Top 5 Games Released on March

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  1. Top 5 Games Released on March
  4. Tropico 6
  6. On the number 5 we have Tropico 6 that was released almost 5 years years after it's previous installment. Its still a tried and true city building sand box games it does tries new things and implement all the good features it had on the previous intallments and in short if you liked the previous tropico the you can have more of it with tropico 6.
  8. Dead or Alive 6
  10. If you haven't heard of Dead or Alive it's a fighting game that is known for it's sexy characters, although Team ninja the studio behind the game has been trying to tone it down although to no success due to fans backlash, the game itself was greatly received although I wouldn't recommended this game not because the game isn't good but because the amount of dlc it has, as you have to spend over thousand dollar to own all of the content which is ridiculous and is clearly taking advantaged of the fans of the game.
  12. Division 2
  14. Finally the next installment of the Division 2 is released, and I guess it's exactly what you'd expect which is a better version of the first division games, as it mostly addressed what fans said was lacking in the previous games although the story still seems to be a weak point of the game, aside from that I have a bad news for those of you that was expecting this to be released on steam as this game was also announced as an uplay and epic exclusive which sucks for us who would prefer to have a choice.
  16. DMC 5
  18. Is safe to say that Capcom is on fire with their 2019 game releases as DMC 5 was release with much positive feedback from reviewers and gamers which we're all glad for after the 10 years wait, honestly that's all I have to say about this game, It's great game and you should check it out if you think you might be into it.
  20. Before we get to the very first game on the list here are some honorable mention that was also released on march.
  22. Honorable mention
  23. Walking dead ep 4 take us back
  24. one piece world seeker
  25. Outward
  27. Sekiro Shadows Die twice
  29. This game, this damn ****ing game, Alright sorry Sekiro Die Twice is game from the infamous Dark souls developer from software, to put it short it's a frustrating game in a good way/ or bad  depends on your viewpoint as the game is painfully difficult to master even for a veteran dark soul players, that aside the game are visually unique and takes a lot inspiration from the Japanese lore's and different kinds of yokai which I greatly appreciate.
  31. I hope you enjoyed it and if you did please like the video and if you want more tech and gaming related content please subscribe and let me know what other games that I missed that you thought was great on march that is all from me bye bye
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