why are us perverts allowed to play this shit

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  1. [00:42:01] <Giantree> I do hope to actually pluck the ruby out and just replace it with another gemstone though
  2. [00:42:03] <Giantree> holy shit that's cute
  3. [00:42:26] <castfromhp> That is horrifying.
  4. [00:42:27] <castfromhp> What are you smoking?
  5. [00:42:37] <castfromhp> Can you imagine that hole that's left with no gem in?
  6. [00:42:43] <Giantree> is that really more horrifying than the giant OPTIC BLAST red death laser?
  7. [00:42:45] <Giantree> seriously?
  8. [00:43:03] <Giantree> also eh
  9. [00:43:07] <castfromhp> 1,1Because now you're imagining a swarm of wasps zipping into the hole and then the hole being plugged up by a gem.
  10. [00:43:09] <Giantree> all I'd have to say is 1,1sure is a hole
  11. [00:43:14] <Giantree> no
  12. [00:43:22] <Giantree> you can't get me with that
  13. [00:43:24] <Giantree> fuck off
  14. [00:43:40] <castfromhp> You're gonna have to check your gem every time you put it back in.
  15. [00:43:43] <castfromhp> For wasps.
  16. [00:43:54] <Giantree> I don't think wasps even exist in this setting
  17. [00:43:57] <Giantree> I dare you to ask kain
  18. [00:43:59] <Giantree> how common wasps are
  19. [00:44:09] <Giantree> not even giant monster wasps
  20. [00:44:10] <Giantree> normal wasps
  21. [00:44:37] <castfromhp> Well, even something like dipping the gem in acid and then plugging the hole makes me cringe. Don't ask me WHY you'd do that.
  22. [00:44:50] <Giantree> okay that's pretty nasty
  23. [00:44:51] <Giantree> what the fuck
  24. [00:44:59] <Giantree> I'm going to give kain all of this when he wakes up
  25. [00:45:20] <Giantree> what I was just intending was seeing if they resonate, since I think it's common knowledge that eidolons from gemstones are a thing?
  26. [00:45:25] <Giantree> and that eidolons are often bros with each other?
  27. [00:45:52] <castfromhp> What if you left the gem in a freezer or encased in ice for a while and then plugged the hole?
  28. [00:46:03] <Giantree> well then it'd just be brainfreeze
  29. [00:46:12] <Giantree> it would be like eating a big thing of ice cream
  30. [00:46:14] <Giantree> really fast
  31. [00:46:22] <castfromhp> But it'd last forever.
  32. [00:46:24] <Giantree> I would be more worried about SUPERHEATING it to the point where it almost melts
  33. [00:46:27] <castfromhp> Or...a really long time anyway.
  34. [00:46:29] <castfromhp> Oh.
  35. [00:46:29] <castfromhp> Yeah.
  36. [00:46:33] <Giantree> god ouch
  37. [00:46:43] <castfromhp> Aren't you glad PCs getting captured and tortured doesn't really happen in games around here?
  38. [00:46:47] <Giantree> man are we really coming up with torture methods?
  39. [00:46:53] <castfromhp> Yes.
  40. [00:46:58] <Giantree> 1,1I secretly hope the glutton does that
  41. [00:47:02] <Giantree> 1,1or maybe Kugina
  42. [00:47:08] * castfromhp slaps
  43. [00:47:31] <Giantree> o-okay maybe not!
  44. [00:47:37] <Giantree> ... if they're clever enough about it though...
  45. [00:47:48] <Giantree> but point being
  46. [00:47:59] <Giantree> I don't expect him to have it have any effect until I remember how to use RUBY light
  47. [00:48:03] <Giantree> and THEN I'll get pearl light
  48. [00:48:07] <Giantree> ... and probably sapphire light
  49. [00:48:10] <Giantree> 1,1crabmeat light
  50. [00:49:51] <castfromhp> What if you coated the underside of the gem with nectar? Enough that something could smell it. And then plugged the hole and let wasps at it.
  51. [00:50:08] <Giantree> Wait, the UNDERside?
  52. [00:50:13] <castfromhp> Yes.
  53. [00:50:20] <Giantree> oh, so they can't- okay I see what you mean
  54. [00:50:21] <Giantree> eh
  55. [00:50:25] <castfromhp> So the wasps would have to dig through flesh to get at it.
