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  1. -Modern day Pangea
  2. -Planets are organisms
  3. -Nibiru is a spaceship
  4. -Chemtrails spray Christ’s Blood
  5. -Females are AI
  6. -Triangular Sun Hologram
  7. -Humans are Amphibious
  8. -Alcohol was created to suppress humanity
  9. -1784 Satan Encounter
  10. -RPG Insanity Training
  11. -Toxoplasmosis Intelligence
  12. -Youtube Occultism
  13. -Anime Causes Autism
  14. -Enchanted Websites
  15. -Human vs. Insect Wars
  16. -BeetleJuice Documentary
  17. -Stanley Kubrick God Enslavement
  18. -North Koreans are ghosts
  19. -All books written by same author
  20. -Football Cyborg Training
  21. -Hostile Plants
  22. -Human God
  23. -Third Reich of Australia
  24. -Pleiadian Rock and Roll
  25. -Transgender mind control
  26. -4chan alien image hoax
  27. -Simbad Missiles
  28. -Tiki Grave Site Management
  29. -Japanese Hate Crime Music
  30. -Spider-Angel Dilemma
  31. -Aboriginal Empire
  32. -Atlantean Prison Demographics
  33. -Etherus 117 Launching
  34. -DNA is fake
  35. -Multiple Christ Theory
  36. -Contemporary Asgard
  37. -Hollow Moon Wendigos
  38. -Operation Thin Satchel
  39. -NSA uses mirrors to spy on you
  40. -Dragon Codex 12
  41. -Neanderthal Superiority
  42. -The sun is a military base
  43. -African Vehicle-Eating Cult
  44. -The Sun Worship Incentive
  45. -Garden Of Eden was in space
  46. -Moloch AI
  47. -Sigmund Freud’s Satanism
  48. -Meta-Hand Construct
  49. -God’s greatest fear
  50. -Hillary Clinton=Faust
  51. -Time Travel is an illusion/parallel dimension
  52. -Each universe has a distinct God
  53. -Bigfoot is an angel
  54. -Buddha Fetishes
  55. -12-ACH Americans
  56. -Schizophrenics are stuck in between dimensions
  57. -Jewish Behavior Codes
  58. -Greys are neotenic proto-humans
  59. -Math is a fallacy
  60. -Sandy Hook Jinn exposure
  61. -Dinosaurs were the good guys
  62. -CERN unleashed Donald Trump
  63. -Hollywood Mental Illness Breeding
  64. -Missing 411 Fairies
  65. -Google’s back room
  66. -JFK knew nothing
  67. -4chan psyop
  68. -Rhombus Documents (extreme caution)
  69. -Dogs are trapped human souls
  70. -Washington Excavation Crew
  71. -Water colony
  72. -Primate assassinations
  73. -U.S.S. NeverEnd
  74. -Manipulated Dyrad trees
  75. -Reality imitates thought
  76. -Western Nihilism psyops
  77. -Anunnaki Puppet Shows
  78. -Intergalactic Pizzagate Rings
  79. -Mothman at Las Vegas
  80. -Trump vs. Demiurge
  81. -Satan slugs
  82. -The Cheyenne county incident
  83. -Moon bullet
  84. -Photograph of a real human lymph node (lost)
  85. -Thor is black
  86. -Fortnite used as a tool by isis
  87. -1998 Locust invasion
  88. -Grenada was a cover-up
  89. -James Charles is a Chinese psyop to subvert American beauty standards to be more Chinese (skinny, small, thin eyes, etc)
  90. -FBI neuron mapping
  91. -The Beach Boys cult activity
  92. -The Beastie Boys are actually stranded timetravellers
  93. -Phife Dawg didn't die of diabetes, he became a digital counciousness(aka AI)
  94. -Tupac lives in Russia
  95. -Eminem is actually black with vitiligo
  96. -Earth paradigm
  97. -RC?501
  98. -pre-christian satanic cults
  99. -Ante Popovic disappearance
  100. -Purple Death plague
  101. -missing cities
  102. -memory manipulation
  103. -Anatolian giants
  104. -living trees
  105. -Lop Nur operation
  106. -sunken continents
  107. -cape Bojador incident
  108. -Columbus reached India
  109. -South Mall Containment Facility
  110. -sewers are connected to underground societies
  111. -Disney Clone experiments
  112. -Nickelodeon test tube actors
  113. -Appalachian surveillance
  114. -Highway Driving/Stalking Corps.
