Homo Rapist x Borderline Crossdresser C + Bonus Loli

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  1. [20:29:38] <Giantree> You want me to handle an intro post?
  2. [20:29:55] <maki> yeah go for I am bad at this
  3. [20:30:00] <Vena> surely this can't go wrong
  4. [20:30:03] <maki> at being proactive that is
  5. [20:30:18] <Giantree> I can describe in extreme detail the steaminess of the springs, the clarity with which one can see each other's naked bodies, the texture of the rocks, and the statue of a loli with wings striking a pose at the edge of the spring.
  6. [20:30:46] <Vena> and oops I don't think I wrote down her initial stats, combined with tree adding the growths and removing logs I probably couldn't be assed to figure out what it was
  7. [20:30:52] <Vena> so yeah go for it
  8. [20:31:01] <Giantree> The latter was doing a very statuesque pose last time you looked, but now it's standing up and doing the peace sign with her hand.  And wearing a towel.  But it's all stone so it's okay.
  9. [20:31:03] <maki> the nice thing about having adult characters is less embarrassment and more naked bodies
  10. [20:31:18] <Giantree> yeah damn i just realized this group is almost devoid of teenagers
  11. [20:31:26] <Vena> embarrassment can be pretty cute though, awawa
  12. [20:31:28] <Giantree> unlike the last one where you fucks just hand me sheets of ALL 16/17 YEAR OLDS
  13. [20:31:29] <Giantree> FUCK
  14. [20:31:31] <maki> yeah it can
  15. [20:31:55] <Vena> the group had to appear edgy to trick you, so yeah
  16. [20:31:58] <Giantree> Anyway yeah, by some miracle, you arrive at a point where the others are out doing war things or getting their weapons repaired, and nobody else is in the bath.
  17. [20:32:10] <maki> nice
  18. [20:32:15] <maki> now we can get proper nude
  19. [20:32:29] <maki> instead of shitty "in the bath but with a towel"
  20. [20:32:37] <maki> oh wait
  21. [20:32:39] <Vena> People did that?
  22. [20:32:43] * maki is now known as Claire-chan
  23. [20:32:43] <Vena> 1,1Vena didn't
  24. [20:32:49] <Claire-chan> wew
  25. [20:32:59] <Claire-chan> good2know
  26. [20:33:00] <Vena> And she's certainly not doing it now. Still has the mask half-on, though.
  27. [20:33:08] <Giantree> And you have a lot of soaking to do, because it's cold as shit outside (like Acaiah always is) and you probably have stress shit to deal with or whatever, what with having a raging ladyboner for your sexy boss or trying to show up your angry jealous sister who is a God-General in service of some dude you don't know but you suspect is some sort of illuminati grand dragon bishop or someshit.
  28. [20:33:09] <Claire-chan> got to protect your dignity
  29. [20:33:32] <Giantree> Also yeah Tielle did it but ONLY AFTER Claire assaulted her a billion times
  30. [20:33:51] <Giantree> And stone!Marah is right now but wasn't other times, I guess
  31. [20:34:34] <Claire-chan> hmm
  32. [20:34:38] <Giantree> okay I think that's enough from me for now
  33. [20:34:41] <Vena> Well it's more thinking about 1,1I don't actually know how much of that conversation between Shinobu and Sylvera that Vena heard, but she was aiming to hear it, she's probably thinking about that if she succeeded, otherwise sure there's probably something else but this perv might not even care and that's fine
  34. [20:34:51] <Giantree> alt: you could always be not in the spring and I can describe the town, I've been looking forward to doing that
  35. [20:35:38] <Giantree> 1,1That's fine, Sylvie was being intentionally vague because she suspected it, and Noa's name isn't something anybody outside of the Underground would know anyway
  36. [20:35:58] <Claire-chan> It's not even a name that I know
  37. [20:36:03] <Claire-chan> and I have meta vision
  38. [20:36:11] <Giantree> damn son
  39. [20:36:28] <Giantree> i don't know how you manage to miss 90% of the campaign while playing in it, i'm legit impressed
  40. [20:36:44] <Claire-chan> there have been like 20 named NPCs
  41. [20:36:55] <Claire-chan> like all at once
  42. [20:37:00] <Giantree> (I actually counted, it's in the 40s now)
  43. [20:37:10] <Claire-chan> even better
  44. [20:37:29] <Claire-chan> also a lot of these npcs got introduced during someone elses support convos that I didn't read
  45. [20:38:09] <Giantree> and the most important ones during main sessions you fell asleep during
  46. [20:38:23] <Giantree> (42 btw)
  47. [20:38:24] <Claire-chan> oh, one of the dracobots
  48. [20:38:27] <Vena> But yeah, chances are, Vena's in the hot springs, in thought. ...And relaxing, chilling, all cool. And warm. Good shit right here. She knows better than to intentionally draw the attention of the resident pervert, especially considering she's got pretty far without any already. It'd almost be a shame to not keep it going specifically because it's lasted so long.