  56. [00:50:32] <Giantree> then it'd be possible to just 1,1reflect the wasps away
  57. [00:50:41] <Giantree> I do promise you
  58. [00:50:47] <Giantree> that will be my solution to everything at one point
  59. [00:50:47] <castfromhp> Reflect doesn't work on physical attacks you silly.
  60. [00:50:52] <Giantree> ... oh yeah
  61. [00:50:55] <Giantree> you know
  62. [00:51:16] <Giantree> Did I ever tell you about how I played magical girl carbuncle in aerosland and he got mad when I tried to reflect things that weren't light or physical objects?
  63. [00:51:26] <castfromhp> Like...concepts?
  64. [00:51:30] <castfromhp> Or what?
  65. [00:51:48] <Giantree> What I tried to do was just become a reflective surface and have mirror-skin
  66. [00:52:06] <Giantree> ie. Aika's Epsilon Mirror in SoA but I don't want to be assed to tube it
  67. [00:52:27] <Giantree> or rather be coated in a mirror-surface I guess
  68. [00:52:36] <Giantree> which was just... reflecting enemies' image of themselves
  69. [00:52:38] <Giantree> just as fluff
  70. [00:52:49] <Giantree> and he got angry and started pming me "YOU ARE NOT A TOUHOU" during a session
  71. [00:53:08] <castfromhp> know, for all this talk of elaborate gem-related torture methods, "stab with pokey thing until they talk" would probably be just as effective. Well, I guess there's the psychological aspect.
  72. [00:53:27] <castfromhp> I wonder if electrical torture is common because magic.
  73. [00:53:27] <Giantree> The real question is, how big is the hole?
  74. [00:54:29] <Giantree> And what shape is it?
  75. [00:54:31] <Giantree> ...
  76. [00:54:42] <Giantree> 1,1is it possible to fuck it?
  77. [00:55:07] <castfromhp> D:
  78. [00:55:23] <Giantree> I'm
  79. [00:55:24] <Giantree> sorry
  80. [00:55:27] <Giantree> not to just you
  81. [00:55:30] <Giantree> but especially to myself
  82. [00:55:38] <Giantree> oh my god
  83. [00:55:44] <Giantree> there is probably a fetishist out there
  84. [00:55:53] <Giantree> who gets off to removing jewels from animals' foreheads and fucking them
  85. [00:55:54] <Giantree> holy shit
  86. [00:56:18] <Giantree> there's also the question of how different it feels between the furred version and the not-furred version
  87. [00:56:38] <castfromhp> . . .
  88. [00:56:49] <Giantree> I blame you for this
  89. [00:56:59] <castfromhp> :<
  90. [00:57:02] <Giantree> ... on the last one I was referring to touching it
  91. [00:57:05] <Giantree> not specifically to fucking
  92. [00:57:07] <Giantree> but I guess both
  93. [00:57:14] <Giantree> now that I think about it
  94. [00:57:21] <Giantree> so
  95. [00:57:27] <Giantree> I think it is best now that we decide
  96. [00:57:33] <Giantree> jewels probably don't come OUT
  97. [00:57:40] <Giantree> but... holding on to one... grants powers
  98. [00:57:41] <Giantree> yeaaaaaaah
  99. [00:57:54] <castfromhp> hahahahhahaha
  100. [00:58:00] <Giantree> Mechanically I don't know how I'd replace it though because it has unified
  101. [00:59:33] <Giantree> ... whoa
  102. [00:59:36] <Giantree> I just REALIZED
  103. [00:59:52] <Giantree> they're SYNTHESIS MATERIALS with POSSIBLE properties listed
  104. [00:59:59] <Giantree> so really what I should do
  105. [01:00:04] <Giantree> is go to a synthesis shop
  106. [01:00:10] <Giantree> and be like "synthesize this... and me"
  107. [01:00:38] <Giantree> shit, that's what he expects me to do, isn't it
  108. [01:00:40] <Giantree> that's why- aaaaaaaa
  109. [01:00:48] <Giantree> that's why it's gillionaire OR fenrir
  110. [01:00:56] <Giantree> because it's the former on regular equipment, sure
  111. [01:01:05] <Giantree> WHAT THE FUCK WOULD THAT EVEN MAKE
  112. [01:01:07] <Giantree> A RUBAPPHIRE?
