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  1. Skills Diary 2011
  3. Word Processing Date    How?    Comment
  4. Formatting Paragraphs
  5. 14/02/11    Block paragraphs against margins.
  6. Indented paragraph – first line tab in.
  7. Hanging paragraph – first line out further than rest of paragraph.    Different paragraphs are used depending on the type of work.
  8. Formatting Headings
  9. 14/02/11    Initial capitals only, bold for emphasis.
  10. Graduate Headings – main heading should be emphasised more than sub headings. NEVER underline headings. Always leave MORE space BEFORE a heading than another one.
  11. Line Spacing
  12. 17/02/11    Line spacing can be accessed through the Format/Paragraph. Used to display work making it easier to read.   Only used in specific cases.
  13. Alignment
  14. 17/02/11    Justified Margins/ Left/Right/Centred accessed through icons on toolbar.    Used for columns, newspaper articles.
  15. Page Breaks
  16. 17/02/11    Insert/Break… Use when required.
  17. Tables
  18. 17/02/11    Insert table, enter data, format table.     Spacing in table is accessed through Format/Paragraph/Spacing.
  19. Tables
  20. 21/02/11    Vertical Alignment – After completing table vertical centring may be required.    Page Setup/Layout/Vertical Alignment/Centre.
  21. Design Skills
  22. 01/03/11    Contrast different typefaces/Use of white space/Balance/Repetition/Colour   Ensure consistency and balance on the page. Good use of white space can be effective.
  23. Contrast
  24. 04/03/11    Use for good design. When using two different fonts make them entirely different from each other.   Different fonts/Different sizes/Different colours. Use of reverse text is useful and effective.
  25. Repetition
  26. 04/03/11    Can make a page look effective. Can be used with bullets.   Use same typeface when using repetition. Use bold. Keep line spacing consistent.
  27. Alignment of graphics
  28. 07/03/11    Align graphics with text so work looks organised.   Alignment is both horizontal and vertical.
  29. Proximity
  30. 07/03/11    Similar items are grouped together. For example – Keeping address/contact details together.
  31. Draw Toolbar
  32. 08/03/11    Use copy and paste to save redrawing shapes. For perfect circles/squares hold down shift when drawing.  Layering and Rotating is very effective.    Copy – Ctrl C, Paste – Ctrl V, Layering Order/Draw and experiment with the order. To rotate click Draw, Rotate or Flip and experiment until you find a shape that works.
  33. Watermarks
  34. 11/03/11    Text or graphics that appear behind text.   Resize, Format Picture, Picture Tab, Image Control click Washout or Watermark. Adjust Brightness.
  35. Logos
  36. 14/03/11    Convey your idea with colours and shapes. Adjust internal margins and space between the letters of word to find the desired effect. Internal margins of a text box, Double Click the text box, select the Text Box tab and reduce the internal margins. Format Font/Character Spacing/Expanded or Condensed for space between letters.
  37. Direct Composition
  38. 21/3/11 Write short, complete, to the point sentences. Check structure, tense and paragraphing. Proof read. Make sure it is relevant to idea/topic and write within all guidelines.
  39. Shortcut Keys
  40. 21/3/11 Usually utilise ctrl, shift and letter keys. Hold both keys at the same time that it says.  Ctrl + N for new document. Ctrl + C, Ctrl +V for copy and paste. Ctrl + P for print. Ctrl + K to insert hyperlink. Ctrl + U, Ctrl + I, Ctrl + B for Underlined, Italic and Bold formatting
  41. Hyperlinks  
  42. 22/3/11 Highlight Text in the page. Right click, select hyperlink and choose the appropriate file to hyperlink. Eg in skills diary. Use Ctrl + K for shortcut to hyperlink screen.  Correct hyperlink should turn blue and underlined and when clicked should open the linked file. Always make sure the linked file is the correct and most appropriate one.
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