  49. [20:39:55] <Claire-chan> Vena says that, but
  50. [20:40:45] <Claire-chan> "Vena-chan~"
  51. [20:40:53] <Claire-chan> claire says as she slides over
  52. [20:41:41] <Claire-chan> "You know you're a lot cuter without all those clothes and stuff~"
  53. [20:41:47] <Claire-chan> alcohol may or may not be involved
  54. [20:41:48] <Claire-chan> as usual
  55. [20:44:23] <Vena> Aaaaaaand it's over. Finally, she must duel with the incarnation of lust (probably boozed.. Horrifying. Vena keeps an eye on Claire, but allows her to at least be like, an arms width away before any evasive action need be taken. "Clearly, I should just dress really skimpy. All the time. In freezing temperatures."
  56. [20:46:39] <Claire-chan> "No of course not, it's quite warm in my bed~"
  57. [20:47:06] <Claire-chan> professional flirting techniques
  58. [20:52:41] <Vena> "But it's warmer in the hot springs, I'd probably have to wear clothes to your bed. Despite living in Acaiah, I've never been too fond of the cold." Professional...uh, it's professional something.
  59. [20:55:07] <Claire-chan> "You'll never stave me off like this Vena-chan, you need to be more firm~ subtle deflection only works on other subtle things"
  60. [20:55:14] <Claire-chan> slides closer
  61. [20:57:26] <Giantree> Perhaps out of your peripheral visions, or more likely not seen at all due to its sublety, the statue scoots closer toward the spring. The ears are also un-stoned.  But why would you be looking at that?  It's just a statue.
  62. [20:59:51] * Vena slides further away (indirectly making things harder for this mysterious statue). She matches--1 to 1--Claire's desire fueled speed with her own...uh, actual speed (and luck, that helps)!
  63. [20:59:57] <Vena> "You, of all people, should be familiar with the idea of teasing~"
  64. [21:01:32] <Claire-chan> "Oh, so you're teasing me now? That's dangerous Vena-chan, I might get the wrong ideas~"
  65. [21:01:52] <Claire-chan> incidentally, ~ is good and pure
  66. [21:02:35] <Giantree> The statue's only a few feet away from you, doing the 'praise the sun' pose.
  67. [21:04:37] <Vena> "Come on, now. I might dress somewhat heavily, but I've hardly got full-plate on. I live life dangerously as it is~"
  68. [21:04:38] <Vena> Wait for it.
  69. [21:05:40] <Claire-chan> GREATEST HOT SPRINGS PRANKS [part 2] (gone sexual)
  70. [21:06:21] <Claire-chan> ok time to go in for the kill
  71. [21:06:31] <Claire-chan> that was clearly an invitation
  72. [21:08:01] <Claire-chan> Claire swiftly slides over and FIRMLY GRASPS IT
  73. [21:08:08] <Claire-chan> it being vena
  74. [21:08:40] <Claire-chan> ./roll 1d20-1
  75. [21:09:12] <Vena> Nice. However, matching Claire's speed earlier was a ruse. Vena is MUCH FASTER. In the same movement that she avoids Claire's pounce, she also shows off her obscene actual STR growth (which has to be doing something with that mountain of points hitting cap), pulling the statue into the hot springs.
  76. [21:09:40] <Giantree> amazing
  77. [21:10:20] <Claire-chan> rip mara
  78. [21:10:27] <Giantree> "Fwah!" Marah sheds the stoneskin to avoid sinking like a... well, literal rock, and angrily gasps for air above the water's surface.  "RUDE."
  79. [21:10:54] <Giantree> ... Or tries to unless held in a stunlock or something.  Which would lead to hilarious struggling and gasping.
  80. [21:11:04] <Giantree> Actually that's only hilarious if you have a drowning fetish.
  81. [21:11:13] <Giantree> Do you have a drowning fetish?
  82. [21:11:15] <Giantree> just checking
  83. [21:11:17] <Flamy> ... yeah, I don't.
  84. [21:11:21] <Vena> With an even bigger distraction by way of large splash, Vena makes considerable distance from the pair (can hardly get away from Claire while holding an angry dragon) and cackles. "But totally worth it. Hehehehe~"
  85. [21:11:23] <Claire-chan> erotic asphyxiation
  86. [21:11:52] <Claire-chan> highly illegal
  87. [21:11:55] <Vena> And no, no I don't. Vena might, but only because it falls under the whole killing thing. Which she knows how to control!
  88. [21:12:36] <Vena> "If you like watching so much, you should join in~"
  89. [21:12:38] <Giantree> "Hmph!  Maramara was just curious about something, too!"  By the way statues are FUCKING HEAVY.  Tipping them over isn't so hard, though.
  90. [21:13:45] <Claire-chan> "Oh~ what is it you're curious about meramera-chan?
  91. [21:13:49] <Giantree> "It's," the lolidragon folds her wings across her backside to prevent incoming further ass-gropes, "Why do you call people '-chan?'  That's not even supposed to exist in this world..."
  92. [21:13:56] <Claire-chan> ROUND 2
  93. [21:14:30] <Giantree> ... And yes she's backing off too, trying to get some distance.  That's the only way to be safe.