  115. -Interdimensional Rest Stops
  116. -Witchita falls gremlin
  117. -Loch ness globster
  118. -BET anime
  119. -Sleep is microdeath
  120. -Testicles contain sand
  121. -Steve urkel an evil African trickster spirit
  122. -plastic organisms
  123. -asteroid ecosystems
  124. -Chinese cannibalism market
  125. -tar pit men
  126. -extinction project
  127. -Secret islands
  128. -Alaskan mammoths
  129. -endemic Sentinel island species
  130. -organ grafting
  131. -DNA library
  132. -Earth was terraformed for us
  133. -Oil pool lifeforms
  134. -Skyfish
  135. -Mercury healing properties
  136. -The Gettysburg Blood sacrifice
  137. -Jasper-Trarch Hyper Anomaly
  138. -1987 “activated” psychosis experiment
  139. -Alphabet agency agents in reflections
  140. -man’s self-destruction mode
  141. -word salad death anxiety
  142. -Amish weredonkey cult
  143. -Pigs are misbred humans
  144. -Decoded Spammail
  145. -Moon=Sun
  146. -Neo Korea Conspiracy
  147. -Atlantian Mp3
  148. -Unguided nuclear warhead protocol
  149. -Toxic Oxygen
  150. -Cellphone Suicide Challenge
  151. -TP causes Chancer
  152. -Lost letters of the alphabet
  153. -WW1 was WW2
  154. -Acoustics induced psychosis
  155. -Burned down pyramids hidden in plain sight
  156. -Colossus A
  157. -Scream cells
  158. -2003 reservoir co-infections
  159. -Hot shifting
  160. -Revercenaries
  161. -Sentient tectonics
  162. -Trees are veins
  163. -Phellodendron mammalization
  164. -Key lake facility photos
  165. -Girl scouts own the moon
  166. -Steel is made from humans
  167. -CIA plasmodium brain replacement
  168. -north korea is the garden of eden
  169. -ukraine war is fought by nuclear zombies
  170. -south america doesn't exist
  171. -post-1990 soviet sleeper agent congregations
  172. -the anti-moldova acknowledgement pact
  173. -final fantasy suicide guild
  174. -Native antarcticans
  175. -Key west skinwalkers
  176. -Hillary clinton 10,000 spiders in a suit
  177. -Lost Divine Colors
  178. -2012 "Saved" treaty
  179. -Moldable air
  180. -secret abortion clinics for gay men
  181. -JFK's suicide note
  182. -Facebook keeps databases about who users were in their past lives
  183. -lost Jewish tribes living on Mars
  184. -Churchill wanted to make peace with Hitler, Rudolf Hess sabotaged their deal on purpose to ensure the Nazis' defead
  185. -slavery was never abolished in America
  186. -native americans are bioengineering supergems to reclaim their continent
  187. -The MilkyWay Examantations
  188. -Grasshoppers don't hop
  189. --Supersonic Sound Hacking
  190. --Runescape is real
  191. -Jetsons and Flintstones take place at the same time
  192. -Dave Grohl was Kurt Cobain
  193. -Trump is homeless
  194. -Beatings cure autism
  195. -Pigs are people
  196. -God is a video game
  197. -The Ocean is actually a really big carpet
  198. -earth is actually a hologram
  199. -princess diana never died
  200. -Mexican Cartels are aliens
  201. -Mister Rodgers Neighborhood was a psyop
  202. -The death of Christ was a false flag
  203. -Death Dance Boogie (searching this up and you will dance until you die)
  204. -Insect Masturbation Art
  205. -Hitler was a robot made my Walt Disney
  206. -Canned food is poison
  207. -Penis Mummification
  208. -Danny Phantom was actually an archon
  209. -Mario is actually 12ft tall
  210. -nintendo is a portal to an alternate dimension
  211. -Wiggle Diggle Films
  212. -Pornography scares spirits
  213. -Fantano never gave MBDTF a 6
  214. -Hotdogs are actually tacos
  215. -Sockgnomes are gay
  216. -Air is fake (google at own risk)
  217. -Fast food is a front for the mob
  218. -Dolphins invented Tic-Tac-Toe
  219. -the FBI is actually CIA
  220. -the CIA is actually FBI
  221. Applesauce is made out of old people
  222. Pluto is made of trash
