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  1. Waylas Ruuz - Redguard pub owner
  2. Iszara Ruuz - wife, also sells food and produce in the marketplace
  3. Amren Ruuz - youngest son
  4. Sherina Ruuz - older daughter, occasionally carries fruit to her mother's stand and serves drinks to the visitors to the pub
  5. Quests:
  6. 1) A bar brawl erupts and Waylas is nowhere to be found. Soon after the fight starts, you are knocked out and wake up in a room on a higher floor of the pub. Isazara is caring for your wound, and is frantic because she had to care for the pub tonight instead of her husband. She asks that you do something. The player must knock out every violent visitor to the pub. (killing anyone in this quest with fists knocks them unconscious)
  8. 2) Waylas is concerned about his daughter's recent habit of spending the day with the wrong kind of people, i.e. M'raaj-Dar, a Khajiit pirate. The player must find out more info about what Sherina is up to along with battling some of M'raaj-Dar's crew. Eventually the player finds out from Sherina that she doesn't truly love M'raaj-Dar, but simply desires to escape this horrible city and go on an adventure. The player can choose to persuade her to drop the marriage, and if successful, M'Raaj-Dar will take her prisoner, leading to a standoff between the city guards and the Khajiit pirate crew. Then the player will have to sneak into the ship via an underwater entrance and take out the pirates to rescue Sherina. Or you can take the somewhat boring route and let Sherina go to the marriage at the temple, where Waylas will barge in at the last minute and demand that you do something. Here you can choose to ignore him or object to the marriage. The former will have M'raaj-Dar thanking you and giving you gold and jewels, and the latter will have you killing the pirates in the temple with Waylas. Not helping Waylas will make him angry with you, as expected, and getting good prices from him will be more difficult. Helping Waylas will give you better prices and better advice from him on where to go and what to do in the city of Luftahraan.
  10. M'raaj-Dar - Khajiit pirate captain who desires to marry Sherina
  11. Quests:
  12. 1) Get skooma past Imperial patrol guard points
  13. 2) Help smuggle certain illegal substances across the border
  14. [Note: These activities and their locations should randomize, giving M'raaj-Dar 'unlimited' illegal activites for the player to do.]
  16. Thetrard - young Breton bard
  17. 1) Help Thetrard by giving him good (or bad) advice on wooing a girl
  18. 2) Help Thetrard by finding the thief who stole his instruments. (sewers, lots of beggar interrogation, interaction with Osmo and the unseemly side of Luftahraan)
  20. Pilus Goldwine - Imperial baker
  22. Keel-Raniur - Argonian baker (F)
  24. Siddgeir Fire-Tamer - teacher of Keel-Rainur and Pilus, apprentices split the business once he retired, wishes to see the two as friends again
  25. Quests:
  26. 1) Help Pilus or Keel-Raniur get an advantage in the baking business by sabotage or the stealing of recipes. You can even help both. A third option would be to talk to Siddgeir and help the two bakers become friends again at the city's annual giant sweet roll making competition.
  28. Aengoth Arill - poor Bosmer merchant who's the worst in the business, worships the nine but also has a Bosmeri faith, feels that this is his punishment for his rebellion against the Bosmeri forest deity
  29. Quest:
  30. 1) After the player has gained enough trust with Aengoth, he'll ask the player for some help on something. If the player accepts, Aengoth will reveal the oh-so-shocking secret that he is struggling at everything he does, and tells the player that he knows of someone who can help him. He's recently received word that a (bosmer) childhood friend of his, now a travelling witch is passing by Luftahraan, and he figures that she can help him. The player goes to meet this witch, tells her about the shit with Aengoth all that, and she tells the player a really touching story.
  32. Aengoth, along with the witch and several others were during their teenage years enthralled by the power of the daedra. In secret, they began worshipping Mehrunes Dagon, hoping to learn of his secrets. Their cult gained a large following amongst others their age, and was beginning to become a major power in the city of Haven. However, roughly a year after the formation of the cult, its members were, in their sleep, ordered by their Daedric lord to perform a massacre. A good hundred people were killed that night, and Aengoth, the witch and several others were the only members of the cult to survive. Fleeing Valenwood, they took oathes of pacifism and went their separate ways. Aengoth, however, was hit the hardest by it all. He was convinced he had been shunned and cursed by the gods of the Bosmeri faith, and as it turns out, he was right.
