The truth about #OpPedoChat

pierrebourdieu Jul 9th, 2012 2,595 Never
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  1.     The truth about #OpPedoChat
  3.     The sites that "Anonymous" is targeting contains no child pornography and no illegal material. They have not been around "lately", they have been around for YEARS (lots of years, about 10) and they are as legal and legitimate as google or facebook.
  5.     There is basically two tipes of site: those for discussion, forums and BBS boards (and no, there is no picture sharing and private messages are monitored to ensure nothing illegal is going on there) and those who are purely for information, analysis and scientif studies regarding pedophilia ( and there are even wikis.
  7.     Some, like have a shitload of information about pedophilia and are a place where you can consult about 90% of studies and papers regarding the topic.
  9.     Do kids use this sites? Actually yes, for many PEDOPHILE teens and young people is their unique medium of expression. Imagine: you are 15 and discover you are a pedo. You have no support whatsoever and everything you watch and see on TV is shit. Feel demoralized, morally bakrupt because society told you so. these kids NEED a voice to speak up and a ear that will listen; and need to feel human for gods sake!
  11.     If the ONLY voice on the internet is the one that says that they are "monsters" and "bad" for their sexual orientation, I dont really want to think what will happen to these kids and the ones who will come. We need dissenting and oppossing voices for them.
  14.     Anonymous are child molesters: they silence and censor these kids.
  16.     And make no mistake that I WILL fight for these kids. The story of David (a kid who finds he is a pedophile when he is 16 and try to kill himself is a powerful reminder of why this fight is worthwile.
  18.     thats all
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