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  1. -------------------------------------
  2. -Project ZOmboid 0.1.5d translations-
  3. -------------------------------------
  6. -------------Items:
  8. Newspaper --- Tidning
  9. Magazine --- Tidskrift
  10. Book --- Bok
  11. Tissue --- Näsduk
  12. Cupcake --- Cupcake
  13. Pop --- Läsk
  14. Crisps --- Chips
  15. Pot of Soup --- Gryta med Soppa
  16. Steak --- Biff
  17. Chicken --- Kyckling
  18. Salmon --- Lax
  19. Apple --- Äpple
  20. Chocolate --- Choklad
  21. Canned Soup --- Konserverad Soppa
  22. Bread --- Bröd
  23. Carrots --- Morötter
  24. Whiskey Bottle (full) --- Whiskey Flaska (full)
  25. Whiskey Bottle (half) --- Whiskey Flaska (halv full)
  26. Molotov Cocktail --- Molotov Cocktail
  27. Baseball Bat --- Baseball Trä
  28. Spiked Baseball Bat --- Spikat Baseboll Trä
  29. Axe --- Yxa
  30. Shotgun --- Hagelgevär
  31. Wooden Plank --- Träplankor
  32. Hammer --- Hammare
  33. Cooking Pot --- Gryta
  34. Doorknob --- Dörrhandtag
  35. Door Hinge --- Gångjärn
  36. Bowl --- Skål
  37. Picture of Kate --- Bild av KateEmpty Bottle
  38. Belt --- Bälte
  39. Pen --- Penna
  40. Pencil --- Blyertspenna
  41. Screwdriver --- Skruvmejsel
  42. Sheet --- Sänglakan
  43. Ripped Sheet --- Rivna Lakan
  44. Pillow --- Kudde
  45. Door --- Dörr
  46. Can Opener --- Konservöppnare
  47. Shotgun Shells --- Hagelgevär Skott
  48. Nails --- Spikar
  49. Barricade --- Barrikad
  50. Battery --- Batteri
  51. Flashlight --- Ficklampa
  52. Lighter --- Tändare
  53. Painkillers --- Smärtstillande
  54. Beta Blockers --- Beta Blockerare
  55. Anti-depressants --- Anti-depressiva
  56. Sleeping Tablets --- Sömntabletter
  57. Fuel Can --- Bensin DunkVest
  58. Sweater --- Tröja
  59. Trousers --- Byxa
  60. Shoes --- Skor
  62. --------------- Into text:
  64. These are the end times --- Detta är sluted
  65. There was no hope for survival --- Det fanns inget hopp om överlevnad
  66. This is how you died --- Detta är hur du dog
  67. 'Til Death Us Do Part --- Till döden skiljer oss åt
  68. Snappy subtitle pending. --- Piffig översättning avvaktas.
  70. --------------- Credits:
  71. The Indie Stone Are --- The Indie Stone är
  72. Concept Art --- Konceptkonst
  73. Music --- Musik
  74. SysAdmin Hero --- SysAdmin Hjälte
  75. Writing --- Skrivande
  77. --------------- Kate and Baldspot story:
  79. What are you doing? Oh God no. --- Vad gör du? Oh Gud nej.
  80. I'm sorry I slowed you down. --- Jag är ledsen att jag saktade ner dig.
  81. I love you. --- Jag älskar dig.
  82. ****mmmffff***** --- ****mmmffff*****
  83. Here, take one of these... --- Här, ta en av dessa...
  84. Secure the Safehouse --- Säkra gömstället
  85. Go to the shed --- Gå till skjulet
  86. Find a hammer --- Hitta en hammare
  87. Find some wood --- Hitta några brädor
  88. Find some nails --- Hitta några spikar
  89. Equip hammer --- Utrusta hammare
  90. Barricade the safehouse doors and windows --- Barrikadera gömställets dörrar och fönster
  91. Return to Kate --- Gå tillbaka till Kate
  92. Tend to Kate's Broken Leg --- Ta hand om Kate´s brutna ben
  93. Find something to make bandanges --- Hitta någonting som kan användas till bandage
  94. Craft some bandages --- Gör några bandage
  95. Bandage Kate's leg --- Bandagera Kate´s ben
  96. Check the adjoining bathroom for painkillers --- Kolla i det angränsande badrummet för smärtstillande
  97. Give Kate a pill --- Ge Kate ett piller
  98. I'm sorry I fucked up hon. --- Jag är ledsen att jag fördärvade allt älskling.
  99. I screwed everything. --- Jag fördärvade allt.
  100. Screwed us... --- Jag fördärvade oss...
  101. You are fine. We are fine. --- Du mår bra. Vi mår bra.
  102. We're just going to have to hole up here for a while. --- Vi måste bara stanna här ett tag bara.
  103. I can see a shed in the yard - might be some tools, some wood... --- Jag kan se ett skjul på gården. Det kan finnas några verktyg, några bräder...
  104. This place'll be a fortress. --- Detta stället kommer att bli ett fort.
  105. Third fortress this week. --- Tredje fortet denna veckan...
  106. Don't be long. --- Dröj inte.
  107. Please don't be long. --- Snälla dröj inte.
  108. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. --- Jag ledsen, jag är så ledsen.