  34. The witch confesses to the player that she thought Aengoth would have solved this himself by now, and that he should bring Aengoth to her whenever possible. Next time the player sees her, Aengoth in tow, she tells the two of how Aengoth's curse can be removed. There is a loophole when it comes to these things, she states. If Aengoth's soul is linked to that of a Daedric, Aetherial or Ehlnofey-ic (basically, Bosmeri faith shit) entity, the curse placed upon him will be lifted. Aengoth is initially mortified by the idea, naturally, but the witch reassures him that it is a minor procedure that won't have any effect on him and can easily be undone once the curse is lifted.
  36. She didn't have the heart to tell the poor guy the truth. Having a spirit bound to him will change him greatly, drastically affecting his personality and his place in Mundus.
  38. The witch tells Aengoth that now much of the process is up to her and the player, and that he can return to his work if he wishes. As soon as Aengoth is gone, the witch gets into the details with the player. There are three possible options for the soul binding: A wild spirit of Y'ffre, a dremora, or a minor manifestation of Zenithar, the god of trade and work. Once the player's decision is made (assuming the player agrees with the plan instead of going all 'nah fuck that aengoth is beautiful as he is'), the two travel to a lake near Luftahraan, where the witch begins a ritual to summon the chosen spirit, and teaches the player a spell to bind the spirit's soul. Ritual gets done and shit, and the witch summons the chosen spirit. All three of the spirits can be persuaded (with the right speechcraft skill, of course) to join with Aengoth, but should that all fail and shit, the player will have to bind them by force, engaging in combat with them until they are weak enough to be bound.
  40. The job done, the player returns to Aengoth to inform him that everything's set for him. The two meet up with the witch, and, before Aengoth's soul is all bound and shit, the player has the option of saying a few final words to (and for) the Aengoth that currently is.
  42. If the player has chosen to bind Aengoth to the spirit of Y'ffre, the resulting person is an incredible free spirit, with an almost unhealthy love for the beauty of nature. New!Aengoth leaves with the witch, saying his thanks and goodbyes to the player for all the help he's been given. As thanks for helping Aengoth, the witch teaches the player a gameplay appropriate version of the soul binding spell, which has the effect of making a portion of any negative effect (including hitpoint damage) applied to the player be applied to the spell's target as well. If this game had an epilogue, it'd show Aengoth becoming a famous druid, travelling Tamriel doing all humanitarian shit in the name of Y'ffre.
  44. If the player has chosen to bind Aengoth to the dremora, the resulting person is a cruel, heartless bastard who will stop at nothing to gain more power, and an incredible mage and enchanter. He loses his self-consciousness and all that fun stuff, and all of it is replaced by an unhealthy drive to succeed. New!Aengoth returns to his life as an enchanter in Luftahraan, but greatly expands his business, exploiting a number of loopholes to take over a nearby store and rapidly pushing the underclass of Luftahraan to work for him on terms specifically designed to instill loyalty in them will doing as little for them as possible. In gameplay terms, this means that his enchanted items will become a lot more powerful (and more common), and he will become a master level enchanting trainer. If this game had an epilogue, it'd show Aengoth rising in power, and eventually usurping Luftahraan's throne from its current ruler and turning Luftahraan into a global military powerhouse.
  46. If the player has chosen to bind Aengoth to the manifestation of Zenithar, the resulting person is an incredible businessman, worker and diplomat. In gameplay terms, Aengoth receives far more bartering gold, has far more on sale, and, eventually, will begin to open up franchises of Aengoth's Enchanting across Skyrim. If this game had an epilogue, it'd show Aengoth's business expanding greatly, eventually becoming one of the largest economic forces in Tamriel.
  48. 2) This quest is only available if the player chooses to bind Aengoth to a dremora. Help Aengoth take over Luftahraan and destroy the rebels led by Haekwon.
  50. Erundil - disgruntled Thalmor agent
  52. Sovereign Helseth Othrenim - Luftahraan leader/Dunmer/vampire
  54. Agronak - fierce Orc city guard leader, head of the Luftahraan "gestapo/KGB"
  56. Olfeigr - Nord (F) head of the regular city guard, wishes to stop the oppression caused by Agronak
  58. Jocien Northwode - (Breton, middle-aged) Boethiah cult leader
  60. Valund the Younger - (Nord) Zenithar cult leader, father was original founder of the city's temple
  62. Cavortius the Mad - aging Imperial beggar with multiple personalities, one of a fearless warrior, the other of a spineless noble
  63. Quests:
  64. 1) Once a proud noble of Winterhold, Cavortius gained his insanity after the great earthquake that destroyed much of the city, including his mansion and his family heritage. Prove Cavortius's heritage to the Luftahraan leader and get him a mansion again. This quest will also involve some people who are not so happy that Cavortius's bloodline is now in the limelight again. Cavortius will make some very interesting changes in the noble district once he has received a home...
