19. [01:55] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] She giggled at that chest, for once she was bigger in the chest department than one of her partner's! "So cute~. Did you work for those curves, or are they natural? I gotta say, for a cleric, you have a pretty lewd body!" She giggled. "But hmm, you only have 30 minutes, huh? Why?"
  20. [01:57] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] let the belt fall and hooks his thumbs into his shorts, pushing them down to reveal a very innocent pair of white panties, though he struggled to work the shorts off over his wide hips. "A-a lewd body? I don't... this is just natural!" He pull the habit off, shaking his head and letting his long blonde hair whip back and forth. "I-I, uhm... well there's supposed to be a service in that amount of time..."
  21. [01:57] [user]Marian Hightower[/user]: [sub]I'll let you decide just how big or small his cock is. I leave it nebulous on purpose[/sub]
  22. [02:01] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] There was no time to waste by doing a fellatio then! That could be after she had fucked him silly, and out behind of the church. "Okay~. Then here's the deal." She stood up and walked over to him, using her claw to shred at those girly panties. Once off, she was greeted with a small, barely 4 inch dick. Her brown cock, in comparison, was literally three times as big! "I'm going to fuck you now. You can use the pews as a handle, if you like. But I want your ass down here and you bent over like a dog in heat~."
  23. [02:03] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] 's cute little cock was already twitching as she approached, the boy eager with anticipation. He gave a soft yelp as she shredded his underwear though, and he instinctively covered his crotch up. As she laid out terms, he blushed harder than ever, shaking his head. "W-w-wait, what?! But I'm... I thought I was gonna... y-you know, make love to you, s-s-since I'm the boy and all!" he squeaked out. "Th-there's no way I can fit something that big! P-plus, if any one finds out I've been doing with a black person..."
  24. [02:06] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] She was going to have to explain how this worked, wasn't she? This boy was utterly adorable with the way he was so innocent when it came to sex. "Even boys have holes that can be drilled, sweetheart. And that's what I'm going to do to you....and honey. You aren't doing it with a 'black person'. You're doing it with a *nigger*." Lopunny started to stroke her cock in anticipation, using her pre-cum as a make-shift lubricant. "Now then. I believe I had an order. Bend over against a pew."  
  25. [02:09] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] was all blushes, even his collar bone beginning to flush hotly as he whimpered and continued to stare at that twitching, massive member. His backside clenched with worry as she explained it to him, and reached up to cover his embarrassed face when she clarified what she was. "Th-that's not a nice word..." he whined weakly, before his desire got the better of him. The aromatic musk swimming through the air made it hard to think, his lust burning hotly in his body. His cock was so stiff, it stuck up straight all it's own. And like that, he did as he was told, bending forward slightly and gripping the back of the pew.
  26. [02:14] *[user]Mistress Lopunny[/user] She approached him and gripped his ass-cheeks, spreading them wide. She slowly slid her cock between those cheeks and then let go of them! His fat ass just *enveloped* her cock! She was hot-dogging him. She grinded her thick brown cock up and down that ass, his cheeks providing wonderful stimulation. "Oh~. If only you could see the ridiculously sexy colour contrast between my black cock and your white's such an addicting sight~." She gripped those ass cheeks once more and slid her cock out. But now it was time. She steadily leaned forward, pressing her tip against the femboy's rose bud, and then slid right on into the extremely tight hole.
  27. [02:19] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] shivered all over and blushed hard, looking at her over his shoulder as she kneaded and spread those fat ass cheeks open, showing off that adorable little pucker... so virginal and unknowing of the destruction to come. He tensed all over as she slid her cock between his cheeks, getting squeezed and almost covered up as he clenched up and practically stroked her cock with his butt. Her words only added to the shame, shaking his head. "A-addicting?! This is just a o-one time thin-" His voice was cut off as she unceremoniously shoved in, splitting the blonde white boy's asshole open, really ruining the hole with her big nigger cock. "ARCEUS!" he cried out and arched his back, moaning out like a girl!
  28. [02:27] [user]Mistress Lopunny[/user]: [i]It was a tight fit for sure! Holes always were tight when they first took black dick. They simply weren't used to the overbearing size one brings. Slowly but surely she sunk her length into that thick as hell ass. "So ungodly thick..." She said. There wasn't much going on besides her burying herself into him, so she decided she'd do something else to give him pleasure. She rose her right paw up and just brought it down, [b]SPANKING[/b] that rear so hard it echoed for a good 30 seconds afterwards! She felt her balls bump into his balls not too long after, and as such, she realized that she had gone all the way she could inside of him. Only thing she could do was pull back out...and she least until just her tip was in! Once just her tip was in, she grabbed that long, girly blonde hair of his and tugged back on it with her left paw, her right paw delivering another [b]SMACK[/b] to that ass! Lopunny just [b]SLAMMED[/b] her hips into him, burying all 12 inches of her length into him again! And she repeated this process of pulling out and burying herself time and time again, the increase in speed only signifying that her stretching was working.[/i]
  29. [02:32] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] 's asshole was like a vice at first, the boy unable to relax properly as he took black cock for the first time. He trembled and shook and shivered, groaning out and gritting his teeth, tears of strain welling up in his eyes as he let his head hang forward. Even just pushing in, his thick ass jiggled like the pound cake it was. The first spank made him cry out loudly, arching his back hard and tossing his head back, hair whipping backwards with it, giving her just the perfect set of reigns to pull him back with. He winced as her brown fingers slid in between those gorgeous locks, and the literally second that her balls tapped his, he came, spurting his pathetic little load all over the back of the pew with a girlish moan. His backside clenched and released in quick succession, giving her enough leeway to really begin thrusting, and begin putting the boy through his paces. His very big, very hard, very black paces.
