Roura's Passing

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  1. She was a bit late in waking up since she was mulling over the thought of how she could have died. Now she knows her own name, so what comes next is her death, right? It seemed like it would be that sort of process. Eventually she does come to, but it's quick and sudden to the noise of something dropping. It startled her out her slumber and she's up and ready to start the day. But what fell?
  3. Up and ready to investigate, she's out of her bed and moving to where she heard the noise, which appeared to be one of her smithing tools having fallen down. Putting it back where it should be, there's a noise behind her which puts her in a readied stance. Silence, then a quick turn to look behind herself and see nothing. Unfortunately, she's met with a stabbing pain in her neck. Literally. There's a blade stabbing down at her collar and she lets out a roar of pain from just how far down it dug into her flesh. Before she reach up to hold the wound, there's a cold line of something sharp at her throat. In one quick tug, the sharp objects slices her throat and blood pools from her wounds before she could even see who did it.
  5. Roura fell to her knees and sputtered out blood while holding her neck to try and stop the bleeding. There was no way she'd succeed and she knew that. She turned slowly to look at who committed the act. Was this some sort of vision? Her assassin was not in this realm. But she can see him clear as day. This assassin is the offspring of the chief warlord she killed to get her position while alive. Revenge? It seems so. Her vision is going dark and she can only grin. What better way to take out a warrior that you know you can't beat than to catch them by surprise. Roura accepts her defeat, falling forward and letting herself bleed out. She'd come back. She knew she would. The pain is immense and she can't speak. She'll die off soon enough.
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