  66. Marlena - (F, Imperial) blind beggar who some claim can tell the future
  67. Quests:
  68. 1) Assist Marlena with making the things she has been telling people about their futures come true
  70. Dreekius - (Argonian) paranoia filled sneak who has filled his brain with every single rumor whispered in Luftahraan, and counting; also does the occasional pickpocket
  72. Yadba Khashnar - Orc protector of the underground beggars, claims to have once been chief of an orc stronghold and that he was kicked out unlawfully
  73. 1) Help Yadba get back to his orc stronghold and take back the throne from his spiteful father
  75. Merildor - (Altmer) old wizard locked up in the prison, claims to not be from our timeline..
  77. Ghoragdush Murgol - aging orc blacksmith
  79. Beran Yeomsley - balding Breton with a fixation for books, owns a book shop which has every book available in skyrim, has recently gotten a book that may have been created by Mephala and whose events may end up happening in the city of the one owning it
  80. Quests:
  81. 1) [jackattack] On a shelf somewhere there is a book called something that will make you want to read it. Upon reading it is a story of a young wizard that must overcome 5 (or so) difficult challenges for his freedom. In the end the story trails off and stops. Upon reaching the final page the elder scroll in use effect plays and you are transported into the story. You must overcome each of the challenges mentioned in the book. At the end it turns out the wizard has died, and the book was a prank by a bored Daedra. After a quick exchange of some choice words he attacks. Upon defeating him you are able to steal his staff, that seals people into books. (just changes them into books, E.G. a Dunmer would be turned into "Dunmer of Skyrim") Once transported back to reality you complete the quest and get to keep the staff. If you read the book again it has changed into a story about the last Dovahkiin overcoming 5 (Or so) challenges, killing a Daedra and escaping to his own world.
  83. Evette - (Nord, F) widow of Thjollod, may or may not also be blackmailed by the Dark Brotherhood
  84. Thjollod - (Nord) apparently dead husband of Evette (walks around with a hood and stuff and lives underground, true name isn't revealed until certain parts of the quest are completed)
  85. Ruki - daughter of Evette and Thjollod
  87. Sirrolus Carvain - Imperial ambassador coming to the city to excavate the Dwemer ruins for a weapon that can possibly crush the Stormcloak rebellion, escorted by two Imperial bodyguards
  89. Erich - (PredatorKing) Nord hunter just barely out of his teens. Inexperienced, but he has one hell of a lot of heart (and luck for that matter), and shares the blood of a number of Tamriel's champions. Ever cheerful, and proud of his family's bloodline, but a bit on the dumb side. Has a certain love of chit-chat and story-telling to him, especially when said stories are about his extended family.
  90. Quests:
  91. 1) A Luftahraan noble is holding a hunting competition and Erich needs a hunting partner to go with him. No one else seems interested so Erich decides to ask the player due to how he or she has the looks like an adventurer. But not all is as it seems. Hint: What is the most dangerous game?
  93. Crito Mercius - [PredatorKing] (Imperial) disenfranchised arena announcer, reminisces in the good old days when everyone wanted to see a bloodbath
  94. Quests:
  95. 1) Some expansive arena quest with trainers and everything that eventually extends to the Dwemer ruins. The player helps the arena become successful again because no one has ever lasted as long.
  97. Depusanis Civello - (Imperial) [PredatorKing]
  98. Desperate, frustrated, has a superiority complex. He's discovered some rather nasty secrets, and his goal in life is to spread the word about them. Damn shame he's too busy ranting and raving to let out even a single sensical sentence. His lines should have a certain sharp, paranoid edge to them, as befitting any mad hobo.'