  223. Ballpit Death Parties (research at your own risk)
  224. Nipples are a fungus
  225. -Windows 10 is a Native American Spirit
  226. -Pokemon is GMO psyop
  227. -Sarah Palin Wiccan death cult founder
  228. -Toilets are surveillance weapon (research at your own risk)
  229. -Feces Finders Cult (Poop is food)
  230. -Reptoids are actually insectoid vampires from Crawfish Nebula
  231. -Milk Curlers
  232.  -Rollcoaster Time Travel
  233. -Weaponized Spatulas
  234. -Jump Roping Death Cult Island
  235. -Antarctica is Alive
  236. The Pea Soup Incident
  237. Microwave Tractors
  238. Multi-Dimensional Precipitation
  239. Anal Nanobots in Toilet Paper
  240. Pool Noodle String Theory
  241. 1985 Ballistic Taproom Dancers
  242. Jeff Bezos is Blackbeard
  243. Positronic Butterflies
  244. Windows 95 is Alien Technology
  245. The Spongecake Project
  246. Beanie Baby Intelligence
  247. Clocks are Time Machines
  248. Order of the Cabbages
  250. -Your beef is NOT my beef
  251. -worm telepathy
  252. -Down's syndrome was created through alien hybridization with Serj Tankian
  253. -Weed is an alien entity
  254. -post-trump windmill goblins
  255. -Messianic Globules
  256. -the color orange
  257. Tasmanian Nun Cabal
  258. Heuristic Sandwiches
  259. Electronic Rocks
  260. Gamma Ray Abortions
  261. Anti-Gravity Balloons
  262. Megalithic Beavers
  263. Extraneous Photons
  264. Dragonflies Are Drones
  265. Sky Tunnels
  266. Post Revivals
  267. Orthodox Cavemen
  268.  -Electricity is a 4th dimensional alien enslaved by ancient ditch diggers
  269. -Hawaii was originally in Africa
  270. -Tube socks don’t work in space
  271. -Stonehenge is used by Scottish janitors for initiation rituals
  272.  -Fourth macronutrient
  273. -Cancer denial
  274. -Earth shape modulation
  275. -Airborne gluten
  276. -Post heat death of the universe activity
  277. -Entropy cultists
  278. -Bitcoin = antichrist
  279. -Autism maximization
  280. -Sleep is unnecessary
  281. -Argentinian harpies
  282. -Humans are nocturnal
  283. -Revolving door time anomalies
  284. -South Korea is the only country with real people left
  285. -Portuguese underwater cave diving incident
  286. -Singularity already achieved
  287. -Deep sea computing
  288. -Saharan desert wild horses
  289. -Jesus cryonics
  290. -Milky way blind spot
  291. -Xenopsychiatry
  292. -The moment you blink a new reality is created in order to replace the old one before the blink
  293. -Racists plants
  294. -Hawkins wheelchair conspiracy
  295. Supernova nebula life
  296. Hearing words
  297. Russians built the pyramids
  298. The mexican government killed jfk
  299. McDonald war
  300. Sandy hook basement tapes
  301.  -volcanos are defense mechanisms operated by dwarves
  302. -ancient Chinese farmers invented ants to eat dead babies
  303. -dry ice comes from the moon
  304. -Mother Theresa was a tranny
  305. -Jimi Hendrix was the second coming of Jesus Christ but took so much LSD that he forgot
  306. illegal render farms
  307. real life team deathmatch
  308. the emma dilemma
  309. google controls the noosphere
  310. amish mafia is at the bottom of the deep state
  311. -Our solar system is actually centered on a supermassive vantablack alien structure but it absorbs all light and radiation so we can't tell it's their. AND NASA IS HIDING IT
  312. -Little Caesar's underground Colosseum (banned)
  313. -Elvis Presley was assassinated
  314. -Forrest Gump (unreleased book)
  315. -Alternate reality family board games
  316. -Eisenhower was the first black president
  317. -Fruit Loops massacre (1997)
  318. -Interdimensional properties of ballpits
  319. -Abandoned mall catacombs
  320. -Teletubby land coverup (classified)
  321. -Seeing yourself as the missing child on a milk carton
  322.  -Snakes have arms
  323. -The devil created electricity
