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  1. Time: 199Xish, probably
  3. Current Experience: 0 xp
  5. Name: Risa Schrödinger
  6. [?]Resurrección: Laugh Irrisorie
  8. Hunger: None
  9. Reputation: Known
  10. Damage: Fair
  12. Description:
  13. You stand about 172 cm with the majority of your body being covered in white armour save the top of your head and eyes. Your hair is a long dark violet colour which goes down just below the small of your back and your eyes are a bright gold. You are female. Your arms and legs are covered in armour, with your hands and feet being hammered into claws on the ends of your arms and legs, and small points coming out of your elbow and shoulders. Your legs are no longer reverse jointed. Despite the heavy armouring your body is still slender. Your mask's ears seem to have retreated into your hair and currently look similar to a hair ornament, while your mouth is still an insane grin. Your voice is unique in that you shift to different ones, each one a soul you have devoured, though you have a few preset ones you stay with. You have 8 tails which either take the shape of eight diamond like points of energy behind you, or as eight physical tails starting at the bottom of your hollow hole on your lower abdomen, long and near perfect fluff. You wish you had pockets. You speculate that if you didn't have all the armour to worry about, you would look to be in your late teens to early twenties.
  15. Stats:
  16. Physical Strength:* * *(* *)
  17. Reiryoku (Spirit energy/go juice):* * * * * * * * * *
  18. Durability:* * * * (* *)
  19. Speed:* * * * * * (*)
  20. Cunning:* * * * *
  21. Leadership:*
  23. Abilities:
  24. [*****/MAX] High speed regeneration: As long as your head is not destroyed and your body doesn't suffer catastrophic damage you can reform and heal yourself rapidly, though you may need to momentarily retreat from danger. This is a native Hollow ability. You are very effective at healing and heal even astoundingly fast with no strain on your hunger. But that isn't Fair!: You are able to keep your regeneration through arrancar.
  26. [***/Next Level 400XP] Garganta: Opens a large path between the worlds of mortals and Hollows. At the moment you can create portals large enough for several hollows of your level or lower to climb through. This is native to all Hollows.
  28. [*****/MAX] Glimpse: You can glance through minute portals into the mortal world and into the land of Hollows, Hueco Mundo. This is a natural but lower level version of Garganta.
  30. [***/Next Level 400XP] Illusion: You can make a strong target see or hear something that isn't actually there. You can also inflict a minor illusion on a spiritually strong targets, or much more advanced illusions on weak minded targets. Your illusions are strong enough to kill weak minded enemies
  32. [*****/MAX] Cloaking: You can hide yourself passively from observation. Beings beyond what you can imagine will not be able to detect your energy unless you wish it or they have absurd skill at detection. Your body can almost perfectly become invisible if you wish, though some focus is needed. You can also choose to emit energy similar to anyone you have studied, though some higher detections may reveal that something is off.
  34. [*****/MAX] FATEBREAKER: You can call for 5 rounds of rolls to be redone per thread. Has to achieve consensus to work. KICKER: You can not know if you succeeded or failed before rerolling and you have to take the rerolled results. As you have five you can actually call for a reroll of your rerolled rerolled rerolled reroll. "Professional Gambler" QM takes best of first five rolls from now on
  36. [*****/MAX] Shape changing: Further refined claws, your skin can change to help you hide, and other sort of cosmetic changes. You find with focus you can change your bone structure and body, You can also alter your mass to become larger or smaller 1 foot tall - 100 feet tall. Can alter your mask significantly. Provides bonus to regeneration and physical stats. Can create blades and weapons from your skin. Can also maintain a humanoid form and can move your hollow hole where ever you wish. Be like water: You have no form, and thus have no fatal points. Can totally hide your hollow hole and mask if you are arrancar. Can extend body and shift radically.
