Celestia Greentexts: A Casual Talk of Fetishes

Apr 12th, 2015
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  1. >"You want to do what to my stomach?"
  2. >You shift nervously, your index fingers pushing together.
  3. "R-rub it. Play with it. Y-y'know, just mess with and love it."
  4. >Celestia looks at you with a quizzical frown.
  5. >"Why?"
  6. >[fidgeting intensifies]
  7. "Be-because I've always wanted to, uh, t-touch your belly."
  8. >She doesn't look mad, just confused.
  9. >Maybe that's a good thing.
  10. >"You know, Anonymous, I've received hundreds of thousands of requests like this over the years. Whether it was my plot, my face, my hooves, or anything else, they came in more often then you'd think. My stomach's very popular, as far as those requests go."
  11. >She hums.
  12. >"So what is it with wanting to touch me? Anonymous, you're a male, you understand, don't you? I'd figure they'd only want to bed me, so why do they like my other body parts?"
  13. >Did she know what a fetish was?
  14. "Uh...well, sometimes guys like...more than that?"
  15. >She cocks her head to one side in thought.
  16. >"I suppose that would explain the fervor some have displayed when kissing my hooves."
  17. >Now she's looking at you accusingly.
  18. >"So I can assume you just want to touch my stomach because it pleasures you in that way."
  19. "N-no! It's just-!"
  20. >"Fair enough."
  21. >Celestia turns around, lies on the couch behind her, and exposes her stomach as much as she can.
  22. >When you sit there staring at it, she raises an eyebrow.
  23. >"Go ahead, Anonymous."
  24. "W-wait, why?"
  25. >"I see no harm in allowing you or my subjects to find pleasure in my normal body parts. That being the case, you can do whatever you want to my stomach, or any other parts of me I'd permit you to touch."
  26. "Re-really?"
  27. >She chuckles.
  28. >"Yes, Anonymous, yes."
  29. >You walk over to the couch and kneel before the almighty sun belly.
  30. >Her slow breathing makes it rise and fall gently.
  31. >A magnificent sight.
  32. >You raise your hand and reach out to Celestia's tummy, smiling when your hand makes contact with her soft coat.
  33. >Her warm fuzziness was as welcoming as you had imagined it would be.
  34. >She takes a deep breath as your hand explores her belly, and you figure this is something of a massage to her.
  35. >She got to relax, you got to touch horse tummy.
  36. >Everyone wins.
  37. >Your hand moves in a circular motion on her belly, and you watch as her fuzzy coat hairs wrinkle, then straighten out.
  38. >You give her belly some pats while you're at it, listening to the drum-like sound that emits from it.
  39. >For being such a skinny belly, it could make a mean bongo.
  40. >You scratch her belly, eliciting a pleasured sigh from the princess.
  41. >She did like this after all.
  42. >Taking just one of your index fingers, you slide the tip of it around on her stomach, almost pretending to draw a picture on her belly.
  43. >As you do this, your finger passes by something that causes her to gasp and kick her hind legs up.
  44. >Looking at what may have caused this, you find a small, holey scar.
  45. "Princess, I didn't know ponies had belly buttons."
  46. >"We do, as a matter of fact. Mine was another popular area stallions wished to see and touch."
  47. >Deciding to gently finger her belly button, you keep up conversation with her.
  48. "So how often did you grant those requests, anyways?"
  49. >She hums.
  50. >"I can't keep a count of how many times I allowed it, though they were only at times when either wasn't too awkward in public to allow it, or whenever I wasn't preoccupied with something important."
  51. >You listen to her talk as your finger calmly swishes around in her belly button.
  52. "Did they look too obviously aroused?"
  53. >"Sometimes, yes. There were some who were able to hide their pleasure well. Others were nervous wrecks who hobbled off the moment they got to touch me."
  54. >As your finger continues exploring her abdominal crevice, comparing its fleshy feeling to the rest of her coat, you speak again.
  55. "Anyone of high or low class? I mean, who would have the guts to just walk up to a princess and ask her this stuff?"
  56. >Before she speaks, you lean in and place your lips on her belly, kissing it first, then keeping your lips pressed on it to tongue her navel.
  57. >"Yes, a good deal of them were noble Canterlot citizens, but you- a-ah," she gasps, her hooves kicking again, "e-easy down there, please."
  58. "Erry," you say as your tongue slows its pace on her navel.
  59. >She clears her throat to continue. "Anyways, while most of them were nobles, I've had ponies from all walks of life ask me about this. Some who have asked to kiss my hoof, for example, have been working ponies thanking me for whatever I may have done to help make their labor easier. I know, though, that not all of them wished to kiss my hoof in that way."
  60. >You lift your head from her stomach, your lips having left a moist mark around her belly.
  61. >It almost looked like a tattoo that accented her belly button.
  62. >Speaking of, now that you had messed with it, her belly button was visible amongst her coat.
  63. >You go back to rubbing her belly at large, wiping away your moist mark.
  64. >Celestia enjoys it all the same.
  65. >After a couple more pats, you take your hand away and watch as her belly rises and lowers from her breathing.
  66. >There was something magical about watching a belly as someone breathed.
  67. >Her navel was nice to look at, too.
  68. >"Are you finished?"
  69. >You respond with a raised index finger, your eyes never leaving her stomach.
  70. >Just a little longer.
  71. >Up, down.
  72. >Up, down.
  73. >You get on your feet and stand up.
  74. "Alright, I'm done. Thanks for that, princess."
  75. >She rolls onto her stomach and gets up from the couch.
  76. >"It was my pleasure. That felt nice," she tells you with a smile.
  77. >You reach under and rub her tummy one more time.
  78. >Lord, that was satisfying.
  79. >"So, I've got work to do, then. My tummy and I will make way for my chambers for paperwork," she says, giggling.
  80. >She leaves the room, and it's at that moment you realize you're hard.
  81. >Well, you were alone anyways.
  82. >What better time to get that taken care of?
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