  109. It's fine. We can deal with this. Just... --- Det är bra. Vi kan ta hand om det här. Bara...
  110. Christ it hurts. Fuck. I'm sorry. --- Fan vad det gör ont. Helvete. Jag är ledsen.
  111. Right. This is bad, I know this is bad - but we're still here. --- Jag vet. Det är inte bra, jag vet att det inte är bra men vi är fortfarande här.
  112. You're still breathing. --- Du andas fortfarande
  113. All our stuff, they just took it... --- Alla våra saker, de bara tog dem...
  121. Okay, just hold fire for a second...let me stop this bleeding.
  122. There'll be sheets in here we can rip to dress the wounds.
  123. Maybe some painkillers.
  124. Movement
  125. To move, use the WASD keys. Holding SHIFT will allow you to to run.
  126. Inventory
  127. This icon is your inventory, click while holding an item to put them into it.<br><br>Click without an item to open up your inventory, and you can then transfer items freely to/from containers.<br><br>You can also access the crafting panel from your inventory.
  128. Medical
  129. This icon is your Medical panel. Here you will be able to check on your health and any injuries you've sustained, as well as bandage limbs and administer other medical treatment.
  130. Clothing
  131. This is the clothing panel where you can put on or take off clothing you find.
  132. Okay, we're safe.
  133. My hero!
  134. Glad to see the sense of humor is back.
  135. Hero's fine! Without you I'd be cold, dead and roaming the streets.
  136. And limping.
  137. That too...
  138. I need to go find supplies.
  139. It's pitch black out there, hon.
  140. It's going to be dark soon, hon.
  141. You won't see the neighbors till they've taken chunks from you.
  142. We'll sleep hungry.
  143. Soup Kitchen
  144. Get a cooking pot
  145. Find a tin opener and craft a pot of soup
  146. Put soup in oven and turn oven on
  147. Fast Food
  148. Leave the house
  149. Carefully approach house to the east
  150. Kill the zombie
  151. Search the kitchen and collect some food supplies
  152. Return to safehouse kitchen
  153. I miss the days when we didn't take a hammer to bed.
  154. Time to go out. See what I can see.
  155. If you see one of them, just run. No man stuff.
  156. Just bring back food!
  157. We're not running anymore sweetheart.
  158. We got soup!
  159. Think you can manage that?
  160. Ha! This kitchen is pretty beat up, but I think I remember!
  161. Honey! It's working!
  162. This piece of shit radio picked something up!
  163. Day six of the Knox County event and the army has warned camps...
  164. ...of concerned relatives of Muldraugh citizens...
  165. ...that if they do not return home they will be forcibly dispersed.
  166. The President has released a statement asking for calm and patience
  167. but key Republicans have been quick to attack what they're calling a 'do nothing' agenda.
  168. With the communication blackout and no fly zone firmly in place...
  169. ...there's still no clue as to the nature of the outbreak.
  170. Pictures released by US forces, however, show crowded streets..
  171. ...suggesting that, despite it all, the townsfolk of Muldraugh are living as normal.
  172. Can you smell burning?
  173. Oh shit...
  174. Sneaky son of a bitch.
  175. I'm gonne blow you away, motherfucker!
  176. Hey!
  177. Don't move unless I say so.
  178. Move again and you're a dead man.
  179. Jesus, Sweetheart.
  180. Never thought I'd be so glad to see inside a guy's head.
  181. I thought we were finished.
  182. I love you, you know.
  183. Even better...
  184. Now I have a shotgun.
  185. God damn but you're an idiot.
  186. Go get back to surviving...
  187. Howdy Neighbor.
  188. Look, we're just camped out here.
  189. The threat's outside. Not in here.
  190. I was just out in the street. Heard your radio.
  191. Inside!
  192. Upstairs!
  193. I said UPSTAIRS!
  194. Into the room!
  195. Stand against the back wall, where I can see you!
  196. So how y'all doing?
  197. I heard you downstairs.
  198. We've got nothing. Just leave us alone.
  199. You ain't got nothing darlin'. You got bit.
  200. Now, that's a something.
  201. That's not a bite! It's a break!
  202. We were running from you! From your people! She fell.
  203. Sure looks like a bite from here.
  204. And so you know, that's a thing I just can't stand...
  205. It isn't a goddam bite!
  206. I like this house. I'm taking it.
  207. hat means I clean out the infected trash.
  208. Wifey dies in three seconds Baldspot. Pay attention.
  209. You asshole! No!
  210. Three.
  211. Two.
  212. Kate! Oh God no!
  213. Now did I say I'd fire on one, or after one?
  214. You motherfucker! Nooo!
  215. Sweet dreams.
  216. There you are.
  217. Move another muscle and you're dead.
  218. Now, as I was saying...
  219. Come back!
  220. Coming to get you
  221. Who the hell are you?
  222. Heard yer radio
  223. Got any li'l friends round here, tendin' to those wounds?
  224. Just little old me.
  225. Well I thought I'd come by and take yer stuff...
  226. But turns out you ain't got shit.
  227. So I'm takin' yer hideout. Just to improve the day.
  228. Look, just turn around and go.
  229. You ain't in a position for orderin'
  230. Give it three seconds, and you won't have no position at all.
  231. Sweet dreams, sister.
  232. Ah you know. Just someone new to the area.
  234. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
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