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  1. Library Director McPhee is pleased to announce the library's launch of a community reading program,
  2. called Largo Turns a Page. This revitalized annual event was requested through input from the library's
  3. community conversations, and is designed to encourage members of our community to read and discuss
  4. a thoughtprovoking
  5. book. Starting in February, the Largo Public Library will host a series of programs
  6. incorporating music, dance, culture, and cuisine to promote and celebrate this year's selection. The book
  7. chosen for the 2015 community read is Learning to Die in Miami, an inspirational autobiography by Cuban
  8. refugee, Carlos Eire, who came to America in the 1960s through the Operation Pedro Pan Airlift. In this
  9. moving true story, Carlos relates his experience immigrating to Miami as an 11yearold
  10. boy and the
  11. challenges he confronted to discover his new American identity. Pick up a copy of Learning to Die in
  12. Miami at the library and join us to unite the community in literacy, celebrate the vibrant culture of the
  13. Caribbean, and experience Carlos Eire's powerful journey to realize his idea of being a true American. A
  14. variety of programs are planned through March and will include a book talk and signing with the author on
  15. February 28, at 2:30 pm. Music will be provided in the gallery at 1:00 pm as lead in to this inspiring
  16. program in the John and Rosalie Jenkins Community Wing. Free Tickets will be available at the library
  17. City Manager Report No. 1134
  18. January 9, 2015 – January 15, 2015
  19. beginning February 4. Check the library's website for the full schedule of events.
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