  100. Backstory: Okay, so like, we're looking at like a hundred years ago, right? Sheogorath is all 'Hey, let's go fuck with Nirn!', goes to Hammerfell, and sleeps with the first woman he sees. Nine months later, out pops a crazy-ass (literally) baby boy, who goes on to become one of Hammerfell's finest politicians (we could probably throw a joke about politicans being batshit insane in there). He gets married, has a kid, all that fun stuff. Shit like that goes on for a few generations, eventually resulting in the birth of this dude. Let's take a moment to go over that little 'crazy-ass' bit back there, shall we? Sheogorath's kid back there, and his descendents are batshit insane, and have an uncanny level of intuition and understanding (don't worry, this shit matters).
  102. Any fucking way, this dude is born. He has a p. nice life, goes to school, all that fun stuff. Now, that madness shit? Because of his boosted intuition and understanding, he soon enough becomes known as the guy around town who knows everything. After he graduates from school, he goes through a few years of doing various small jobs, not really knowing what he wants to do. Then this crazy-ass (not literally) redguard mercenary comes up to him, and is all 'Hey maaaan, I've heard some p. cool stuff about you, wanna come to Skyrim and help out with this Dwemer expedition????' (only in a way that's a bit more persuasive and that actually makes sense). Soyeah, dude goes to Skyrim, goes down into this Dwemer city, discovers some shit about CHIM.
  104. Now, CHIM. Crazy shit there. Basically, one of Morrowind's writers, while drunk and suffering from sleep deprivation, came up with the idea that the whole universe of The Elder Scrolls is a dream world (sort of), basically, crazy Hindu shit. Now, one of the ideas that he came up with is that when someone realizes the nature of the universe, depending on their reaction to it, they are either erased from existence, or they gain these crazy-ass god-like powers, right? That shit gets referred to as achieving CHIM. One of the theories related to that shit is that the fall of the Dwemer was caused by them all achieving CHIM, and being erased from existence (don't worry, that shit matters too).
  106. Now, this son of a beachball has just learned all about that shit (crazy ass note for any contributors or other writers: whether he truly realizes this shit and just chooses not to bother with god shit or whether he's just a sheep who found someone's crazy idea and is spreading it blindly really should be unclear as fuck). His madness kicks into overdrive, and as soon as the expedition is over, he makes it his life goal to spread the word about CHIM and about the fall of the Dwemer. But, his madness having gone all super-saiyan on him, he makes literally zero fucking sense. He travels around Skyrim for a while on foot, making demands to all the sheeple he meets to see the truth, before eventually settling down in Luftahraan, and choosing the simple life of living in a market stall, and yelling at every newcomer who passes by him.
  108. Pavo Abor - (Imperial, mohawk, beard, crappy pants and can't afford a shirt) a sailor who's trying to escape his past
  110. Ivrosa - (F) Dunmer pirate who's trying to prove her worth to her crew
  112. Hugo - (added by Wheeze, I have no idea what his race is) old farmer who does the typical old farmer thing, growing a little senile since his wife died and his son joined the Companions
  113. Quests:
  114. 1) Deliver some goods for him to the market, etc.
  116. 2) A young guard who once looked up to Hugo like a father is concerned about him because of his worsening mental condition and the growing Orc activity in the area near Hugo's farm. The player must defend the farm, its owner, and its cows from the invading orcs, and must last 8 waves. During these waves the player will have the young guard as help. Keep in mind that Jugo will be sitting on a chair at the front of the farm completely oblivious to his surroundings. The player will be able to get him inside after a few tries or once with the right speech level, since Hugo is stubborn and claims that it's a beautiful day today despite the growing Orc bodycount.
  118. 3) Hugo asks the player to find out about his son's whereabouts. When arriving at Jorrvaskr, the player sees a wartorn interior with multiple Silver Hand bodies strewn about. One of the newest Companion members will walk up to the player weapon drawn, and the player will have to explain himself, whether he be a companion, the companion leader, or an innocent bystander who came to see Hugo's son. The Companion member will sheathe her weapon and tell how the Silver Hand attacked yet again and were assisted by a necromancer. The group put up a good fight, but not before the necromancer took Hugo's son as hostage so that the fleeing Silver Hand could make their escape. The remaining Companions along with the player travel to a fort where the Silver Hand have made their final stand. The player must battle through the fort along with the Companions, rescue Hugo's son and kill the necromancer before she can sacrifice Hugo's son in a ritual to infuse his soul with one that belonged to the Silver Hand's original founder, whom the remaining group members believe can bring back their glory.  Soon after the necromancer is defeated, an army of the Silver Hand arrive and surround the fort. Hugo's son chooses to stay behind so that the Companions can escape via an underground escape route and the player must choose either to help him fight back to help the others escape or make a cowardly retreat. Hugo's son will insist on the player's safety since he or she is just a messenger or the importance of the player if he or she is the Companion leader. The Silver Hand members will be very difficult to fight. After the battle Hugo's son will return home. If the player chooses to let Hugo's son sacrifice himself, he will have to tell his father, who die right afterwards. Then the player will be able to inherit the man's farm and sell whatever is produced there for profit. Saving Hugo's son will give you a gold reward upon returning to the farm.
