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Sep 18th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Babe, can I ask you something?
  3. Remember that tape we did together, while fucking?
  5. Yeah, the roleplay that we did to gather a little bit of following? From the people?
  7. On instagram? While I sucked your cock on our bed when I was hot and wet and I begged, for you to make a mess, with that sticky white jizz?
  9. And I hoped that you would not miss, so I holded your cock and told you not to stop as you jacked, your cock, and I waited for you to blast, all of it on my face?
  11. [Giggle]
  13. That was such a great time. Especially since every single one, of my fans, think that I'm fine, and they got to see, how the fuck, I made you mine, and they probably jerked off to me, watching me, taking it from behind..
  15. [Giggle]
  17. Some would call me a hoe, because I like to go, and show how my life really be, when nobody see, but I say fuck you, cause you don't know a thing, or two, and I'm through, with you, as soon as you comment on you, tube, because you, don't even know me and you just hate because your life, is doodoo..
  19. I don't even know why I said all this, I guess I'm just trying to get laid [Finger snap] like this, by telling you all of this..
  21. Bringing up that tape, so you can make my ass gape, and yes I'm saying I want you to make it shake and jiggle as you bang, me hard and  you make, me your whore, until that slutty little hole is sore, and then I'll continue to beg you for more and more and encourage you to explore, my butt-hole, until I can't take it anymore..
  23. Okay, look, can you just fuck my ass please?
  25. [Giggle]
  27. Come with me.. I need that dick right now.
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