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  3. Thrilling Mobile Title Reignites the Idle Game Genre
  5. Moscow, Russia –June 2, 2016 – Global game publisher is pleased to announce an exciting update for Evolution: Heroes of Utopia. Since its release release, the game has been installed over 2 million times on iWatch, iPad, iPhone, and Google Play, and has created a large following among mobile gamers around the world. Based on feedback from the community, today’s update enhances the gameplay experience after you teleport to the starting point. A new Terraforming feature in the update guarantees a unique gameplay experience every time you have teleported and have to start anew.
  7. With the update, every conquered location in Evolution: Heroes of Utopia can be Terraformed, granting players a set of three random perks. Every perk affects the game in a unique way. Player have to choose one of the perks which suits them best and move on to a next location.
  9. Download Evolution: Heroes of Utopia assets HERE:
  11. utopia screenshot.jpg
  13. The game is set in the near future on the planet of Utopia, which was colonized by humanity. As soon as the first city on Utopia is built, the connection with the planet suddenly breaks. The expedition sent to Utopia for studying the problem also disappears when approaching the planet. You are the commander of the 2nd reconnaissance expedition. Your task is to find out the causes of the disappearance of previous expeditions and eliminate the threat hanging over not only Utopia, but also over the entire galaxy.
  15. Key Features
  17. Taking place in the vast setting of the Evolution: Battle for Utopia ( mobile game that has more than 7 million of players globally and is recognized as one of the best games of 2014 in the App Store and Google Play!
  18. Fight in the same ranks with friends and share your resources! Compete with players around the world in tournaments on a galactic scale!
  19. Gain new skills, upgrade weapons, rise to the heights of the evolution of Heroes!
  20. Up to 20 characters with unique fighting skills can fight by your side at the same time!
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