  113. [01:01:44] <castfromhp> I imagine
  114. [01:01:46] <castfromhp> that would hurt
  115. [01:01:46] <castfromhp> :V
  116. [01:01:55] <Giantree> ... yeah, seriously
  117. [01:02:14] <Giantree> and it couldn't really be done in public
  119. -- ~LESS HORRIBLE SHIT~ --
  121. [23:17:43] <Giantree> Oh, by the way, I had trouble sleeping 1,1because my forehead itches
  122. [23:17:54] * castfromhp slaps
  123. [23:18:07] <Giantree> nyannnnn
  124. [23:18:54] <castfromhp> Also I'm pretty sure the first time the murder thing happens everyone will know it's Ammy. Because I'm guessing Kain will make it some important person, so the announcement of their death in town will be concurrent with Ammy being a drunken or hungover mess.
  125. [23:19:13] <Giantree> 1,1inb4 it's Eiko
  126. [23:20:24] <castfromhp> Yeah >implying she wouldn't murderate Ammy with Holy
  127. [23:20:45] <Giantree> ... oh yeah, I forgot about the 'actually being capable of defending herself' thing
  128. [23:20:57] <Giantree> that could have gotten TRAGIC
  129. [23:21:56] <castfromhp> Yeahhhhh that'd would be one hell of an awkward conversation with Nat later.
  130. [23:22:39] <castfromhp> "So I found Eiko." "Yay" "...So I killed Eiko."
  131. [23:22:51] <Giantree> I doubt he will if you consider that there are only two people in lindblum with names right now
  132. [23:23:03] <Giantree> one of them the BBEG-of-the-month is trying to kill
  133. [23:23:18] <castfromhp> Of course, it's always possible Eiko is deathly ill and can't defend herself.
  134. [23:23:47] <Giantree> she sure seemed pretty healthy
  135. [23:24:06] <Giantree> ... then again 'recent' isn't 'immediate'
  136. [23:26:28] <castfromhp> Yeah.
  137. [23:27:03] <castfromhp> I'm actually worried about what would happen if we went to Burmecia, because Celina would probably flip her shit if she suspected Ammy of murdering a Burmecian.
  138. [23:27:05] <Giantree> also I just realized that I TOTALLY FORGOT about moonstone being a thing
  139. [23:27:23] <Giantree> I was going to ask kainy for the results of nat ramming the sapphire in her forehead just to experiment
  140. [23:27:25] <Giantree> but
  141. [23:27:30] <Giantree> the moonstone is a much better candidate
  142. [23:27:41] <Giantree> being an amnesiac makes that TOUGH though
  143. [23:28:08] <Giantree> because at the moment it's just "eidolons are summoned through jewels so this sapphire is probably important"
  144. [23:28:18] <Giantree> I don't think the others even brought up that they HAD the moonstone that I remember
  146. -
  148. [23:48:37] <Giantree> I'm kinda dumb that I didn't realize why Moonstone's ability was ???? and Sapphire's was flat-out Fenrir until now, though, admittedly
  149. [23:48:48] <Giantree> I bet he expected me to meta this whole time
  150. [23:49:03] <castfromhp> Hahaha
  151. [23:49:46] <Giantree> whenever he uncomas and I tell him the ram-sapphire-into-forehead-just-to-see-if-anything-happens plan he'll probably be like "Why didn't you try that with the moonstone"
  152. [23:49:57] <Giantree> and I'll be like "SHARED INVENTORY WASN'T A THING BACK THEN"
  153. [23:50:14] <castfromhp> You could do it with the moonstone now.
  154. [23:50:16] <castfromhp> Right?
  155. [23:50:31] <Giantree> "could" technically but there was no incentive to knew the moonstone was even there
  156. [23:50:35] <Giantree> since they got it during a split group
  157. [23:50:44] <castfromhp> Eh if we have a shared inventory now
  158. [23:50:58] <Giantree> then it would be like
  159. [23:51:02] <Giantree> "why wasn't it done before?"
  160. [23:51:12] <castfromhp> Nervousness.
  161. [23:51:26] <castfromhp> I dunno, I don't feel like people can bitch about people "hoarding" and then complain if an item is used?
