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  1. (02:39:14) RandomGuy: Guys I came up with a poem
  2. (02:39:24) RandomGuy: Cat on the table
  3. How did it get there?
  4. (02:39:46) scriminamp: and
  5. (02:40:01) RandomGuy: What do you mean 'and'?
  6. (02:40:10) scriminamp: and
  7. (02:40:13) scriminamp: and
  8. (02:40:14) scriminamp: and
  9. (02:40:16) scriminamp: and
  10. (02:40:17) scriminamp: and
  11. (02:40:18) scriminamp: and
  12. (02:40:45) scriminamp: roses are red, violets are blue
  13. randomguys a faggot, penis
  14. (02:40:45) RandomGuy: Scriminamp at his computer desk
  15. Why is he there?
  16. (02:41:11) scriminamp: Im actually on my kitchen table
  17. (02:41:15) RandomGuy: It takes a true artistic mind to understand my works.
  18. (02:41:23) RandomGuy: Still a desk with your computer on it
  19. (02:41:36) scriminamp: Its not a desk
  20. (02:41:44) RandomGuy: Yes it is
  21. (02:41:55) scriminamp: btw, that is the most artistic literature i have ever read\
  22. (02:42:32) scriminamp: questioning the reason of things gives it a deep sense of self awareness if you may
  23. (02:42:57) RandomGuy: Browsing /lit/
  24. Pages and pages full of faggots
  25. why was this board made?
  26. (02:43:03) RandomGuy: Newest poem
  27. (02:43:08) scriminamp: In away, it is symbolically questioning why randomguy is a big enough faggot to write that shit
  28. (02:43:22) scriminamp: yet, very subtly
  29. (02:43:35) RandomGuy: You write a poem
  30. (02:44:17) scriminamp: Roses are red, violets are blue,
  31. I have amnesia, roses are red
  32. (02:44:46) scriminamp: Roses are red, violets are blue,
  33. I have teh downs, potato
  34. (02:45:30) RandomGuy: Such an intricate poem, subtly, but deeply, questioning if you such any more dick that you would be a vacuum cleaner
  35. (02:45:35) RandomGuy: Bravo, bravo.
  36. (02:46:09) scriminamp: Why thanks for the positive commendation on my art
  37. (02:46:19) scriminamp: you have a great taste in literature
  38. (02:46:29) RandomGuy: Quite so.
  39. (02:46:48) scriminamp: A taste even finer then the sharpest cat hair
  40. (02:47:00) scriminamp: Kudos i say
  41. (02:47:03) scriminamp: Kudos
  42. (02:48:22) RandomGuy: I do say, my good chaps, I am quite so unentertained and and feeling quite unfelt. What to do, sir?
  43. (02:48:36) RandomGuy: and feeling*
  44. (02:49:52) scriminamp: We should msturbate in a fashion, such so that our hands move in a constant rhythmic pace
  45. (02:50:19) scriminamp: to the richest porn we can obtain
  46. (02:51:01) RandomGuy: Yes, quite.
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