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  1. Good afternoon,
  2. I am deeply disappointed and disgusted by the misleading and fraudulent advertising surrounding the Gamersgate discount which was offered as part of an IGN Prime membership.
  4. This discount was 90% of the reason for my purchase of an IGN membership, and now I am informed by Gamersgate, not by IGN, that the discount is expiring in the next two days.  Imagine my surprise to hear that a discount marketed with words like “permanent”, “lifetime”, “always”, and “forever” was expiring.  The IGN Prime page STILL displays the wording “Redeem Code for Permanent 15% discount.”
  5. What is more, if this deal was tied to a contract that was expiring (and presumably not intended to be renewed), that information should have been made available to subscribers when they were making their subscription decision.  When I purchased my IGN Prime membership 3 months ago I should have been told that the discount was only going to last 3 months, not “permanently” or for a “lifetime”.  As noted above, people who are considering purchasing IGN Prime memberships to this minute still are promised a “permanent” discount.
  7. I have received excuses from Gamersgate about a misunderstanding (presumably on the part of users) about the term “permanent,” however there is no way that “permanent” may be understood as meaning “the code only needs to be entered once.”  No one with even a moderate grasp of the English uses “permanent” with that sense.  It is simply not what the word means.
  9. I hope that one or both companies will make this right.  I expect the “permanent” discount that was promised when I purchased my year long IGN Prime membership.  If my discount Is revoked in the next couple days I will request and expect a refund from IGN for my Prime membership, and I will probably never shop at Gamersgate again (I have spent around $500 there in the past few months).  I will also make my disgust with both companies clear to all members of my online Steam community, all viewers of my video streams, and all readers of my blogs.
  11. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior on either IGN or Gamersgate’s parts, and I hope that one or both of you step up to make it right.
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