  162. [23:51:26] <Giantree> Nah, I established a canon of just loving collecting jewels
  163. [23:51:27] <Giantree> or at least
  164. [23:51:29] <Giantree> that's the cover
  165. [23:51:52] <Giantree> so not having been like "OH BOY THIS LOOKS COOL" is like- honestly I think he wants to wait
  166. [23:51:57] <Giantree> that's the vibe I'm getting
  167. [23:52:04] <castfromhp> I actually didn't see the problem with when we were tracking everything on our own sheets and just, you know, ASKED each other what crafting mats we had to share.
  168. [23:52:06] <Giantree> I'll totally be able to self-summon and then switch gemstones out
  169. [23:52:10] <castfromhp> Instead of being all bitchy about it.
  170. [23:52:13] <Giantree> yeah I agree
  172. -
  174. [00:14:53] <Giantree> rat didn't seem scared of ammy though
  175. [00:15:06] <castfromhp> No, but I think she got MORE hostile toward her.
  176. [00:15:21] <Giantree> well I second what I said in there
  177. [00:15:29] <Giantree> that I want there to be like
  178. [00:15:32] <castfromhp> Why would she be scared? She's seen that Ammy is perfectly capable of having the shit beaten out of her.
  179. [00:15:38] <Giantree> some development opportunity through a groupsplit
  180. [00:17:00] <castfromhp> I don't know if Kain wants to handle that. He doesn't seem to like running them simultaneous to each other.
  181. [00:17:13] <Giantree> Yeah, I'd ask him to do them at separate times
  182. [00:17:25] <Giantree> and I don't think he DOESN'T CARE
  183. [00:17:42] <Giantree> a GM who DOESN'T CARE would be like "nope, scheduled days only, must ruin fun to adhere to that always"
  184. [00:18:24] <Giantree> and the obligatory drama if we stuck together would be worse than the mild scheduling issue of doin separate parts
  185. [00:18:29] <Giantree> +g
  186. [00:18:33] <Giantree> iiiiiiiiiin my opinion anyway
  187. [00:19:03] <Giantree> also we'd get lenore in our group because the others are jerks
  188. [00:19:12] <Giantree> ... which would justify playing it in public
  189. [00:19:19] <Giantree> instead of SECRET SECRET SECRET SECRET SECRET
  190. [00:19:22] <Giantree> HI THERE CARBUNCLE
  191. [00:19:25] <Giantree> WHY HELLO TONBERRY
  192. [00:19:33] <Giantree> LET'S USE OUR EIDOLON MAGIX OF LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP!11111111111111111111111111111111
  193. [00:20:28] <Giantree> because that would ACTUALLY be aria-tier annoying
  194. [00:20:30] <castfromhp> Ammy really just wants to take the airship instead, but it's not like she won't get dragged along.
  195. [00:20:39] <Giantree> shit
  196. [00:20:41] <Giantree> did I
  197. [00:20:55] <Giantree> ever tell you what I thought about kain's 'drown in a canoe' thing
  198. [00:20:57] <Giantree> let me get that
  199. [00:21:00] <castfromhp> Did you what?
  200. [00:21:22] <Giantree> oh nevermind I'd have to dig logs
  201. [00:22:05] <Giantree> I went on a tangent about SILLY SHIT like a minigame to not drown in an underwater canoe in buttfuck roo by reflecting the water out of the way and then meeting a talking crab who forces us to sing under the sea as a minigame
  202. [00:22:08] <Giantree> and... fuck what else was there
  203. [00:22:51] <castfromhp> That would make Ammy a bit miserable probably.
  204. [00:22:57] <Giantree> ... true
  205. [00:23:08] <castfromhp> but Ammy is always miserable so eh
  206. [00:23:11] <Giantree> maybe I'm still just finding it too hilarious that Ammy is dragged along through SILLY SUE SHIT
  207. [00:23:28] <Giantree> also lenore is silly too
  208. [00:23:30] <Giantree> so there's that
  210. -
  212. [00:36:43] <Giantree> I'll ask him about swapping my ??? accessofsjdjfkldjsf
  213. [00:36:47] <Giantree> HOLD ON.
  214. [00:36:50] <castfromhp> We're gonna get a level before a boss.
  215. [00:36:54] <Giantree> I AM ABOUT TO GO MAX AUTISM
  216. [00:37:49] <Giantree> I AM WRONG
  217. [00:37:50] <Giantree> [20:29:18] <Anise> it's got beast killer and ??? else on it
  218. [00:37:54] <Giantree> I thought it was literally said
  219. [00:37:57] <Giantree> that it had '???'