  120. Inwold Ashfield - Breton slave trader
  122. Shotherra - (F) Khajiit who assists Inwold, often helps lure unsuspecting families in need onto the slave ships when visiting Elsweyr with Inwold
  124. Haekwon - Redguard leader of the rebel group which seeks to take over Luftahraan; would reside in a camp outside of Luftahraan along with his other rebel friends
  125. 1) Haekwon's quest will begin after the player has completed two quests given by the city's leader. The leader will ask the player to clear two dungeons, the first one containing the leader's kidnapped advisor, and the second containing some info that can lead to the stamping out of bandits in the area. Players will realize upon entering these dungeons that these aren't your normal bandits. They will be well equipped and they will each have unique names, much unlike generic bandits. After taking the book, the player will be knocked out and will wake up in Haekwon's headquarters. It turns out you have been killing countless members of the rebellion force fighting against Luftahraan's leader. Should the player choose to side with Luftahraan's leader, Haekwon will order your execution to be carried out, which will be promptly interrupted by the invasion of the caverns by the KGB guards. After that you will be able to help Luftahraan's leader and crush the rebellion. Should you choose to ally with the rebels, Haekwon will show his compassion for you and decide that you should be able to prove your worth. This will enable you to enter the rebellion questline.
  127. Ormil - humble Altmer fisherman who has spent a good portion of his life hunting a huge fish that resides in Luftahraan's waters
  128. Quests:
  129. 1) Help catch fish for Ormil at various points throughout Luftahraan's port.
  131. 2) Ormil has been tracking a giant slaughterfish his whole life and recently followed it to Luftahraan. Go on Ormil's boat and travel out to the middle of the sea to help Ormil finally catch this fish. The boat is pretty small though, but Ormil is confident if you nervously ask him about the size of the fish. Ormil urges the player to rest for a bit, but later the player will wake up on a much larger ship with angry sailors. Ormil once rented a reasonably sized boat from the captain, but never payed with the gold he claimed he would've gotten from catching the fish. The player and Ormil are moved to the lower decks when the fish attacks. The ship shakes and starts flooding, and the player must kill all the sailors and their captain in the lower decks. The ship is grounded and the player must travel inside an underwater cavern to trap and kill the beast. Ormil doesn't offer much payment but he can level up a lot of the player's skills and will offer to take the player to any port in Skyrim.
  133. Velfredd Black-Heart - Nord necromancer who owns an alchemy shop underground
  134. Quests:
  135. 1) When asking Velfredd about any rumors, he'll tell the player about a strange infection going around the sewers. It seems like there's someone murdered everyday. "Well," he says, "that's actually normal," but then he'll talk about how every victim is murdered and then eaten alive. Work with Velfredd to prevent this disease from infecting the city up above and stop an old acquaintance of his who is now the head of a cannibal cult.
  137. Osmo - Nord pontikka brewer
  138. Quests:
  139. 1) Osmo has been recently trying to get his pontikka to various parts of Skyrim for distribution but his shipments are repeatedly attacked by bandits. Osmo hires the player for protecting a shipment, and as expected, bandits attack. Investigating the bandits provides a note pointing to the Maven Black-Briar as the reason for the attacks. After meeting back with Osmo, he will provide you with directions to a contact who can tell you where the the warehouses full of stolen pontikka are located. The player must kill all of the mercenaries hired to protect the warehouses and leave one alive to warn the other mercenaries and Maven. After this deed is completed Osmo will thank you, but will still be concerned about how Maven could know about the specific dates when Osmo would ship out his pontikka. When exiting his home, the contact will meet up with you and explain how he's part of the Dark Brotherhood and how he was supposed to kill you during the original meeting, but has since had a change of heart. What the assassin wants is an agreement with the player to kill Osmo and take the recipe to Black-Briar. The player can then choose to kill Osmo or warn him about his once reliable contact's plans. Osmo is shocked, and meets the contact enraged and with a mace. The contact is killed and the player must fight alongside Osmo to clear the sewers of the attacking Dark Brotherhood assassins.