  324. -Stars are human made
  325. -Purple rose
  326. -Children of the pacifica
  327. -Your Ex Misses You
  328. -Poisonous Oxygen
  329. -2 Sided Shape
  330. -Wooden Bones
  331. -Optional Birth
  332. -Odd Numbers are Fake
  333. Racist microwaves
  334. Teleporting grass
  335. Inter dimensional wormholes found on mechanical bull
  336. Bongwater is sentient
  337. Pretzel shape conundrum
  338. Wireless trees
  339. Exploding dog collars
  340. The wind is actually ghosts
  341. Baseball zombie apocalypse?
  342.  -Coin counting machines are used to collect DNA
  343. -TV static is a recording of your complete purchase history
  344. -Radio wave oestrogen
  345. -Parking meters are actually taller
  346. -Cube fruits of the Andes
  347. -Left handed gravity
  348. -Chewing gum contains fluoride
  349. -Dr Pepper never graduated
  350. -Roswell wreckage caused space travel
  351. -all whites except the French came from Mars
  352. -Benito Mussolini never died
  353. -Russia is an optical illusion
  354. -Jesus was born in 1986
  355. -Hitler triplets
  356. -consciousness is a hoax
  357. -WTC collapsed due to shoddy construction
  358. -hunger and thirst are symptoms of addiction
  359. -the internet was invented by Pope Clement
  360. -Mexican constitution is the Book of Mormon
  361. -Vatican library is actually a study
  362. -there's something exactly behind you that nobody wants to tell you about
  363. -God rested on the 8th day
  364. -Babylonian moon base
  365. -Bronze Age collapse caused autism
  366. -George Washington was Italian
  367. -9/11 happens every year
  368. -George Washington is Donald Trump
  369. -Ugandan’s run the Mexican drug cartels
  370. -Phones activate Telepathy Powers
  371.  -The Sun is an Alien Battery
  372. -Mind-Control Uruguayan Anime
  373. -Petroleum is Infinite
  374. -Clones of Jesus
  375. -Flying Trees (2014)
  376. -Plastic Breathing
  377. -Videogame Exorcism
  378. -god is on nofap
  379. -beans are alien fat cells
  380. -Baby boomers are aliens
  381. -wine induced nitrogen orgies
  382. -Burgers are actually vegan
  383. -Viruses are photoshopped humans
  384. -Disney death chambers
  385.  -insect intelligence
  386. -dolphins are genetically engineered humans
  387. -human artificial evolution
  388. -ant colonies are one organism
  389. -plastic organisms
  390. -oil pit animals
  391.  -cities with the same names can be used for time travel
  392. -koalas are from Birmingham
  393. -those Chinese alchemists meant to make gunpowder
  394. -North Korea is a PR stunt for NATO
  395. -Maltese corkboard surfing
  396. -midgets are a failed CIA deep cover op as children
  397. -all famous Italians are the same person
  398. -Pepsi founded the Soviet Union
  399. -the brain actually is a useless organ
  400. -nuclear detonations are sacrifices to a random demon
  401. -the secret color
  402. -onions green was made to warn people about onions consumption
  403. -human blood is actually 7up
  404.  -kinder eggs repel demons
  405. -dry county drunk driver ritual human sacrifice
  406. -mirrors aren't real
  407. -flouride chronostasis
  408. -all bodies of water are connected via aquatic tunnels
  409. -the solar system is a living organism
  410. -sentient electric grid
  411. -steven banon is a pedophile
  412. -ancient race of invisible people discovered under China
  413. -the Bible was written by Steve Jobs
  414. -crystals do more than healing
  415. -Alex Jones embedded in Christian radio stations
  416. -Gaia is watching
  417. -world-conquering Tibetan Monks
  418. -CRT was phased out to disconnect us from The Source
  419. -psychic dolphins
  420. -ethereal ape theory
  421. -surfboarding dogs sleep soundly
  422. -Star Wars is a documentary
  423. -2nd Japan
  424. -concave earth
  425. -there is an "any" key
  426. -birds are the dominant lifeform