  220. [00:37:58] <Giantree> fuck
  221. [00:38:05] <Giantree> now I have to go LOGDIVE
  222. [00:38:07] <Giantree> MOTHER FUCKER
  223. [00:40:57] <Giantree> [18:11:03] <Kaingaskhan> Moonstone properties are Beast Killer, Auto-Shell, MND+2, HP Restore
  224. [00:40:59] <Giantree> okay
  225. [00:41:04] <Giantree> there was no question marks
  226. [00:41:06] <Giantree> for shame
  227. [00:41:24] <Giantree> I was going to, if it had question marks, match the number of question marks to the number of question marks my ruby has on my sheet
  228. [00:41:27] <Giantree> but it isn't question marks
  230. -- ~BACK TO HORRIBLE SHIT~ --
  232. [01:02:23] <castfromhp> There's enough intentionally fluff things with possibly unnecessary pain in this campaign with Ammy involved.
  233. [01:02:26] <Giantree> ... then again the shop owners ARE the public
  234. [01:02:34] <castfromhp> But that's sort of something Kain set in motion with the suggestion for darkside fluff.
  235. [01:02:35] <Giantree> and they would be like
  236. [01:02:40] <castfromhp> Because seriously ow.
  237. [01:02:49] <Giantree> "Oh, you're an eidolon huh WELL I'LL CAPTURE YOU FOR THE GLUTTON'S REWARD"
  238. [01:03:04] <Giantree> Yeah, aura bolt would actually hurt like fuck
  239. [01:03:11] <Giantree> but just in 'headache' terms
  240. [01:03:26] <Giantree> since the magic laser kicks are just from personal pseudomagic sources
  241. [01:03:41] <Giantree> ....
  242. [01:03:46] <castfromhp> I'm not sure if I should play Ammy as avoiding physical attacks for a while and just using spells or not.
  243. [01:03:48] <Giantree> I still have the antimagic keystone in my inventory
  244. [01:04:01] <castfromhp> Because she used darkside like...what, 4 times was it?
  245. [01:04:06] <Giantree> a lot of times
  246. [01:04:10] <castfromhp> I imagine that still hurts.
  247. [01:04:22] <Giantree> you know what doesn't hurt
  248. [01:04:28] <Giantree> nat offering to patch the wounds up
  249. [01:04:30] <Giantree> by kissing them
  250. [01:04:38] <Giantree> and then gradually disrobing both of them in the process
  251. [01:04:42] <castfromhp> Not without body and soul you don't.
  252. [01:04:46] <Giantree> and kissing lower and lower with each DAMNIT
  253. [01:04:59] <castfromhp> God damnit don't write a BT fic of Ammy and Nat.
  254. [01:05:00] <castfromhp> >:V
  255. [01:05:11] <Giantree> BT is written in a really polite style
  256. [01:05:14] <Giantree> it would be more a plutfic
  257. [01:05:28] <Giantree> but I already told you how their relationship is freakishly similar to shoujo-ai series
  258. [01:05:37] <castfromhp> Yes I know.
  259. [01:05:48] <Giantree> I might actually write fics
  260. [01:05:51] <Giantree> because that's hilarious
  261. [01:06:03] <castfromhp> 1,1Which is why I gave Kain an idea for a husbando tier NPC in Ammy's backstory
  262. [01:06:17] <Giantree> 1,1yeah, he gave me a waifu
  263. [01:06:22] <Giantree> 1,1a really really really good waifu
  264. [01:06:34] <castfromhp> 1,1is it me? :>
  265. [01:06:39] <Giantree> 1,1close
  266. [01:06:46] <castfromhp> :<
  267. [01:07:46] <Giantree> (I actually mean that I'm giving this to kain why he wakes up btw)
  268. [01:07:55] <Giantree> at least the most horrible parts
  269. [01:08:02] <Giantree> to make him question "why do I run for you people"
  270. [01:08:10] <Giantree> 1,1and to make him turn down my idea before I suggest it
  271. [01:08:38] <castfromhp> If you really want to make him question that, you'd have to send him a BTfic too.
  272. [01:08:50] <castfromhp> Plutfics are too intentionally humorous and ridiculous.
  273. [01:08:58] <castfromhp> BT fics actually attempt to be arousing and pornographic.