  141. Broris Rivorath - Dunmer merchant, owns a general trade store
  142. Meralyn Rivorath - Dunmer wife of Broris, assists at the store
  143. Quests:
  144. 1) Broris's brother Fendel is about to be executed for treason against Luftahraan. You must race against time to prove the Luftahraan council wrong.
  146. Dreynos Indaram - (jackattack) Dunmer scientist, likes giant robots
  147. Quests:
  148. 1)WIP Summary - http://facepunch.com/threads/1165664?p=35125990&viewfull=1#post35125990
  150. Emelin - (F) Bosmer clothing shop owner, mannequins in shop are possibly possessed
  152. Prófskír Ingenieur - (Nord?) [oskutin] an engineer who has friends in high places (KGB), working on a project for the city's leader, hates walking out in the city alone due to his growing fear of the dark since one Falmer incident that happened a few years ago when part of a Dwemer excavation, knows a good deal about Dwemer technology and loves utilizing it, insists that engineering > magic and will berate the player if he or she shows any significant magical skill
  154. Lorod - (Nord) tall arena fighter who fights with his bare fists, generally gruff and boastful
  156. Alabore Viralaine - Breton thief who has gained quite and infamous following among Luftahraan residents; he once owned estate in the richer part of the city when his father was killed for trying to stop the corruption caused by many of his fellow nobles; Alabore was cast out, and now he is Skyrim's "Grey Fox" in terms of popularity, and will often steal from the rich and give to the poor and so on and so forth
  158. Miscellaneous -
  160. Hidole555: I got an idea for a quest where it starts by talking to this sad (possibly crying) woman. Her father/grandfather (generally an old guy) is dying and you have to get a cure from the local healer/alchemist/whatever. When you visit the healer s/he'll tell you that the only way the man can be cured is through some rare ingredient provided by some mercenary company or something. You get the ingredient through either paying a large sum of money (think ten to thirty thousand), killing your way to it, sneaking (VERY difficult) your way to it, or a successful Speech/Intimidate check (80 speech required without Persuasion perks).
  161. After you return to the house and give the cure to the woman, just as she is about to administer the cure, a group of men from the merc company come in and reveal that the reason the man was ill was because he was poisoned by their boss because he owed them money/left them early/whatever plausible reason you can come up with. They may also have additional dialogue revealing they were off on patrol and they saw you walking away from their base if you chose to get the antidote by killing or stealing. You, the woman (essential?), and the man fight the mercs. If the mercs are defeated and the man is dead, you can visit his gravestone later (possibly after a little funeral with a priest talking, the girl crying, the works.) There his ghostly spirit will tell you something along the lines of while his body was weak, his spirit is strong and he will not easily leave this world until he has helped the man who tried so hard to help him. Essentially, you earn a ghost follower. Whether he works like a follower or a Spectral Assassin with his own clothes and dialogue is up to you. I don't know what you'll get if he survives, him as a follower and something else probably.
  163. Wheeze201: We should do some sort of quest where a player has been tricked into drinking a potion or being mind controlled by a warlock(or whatever) in order to do evil things.
  165. And we could go so far as to maybe make the player go to jail for doing these bad things and then have him escape somehow. (maybe a character helps him escape or something)
  167. Maybe we incorporate this to the main story line or just a sidequest. I dunno.. I just got this idea and thought I would share.                
  169. Charlie Big Cat: Another quest could be you meet an innocent looking old man and you agree to help him to a very simple task like kill the rats in his basement or something, but when you come back to him he asks if you will sty and eat with him. After you do he reveals that he has poisoned you he will only tell you where the cure is if you do the tasks he requests. (Killing someone, something, innocent people, whatever it may be, stealing stuff for him so he can become rich, what ever people think is necessary).When this is done he tells you where the cure is and flees before you can kill him. You get the cure, and you live. Also there should be an in game time limit like 48 hours or something to do all the stuff.
  171. And maybe later on you hear a rumor or find a note hinting where he fled to but it wont give you a quest, you just go to that location, find him, and kill him or whatever.
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