  427. -Canada is a corporate entity
  428. -Sweden is owned by ice-beings
  429. -electromagnetic over-saturation
  430. -tomatoes are neither fruit nor vegetable
  431. -sentient Liger tribe in Australia
  432. -Native American spirits cause vending machine malfunctions
  433. Family guy is a documentary
  434. Angry birds is just flappy bird after a nuclear war
  435. Loch ness monster lives in lake ontario
  436. Oregon is just washington reversed
  437. Basketball was invented by amazon tribal people.
  438. -twin towers were a hologram
  439. -Syria is a fake country
  440. -Trump is an actor
  441. -Sex causes homosexuality
  442. -Bald people are the chosen people of god
  443. -The penis is a magical antenna
  444. -the third eye is our belly button
  445. -tobacco is good for your health
  446. -we can live on psychedelics only diet
  447. -Prostatic massage open the third eye
  448. -aborted child are alive and made as sex slaves for the elite
  449. -The brain has three hemisphere
  450.  -the founding fathers were asian
  451. -mongolia is the real china
  452. -anime was created after 9/11
  453. -eggs are solar systems gone wrong (WAKE UP SHEEPLE)
  454.  -Soul extraction at birth
  455. -Recursive mental process generation (DO NOT RESEARCH)
  456. -Halley's Comet research station
  457. -Neutrino-based vision
  458. -Camels are dinosaurs
  459. -Nanopixels
  460. -Localized Lancaster spacetime topology
  461. -Fractional isotopes
  462. -Ice XXVII
  463. -The Umatilla ammonia bodies
  464. -Death by ionizing radiation is the only way to get into heaven
  465. -Human population resets
  466. -1992 lunar collapse
  467. -400 year old Nikon camera cover-up
  468. -WWIII happened but nobody can remember it
  469. -Alternate telomeres
  470. -The sky tunneling project
  471. -Mirrors are actually dimensional windows
  472. -Planted humans
  473.  -Mandela effect was invented as publicity by his daughter in law
  474. -South African racemixing machines
  475. -Autism was created by south Pole scientists to build the super soldier
  476. -balloons contain liquid oxygen
  477. -Bill Cosby doesn't exist
  478. -the guy you see in the mirror is actually your neighbor
  479. -Arthritic spider hands
  480. -Bulgarian ethnostate delivery
  481. -The Moon is secretly the 50th state of the USA
  482.  -Mexican Coke still contains cocaine
  483. -UUUU Plane Crash (Baned Information)
  484. -Yoko Kanno Speaks Extant Languages (Cats on Mars)
  485. -.gifs are live feeds from alternate dimensions
  486. -Dentistry owns Big Candy
  487. -Birdemic is Real Footage
  488. -The "Mr. Popper's Penguins" Incident
  489. -Seventh and Eighth vowels (Do not research)
  490. -Don't go to the bathroom at 4 AM
  491. -John Lennon composed onestop
  492. -Butch Hartman gangstalked Randy Stair
  493. -Bogdanoffs bow to Kardashians
  494.  -Airplane is the most dangerous way to travel
  495. -Lübeck Angel
  496. -Greek gods had a hand in expelling the Turks in 1832
  497. -Trump is a time traveler...from the past
  498. -Naram-Sin achieved godhood
  499.  -tying your shoes is a masonic ritual
  500. -wearing pink increases testosterone
  501. -ALL food is poison
  502. -prehistoric oil spills
  503. -Nepalese sex toys cover-up
  504. -corn is fungi
  505. -Kony 2012 was a psy op
  506. -the spleen is a sexual organ
  507. -"La Cremita" mass hysteria
  508.  -Geico is run by lizards
  509. -The sun is flat, not the Earth
  510. -Everyone is an NPC, no one's real
  511. -Humanity is a simulation for Aliens to decide what the most comfortable shoes are
  512.  -Springheel Jack still alive
  513. -Yoko Ono's accent is fake
  514. -Corn Syrup isn't real
  515. -Crude oil is made of people
  516. -government creates found footage movies to discredit actual footage of paranormal phenomenon as 'viral marketing'