  274. [01:08:58] <Giantree> okay
  275. [01:09:03] <Giantree> okay that's true
  276. [01:09:11] <Giantree> the relationship we've established
  277. [01:09:14] <Giantree> is probably more the latter
  278. [01:09:28] <Giantree> because they hug while crying all over each other, that's shoujo-ai as fuck
  279. [01:09:47] <Giantree> yuri is the same thing only with breast-massaging and clothing removal
  280. [01:10:26] <Giantree> often simultaneously
  281. [01:11:13] <castfromhp>
  282. [01:11:28] <castfromhp> how convenient there are two Precure girls with matching hair colors
  283. [01:11:40] <Giantree> oh dear fuck
  284. [01:11:41] <castfromhp> The expressions even fit. I hope this ruins Smile Precure for you.
  285. [01:11:47] <Giantree> I think I know which- god damnit
  286. [01:11:54] <Giantree> it just had to be the currently-airing one didn't it
  287. [01:11:57] <castfromhp> <3
  288. [01:12:10] <Giantree> blue is my favorite smile too ;~;
  289. [01:12:39] <castfromhp> I am laughing so hard right here.
  290. [01:14:21] <castfromhp> Get back here and stop fapping.
  291. [01:14:23] <castfromhp> >:V
  292. [01:14:30] <Giantree> 1,1it actually took this long just to load
  293. [01:14:35] <Giantree> amusingly the one on the left is the oldest
  294. [01:14:44] <Giantree> but
  295. [01:14:49] <Giantree> that's pretty much exactly how it would go
  296. [01:14:52] <Giantree> too much accuracy
  297. [01:15:10] <castfromhp> haha
  298. [01:15:34] <Giantree> .... oh I guess that's still the case here, huh
  299. [01:15:44] <Giantree> unless ammy is actually necron and is billions of years old
  300. [01:15:51] <Giantree> but that can't be the case, because necron is lenore's dad
  301. [01:18:25] <castfromhp> Yeah okay I can't find a pic more fitting than that one.
  302. [01:18:43] <castfromhp> Aren't the expressions perfect?
  303. [01:18:45] <Giantree> though honestly my browser isn't loading worth shit today - god did you really spend that whole time looking up yuri - so I may not be able to give him logs
  304. [01:18:46] <Giantree> they are
  305. [01:18:50] <Giantree> that smile is perfect
  306. [01:18:55] <Giantree> as in
  307. [01:18:57] <Giantree> the smile on the face
  308. [01:19:00] <Giantree> not the name of the series
  309. [01:19:02] <Giantree> for reference
  310. [01:19:14] <castfromhp> Yeah I used "green_hair blue_hair yuri" as my tags
  311. [01:19:20] <Giantree> god you're a faggot
  312. [01:19:25] <Giantree> but you're my favorite faggot
  313. [01:19:31] <Giantree> WAIT
  314. [01:19:33] <Giantree> ... yeah
  315. [01:19:33] <castfromhp> I found this guy:
  316. [01:19:35] <castfromhp> He *really* likes that pairing.
  317. [01:19:36] <Giantree> yeah, favorite faggot
  318. [01:19:46] <Giantree> it's a pretty common pairing
  319. [01:20:06] <castfromhp> Yeah I figured given he's drawing so much Sakuya x Kyoko too.
  320. [01:22:33] <Giantree> ... sakuya, huh
  321. [01:22:49] <castfromhp> *sayaka
  322. [01:22:49] <castfromhp> fuck
  323. [01:22:59] <castfromhp> She's a dumb bitch and doesn't deserve to have her name known.
  324. [01:23:00] <Giantree> yeah I had to wait for it to load to make sure you weren't referring to like
  325. [01:23:03] <Giantree> some crossover
  326. [01:23:04] <Giantree> (u mad)
  327. [01:25:32] <castfromhp> Boo. :<
  328. [01:25:46] <Giantree> still having fun?
  329. [01:26:14] <Giantree> ... also for real how would I get away with having the ability to put gemstones in my goddamn forehead to gain magical powers
  330. [01:26:18] <Giantree> when nobody else has such a thing
  331. [01:26:31] <castfromhp> lol audino
  332. [01:26:34] <Giantree> and they're also whiners creeping up to the BB level
  333. [01:26:44] <Giantree> of "ALL MUST BALANCE"
  335. and then we blabbed all morning
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