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  1. I'm running Gentoo Hardened AMD64 using kernel 4.3.3-hardened-r4. After keeping the Bitcoin Core client opened for about 5 hours, Linux eats a lot of RAM. I know for one that Bitcoin Core is pretty memory-intensive so I thought closing it would free my memory, but it didn't.
  3. After closing it, Linux keeps eating almost 3 GB of RAM with hardly any process opened except for X, uxterm, my window manager, GKrellM, basic system services like cron, DHCP or wpa_supplicant, a bunch of BASH shells, and hardly more than 600 KB saved to tmpfs filesystems.
  5. If I keep Bitcoin Core running for about 8-12 hours, my system just runs out of memory and throws a kernel panic.
  7. **Update:** Right now, after closing the Bitcoin Core client and still staying with 2 GB of taken RAM, a few minutes later my RAM usage suddenly went back to normal. What I did in the meantime was issuing `emerge -aNDu --with-bdeps=y @world` after globally enabling `USE="X"` on make.conf, opening a `screen` session as ROOT and starting nmon, htop and iotop, and cleaning up remnants of a failed Chromium build on `/var/tmp/portage`. Based on these actions I'll attempt to reproduce what made my system suddenly release all that taken RAM.
  9. **Update 2:** No luck finding out what emerge does that clears up my used RAM. It seems like not every ebuild does so. I tried installing a small ebuild and it didn't work.
  11. That said, I also installed separately an instance of Bitcoin Core 0.12 since it still doesn't show up on Portage. I installed it to `/opt/bitcoin12` and used the good ol' `./ && ./configure && make` but without `make install` to avoid stomping my Portage-managed instance of Bitcoin 0.11.2. It didn't work. Bitcoin 0.12 still causes my system to run out of memory.
  13. **Update 3:** Someone elsewhere told me to do `echo 1 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches` and the same but with number 3. It didn't work.
  15. **Exhibit A:** In which the only memory-eating processes that are running are Firefox, GKrellm and X yet Linux is eating almost 3 GB of core.
  16. **Note:** I didn't have my swap space enabled here (it's on an USB 3.0 external HD because my internal HD is old and slow), but even with swap enabled I still end up with an OOM kernel panic after 8+ hours of keeping Bitcoin Core running.
  18. [![enter image description here][1]][1]
  20. **Exhibit B:** Just in case htop and GKrellm are flawed, I double-checked with top. Same result.
  22. [![enter image description here][2]][2]
  24.   [1]:
  25.   [2]:
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