  517. -Jesus was Samoan
  518. The CIA predates recorded history, Jesus was an MKULTRA mind control slave.
  519. Barack Obama was acting under direct orders from the Zodiac Killer.
  520. Japan was created by US billionaires as part of an elaborate tax evasion scheme.
  521. Hair is a parasite
  522.  -we're actually on the moon, "moon landing" was an earth landing
  523. -grass is a real life SCP
  524. -9/11 was a high-budget stunt for a movie
  525. -bible set in future
  526. -Secret Holocaust
  527. -"The"
  528. -Mandible Effects
  529. -Racism is a typo but it's too late to fix it now
  530. -Blacks were a futuristic society who overpowered whites and forced them at lasergunpoint to pretend they were savages and enslave them (we still aren't sure why)
  531. -the pharoahs were black, but in future not past
  532. -Dimensional displacement by spinning
  533. -anal vore cabal
  534. -Latvian universe benders
  535. -Belgium doesn't exist as CIA own the satellites and it's only a base for the demonic organizatoins
  536. -Templars found the stargates and khazars to be literal demons and waged the crusades
  537. -our real bodies are trapped on the moon and we need to wake up from the illusion
  538. - Titanic was a slave ship
  539. - rivers flow backwards
  540. - reverse island theory
  541. - Japan isn’t real, anime is made in Korea (best Korea of course)
  542. - WW3 happened in 1969
  543. - WW1 never happened
  544. - the Roman Empire conquered China
  545. - Stalin was assassinated by a Yugoslav
  546. - 2014 Ukraine Revolution was a hologram
  547. - Australian skinwalkers
  548. - Nazi sun base
  549. - Black socialist revolution
  550. - the south won
  551. - Iraq War for a stable Middle East
  552. - Gaddafi still alive in Syria
  553. - USSR never collapsed
  554. - Obama owns 1/2 of South Africa
  555. - Clinton-Putin sex tape (GRAPHIC)
  556. -Japan is a Chinese territory
  557.  -Ancient French empire
  558. -Jesus was born in Greenland
  559. -Finnish is a dead language
  560. -Plato built Atlantis
  561. -Goliath killed David
  562. -Hiroshima and Nagasaki randomly exploded, US took credit
  563. -Tunguska event was a failed alien attempt to destroy the earth
  564. -cocaine doesn't exist
  565. -Texans are the true people of god featured in the Old Testament
  566. -world war one never ended
  567. -krylon spray paint is edible
  568.  - Finland took Moscow in the winter war
  569. - Fallen Angels are the true Angels
  570. - America has gone through 5 civil wars
  571. - The Ottomans found the Americas
  572. - Pennsylvania socialist utopia
  573. - Ice Age oil rigs
  574. - Happy feet was actually real
  575. - when people yawn they suck off a ghost
  576.  -animals domesticated humans not the other way around
  577. -fungi are were created to observe humanity
  578. -our universe was created as a plaything by god's son
  579. -there's no sky we're a soap opera for aliens
  580. -Von Braun destroyed Neverland by mistake
  581. -teletubbies was an horror show for aliens
  582. -wifi router used to store teta-waves when sleeping
  583. -the government made water wet
  584. -tap water is made from humans, drinking it is cannibalism
  585. -all drugs are placebo
  586. -deodorants cause homosexuality
  587. -spiders are escaped genetic experiments
  588. -all Hollywood films are 100% cgi
  589. -ice cream trucks are the cover for a Chinese organ harvesting business
  590. -wars are blood sport events set up by aliens
  591. -Trump is a transman
  592. -America is fake, there is actually a massive ocean with Leviathans in it
  593. -Mind control is actually impossible but the concept is made to keep people questioning reality
  594. -Hindu Atlantis (use extreme caution!)
