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Jan 2nd, 2015
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  1. Update:
  2. [new interface, filmmaking]
  3. point, line, circle design, fashion magazines like visual enjoyment, translucent, fuzzy, big picture, blank, contrast; flatter, more minimalist elements
  5. [free desktop ]
  6. Massive Online theme
  7. single, multiple icons across the screen of the mobile is very user-friendly
  9. mode [lazy]
  10. marvelous drop-down: gently pull down the list, "pulldown hover 'surprise, the two-dimensional code card, drop down to your pictures wonderful experience to bring more
  12. life [understand] wallet
  13. , whether food, film, or finance, recharge, and enjoy one-stop living in your wallet service, but also to keep abreast of the latest Huawei preferential
  15. [camera optimized for touch Photos]
  16. interface simple and fresh, rich watermark, panoramic skin, super translation
  18. [audiovisual] Yuet
  19. one million lossless music library, music CD Xpress, desktop lyrics, lyrics trimming
  21. family care] [
  22. screen sharing, remote assistance, graffiti, voice calls
  24. [security official application market ]
  25. a key installation, integration awarding
  27. life [Yellow]
  28. contact card service marks strange number, check the Yellow Pages of life
  30. [system]
  31. to optimize intelligent drop-down notification bar simplify rules: when the notification pull-down display notifications when there is no notification pull-down display switch
  32. optimization of the system performance
  34. [desktop]
  35. new desktop font can be adjusted with the settings to change the font size
  36. to optimize the lock screen prompts the user to retain the magazine when switching non-magazine magazine theme lock screen lock screen
  38. [browser]
  39. new dual home, two You can draw a home screen switching, more substantial, more convenient to edit to add
  40. new shortcuts at the bottom of the browser's navigation bar
  41. to optimize the layout of the menu items, more beautiful and convenient
  42. interface layout optimization bookmark history
  44. [weather]
  45. optimized dual weather clock layout adjustment, Join Date
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