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  1. <HTML>
  2. <center><title>My Exam Website</title>
  3. <body background="./images/b1.jpg">
  4. <BR>
  5. <HEAD>
  6. <I><B><font size="7" ><FONT COLOR="#236B8E">My Final</FONT></B></I>
  7. </HEAD>
  8. <BODY>
  9. <font size="7" color="green"><H3>The grade I hope I get:</H3></font>
  10. <IMG SRC="images/A.png" ALIGN="center">
  11. <BR>
  12. <p><font size="7" color="red">one size and color</font></p>
  13. <p><font size="3" color="yellow">another size and color</font></p>
  14. <BR>
  15. <p><font size="5" color="blue">My Links(doubles as a list ;D)</font></p>
  16. <ul>
  17.   <li><A HREF="Table.html">Table(has pictures) </A></li>
  18.   <li><A HREF="form.html">Form </A>
  19. </li>
  20.   <li><A HREF="vid.html">Something Random </A></li>
  21. </ul>
  22. </BODY></center>
  23. </HTML>
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