  595. -Clothes drain human energy to power the satalites
  596. -Souls are universal, even bacteria have them
  597. -Hell is fake and Heaven is mundane
  598. -Influenza Gate
  599. -Space angles have no wings. (EXTREMELY DANGEROUS)
  600. -Human third eye in brain
  601. -Sewer ecology
  602. -Nuclear heart implantments
  603. chinese footjob suicide forests
  604. -Woodpeckers communicate morse code to sleeper agents
  605. -The Salvation Army left wing separatist militia (research with extreme caution)
  606. -Planet Nibiru was harvested for cardboard boxes
  607. -BigRoadsign - one single corporation makes all the road signs for the entire planet
  608. -Deep Fryer Interrogation Methods (warning: graphic)
  609. -We Currently reside in a "PARODY" universe/timeline
  610. Maga stands for something else
  611. -Dolphin cities
  612. -Cantaloupes prove Martian origins of mankind
  613. -The chicken and the egg both came first
  614. -The Kaaba was originally a Moai
  615. -Manchurian lawn death syndrome
  616. -New Zealand was annexed by Canada in 1953
  617. -Hervé Villechaize and the Love Bug (lost 1991 film)
  618. -Gangweeders are the Illuminati
  619. -The truth about brown rice
  620. -Year of Luigi suicides
  621.  -the moon is an artificial satellite made by NASA
  622. -Jews are physically unable to eat cheese
  623. -the Mediterranean Sea is actually an ocean
  624. -Japan and Korea were mixed up on the map and nobody wants to admit they were wrong
  625. -African mud cookies boost testosterone
  626. -clay is bulletproof
  627. -JFK had a brain implant that exploded, Jacqueline Kennedy grabbed it to hide her involvement
  628. -Portuguese fish tango (googling will result in death)
  629. -books aren't real
  630.  -Saw 1728 (Unreleased movie-2012)
  631. -Demons are spawned from plants
  632. -The aztecs created bing and the mayans created gogle
  633. -The caspian sea is actually a lake filled with gods cum
  634. -Rain is just watery oxygen
  635. -Meth health benefits
  636. -Dog penis's are aliens
  637.  -illuminati secret mass suicide note
  638. -time is going backwards
  639. -the earth IS flat, we're just not living on earth
  640. -trump alien pregnancy (use extreme caution)
  641. -the sun heals cancer
  642. -the internet connects people from different dimensions
  643. -mirrors cause autism
  644. -mountains dont exist
  645.  -Addiction isn't real
  646. -Dwarfs of Paris (Do not google!)
  647. -Gossip Magazines blackmail young girls to write fake articles
  648. -Hair is actually fungus
  649. -Birds with a wingspan over 1.13 meters are actually drones used to spy on us
  650. -People who post about tulpas and succubi are legitimate, it's just the rest of us who are schizos
  651. -Jews are the navy (don't goggle)
  652. -Napoleon was a newt
  653. -trump has a flat ass (again don't research)
  654. -rocks have feelings
  655. -Texas,California and Taiwan are it's own country
  656. -the Anglo-Anglo war of 1869
  657. -China does not exist
  658. -the black scrolls of Mongolia
  659. -the prequel to the Old Testament
  660. -the real Cold War ended with Stalin died
  661. -Secret Holocaust
  662. -Mandela effect is its own Mandela effect
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