  94. [21:14:37] <Vena> "...Actually, yeah, I was going to ask about that myself. Still, I saw an opportunity, that came first."
  95. [21:14:54] <Giantree> "Meanie!"  She blows raspberries.
  96. [21:15:14] <Claire-chan> "It's short for 'chance'"
  97. [21:15:26] <Claire-chan> cause I'm trying my chances with you
  98. [21:15:27] <Claire-chan> yeah
  99. [21:15:32] <Giantree> "Huh?  So it's a coincidence?"
  100. [21:15:32] <Vena> "I might be~"
  101. [21:15:52] <Giantree> "Okay!  Curiosity sated, resume your flirting."
  102. [21:16:21] <Claire-chan> "oh no you don't, you're a lot slower than vena over there~"
  103. [21:16:32] <Claire-chan> probably
  104. [21:16:34] <Giantree> "N-Nuh-uh!"  It's true though.
  105. [21:17:00] <Giantree> And also when you've been petrified for hundreds of years and have jet lag: space edition obviously you're gonna be pretty sluggish.
  106. [21:17:10] <Vena> "And...huh. That seems weird, but alright." Mystery solved! "There's only one way to find out, isn't there~"
  107. [21:17:11] <Claire-chan> time to get butt destroyed
  108. [21:17:35] <Vena> it's ok I've got your back
  109. [21:17:46] <Giantree> However, this slowkid has the advantage of still not having hidden her wings, meaning she can use them as splash tools and also sort of like rowboat-paddles to move herself away faster.
  110. [21:18:21] <Claire-chan> "wait no that's cheating!"
  111. [21:18:26] <Giantree> Of course if anyone outside were watching they'd be like 'DRAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' and pull out their wyrmslayers and call the whole town to ALSO pull out their wyrmslayers and go ham- by the way i decided not to let her have conquest
  112. [21:18:42] <Vena> gotta make up that whole using Claire as bait for that technique (and because it was fun) somehow, so yeah WE'RE WORKING TOGETHER HERE
  113. [21:19:06] <Claire-chan> now neither of us will be virgins
  114. [21:19:07] <Vena> and yeah that seems for the best
  115. [21:19:15] <Giantree> "N-No, she already cheated first!"  Maramara senses the tag-team and knows there is no hope.
  116. [21:19:59] <Giantree> "... Fine!  Desperate measures!"  Instead of escaping the spring, the dragon just stonifies right there in the middle of it and sinks underwater as a statue posing like A Lady's Temptation in .
  117. [21:21:11] <Claire-chan> that was a seriously desperate measure
  118. [21:21:30] <Vena> ...And down she goes. "...Huh. Well, we tried. I'm not going that far down."
  119. [21:21:50] <Vena> "...And despite you being you, I'm not sure you'd go that far to cop a feel of a statue."
  120. [21:22:32] <Giantree> Well it's not RIDICULOUSLY deep or anything, but deep enough to be submerged.
  121. [21:23:35] <Vena> It's deep enough to sacrifice a lot of potential escape points for when she inevitably decides to turn.
  122. [21:24:15] <Claire-chan>
  123. [21:24:47] <Claire-chan> ;w;7
  124. [21:25:19] <Giantree> yeah i was actually referencing that on purpose good catch
  125. [21:25:50] <Claire-chan> also "yeah statues aren't very squishy"
  126. [21:25:58] <Claire-chan> "not a satsifying groping experience"
  127. [21:30:03] <Claire-chan> ok idunno where to go from here
  128. [21:32:37] <Vena> Yeah, it was a pretty good experience. "...Then, that's that. I will say that I could probably dodge you in my sleep, but please do not test that, I might stab you on reflex and it won't even be worth it. If you can, uh, not touch me, perhaps I might help you out where appropriate, on occasion?"
  129. [21:33:04] <Vena> "I'll be entirely honest, I don't see much occasions that it'll be appropriate at all, but this was one of them so it isn't never, right?"
  130. [21:36:15] <Claire-chan> "So we're allies then, sounds good to me~"
  131. [21:37:53] <Vena> "Then, it's a deal. Now, I think I'm due for a bit longer in here, all that excitement has me due for at least a few more minutes..."
  132. [21:38:42] <Claire-chan> nice gj
  133. [21:41:51] <Vena> /C(laire will get laid eventually)
  134. [21:42:42] <Raitaki> somewhere
  135. [21:42:45] <Raitaki> beyond the sea
  136. [21:42:55] <Raitaki> somewhere waiting for her
  137. [21:43:18] <Flamy> > Vena and Claire have attained a Support Rank of C!
  138. [21:43:48] <Giantree> Many hours later, the statue surfaces in the dead hours of midnight, long after the spring is closed to visitors.  Shedding off the layers of stone protection, Marah spreads her wings and prepares to walk out of the water, when she sees candles lining the spring's edge and men in hooded robes bowing to her in worship and reverence of the great stone dragon, chanting a prayer.
  139. [21:44:15] <Giantree> She stares at them blanky and, realizing none of them are actually looking at her, quietly walks out of the spring and far, far away from them.
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