  30. [02:37] [user]Mistress Lopunny[/user]: [i]She just giggled when he came, though how could he hear that giggle over the sounds of their bodies rapidly mashing together due to Lopunny slamming her hips into him over and over again? That black cock stretching out his boyish insides time and time again? Each time she thrusted into him her balls smashed into his. It hurt her, definitely. And it probably hurt him. But the pleasure she was feeling from fucking this wonderfully fat mountain of an ass definitely made up for it. She spanked him again and tugged back on his hair again. Lopunny threw her head back and just roared out:[b]"FUCKKKK!!!! WHY DO BLONDE BITCHES LIKE YOU TAKE BLACK COCK SO WELL??!?!?!? IT'S LIKE YOU WERE BORN FOR THIS~!!"[/b] At this point, Lopunny's hips were a damn blur she was-[b]fucking[/b] him. [b]Rutting[/b] him. [b]Ruining[/b] him-t such an insane speed.[/i]
  31. [02:42] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] was beyond saving at this point, his tongue hanging out his mouth as his eyes rolled up into his head from Lopunny's feverish pace. His asshole did it's best to keep up, but after only a few minutes, he figured out the best way to deal with was to relax and let her freely thrust. It was... an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure, body getting rearranged to fit her cock, asshole surely gaping as it was stretched around the fat fucking nigger cock. In contrast, his own cute white dick was [b]pap pap pap[/b]ing against his stomach, slapping hard with each thrust. "Ohhh, Arceus, p-p-please don't stop! I-I want more of your nigger cock! Y-you're ruining my tight butt!" he squeaked out in pleasure, as he finally started to buck back against her. Whether it was his burning need or the heady musk pervading the room, he was hers.
  32. [02:47] [user]Mistress Lopunny[/user]: [i]She had no intention of stopping. Even if they were running over their 30 minute time limit, well those people would just have to walk in on a blonde femboy snowbunny taking some nigger dick then! Lopunny took her paw away from his hair and her paw from that ass and just gripped his hips with masculine authority. Oh Arceus, this was going to get even harder wasn't it? Of course it was! As a Pokemon, the Lop definitely had considerable strength. And she was using that to her fullest abilities when she just starting [b]railing[/b] him. Bucking her hips wildly and heatedly into him without much rhyme or rhythm at all. [b]"FUCKING TAKE IT! FUCKING TAKE MY NIGGER DICK~!!!! OOHHH!!! I CAN FEEL IT! I'M GOING TO CUM~!"[/b][/i]
  33. [02:51] *[user]Marian Hightower[/user] whined out loudly, tears streaming down his cheeks from the strain of taking such a huge cock. It was unlike anything he'd ever thought to experience, and he was hooked already. This feeling was only magnified when she grabbed his hips and really began to pound the cleric, having to go up on his tip toes before each slam into his precious rump sent him a few inches off the ground. The speed was inhuman, and the only way she'd be able to tell that he was cumming again was the way his asshole clenched up and spasmed around her, nearly jerking her off of it's own accord. His voice was stuck in his throat, and good thing too, as there was a knock on the door. He grunted and clapped a hand over his mouth to keep from moaning out loudly as he went cross-eyed, feeling just how deeply she was fucking him. His belly was bulging with the outline of her cock, and he couldn't do a single to stop or slow her down!
  34. [02:57] [user]Mistress Lopunny[/user]: [i]Lopunny's cock throbbed and bulged out before she just exploded with cum! Dicksludge blasted into his ass in a torrent. Rope after rope, load after load. It easily filled his ass up to the absolute brim, and then some! In fact, there was so much of the thick white stuff that it squirted out of the crevices of where her cock and Marian's ass were [b]connected.[/b] Lopunny yanked her cock out mid orgasm though, and just unleashed the rest of her load all over his back! Primarily aiming for his pretty blonde hair as well as his ass. As those ropes turned into a steady stream of cum pouring out of her tip, she slithered her cock between those cheeks once more. And he was even going to get a little surprise~. Taking one of the markers used for taking notes, Lopunny decided to draw two...rather crude things on those ass cheeks. A nice spade. A spade for the right cheek, and a spade for the left cheek. "This fat ass is now my property~."[/i]
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