  38. [****/Next Level 800XP] Poison: All of your attacks contain a dose of your Reiryoku, which is poisonous to the soul of other beings. If you wish it, you can kill a single unprotected human in about half a day as your spirit energy slowly kills them from the inside. Your poison is also effective against average soul beings, slowing them down and making them ill over the course of a day. Insanity infection. Your poison isn't as harmfully physically to other beings, but in exchange it deals damage directly to their psyche. You are able to infect others with the same madness that plagues you. Paranoia, delusions, voices, the whole nine yards. Stronger spirit beings can resist it, and if healed so can average.
  40. [***/Next Level 400XP] Tesla's Revenge: Can affix lighting subtype to all attacks and abilities. Currently your abilities are enough to coat your body in a constant current which provides more defence around your body. There is a constant invisible orb of electricity around you when you can use to attack or defend
  42. [*****/MAX] Cero: Can fire a beam or reiatsu, or go juice, or what ever you want to call it. The colour is a violet with black aura. It is as strong as you can make it.
  44. Pandora Cero: Absolutely devastating Cero that can even slightly damage the walls between dimensions. Takes a moment to charge and fire. The ultimate form of raw destructive power. Energy forms at the tips of our tails and our finger and then combines and fires at the enemy.
  46. [****/Next Level 800XP] Tsukiyo's Mirror: You can reflect decent spirit energy attacks. Able to redirect a strong cero and majority of Kido below 80s fired from an average shinigmi
  48. [***/Next Level 400XP] Dream walker: Limited short distance teleport. You can fade and reappear 20 feet from where you were three times per thread
  50. [*****/MAX] Newton Graviton: Limited gravity control in a large radius. Causes most things to get pulled in direction of, or away from, the field. Can increase gravity or lessen it by a large amount effecting movement. Can change your personal gravity, making you get pulled in any direction you want at 1 Earth gravity Singularity: Fires an orb of gravity in the direction you desire, pulling things into it, and then explodes dealing damage
  54. Skills: (These are earned through application of your abilities, by leveling them or through rped actions)
  55. Shadow form: your form is semi-transparent and difficult to make out. Aids in hiding and sneaking
  57. But That isn't Fair!: You will keep your regeneration through arrancar. It will not be as fast, but it will still be powerful enough to replace limbs.
  59. Madness infection: Your poison slowly drives others insane. Those without spirit protection are doomed to madness, though average souls with healing, and those with strong spiritual pressure can recover/resist.
  61. Insanity: Be it your own poison, your own overwhelming power, or just because, hey, why not? you are not the most mentally stable of hollows. This does NOT manifest as "Lol, randumb' but more unhealthy fixation, obsession, and your monologue sometimes being a jerk.
  63. Fob watch: Combined skill of using madness, cloaking, and shapechange you can "become" some one else. Your madness allows you to fully believe you are that person, however certain triggers can be used to set you off and let you remember who you are. Your inner voice is still a dick though.
  65. Walk on the sky: You can harden energy under your feet in order to walk on thin air. The higher up you go the more taxing it is.
  68. Known Places:
  69. Pejorative
  70. Japanese city
  74. FOLLOWER: Adjuchas Jäger
  77. Abilities available: NEW ABILITIES 400xp
  78. Elemental affinity: Changes go juice to have an elemental subtype (Fire, Earth, Ice, water)
  80. Cutting wheel: Summon wheels of cutting wind
  82. Dragon's breath: Breathe out a large column of flame. This fire is not actually flame and pure spirit energy so it has no element
  84. Needle fur: Harden fur into sharp steel needles
  86. Minions: Summon a single weak minion. Species and form don't matter, but once you choose this power you can not change the type of minion.
  88. Other, pleases specify
  91. To get to level 2 from level 1 it costs 100xp
  92. To get to level 3 from 2 200xp
  93. Level 4 from 3 400xp
  94. level 5 from 4 800xp
  95. level 6 from 5 1600xp
  96. etc.
  98. Stats can not be upgraded through xp. They can ONLY be upgraded though character choices and player actions
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